The Democrats Throw Biden to the Wolves!

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

While our country manages the problems Biden has brought us in the last 4 years, it’s clear Biden’s distain for YOU exceeds his love for this nation. After last night’s Trump rally in the Bronx, the opposite seems true for Donald Trump! New York has had their fill of Joe Biden! Black Democrat Puerto Rican Congressman from New York comes to the podium and publicly endorses Trump on national TV. Jimmy Carter with all his faults on the job, was heartfelt and honest. Biden is hurtful and demonic, Carter was not. The Constitution is being tested. Gene reminds us of his “Supreme Magistrate System” which he proposed (see Gene’s 2nd Bill of Rights at The ‘melting pot’ of this nation in the Bronx, New York, have had enough! Democrats on national TV say they just left the Democrat Party and registered into the Republican Party! Trump promises the largest Biden migrant deportation system in the world on his first days in office.


WMXI Episode 143: The Democrats Throw Biden to the Wolves!
Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, May 24, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

The Democrats Throw Biden to the Wolves!

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Michael Pol: The studio crowd obviously loves Fridays and they love the Velvet Hammer himself, Gene Valentino. Good morning.

Gene Valentino: Good morning, good morning, Elvin Hammer is shucking and jiving over here at Studio B.

Michael Pol: Little Patti LaBelle to start the segment out. All right, so, so, you know, pretty serious week actually. I mean, we’re feeling good because it’s Friday, but our country’s in big trouble.

I mean, there’s so many subjects we could talk about. The border draining the oil reserves to make you look a little better in the eyes of the voters. Student loan debt forgiveness. This is something that just chaps my rear end. Mar a Lago, The Use of Deadly Force. You know something? I’ll tell you something interesting about that.

We talked Wednesday to our congressman, Congressman Mike Eazell from the 4th District of [00:02:00] Mississippi, and he and I both come out of the law enforcement community. He was, you know, he and I worked together. He was the sheriff of Jackson County, 40 years of law enforcement experience. And he is We are at a loss to understand how you could have a use of deadly force authorization when you actually have law enforcement officers that are right there at the seat.

Why don’t you just call their boss and say, hey, we’re coming over. You know, no, they had to have this big production where there’s guns and use of deadly force authorized. What in the hell is going on in our country?

Gene Valentino: The hinges have blown off the frame of the door of justice. And I believe Michael, our comments weeks and months ago, when we said we are going to witness the [00:03:00] complete meltdown of the Democrat party is in plain sight before your eyes right now.

We watched Donald Trump. In the deepest of blue state districts or regions of New York, just outside of Manhattan, the borough of, of, of called the Bronx. And in that area, he musters thousands of people in a park to conduct a rally right in the crux, right in the core of AOC’s area. And we watched African Americans, Puerto Rican, Native Americans, Asians, and other folks from the melting pot of this nation come out in favor of Donald Trump.

Nothing we did. They did it on their own because, well, we all realize things at different times. At [00:04:00] different points in different ways and New York has had their fill of it. The end of the story, New York and New Hampshire, if they move towards Trump in the election, then like Reagan, Trump enjoys a win, a massive tsunami we talked about on all 50 states.

And, and now you will watch before your very eyes, how the Democrat party. Throws Biden to the wolves to protect their core interests and preserve their nefarious approaches for future candidates that they will try to manipulate and control. It will, it is right now, you’re witnessing Democrats beginning to def develop an acceptance of defeat.

Within their own party and how they can extricate themselves from, from Joe [00:05:00] Biden. This is, and we watched on the news last night and, and a black man who, a Puerto Rican, black Puerto Rican who became a city councilman he served in different areas of the local boroughs up in New York. He’s now a United States congressman in in New York, a Democrat come up to the podium.

Trump had everything to lose by pulling this stunt, but what happened was this Democrat black Puerto Rican congressman next to AOC ends up throwing a full unabridged endorsement for Donald Trump. On national television, the tide has turned and the Democrats, and right on TV, we talked about this a half a year ago, right on TV last night, the reporters interviewed other people in the crowd African Americans, Puerto [00:06:00] Ricans, other, other Native Americans, and so forth that admitted on national television.

The time has come and they switched their from Democrat party to Republican party. They didn’t go Democrat to independent. They went Democrat to Republican without without a compromise in their thinking. They did it so absolutely, Michael. And If I may go just a second more, here are some quotes I, I picked, I had to write them down because I was so impressed.

This was Trump’s best speech in the most difficult area. He said, it’s time to save New York and restore America. He said, New York has a proud history. Don’t squander it. He said, my father said, tough times make the man. My father said that to me too. He said, we’ve got to make it [00:07:00] too big for the Dems to rig.

He is. It’s time to save New York and restore America. We are going to restore public safety. The 18 to 25 year old illegals coming in are building a force to take our country away from us. This will change on the first day I come into office. We will begin the largest criminal deportation system in the world.

And the Biden migrant invasion was wrong and immoral and it will change on day one when I seal the border and stop this invasion. 53 percent increase in crime and violence and minorities hurt most of all. is what’s, is what we’re witnessing. The minorities were hurt most of all by this [00:08:00] increase in crime.

