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Trump & Term Limits ~ Two Immediate Solutions! Michael is back from Washington D.C., witnessing Congressional committee meetings and visiting with his delegation from Mississippi. “Our Congressmen are in their own ‘theater’ there on the floors of Congress,” he says.  He added that Congressmen come home disappointed in not being able to accomplish what they were elected to do.  Congress will be considering a $24-Billion funding request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, when he visits Biden this week. Be prepared for World War III if we do nothing about Joe Biden! Courts ruled that New Hampshire cannot take Trump off the ballot.  People are getting angry.  Dems cannot isolate themselves from the truth about the Biden Crime Family and the poor performance of the Biden Administration.  Congress and the electorate, whether Democrat or Republican, are now lessening their hostile tones and partisanship. They are looking objectively at whether we should elect Trump or Biden, if that’s our choice.  BUT, what might happen before November 2024???  Separately, a Federal Judge David Urias, a Biden appointee, blocked New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham’s gun ban.  Even Democrats are objecting to her challenge of the 2nd Amendment.  The “crazies” in charge will be removed as the door swings back the other way.  160 verified terrorists have crossed the border into the USA…more terrorists than those involved in the 9-11 assault on America!!!  The Democratic “machine” now realizes that to stop the invasions into “sanctuary cities” as seen in New York City, that they must now support a border plan. Regarding the economy…$78,000 of income a few years ago, is $74,000 today.  Meanwhile, Biden boasts he’s the greatest union president ever!  He has unions from the three major auto manufacturers confronting him for relief. Let’s see how that goes.  Don’t forget ‘Geno’s 3 D’s’ (Divert, Deflect, Distract).  Representative Jim Comer, House Oversight Committee, said he never spent time investigating Hunter’s gun charges.  Prosecutors are charging Hunter on gun charges to ‘3-D’ us from the true Biden Crime Family wrongdoings.  The lack of balance and fairness from the Justice Department and the FBI is now materially hurting this nation. How much longer will Democrats continue to defend Joe Biden?  WHY does Nancy Pelosi continue to defend Joe Biden?  Hummm.  Ethical democrats MUST step up to challenge the Biden ‘cabal’.


Episode 114: Trump & Term Limits ~ Two Immediate Solutions!

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, September 15, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

Trump & Term Limits ~ Two Immediate Solutions!

Welcome to Daybreak with Ted Pippitt and Michael Paul. If you have a comment, you can call us now at 261 0898 or pound 981 on any ceasefire device. Our email is newsradiomornings at gmail. com.

it is 7. 16, 16 minutes after 7 o’clock, glad to be joined with Gene Valentino and Michael

Michael Pol: Paul. Hey, good morning, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Good morning. Hello, Ted. Hello, Michael. Welcome back to Real Land, the Gulf Coast of the

Michael Pol: world. The place that the taxes come from that I got to see being spent so wisely in Washington when I was there for a couple of days.

Gene Valentino: Ha ha. Ha ha. Now, were you seeing them spend them wisely?

Michael Pol: Look, let me, let me tell you, Gene, I’ll tell you my first, I just got to say, I’ve never been to a committee meeting before. Congressman Mike Eazell, who is our, an old friend, no [00:01:00] doubt, he’s a good guy, my friend, and I’ve known him all my life. Our, our fathers knew each other.

That’s how long our families have been connected. But you know, when you have a friend like that, that you were in the foxholes with in law enforcement, things that you trust him, right? Yeah. So he, he tells me, well, I go to this committee meeting and, and I’m telling you, That this is the biggest theater in the world, Washington, D.

  1. And in these committee meetings, you should see, everybody should see this with their very own eyes. This is nothing more than a bunch of thespians on the stage acting, showing off. And he told me, he said, now, did you see how crazy that woman acted? And I said, yeah. He said, now let me tell you what she’ll do.

She’ll leave out of here. And she’ll walk down to the rotunda area where they have the cameras. You see this on TV where the columns are in the background. Yeah. And they’re all, they all walk down there. They all get on, you know, [00:02:00] CNN, NBC Fox News, Newsmax, all the different channels. You’ll see them all over the whole place.

Some of these loud mouths up there. And he said, what they do after that, they go to their office and they make a video and they got somebody making a video and they send out on the campaign side, they send out money raising emails. And he said, he said, that woman right there has already raised 5 million this week.

