Democrat Meltdown ~ Trump Gets Reelected This November!

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

We love complacency, and staying comfortable with the expectation that tomorrow will be like today. The takeover of the USA might be too much of a change by 270,000 Chinese students in our educational system. The true adversary, China, is slipping into the USA under the Biden Administration as we remain distracted with Ukraine, Israel, and other foreign distractions. How far do we go with “Presidential Immunity”? The Supreme Court Case may ‘gut’ the cases against Donald Trump. While Trump pushes for total immunity for presidents, it may be that the SCOTUS compromises by distinguishing between immunity for “Presidential Acts” from “Personal Acts”. Personal criminal civil wrongdoing, and intentional actions by a president against individuals, using the elected office and the power vested therein, to seek personal revenge or retaliation against a political opponent, is criminal behavior! Yet we don’t want a President to be scared about decisions he must make for the greater good of the country, fearing he may be sued or charged by the system. The Separation of Powers should absolutely protect the President. Adversaries of the U.S.A are taking advantage of Biden and using Biden’s puppeteers to advantage their nation. However, the President of the United States is the only elected person that ALL of us vote for nationwide. He’s special and in turn deserves special power.


WMXI Episode 141: Democrat Meltdown ~ Trump Gets Reelected This November!
 | WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, May 3, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Democrat Meltdown ~ Trump Gets Reelected This November!

Gene Valentino on WMXI 3 May 2024

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Michael Pol: [00:01:00] It is 7 16, not a bad group to lead into this segment of our programming. Michael Paul and Gene Valentino on Friday morning. Gene Valentino is in the house. The studio crowd excited they can see him on Zoom and he is looking mighty smart this morning, folks. He’s got his really special t shirt on. It’s a Valentino thing you wouldn’t understand.

Gene Valentino: It’s a Valentino thing. What can I say? I like it. Good morning. Good morning. One hour from now, Michael, about nearly one hour, 8. 30 central time. Mr. Donald Trump goes into the courtroom again. New York versus Trump while, uh, Campus anarchy continues. Trump has to face these bogus charges in a New York court system, a massive coordination, [00:02:00] uh, for Hamas and the upper echelon of the FBI, Biden’s government.

Stuck with their association with campus protesters. Stuck with their affiliation with Antiva, anti Jew rhetoric. We have, uh, even transgender flags being seen at these protests. I dare them to show those flags in Iran and the Gaza. What do you think? Well, here’s what they need to do. All these people that want to support Hamas need to go to Palestine, to the Gaza Strip, and need to support them from there.

Michael Pol: And let’s see how they feel about it after they’ve been there for about 10 days. Well, President Trump has just won the next election, uh, in my opinion. Uh, you’ve got poll numbers that exceed the worst of times for [00:03:00] Obama, Jimmy Carter, and, uh, these numbers just outflank even George Bush and George Bush.

Oh, absolutely. So, I mean, Bill Clinton solidly beat him. He has worse numbers. Well, keep your eye on the Democrat National Convention, which is scheduled this summer in Chicago. I think there’s going to be an attempt to go anti Biden, not because they hate Trump, but because they absolutely despise Biden’s position on not going far enough.

Gene Valentino: With the left, left of the Democrat Party, the squad, the squad has not moved off its rhetoric and, uh, uh, and, and shown some, uh, uh, sympathy towards the, the attacks, the blatant attacks against the Jews [00:04:00] on these campuses. And full stop. All of this accelerated when? Last October 7th, when 1, 200 Jews were massacred.

Over in the uh, Gaza Strip border to Israel. This was a flagrant atrocity. It was an annihilation, and it’s supposed to be swept under the rug. Full stop. Where are the hostages? This is a defer. Deflect and distract of your attention away from the principles that the Biden administration supports and has failed to remedy in the world scene and now is stuck with this baggage as they approach an election.

And here’s Trump sitting in office, excuse me, sitting in the courtroom with [00:05:00] ranking higher than ever. against these, uh, this Biden who has only three and a half minutes last night came out and said anything significant about the wrong of the, uh, uh, protesters on these campuses. I think we all agree, Michael, that it’s okay for free speech and self expression, but when your expression gets in my face and you impugn my ability to public access, when you impact my ability or intimidate me.

You are, in effect, being violent and intrusive on my rights, and my rights are not subordinated to your rights. My rights are equal to your rights, and that’s what Biden has failed to address. And don’t tell me there’s no deep state. Don’t tell me that the tents in the UCLA campus with the same manufacturer looking the same as the tents in [00:06:00] Columbia and Fordham and every place in between.

Come on. A couple of things here. Number one, we look at these arrests and when we see that about 60 percent roughly of the arrests. The biggest mistakes that have been made in these campus protests are people that are A, not affiliated with the university at all, and B, can be identified as people who are professional agitators.

Michael Pol: So we know. This is something that is being funded. And, you know, it’s interesting. They asked the question, uh, Peter Doocy asked the question to, uh, uh, Kareem Jean Pierre at the, uh, White House briefing yesterday that, you know, he asked the question, are there groups that are supporting this? Who is supporting this?

And is the White House interested? And who’s in, and who is, uh, supporting these things and [00:07:00] funding these protests on these college campuses. You know, it was like, what a, I mean, when you see her like take a deep breath, like she doesn’t know what to say. She has no idea. She’s done an extremely bad job.