And so I could continue, but this is truly a game changer. I believe Trump wins nearly all 50 states. I believe he secures the 270 votes needed in the electoral college to seal the deal.

Michael Pol: You know, I, you and I have, you know, The luxury of having been here for some time, and we’ve seen a lot of politics in our lives, and you and I both were alive and well when Jimmy Carter was president, and we remember that feeling that we had and others in the country, and don’t get me wrong, Jimmy Carter, a good man, Jimmy Carter, an honest man, Jimmy Carter, A guy who couldn’t pick the right people to be with him.

He could have [00:09:00] been a successful president had it not been for the very poor choices of the people that surrounded him. So Jimmy Carter was, was making this country a hard place to live. He was losing respect. For the United States in the world because he looked weak, even though he was a good heart, a good man, that kind of the, the things that he did, for example, if you use the the hostage crisis as an example, you would say, Donald Trump would never handle it that way.

Donald Trump would do it a lot different, but more importantly, the Ayatollahs in Iran would be so fearful of what Donald Trump would do to them. That none of this would probably have ever happened. But anyway, make a long story short. You and I have seen over the years, we’ve seen a lot of politics, and this is so much like the Jimmy Carter, Ronald [00:10:00] Reagan time frame that it’s just sort of scary.

And people have changed their mind. And you have to wonder, sometimes we wonder, you and I talk about this, when do we see people start to realize and understand. That their voting patterns are causing these problems. And when they do, it is always bad for Democrats. I think, I think this year we’re, we’re going to see a year that is going to be a, as, as Biden said the other day, a, a blood what did he say?

A blood bath or something? I can’t remember, but anyway, it’s gonna be a blood bath, but it’s going to be a blood bath. For Democrats. Well,

Gene Valentino: absolutely true of Bloodbath. You know, the, the analogy to Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter was heartfelt in his senior years before he became more invalid, invalid like.

In his senior years after the presidency, he served with good intention on Habitat for Humanity and tried to do some great causes. You know, Biden [00:11:00] is not that person. Biden is demonic. Jimmy Carter was not. Biden was intentionally vile and has been in an attempt to hurt not only the Trump regime, but the government as we know it.

It’s Biden that it has this revolving door that invites Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Fannie Willis, and others into the White House to strategize. A prosecution against a legitimate person. That’s illegal. That on face is grounds for impeachment. Full stop. And that is wrong, Michael. That is what’s hurting this constitutional republic.

However, I’ve said it in the past. The Constitution is being tested and I believe it’s going to survive this bad behavior. I think we need to go back to one of my amendments in the Bill of Rights I [00:12:00] suggested that talks about a Supreme Magistrate system that punishes these wrongdoers way before an election.

Oh, I’ll just wait until the next election. We’ll vote them out. No! It’s too late. We may not have a country by then. We need a system in place, which is what I’ve learned from the Biden administration. Even though we’re resilient and able to withstand these wrongdoings, we need a Supreme Magistrate system to take these people out sooner than later and I mean remove them from office.

I had no other connotation. To remove them from their roles in government sooner than later. Because of these wrongdoings and suffer criminal charges and time behind bars the way they’re trying to do now to punish Peter Navarro. Are you kidding me? Because he’s trying to honor the executive privilege and protect the confidentiality [00:13:00] between communications between him and his boss, Donald Trump, serving time behind bars right now for that?

You, you, you’ve got to be. I think the most diehard Democrats see the duplicity, and it’s time for justice to take hold and the justice system to be repaired. And no small coincidence. Hillary and Comey James Comey are trying to come back into the picture to def to defend to defend Biden. Their justice will apply to them someday as well, one way or another.

Michael Pol: You’re, you’re right. You know, this, you may be watching this on a on a podcast that Gene and I put on the website, but this is, in fact, a live show. And I’ve got a text here from a friend who said he’s all for your your amendment. And he says, Trey Gowdy or Supreme Magistrate.

Gene Valentino: Oh yeah. Very good.

Whoever that loyal viewer watcher is, but that’s absolutely true. [00:14:00] He Trey Gowdy and hundreds of more that are elected by we, the people that Trey Gowdy position is Supreme Magistrate is not appointed. It wouldn’t be appointed by the elected official doing the bidding for that elected official. Oh no, that’s the point.

The Supreme Magistrate would report straight to the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Supreme Magistrate would impose sanctions against the wrongdoer immediately, like a cop.

Michael Pol: Maybe opinions will change, and circumstances will change, and we can get something like that done. I’m not hopeful that that’s going to happen anytime soon, even in our lifetime, to be honest with you.

I tend to agree. Yeah, but it’s a good idea. It is a good idea. Somebody has to start the idea somewhere. And you know, you and I might plant some trees out in the yard knowing that we’ll never be able to enjoy their shade, but somebody will. And [00:15:00] so there you have it. Gene, thanks for joining us, buddy. We’ll see you next week.

Gene Valentino: I got a great sprinkler system speaking to the trees.

Michael Pol: Good deal. Have a great weekend.

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