Democrat Party & Deep State ~ More Far-Reaching than the Biden Crime Family! WAKE UP AMERICA!  Can we make it to the next election!!??  The permanent Washington establishment must be removed. Democrats are more concerned about their party position, not individuals within the party, or you and me.  That’s why Nancy Pelosi has the audacity to run again for a 21st term, 42 years!  Democrats are trying to control the masses. “Mass Formation Psychosis” … Their distractions continue. State controlled media, repressive control of institutions, Their intimidation of the Woke Generation. They are enemies of the people, destroying traditions and customs, destroying capitalism as you and I know it.  The Woke Generation is waking up.  We see ‘Woke Folks’ moving away from expensive college tuitions.  ‘Woke Folks’ and ‘Gen Z’ are moving towards training in areas of subject matter expertise. They seek specific training in trades. Trade school education is coming back like never before.  Young folks are finding a path in their lives with Republicans.  The Dems are saying “do as I say, not as I do.”  The Republicans are not supporting this Democrat psychosis of racism, anti-semitism, and group think, which attacks the ‘status quo’.  The Dems want to control your path and convince you to be happy with less. The Republicans want to give you the Liberty and Freedom you need, which helps you find your path.  Biden or no Biden, IF the Democrats win the next election, we get what we deserve.  We need to transform the Democrat Party.  If not, we are in trouble. It’s time for the Republicans to wake up and KICK DONKEY’S ASSES.  Congressman Matt Gaetz gets my support because he sees the corruption in within the Democratic Party that extends nationwide, far beyond any one person.  If Americans fail to see how the Democrats have systematically infected the media and other channels (like education), then we get what we deserve.  WAKE UP!  Mexico’s 5th largest employer is the Mexican Cartel. Why is the Deep State and the Biden Crime Family not addressing this? 


Episode 115: Democrat Party & Deep State ~ More Far-Reaching than the Biden Crime Family!

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, September 22, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

Democrat Party & Deep State ~ More Far-Reaching than the Biden Crime Family!

Michael Pol: Welcome to David and Michael Paul. If you have a comment, you can call us now at 261 0898 or pound 981 on any ceasefire device. Our email is newsradiomornings at gmail. com.

Gene Valentino: Please

Michael Pol: don’t go 716. I have a comment. I need me some Gene Valentino. Hey, good morning, Gene. He’s with us. How are you?

Gene Valentino: Good morning, gentlemen. What a great

Michael Pol: morning. Yeah, it’s it’s actually a very nice morning here. How’s the weather in Pensacola? We’re

Gene Valentino: doing well. 73 degrees, mostly clear. We’re gonna enjoy our time with you this morning, and then I have plans to take off on the water in the backyard here in Perdido Bay.[00:01:00]

And cruise the Gulf Coast. All

Michael Pol: right. Well, that’s awesome. So Gene you know, a lot of stuff going on. First, you know, I guess Kevin McCarthy’s having some trouble with with your congressman there, Matt Getz, who says he’s going to get him. I don’t know if you want to talk about your congressman or not.

We don’t have to, but you know, it seems like Matt Gads wants to be speaker.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I think he does, but I don’t think he will. I think he has sights now on the potential governorship of Florida. I think he’s waiting in the wings to see what Mr. DeSantis does. I I appreciate his aggressive attitude and conservatism, but there comes time when we need more team play.

And I’m more concerned, not about an individual like him within a party, I’m concerned about a movement of a party. And Michael, right now, the Democrat party [00:02:00] is anti American and I’ve never said that before. There’s doubt. But authoritarianism dressed up as democracy. They’re rewriting all these political issues for poli these issues for political purposes.

They’re trying to change the election procedures to ensure Democrat advantage. The control over language and thought processes and how we refer to he and she and other genders, and I, I’m getting cuckoo here. My, my wife has a word for this. She sends me to a proctologist to get my head examined.

Michael Pol: Well, you know, It is true though.

I mean, they, they want to change the language. They want you to learn, you know, 30 different pronouns for, you know, 72 different types of people that, I mean, you know, this LGBTQ plus whatever, whatever they can come up with, [00:03:00] you know, you, you got the crazies running the asylum is basically what’s going on in Washington, D.


Gene Valentino: You know, you mentioned Matt Gaetz. Whether it’s Matt Gaetz or the Republican Party, they’re not trying to… They’re not trying to set into motion state controlled media. They’re not trying to legalize this repressive behavior, whether it’s from the media or any other institution. But they are creating intimidation, aren’t they?

And who am I talking about? The Democrat Party. They’re trying to create enemies of the people. They’re trying to destroy the traditions and customs that we’ve been born and raised with in a civil society. In taking down statues, for example, why they’re even trying to cut down capitalism as you and I know it, the incentives to get back out there and work and make a buck and be independent and free.

I’m [00:04:00] watching the news this morning and they have to, the woke generation is having a wake up call and they’re beginning to see, hey, what am I going to pay these outrageous prices for four years of education in college for? I’ll move more toward a trade. And trades are coming back like never before in secondary education and college level education, trade programs that, that creates a subject matter expertise for these young folks trying to find their way in a new society.

I’ll tell you what the Republicans aren’t doing. They’re not supporting racism, anti Semitism. This group think and they’re not attacking the status quo. The Republican is saying, I’m going to give you the lib, the liberty, and fi freedom to figure out your path. The Democrats are saying, I’m going to control your path and [00:05:00] do as I say, not as I do.

