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STOP “Mask Formation Psychosis!”  Let’s straighten-out our “Alignment of Purpose.” We lost an icon, Jimmy Buffett, this week; a symbol of ‘music escapism.’ Buffet represented an era of self-realization, freedom, and liberty. It’s on us to pass it on; a philosophy and value culture for our next generation. “Moms for Liberty” is a new nationwide group of moms. These moms resist masks being worn by their children in schools. Governments and school systems, starting in ‘Sanctuary City’ regions, are again demanding masks be worn. There’s no small coincidence this comes up again in an attempt to divert your attention away from the next election, to incentivize ballot box stuffing at regional drop-off points, augmented with erratic rules on early voting. Strong leadership needed from newly elected officials that you can count on this time, to quash “Mask Formation Psychosis.” Keep your eye on Governor Kristi Noem from South Dakota. Noem is a good Vice President for the next strong Republican President. Points made a year ago are still relevant today; the widening separation of the middle class from the wealthy, the debt structure increasing, the border, and the implementation of a digital currency. The human race is being malnourished on so many levels. Many elitists, in partnership with George Soros (Gates & Zuckerberg to name two) are trickling their wealth down into political campaigns to influence elections, to put rotten Marxists/Socialists candidates into office. This cult has designs to reduce your influence and control over your own liberties and freedoms. From nowhere, a newer group, “Moms for Liberty” is stepping up to kill the use of the masks nationwide. Join groups like “Moms for Liberty.” We have NO PROOF that masks work and yet they’re being reintroduced! Are we crazy?! Using the mask happened the first time because our government, through Anthony (Mengele) Fauci, said masks work. NOT! If we now comply with forced masks for a second time, it’s on us! Using the mask without substantiation and proof of efficacy is stupidity! We must live our lives with PURPOSE. We must live in alignment with our values. It helps us live longer. The PURPOSE of the mask and vaccine MUST be questioned. Finding your PURPOSE is what gives you “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness”.


Episode 113: STOP “Mask Formation Psychosis”

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, September 8, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

STOP “Mask” Formation Psychosis | WMXI with Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

Always a better Friday when we have Gene Valentino with us. Good morning, Gene. Good morning, Ted. How’s everybody in the Pine Belt? We’re beautiful. How about yourself? Well, if I get any better, I’ll need to take medicine or something.

I don’t know. And a very good morning to you, Mr. Valentino. Always good to talk to you, sir. Man, I’ll tell you something. You know, we had a, I just, just quickly, it, you know, we lost a couple of great artists over this past weekend. A lot of our 70s rockers that we loved, like Jimmy Buffett. Anything you wanted to say about any of that?

Yeah, and we lost Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, and some of the great artists from a chapter earlier, and our challenge will be to keep their memories, keep them in our memories and to make sure we pass on to posterity [00:01:00] their music and their hair, their art form so that Our woke generation does not live in a vacuum ambivalent about the history that preceded them.

That’s my concern. Yeah, you know, Buffett, I’ll tell you, I, I, I, among others, took that pretty hard. He’s from Pascagoula, Mississippi, my hometown, and you know, he sang about things that we all loved, like cheeseburgers in paradise and margaritas, you know, and Margaritaville, which was a, a fictitious place that he was the mayor of.

And it was just sort of a relaxing kind of escapism kind of music and and I think that we will all miss Jimmy Buffett and him just being here on this planet because he was such a, such a force for relaxation, I guess you could say. I, you, you couldn’t have hit it, you couldn’t have said it better, Michael.

His sister, Lucy, who went by Lulu’s, had a great operation, pub, restaurant entertainment land over [00:02:00] here on the Alabama Florida border. And he’d show up by surprise. And over at the historic Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, the home of the Blue Angels, he would come in unannounced at times and play music.

It was stunning. He would have a captive audience in the museum. We’d roll out the blankets, sit on the floor, and let him play for two hours. And he did it all for the purpose of our national heritage and camaraderie of spirit. He had that kind of side to him. He was also a seaplane pilot.

Well, you know, I actually saw his seaplane land once in Pascagoula, where he was coming for an event and and he landed in what you don’t know what this but it’s called Krebs Lake which is on the north side of the it’s not on the beach side it’s on the north side the bay side and You know, came up to a dock, a private dock there, tied his plane up, got off him and somebody [00:03:00] else, and I think Mac McAnally was with him, and and came to Pascagoula, so I got to see that once, and that was a nice plane, by the way.

Yeah, yeah. So, anyway, alright, so enough of that, let’s get on to some national politics, which is something that you and I love to discuss. What’s on your mind this week? Well, you know, on my Grassroots Truthcast where we do interviews with key people from time to time, next week we’re going to be interviewing Roger Stone, who was involved with a very interesting background, involved in several presidential campaigns and…

was blacklisted by certain politicians and tried to put in jail most recently during the Trump administration. He’ll be a guest of mine on Grassroots Truthcast. I’ll share some of his points with you when I have, after we have him on next week. But one of the other folks I had on recently was Maria Calkins.[00:04:00]

And she’s of Ukrainian descent, and she runs the chapter for Moms for Liberty. And Moms for Liberty was just on Fox News yesterday, and today, I believe. You keep an eye on that, that young group of ladies. They’re pushing back on masks And

The first pandemic and the fear that the sky was falling and the lockdowns and the vaccinations and the masks were all pushed on us two and a half, three years ago. Watch out. I think there’s going to be a backlash. No small coincidence. It skews with an upcoming election so that you’re forced to stay in your home and go through this goofy local ballot.

depository system which exacerbated all sorts of accusations of fraud and ballot tampering. It’s a mask formation psychosis. Yeah, you know, if we want to [00:05:00] stop the steal, we are either going to have to get in the game and start to do this mail in stuff on the Republican side, or we’re going to have to get laws passed to stop it.

