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“Like-Minded Thinkers Buy From Each Other.” 

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Here are some recent stats on Gene’s impact and footprint across the USA from reputable, independent,  internationally known, third-party sources.

Please Note: This page was last updated on November 15, 2023. Click on each of the links below for the most up-to-date numbers and stats available directly from the independent third-party sources. 

  • Listen Notes Ranking: Top 1% Podcast Globally
  • Apple Podcasts: 626 Five-Star Ratings
  • Spotify: 458 Five-Star Ratings
  • Chartable Rankings: #42 in USA for Government Podcasts, #51 Globally
  • Podcast Downloads (source: Buzzsprout): 23,470 Last 30 Days
  • YouTube Channel: 1,230 Subscribers; 91,500 Views; 4,400 Watch Hours
  • Google Analytics (2023 YTD): 4.6k users; 16,161 page views


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“…So, possess the strength and the courage, To conquer WHATEVER you choose; It’s the person WHO NEVER GETS STARTED, That’s destined FOREVER to lose!”

– Gene M. Valentino | Visionary ~ Strategist –

Verijet Gene and Maureen Valentino with their two dogs and Verijet
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Gene M. Valentino