The Dems Celebrate Win Against Trump ~ America Suffers a Loss To Democracy!

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

The weaponization of justice is the result of a complicit ‘cabal’ that now requires the Supreme Court of the United States to step in and reverse this weaponization of our system of justice. America Suffers a Loss To Democracy! We need to trust a system that gives everyone a FAIR SHAKE. The ‘silver lining’ is that we can see in plain view whom the enemy of justice is. Listen to more about the ‘weaponization of this nation’ … a consequence of the Donald Trump verdict. Please share with others. Meanwhile the NRA and. Report that over 2 million terrorists have crossed into our border. Only 24 terrorists were needed on ‘9-11’. This George Soros conspiracy to take down America goes back to Barrack, Hillary, and Joe Biden is nothing more than a stupid puppet.


WMXI Episode 144: The Dems Celebrate Win Against Trump ~ America Suffers a Loss To Democracy!
Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

The Dems Celebrate Win Against Trump ~ America Suffers a Loss To Democracy!

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Michael Paul: The studio

crowd is excited here in Hattiesburg. We always love to hear Gene Valentino. Good morning, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Good morning,

Pine Belt. Boy, the velvet hammer doesn’t feel too velvet this morning. He feels more like the chainsaw.

Michael Paul: Look, there’s some sad news, but there’s some silver linings here. I’ll start this out if you don’t mind. You know, we have the fairest justice system in the world here in the United States. Guess what? It’s been compromised. It is Now officially dead. The justice system in the United States. People can no longer trust the system that has made us the number one country in the world where people want to come, where people want to show up, where people want to raise their children, where they know they get a fair shake in this country.

It’s over. But the good news, and there’s always a silver lining in everything, is that we have an opportunity now to discover who the real enemies of freedom and justice are. [00:02:00] We, we have that opportunity and watch over the next days and weeks who defends this verdict against Donald Trump and you will find the enemy.

That is who they are and they are a danger to you and your family and this country. What say you?

Gene Valentino: Well, we have talked with passion on hundreds of episodes over the last almost three and a half years. And I must tell you that we have talked about the fear of this day coming. And I am now there’s a calm that comes over me during what I consider the more serious crisis the nation faces on a legal constitutional level.

This has been the weaponization of our judicial system. We absolutely, we’ve seen the antics, [00:03:00] Michael, in the Administration. We’ve seen antics in the legislative congressional side of things, and now we’re seeing antics in the judiciary. The weaponization of our judicial system means you’ve got a Soros paid off prosecutor and you have a corrupt judge that’s working with intent under the direction of O’Biden, which means Joe Biden.

The Biden crime family, and really, he’s so stupid. It’s not him alone. It’s a complicit scheme that’s existed for over a decade. In particular, with Obama and Hillary Clinton behind the scenes. Perpetrating illegal acts to this date. It was the weaponization at the ballot box, the screwing up of this early voting system, which varies state to state.

And it was always in [00:04:00] parallel that the intent to take down Trump, well, it had to happen because he was the only guy. Who had all the money he needed that could afford to come in here and save America without being owned by this complicit cabal. Now at this moment, we believe that the Supreme Court of the United States must step in.

The people see right through this, but the Supreme Court better strap on a set of balls and put this decision in reversal immediately. They have the authority to do it if they’re willing to do it, but it is necessary that we not allow the delays in the governmental system, in the process, to conf, to, to create a fait accompli in the process.

In our thinking, [00:05:00] Michael, the Supreme Court again has the authority to step out now and immediately reverse this action to save this nation. And if they don’t,

Michael Paul: they have to be asked though, they have to be asked to step in. And that’s what the Trump legal team needs to do. They need to file an emergency appeal and they need to ask the Supreme Court to step into this because let me tell you something.

Gee, yesterday the progressive socialist They won. They won and they have destroyed our legal system for political prosecution. Okay, let me, let me, let me tell you something. Wait, they’re after the Supreme Court too. These progressive socialists are going after the Supreme Court. You see the first shots fired over Alito and the flag that his wife Flew upside down, they’re after them too.

So, you know, you wonder, do these guys want to just [00:06:00] step back and just kind of, you know you know, not do anything because they’re scared of their position. I’m just, I’m just throwing stuff out there.

Gene Valentino: Okay, and I’ll throw it out too, and my response to that is, the scheme to steal our next election is underway, and it’s incumbent upon you, me, Ted, and the hundreds of thousands listening, or through Mississippi and the Gulf Coast, on our joint network to hear this message and to step up as we said and speak out and win this election.

I predicted before and now I’m certain we will see a massive tsunami at the voting booth. This coming November, they just guaranteed Donald Trump’s win for president. You, no matter how much rigging of the election is going on or could go on under their complicit schemes, it’ll be overshadowed [00:07:00] by the tsunami of people waving through the ballot boxes on, on election day.