Because that is where the steel comes from. And to fix the problem, which you and I harp on every week, it’s gonna take intestinal fortitude, strong leadership, and not just a bunch of hocus pocus politicians who do a 180 on us once they get in office. Sounds like a guy by the name of Joe Biden who pulled a 180 on us after he got elected.

We need leadership you can trust and count on during the political campaigning season and that it is consistent with their position after they’re elected. Keep your eye on this. Christy Noem Governor of South Dakota. I don’t think she’s going to run for president, but I do think [00:06:00] she’ll execute for a good president if a good candidate is smart enough on the Republican side to, to pick her.

Hey, can I step back one second and talk about a few other points? Go right ahead. Okay. Last year, I had written down some thoughts here I’m about to read to you. I never was able to talk to you about them on the air. I’d like your opinion on just how relevant those points are 12 months later. I wrote there is an ongoing and rapidly increasing threat against a free humanity throughout the globe, economically.

The gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening and the middle class is being intentionally destroyed. The debt structured fiat system is unsustainable and the movement toward a digital currency is designed to implement total control over your behavior [00:07:00] and mine on a daily basis. Nutritionally, medically, pharmacologically, technologically, the human race is being malnourished, poisoned, and disease to maximize multinational corporate and shareholder profits and ultimately to weaken control and enslave you and exterminate humanity.

Yes, many elitists with wealth beyond compare like the head of Microsoft like others Zuckerberg from Facebook. Manipulating behind the scenes with the mental acuity of a guy like George Soros, with their billions of dollars, trickling down to fund political campaigns, and put the most rotten of rotten Marxist Socialist intent intentions [00:08:00] into office.

To counter our freedoms and our liberties that we know it today. And here’s this upcropping of a group called Moms for Liberty at the local level I mentioned in the beginning, coming out to fight for the liberty and freedoms of our children who are being forced to consider wearing a mask because I’m going to say because of a new pandemic.

There’s no proof of a new pandemic. No, it’s an endemic. It’s not a pandemic. We already had that. Well, this is something that’s going to be with us from now on. This is going to be evolving into what we consider to be a bad cold. Well, before all this COVID crap, had we not had the flu every year, and we got a flu vaccine, I mean, it was no big deal.

But the vaccine was proven. It went through the trials, the clinical trials, phase one, two, and three. We didn’t get that with the COVID vaccine. It was [00:09:00] unproven when it was released to market because Trump allowed it, because Mengele Fauci. Let it out. He and you as a political leader rely on the character and quality of the talent of the people around you.

You can’t be an expert on vaccines if you’re an elected person. So Trump let it out and it was continued under the Biden administration. And now we’re left. They doubled down. They doubled down. And you’ve got different scientists around the nation that are now stepping up and doctors in different different school networks, stepping up and saying, Hey, we don’t have a clinical trial on a damn mask.

Let alone a vaccine and you want to tell me you’re going to put lockdown people at homes? What have we turned ourselves into? [00:10:00] Well, I think you’re going to see a lot of people in this country. It’s interesting, but you’ll see Democrats and Republicans now that are going to say, Hey, wait a minute. And we’re already starting to see some of the some of the so called you know, left wing types, the Democrats that are starting to say, what are we doing here?

This is not something I think that, that Americans are going to embrace, like we did in the beginning, because what did they tell us? They told us, give us a couple of weeks 15 days, 30 days, so that we can get this thing under control wear a mask, just in case, we don’t know, but we think that’ll help.

But Fauci is one of the people in the very beginning that said… The mask doesn’t work. The virus is so small that it goes right through the mask. You still will breathe it in. That’s correct. There are some benefits in a medical setting to wear a mask and if I go to a physician’s office [00:11:00] and I am in there under their control and they ask me to wear a mask, I will.

But if I’m outside going to the grocery store to get, you know, to get my food for the week. I’m not wearing a mask. You hit the nail on the head again, Michael. You cannot expect people to comply with that sort of idiocy when there’s no substantiation or proof of efficacy. And people are waking up.

People are taking back control of their children that they thought were in good care in schools. They’re taking care of their own life. You know, I, we, let me leave you with this because I know we’re running out of time. There’s six important reasons why living with purpose is important. We talked about one of them, but the purpose can help you focus.

Purpose makes gratitude easy. Purpose sharpens your passions. Purpose [00:12:00] helps you live in alignment with your values. Purpose makes you a better leader. And purpose helps you live longer. Your purpose that you just talked about, touched on the last one, the purpose of the mask, the purpose of the vaccine, we need to step up and become more proactive and directly involved in our own welfare and not let government, the Democrat liberal state wants to control your purpose.

The Republican conservative puts the control back in your hands, we the people, and you control the purpose, and that’s what will be revealed by the result of the 2024 election and the primaries leading up to it. Look for the purpose, look for the person that gives you the purpose and the enjoyment of this nation and this way of [00:13:00] life.

Of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Amen. Yeah, well, one thing Joe Biden did do, he did bring us together because I saw a poll, 70 something percent of all Americans are are not happy with him. Yeah, we got a southern border going crazy and we’re spending time with masks and transgenderism issues.

And our country’s being invaded from the south and you’re asking me to spend money on Ukraine. Would someone straighten out this alignment of purpose? Hey, thanks for joining us, Gene. I hope you have a great weekend. And you too. I’m going flying.

I’m David Pasqualone.