Oh, my words. It just, it just shocks your system to actually see it in person.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, and when you see our representatives coming back from Washington after having been elected, I’ve noticed a change in their demeanor. The real heartfelt and sincere folks trying to do a good job end up feeling, oh boy, what a mess it is up there.

Hey, the word for today really applies. The word is solipsism. Solipsism. The quality of being very [00:03:00] self What? S O L I P S I S M, Solipsism, The Quality of Being Very Self Centered and Selfish. Here they are, as you just said, on their theater, on their stage, having their moment in the sunlight having having the ability, what would you say, 4 million?

She raised? Oh,

Michael Pol: five! Five million dollars! This week!

Gene Valentino: That’s that’s how the game’s played. And meanwhile, across the street, you’ve got Biden asking for Congress to come up with another 24 billion for Ukraine aid. Did you see any comments going on down there about Ukraine aid? You know, I’ll tell

Michael Pol: you something.

There’s it’s, it’s starting now as, as we move forward. And if you look at the list of the billions that we’ve given them every month of this year, if you go through the months, it’s billions and billions of dollars. And, you know, after you [00:04:00] go six, eight months in and billions of dollars each month, pretty soon, Gene, even in Washington, you talking about some serious money.


Gene Valentino: golly. Well, this next week we’ve got Ukrainian President Zelensky coming to the White House, open arms by Joe Biden, asked for that money. While he has just struck Russian ships in the Crimea. Do you know that Ukraine is using now more weapon systems than Russia? And here’s Kim Jong un pledging to support Russia during his visit to Russia this week.

You know, we have got to be. prepared to do something immediately about Mr. Biden. The, he’s setting the stage for World War III, knowingly or unknowingly. And I pray that there’s enough Democrats that do what’s right for the nation. Not for the Democrat party. I got a few topics. Can I go off for a second?[00:05:00]

Okay. So while Biden is failing geometrically and we see these walls closing in on him, they accelerate and fixate over removing Donald Trump from the election. Well, the federal court system just ruled that you, Hey, Hey, New Hampshire, you can’t take Trump off the ballot. Sorry, because the Dems have no plan.

They are they have no plan and the sheer empathy for Trump is rising. Even aggravated Democrats are saying, I don’t like Trump, but we can’t do anything more with this Biden, if those are my options, people are getting angry. And so I’m thinking they were next to September, October, November.

You’re going to see some real democracy or people stepping up from across the other line to remedy the ills of the Democratic Party, which has been me before we the hey, switching gears real quick. [00:06:00] Federal judge blocks New Mexico Governor Grisham’s ban, gun ban. On Wednesday, he temporarily blocked New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan’s, Grisham’s, gun ban.

The U. S. District Court Judge David Urias, a Biden appointee by the way, issued a temporary restraining order against the gun ban. This is a, an affront against the second amendment. They, the Democrats are pushing on all sides now, before I was reticent to go after Democrats because I didn’t think it was appropriate, but now they’re doing it with such blatant openness.

That it’s not, it’s, it’s not a matter of the best person winning. It’s about keeping that Democrat, Socialist, Marxist a party in place to promote the policies that are so extreme. Why, you see this Burbank, [00:07:00] California, mayor going wacko, getting fanny slapped by some transgender one person in drag.

Thinking it’s okay as an elected official to be seen in this capacity during the course of his or her workday. It’s it’s just outrageous.

Michael Pol: Well, the crazies are in charge right now. And that’s, that’s the problem we have in this country. And of course, Joe, Joe Biden is our president. He is you know, sitting and warming that chair, but there are others, Gene, that are behind the scenes that are really running everything in this country.

And it’s very unfortunate because, you know, you at least want to know that’s the only person that we all in this country, you, me, everybody in this country has the opportunity to vote for one person. That’s the only thing we all have in common is the President of the United States. And it’s a shame because…

Well, you want the guy that you voted for to actually be running things up there, and he’s not. You

Gene Valentino: know, I want the guy I didn’t [00:08:00] vote for to be running things up there. Sure. You know, I mean, last, just came out, Michael, 160 verified terrorists have come across the Mexican border into the United States up through July.

  1. Well, it was just the year or two before it was half that. It was more, less than half. It was 67 on the Terror Watch list that came over. And do you know, in 2019 there was only one that came over the line. 160 terrorists. Those are, that’s more terrorists than was involved in the no nine 11 event in the Twin Towers, the, the Pentagon and other facilities.