And don’t worry about what I’m doing and what I’m making and my level of life. You just get used to being happy with we’ve used it in the past. This mass formation psychosis. That’s taking over society from the Democrat Party. If the Americans don’t realize that we need to get rid of the Democrat Party as they have crafted themselves to be, and to create a new Democrat Party, then we will have a problem if the Democrats win the next election.

Biden or no Biden. There’s a culture out there that’s far reaching beyond Biden. It’s called the Deep State. It’s been around for decades, if not centuries, but, but we need to nail it in the buds and the Republicans need to wake up and kick ass with what’s going on over there. And this is where Matt Gaetz gets my support [00:06:00] because he sees this corrupt profile occurring nationwide.

And serious action is sort of greeted with a sense of skepticism. And that’s what we’re seeing with him right now.

Michael Pol: Well, you know, I, I think I think the problem is, is that it, it appears that there’s a few people and, and, and, and I mean, it’s literally like. Four or five people in Washington that are causing the Republicans to not be able to get their conference together and to be able to get things passed.

And so he looks like an obstructionist, but when, when you understand, you know, that somebody, I guess has got to eventually stand up and say, look, no more of this, let’s get ourself on the, on the right track so that we can, you know, promote the values and ideals that the Republican party stands for. Yeah.

Gene Valentino: And I I, and back to those values you first mentioned, I think Congress [00:07:00] in general is gonna put a, a wake up call to Mr. Zelinsky. There are many, including some senators that would love to see the funding go forward with Ukraine. And I see the bigger picture regarding the China Straits and everything else.

But hold on a

Michael Pol: second. When he got up at the United Nations, And started talking about climate change. Yeah, he totally lost me for sure. I was questionable before that. I was trying to figure out, you know, do I support this? Do I not? When he got up and started talking about how we gotta do things that when, when he’s getting his brains bombed out in, in Ukraine, I knew right then this guy’s playing a little

Gene Valentino: game.

Yeah, yeah, we, we failure to defend the rights of others may someday result in your rights and my rights not being defended is what I’ve said, but hey folks, America first right now, another 300 and something million dollars on the table to [00:08:00] vote for Ukraine and you can’t spend me a few bucks to finish this border wall?

I’m done.

Michael Pol: Yeah, exactly. There you go. There’s a great example. You know, here our border, 10, 000 people crossed in one day. The guy from Fox News, I can’t think, Doocy, asked Kareem Jean Pierre, Yeah. What, what do you say, what do you call it when 10, 000, oh, she couldn’t answer that question, so she just absolutely found any excuse she could to totally pass over him, because there is no answer for that

Gene Valentino: question.

I’m glad you brought that up. Isn’t that the, That’s part of the characterization of the Democrat Party I was just talking about. They know better than you. She was dismissive and shut him down. He’s on the press corps for God’s sake. He had a right to finish his sentence and his question. Do you remember it was only four years ago, the way Jim Acosta treated Donald Trump?

Not only did he grab the mic and demand harassing questions riveted at Trump. [00:09:00] Trump demanded he sit down for being so abusive and he, before the press corps, wouldn’t comply with Trump’s request to see sit back down. Trump answered every question Acosta asked, he just didn’t like the answer.

Michael Pol: Yeah, that’s exactly right.

He didn’t like the answer and he wanted to try to bait him to say something that he didn’t

Gene Valentino: want to say. There you go. No, if the American people, it’s on us folks. If the American people don’t see the difference between this Democrat liberal left and how it’s infected the media alone, there’s other channels they’ve infected, education to be specific, but if they don’t see what’s happened to the media alone, then we get what we deserve.


Michael Pol: you’re exactly right. We get exactly what we deserve. So, you know, having made a trip to Washington last week and getting an opportunity to kind of see that in motion, I’ll tell you, I just don’t have a lot of [00:10:00] hope for short term for anything good happening. There is such a stronghold in Washington of, and Donald Trump described it, we’ll call it the swamp, but what it is is the permanent Washington establishment that is absolutely in charge.

They do not care what you think, they don’t care about voters. Congress has allowed for many, many years now, for probably most of our adult lifetime, they have allowed These agencies to run the place and they just go to the dinners and and take campaign contributions. And I’ll tell you something else. We had a president that warned us of this military industrial complex.

They are strong and they will do whatever it takes to stop any kind of pushback against that. They want a permanent war somewhere in the world all the time because that’s how they make their living. And we gotta

Gene Valentino: stop this. You know, Texas had the [00:11:00] Alamo not too long ago, and America today has the Mexican border.

And if the folks out there don’t know what the Alamo is, then your history school teacher didn’t, didn’t give you the full story in history class. Because what we are experiencing is America having to to step up and defend its rights and its liberties and its freedoms freedom. And we’ve got 175,000 Mexicans that are employed now by Mexican cartels.

Do you know that the Mexican cartel system in Mexico is the fifth largest employer? In Mexico? Of people? What? Yeah, Michael. It’s the fifth largest employer.

Michael Pol: That is unbelievable. And of course, they, they, they venture into United States all the time. You know, they, they actually send their cartel members into the interior of the United [00:12:00] States.

Sometimes they go and take out people. Yeah. Do this. Yeah. And, and we are, we’re standing back, sending millions, billions of dollars to fight. And I, I understand what, what some of the reasons are, why we’re, we’re, it’s so important for us to maintain sort of order in the Asian hemisphere. But let me just tell you, we got to maintain order here too