Too big to rig. Too big to rig indeed. And I do believe that there will be not a revi Did you notice yesterday, the idiots, as you mentioned this morning, jumping for joy with glee in the street, Specifically in the New York area on the MSNBC reports and CNN reports, they were happy. They couldn’t be happier and more gleeful over the win over what they believe was a win for justice in America.

It was the complete annihilation of justice. of justice in America, and most of America sees it. There will be a political, political consequence, a legal consequence. This is not about Donald Trump. This is about the judiciary. [00:08:00] This is about justice for you and me. This is about protecting a system that’s worked for nearly 250 years.

We’ve got to get this. Back in place. Donald Trump can be prosecuted. I, I, I’m almost touched. Here’s the man putting his own humility aside. And, and not, and showing, showing that this is not about him. This is about protecting justice in America. While they on that side are only happy to have hurt Donald Trump and his family personally.

For them, it’s a win against Donald Trump personally. For us, it’s a loss against America and Donald Trump sees it that way. And I’m convinced that when he gets re elected, it won’t be revenge. I didn’t hear revenge in his voice yesterday when he spoke. I felt a little bit, I, I heard him speak from [00:09:00] a point of view of anger and disappointment, but I didn’t hear revenge in his voice.

The way the Democrat, liberal fascists have been spewing their vitriol for the last three years. I’ve had enough of it. America’s got to step up now and protect this democracy. I don’t care what party you’re with. I will admit this. There’s Democrats becoming Republicans. I don’t hear about any Republicans becoming Democrats.

I hear some of the undecided now saying, that’s it. I’ve heard enough. I’m going for Trump. I think he wins with such a majority now that it will, it will, it will set a movement in place that was orchestrated and conspired going back at least 10 years under the Muslim. Barack Obama.

Michael Paul: You just remember this.

We lost the battle yesterday, but we will [00:10:00] win the war. And I believe that Donald Trump is going to be president again. Now, the question is what will this judge in New York do? Will he, and let’s, let’s, let’s be honest about this. I mean, president Trump is under secret service protection for life. The secret service has ultimate charge.

of him and his surroundings to protect him no matter what. Can he really put him in jail? I mean, I guess he can, but he’s also going to have to clear that jail out because you can’t allow Donald Trump to be in a jail with other people. Who could harm him. And then you have to have cells for the secret service agents that protect him.

Because I mean, it’s just presents a big problem. I’m interested to see what happens because this judge, don’t get me wrong. He wants to put Donald Trump in jail. [00:11:00] He wants to,

Gene Valentino: because his boss, his boss, Joe Biden told him to, that revolving door around the White House has been orchestrating this through rogue justices and prosecutors around the nation.

And I submit that this is another diversion, deflection, and distraction from two million terrorists, That have entered our country. The NRA is reporting now of all of the illegals that have come in under the Biden administration, over 10 million, 2 million of them are reported terrorists. My words, there was only 2000, the Hamas.

And, and Antifo types that took down Israel, where 1, 200 people were killed over in Israel. That was 2, 000 terrorists, known terrorists over, over there. Here we have Two million terrorists in the United [00:12:00] States that are planting themselves in the neighborhood, that are up and down the streets in your school systems, that are getting on police departments, that are working in the in, in different community if interests, that are next to military establishments to, to destroy us from within.

This is the George Soros Conspiracy to take down America from within, and it’s been compromised by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the stupidity of Joe Biden all of this going back over 10 years. We must step up now and ste and, and speak loud and clear and legally defend this nation from any further attack.

And, you know, you have the right to bear arms. They can’t get around that Second Amendment. So that’s all I’m going to say on that point for this discussion, but it’s clear that we better take the law into our own hands as our [00:13:00] constitution allows us to, to defend this nation from the silent, silent attack that’s underway to our democracy, eating us from within.

It’s been talked about it, it talked about in the past, but it’s right under our nose now, and the deep state loves this media. for playing along. It’s it’s just a killer.

Michael Paul: You know, you said something that sort of triggered something in my mind. Rome fell from within. Nobody could defeat Rome.

Gene Valentino: That’s right.

Michael Paul: But Rome fell from within because of internal rot. And that’s where we are in this country today. The progressive socialists in this country today are rotting the inside of our country. And if we don’t do something soon, this election you know, is the most, I mean, you hear this every time, right? You hear it every time.

This is the most important election, but this one really is [00:14:00] important. We are at a crossroads in this country. If we’re going to allow. These kind of things to happen in this country. Now, the other thing that I think needs to happen, we’ve only got 30 seconds left, but there needs to be retribution for this.

If Donald Trump gets elected, what should he do quickly?

Gene Valentino: It’s not on him to seek retribution. It’s on him to protect the democracy. It’s on him to do an enema and close down the FBI and the CIA as we’ve grown accustomed to, because. Because it’s the layers of staffing within those organizations that has fermented this conspiracy against the Trump regime.

He’s got to restore democracy by giving more control back to the states and allowing the states to control more of the decision making of government.

Michael Paul: Thank you Gene Valentino. You have a safe trip today. I know you’re traveling and you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you, brother. Best to everybody.


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