“Stormy” Attempts to Take Trump Down ~ FAIL!

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

This police autocratic state under this Biden administration…Abusing the system to take down Trump…is FAILING. Keeping Biden away from debating is key. Keep your attention off of the Election Commission not scheduling Biden/Trump debates. The debates will never happen because of the Trump trials, prolonged by Biden, no matter how much he claims he wants to debate Trump. The downside of our system is when the system keeps your attention on salacious trysts, and away from the true issues that effect our lives. We need to focus on electing TRUE LEADERS to protect our jobs, our economy, inflation, our border, and crime. Agencies of our government cannot work as agents for any bad-acting president! Let’s get back to electing leaders that DELIVER, and who’s actions speak louder than their words! We don’t need elected leaders weaponizing the agencies of government to take down their opponents.


WMXI Episode 142: “Stormy” Attempts to Take Trump Down ~ FAIL!
Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, May 10, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

“Stormy” Attempts to Take Trump Down ~ FAIL!

Gene Valentino on WMXI | 10 May 2024

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Michael Pol: All right. So look, a lot of weather came through us last night. You told me when we were talking during the break that you got some of it too. What’s happening down in Florida right now with the weather?

Gene Valentino: Yeah, well, it’s cleared up between Biloxi and Pensacola, the panhandle of Florida, but boy, uh, one hour east of us towards, uh, two hours east of us towards, uh, Panama City, Panama City Beach, and then continuing eastbound for an hour more to Tallahassee.

Tornadoes touching down right now in Tallahassee, and a little bit Tornadoes in Tallahassee have hit to the west. Jackson Homes, Liberty Counties, just to the smaller counties to the west of Tallahassee are under a severe watch right now, uh, reported and confirmed tornadoes in Tallahassee at this moment as we speak.

Michael Pol: Wow, that’s kind of scary. I’ll tell ya, we’re thankful we didn’t get near that here. We just got some [00:02:00] thunderstorms, but in any case, we’ll be thinking about the folks down there and watching to see what happens. Speaking of what happens, oh my goodness, this week, unbelievable, I mean, I don’t even know where to start with all of the things that are going on.

You’ve got the Donald Trump trial, you’ve got the Stormy Daniels who, I mean, let’s be honest with each other, folks, let’s not try to candy coat this. We’re talking to a professional prostitute. That’s what we’re talking to. And she’s not that funny, even though she tried to hit jokes in the testimony. I think it was obscene.

And now we’ve got a guy who you’re not sure whether he’s going to be telling the truth or lying. Which time was he lying? Which time was he telling the truth? I don’t know. He flips back and forth. So, what do we do? What’s the guy’s name? Cohen.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, Michael Cohen. Can you imagine this, Michael? Here we are at the climax of the case with the lead witness coming in [00:03:00] Monday into the courtroom in Manhattan.

He’s a serial liar. He’s a convicted felon and he’s disgraced himself, not to mention the Trump administration through his mishandling, uh, and doing, uh, doing deeds that Trump did not know about without his knowledge and under his authority as a, with the attorney client privilege, are you telling me That Mr.

Biden, who has people hiding out in Russia to avoid prosecution and arrest, who had, uh, was recently interviewed, uh, on, uh, by Tucker Carlson. You have other people here in the States who are, are scared to death to speak up and speak out because of the weight and the force of the Trump’s, uh, uh, thugs coming in.

To, uh, admonish you and take you out criminally, put, tie you up in court to where they’re doing to Trump. These people across [00:04:00] the nation, it’s a police autocratic state under a Biden administration and they’re trying to suggest that Mr. Cohen, uh, uh, was, um, was, uh, that Mr. Trump was doing this knowingly with a thug like Cohen.

And, you know, I can’t get over the fact, Michael. That this has gone way too far. I’m more bothered by why we’re giving it so much attention. Did we not hear, uh, his other aid, uh, in the white house, uh, uh, Ms. Westernot, who, who was a aid just outside the president Trump’s office, uh, providing the alternative opinion, uh, uh, of, uh, and characterization of Donald Trump.

Stormy Daniels still gave you one which made all the news. Jenna Psaki, former press secretary under the Biden administration, couldn’t get the heck out of that operation fast enough. Took a poisonous job [00:05:00] over at MSDNC and now she’s claiming that The, this is like captioned to be the most exciting. Uh, and, uh, the, the climax of the takedown of Donald Trump on Monday.

The opposite’s true when the, here’s the real strategy, Michael, I can’t, I can’t stop but thinking about divert, deflect, and distract, they’re doing this to keep your attention off. of the Elections Commission not scheduling debates between Biden and Trump. They’re keeping your attention off, dragging it out as long as possible so that the early voting kicks in and then the the the debates are no longer an issue.

Biden can yell all he wants about wanting to debate Trump, knowing fully well he won’t have to, if the, uh, if the election commission never posts debates. Why? Because of [00:06:00] the trial. Because of, uh, the, uh, early voting situation will, will negate any need for Trump and Biden to debate. Because it’ll be an unfair advantage in some communities in this nation with early voting and disadvantage others.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gets on the soapbox yesterday complaining that we need justice right away. Of course you do, Hillary. You want them incarcerated in that orange suit as soon as possible, don’t you? Why? So you got the salacious story before the early voting begins. The same argument now twists in the other direction, Michael.