Michael Pol: I’ll tell you this, that’s the one thing that I picked up. When I was in D. C. is that they’re starting to be now some more moderate Democrats who have not been able to speak, who are starting to speak up and you’re gonna see, I [00:09:00] think, over the next months, you’re gonna start to see an effort to try to get this under control.

Oh, I hope you’re right. No, they, no, they are starting now to see the result of their actions, number one, and number two, these local and say what you want to. But, but mayors like New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams, you know, Chicago’s Mayor, L. A. ‘s Mayor, you know, all of these mayors starting to say, hey, what they’re starting to, in other words, you’re starting to see chinks in the armor of the Democrat machine.

If you do that, that means that they’re going to try to shut that down, and to shut that down, They’re going to start helping these people by stopping these folks from coming across the border. I really think you’re going to start to see that. The mood is right for that in Washington right now. That might be the only thing I picked up while I was there.


Gene Valentino: I think, I think that’s the essence of a lot of other things moving in parallel. It’s a good report, but you know, [00:10:00] 78, 000.

Today, it’s 74, 000. The Biden is supposed to speak today to the automakers. First time in history, we’ve got three automakers people on, on strike at the same time. What do you think they’re going to say to him?

Michael Pol: The greatest union president ever, right? That’s what he says. That’s his claim to fame.

We’ll wait till he

Gene Valentino: gets face to face with them. Meanwhile, 3Ds, Geno’s 3Ds divert, distract, and deflect because the House Oversight Committee, Jim Comer, says they never spent any time looking at gun charges on Hunter, on

that issue and avoid what Comer has now gotten into the bowels of. And that’s a deep dive on All of the true wrongdoings related to bank accounts, bribery, [00:11:00] money laundering, influence peddling, shady business deals, hum and Regrettably, human trafficking on our southern border. All these real issues are coming out, Michael, and whether this David Weiss and Merrick Garland play some stunt to go past the statute of limitations.

There’s going to be consequences for the Biden family because they have hurt this nation materially.

Michael Pol: So, so we’re, we’re watching this unfold and you got to wonder how much longer that Democrats will actually get up. I mean, I’m talking about, you know, Congress, Senators that will actually get up and try to defend Joe Biden because the more this creeps out, the more we see, the more we know.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for them to be able to cover for this guy. Well,

Gene Valentino: yeah, just, just yesterday, if [00:12:00] I may, just yesterday, Nancy Pelosi on national news saying, He’s the greatest president we’ve ever had. Kamala Harris, the greatest vice president we’ve ever had. She’s supposed to sit there and do nothing.

She actually said that.

Michael Pol: And he said that I saw that. That was, that was funny, actually, where she made the comment that, well, she’s doing exactly what vice presidents are supposed to do.

Gene Valentino: Nothing. Well, so let that be a bell ringer for a lot of these Democrats who think they can float in for re election.

There’s going to be a if they don’t stand up and start taking individual opinions on these issues that face us today, with the Republicans, in unison, bipartisan, Without partisanship, I should say, then we should be, if we don’t do that, then our Democrat republic, our constitutional republic is failing us.

And we need a fundamental enema on the system of operation, which is why we need a businessman back in the office. And if Donald Trump gets in there, do [00:13:00] that, he’s not going to play nice, nice with the people around him anymore. He thought he could trust. He’s going to have to go several levels down the clean house.

Michael Pol: I think you, you reach down about three levels and and Gene, you and I both run businesses and you know, and you understand the, the, you know, the, the, what business people have to do sometimes when, when there’s a takeover sometimes, you know, those are, there’s folks in there regardless of, you know, they may be good people, but they, they believe differently than the new concept that you have and they’ve got to go.

And it’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way life works. And so, If he digs down about, maybe some, in some cases, maybe he’s got to go down four levels. I don’t know.

Gene Valentino: Well, the inept

Michael Pol: commentary. We’re running out of time, and I want to make this point. He knows now that he can’t take the advice of these Capitol Hill people who want to save their friends.

He’s got to get rid of these people, and he’s got to do it now, and he knows now that he can

Gene Valentino: fire them. Constitutional amendment for Term [00:14:00] limits start there. Just get the term limits in and that’ll take 40, 20 terms of Nancy Pelosi off the table.

Michael Pol: That’s exactly right. Hey, thanks for joining us. Good to have you on this Friday.

Zoom here. Have a great weekend, bro. Best to you,

Gene Valentino: buddy. Best to the Pine Belt. Thank you. Bye.

Narator: Um,