Gene Valentino: It’s, it’s an F grade in my scale. What? She’s horrible. Oh, absolutely. And she’s failed the nation. It’s not just her own ability. She’s failed the nation as well. And I think that to your point, you just made, Michael, remember Columbia University, 34, 000 students. Here’s the challenge. Almost half of them, 14, 000, are on student visas coming in from abroad.

What mess, who, what amongst that crowd Are non citizens smearing America looking to propagate this polluted philosophy that America does not [00:08:00] believe in? And why do we tolerate it? And how many of those student visa students The Palestinians are on student loans that the poor American citizens are paying for on their backs of hard sweat and work every day.

And they’re getting away with a free student, a forgiveness of a free student loan. And they’re not even Americans. Agreed. Alright, so let’s ask this question. So, the Gaza Strip, where you have all of these Palestinians who are, you know, supportive of Hamas and who supported this action that they took against Israel, they killed all the innocent people.

Michael Pol: You got all these people that are back down now into the very, uh, corner of Gaza because Israel has pretty much taken over the rest of the, of the, uh, Gaza Strip. But yet, you do not see any countries like Egypt, who borders that, by the way, the [00:09:00] United Arab Emirates. Jordan. None of these countries want to have these Hamas rebels, these Palestinians, whatever you want to call them, they don’t want them.

They will not let, you ought to see, and I saw pictures the other day of the border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. It looks like a war zone. It is like, It’s like they have landmines and barbed wire and Constantino wire. They do not want these people. Why won’t they take them? Ask that question to yourself.

Gene Valentino: That is the exact, that is the perfect question. More insulting. Why is president Biden thinking that? of giving a clear pathway of all of the same Palestinians to the United States, becoming refugees here with a pathway to becoming citizens. Come on, you’ve, wait a minute. So we want these crazy people and you’ve got to be honest when [00:10:00] you talk about this, these, these folks from Palestine are a little crazy and Egyptians know it, Emiratis know it, Jordanians know it.

Michael Pol: They all know that these people are a little on the crazy side. They lean crazy. What are we, what are we doing? What are we thinking by allowing some of these people to come here to the United States? What is going on in the mind of Joe Biden and his staff and the folks that are pushing this? What is wrong with these people?

Gene Valentino: And is there no small coincidence, Michael, that the Prince of Saudi Arabia, not too long ago, was on a pathway. He was on a pathway to, yeah, a pathway to bringing a relationship back to normal with Israel. Iran came unglued about that. It’s, at that time, Iran started accelerating through [00:11:00] Hamas, one of its agents.

David Pasqualone, Remarkable People Podcast, Listen. For President Trump to reenter and fix this overnight and the Democrats are going to have the meltdown, a historic meltdown of a lifetime, and they should. How many are leaving the Democrat party because of this nonsense? Look to the squad. They will continue to support pro Hamas, anti Jewish rhetoric.

And it’s in our Congress. We, the people, Must step up now and get rid of the bad actors in our legislative system to save the constitutional republic here first, not to mention our border, and then be generous and benevolent as we’ve been [00:12:00] historically for a century to the rest of the world. But not until we get our border fixed and our own legislative and administrative team repaired.

Excuse me, I forgot the judiciary. Half the judiciary needs an enema. And they need a new set of, uh, prosecutors and DAs as well. Ergo, what we see in New York City right now with our good friend, Donald Trump. Right. Okay. So, so let me ask you this. So this week we’ve been discussing this often on, on the morning show.

Michael Pol: Ted and I’ve talked about it. Uh, we talked about it with Congressman Michael Guest, who is, you know, we have two congressional districts in our listing area, and Congressman Eazell and Congressman Guest both represent us. Both of those guys, Sort of have that feeling. Now, I wasn’t exactly, uh, politically aware.

Let’s just put it like that. Back in the 1960s, I was a small child. You’re a little older than me. Ted is our institutional [00:13:00] guy. He agrees with what I’m about to say and in that I feel like I’m getting some vibes from the 1960s when Johnson decided that he was not going to run, probably because he was going to get beat.

But more importantly, he didn’t run and Republicans with Richard Dixon had the largest victory that Republicans have ever had in this country electorally. And things changed for a long, long time in this country. I feel those vibes today. Do you get that same vibe? I, we’ve said it. Yeah, the door is swinging back and I think you’re correct.

Gene Valentino: I think we will see a return with the electorate to a Republican conservative environment, much greater than the Reagan and Bush eras. Where Republicanism came back in on the heels of some angst, some heartburn that had been [00:14:00] proliferated under the Democrat administration’s preceding. I think we’re in for a major, what I referred to in the past, as a mass formation transition.

A psychosis which will fall by the wayside, conservative stable behavior, and a respect for America. George Washington’s statue with the Hamas scarf on it the other day and the, uh, flag. It was the most insulting thing. Shame on us if we tolerate that. We’re stronger than that. We’re Americans. I had a lunch yesterday with a black American, an old friend of mine, very solid Democrat, who told me that Donald Trump is going to get elected, that black men in this country have had enough of this nonsense, and they are starting to figure it out.

Michael Pol: I’m telling you, things are changing, Gene, very quickly, right before our eyes, and the people that are in charge have not, either [00:15:00] not recognized it, or they’re not smart enough. To realize what’s going on here, but I think I know who’s smart enough. It’s Ted Tibbett. He’s got something stronger than the garden hose that he’s going to pull out.

Where are you? I’m having a Bloody Mary listening to you guys. Okay, Gene, thank you so much for joining us. You have a great weekend, bro. Hey, I’m going to Biloxi autographs tonight. At the Hard Rock, if you wanna come by. I’ll be there! Sound like a partay, 7. 30

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