Michael Pol: Yeah, bitter, bitter woman. I mean, when you look at her, the scowl on her face. I mean, she is just one bitter woman who just got her butt kicked by Donald Trump. And, [00:07:00] she’s also married to a guy. Who embarrassed the hell out of her a lot and so I think she’s just taking it all out on Trump now because she hates really both of them.

Gene Valentino: The same story that Trump and all this salacious nonsense is taking up our attention in the news media and the citizens ignoring the, the, who’s, who’s working for, I don’t care about their sexual trysts. How’s that for an answer? I mean, I don’t like it and I don’t want to see it and it’s certainly not becoming the presidency.

But I want someone in that job who’s going to get something done for you and me, people. Just today, news, a poll came out. 17 percent think Trump’s on top of the issues of the border. 17 percent more of the voters think Trump is, uh, got the border under control. Seven, 14 percent more of the voters, uh, think [00:08:00] Trump’s got the economy.

more under control. 14 percent of the voters think Trump’s got inflation more under control, and 8 percent of the voters think that Trump’s got crime more under control when he’s elected, and proof positive from what he did in during his last term. Now that’s all I want to talk about. You know, when I was hired, when I was elected to become county commissioner, uh, over here at Escambia County, I ran for two terms.

I got, uh, I, I got, I got reelected. So eight years. When I was here as commissioner, I had some vile political behavior. Uh, that I was exposed to too. I knew what I was getting into when I got into politics. What I didn’t expect is, uh, how these, um, no good folks, um, uh, in politics [00:09:00] intended to hurt you through your family as well, through your wife, through your children.

And let me tell you something, you can accuse me of some wrongdoing, but I, and I’m ready for it. And I’ll respond accordingly, but it’s below the belt when you go after my wife and my kids. And in, uh, in my case, they accused me of a sexual tryst while I was working on the job. I wasn’t. There was no, there’s no proof of it, and I never did it, by the way.

But that’s not the point. They did it. And while I’m willing to take that bullet and that cheap shot below the belt, ah, it was just too much for me to see my wife and my family affected by it.

Michael Pol: Yeah.

Gene Valentino: It’s, it’s, it’s so it’s salacious. It’s sexy for the six o’clock news. But it’s untrue and to [00:10:00] why, and then I had to fight these, uh, this ilk, this poison, and this is the downside of our politics where we have gone too far in not, uh, focusing on the issues and getting into this salacious nonsense that does nothing but distract your integrity, distract your attention away from the real issues.

I want an elected official that gets stuff done for me. I don’t care about this other crap. I want people with credibility to step up and, and, and where their actions speak louder than their words. That they can get into office and deliver on the promises they made when they asked me for my vote. That’s the guy or gal I want running and that’s the person I want to deliver some action and you’re not, you’re not dealing with that.

Look what’s going on right now in Congress. You got them shooting fire hoses at each other, uh, [00:11:00] instead of working on the economy, economic development, incentives to keep businesses more vibrant, not how to tax them. We need incentives to get people off the couch, back to the work, make it back to work, making money.

Not worrying about giving them a higher rate per hour for non performance. We need action in this nation that’s focused on productivity and incentives that, uh, that promote productivity. We need, uh, people who are willing to do all those things with a leader that gives them an opportunity for we, America, to come first.

Not an illegal alien who has his handout demanding a cell phone, a check every month, food and provisions to take that job away from you and me. We need a protected border. Yeah, we need a border that’s [00:12:00] protected, not laughed at. So while we have positions on Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, all of the uh, uh, bad actors on that are doing things behind the scenes.

For Iran, we need a government and a leader to nix the George Soros’s who are doing the same damage from within here in the United States. We need to get our border in place and then nail and annihilate the deep state under the funding and leadership of George Soros. Funding these DA prosecutors in this mock trial, this bogus trial on Trump in New York, And the 34 counts against him in D in in Manhattan.

We need a leader that will put some leadership back into the House of Representatives and the Senate, the administration itself. [00:13:00] And the entire justice system. We need to get government out of the funding of education and Hamas and the Houthis at the same time. And we need the FBI being independent and truthful in their administration of prosecution and arrest.

They’re not now. They’re puppets of the Biden administration, and everybody in the nation becomes intimidated. It’s the beginning of an autocratic deep state, and I can’t wait for a next election. We need a system to be fixed under constitutional amendments that fixes it right now. Oh, well, we’ll get rid of him on the next election, Michael.

Oh, no, we won’t. We get rid of him now because here’s proof positive that the nation is falling. It’s in a tailspin right now. We’re at DEF CON 5 and we need to do something about it as soon as possible. [00:14:00]

Michael Pol: I agree. Uh, boy, that was, uh, quite a lot, but you did mention the hoodies twice and forgot the blowfish.

Gene Valentino: I think it’s

Michael Pol: Hootie,

Gene Valentino: not Hootie. We’ll give, we’ll give, we’ll give Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Maxine Waters and another 20 some blowfish. What do you think?

Michael Pol: There you go. I think that’s what they need. Gene, I hope you have a great weekend. Hope the weather calms down over there in Pensacola.

Uh, we’ll see you next week.

Gene Valentino: The Velvet Hammer has spoken.

Ted Tibbett: Take care, buddy. He’s left the building.

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