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Nikki ~ Ron … Time to Pull Out!

The attempt to derail Donald Trump is failing. The Iowa Caucuses and the pending primaries will validate this point once and for all. The reckless conspiratorial agenda by the elite Democrats is in plain sight and is failing. The Dems have ‘egg on their face’ and they cannot hide. Everytime Donald Trump gets dragged into court, his campaign account grows in value, and his poll ratings rise. The Democrat conspiracy to remove Trump “at all cost” is failing. Independents can vote in the primary process in New Hampshire and for that reason Trump’s lead is reduced to 17% over Nikki Haley. It would have been over 25% without the Independent votes. We’ll see this week. Governor Chris Sununu who hates Trump and supports Haley refuses to initiate legislative change in New Hampshire to remove Independents from the primary process. Democrats at the higher levels, will continue to control the narrative and stop legitimate candidates, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from participating in the Democrat Primaries. The ‘Elite Dems’ want to control everything, including your gas stoves, power, EV’s, everything! NOT! “Don’t argue with a donkey.”


WMXI Episode 131: Nikki ~ Ron … Time to Pull Out!

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, January 19, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Nikki ~ Ron … Time to Pull Out!

WMXI 19 Jan 2024

Senator Rick Scott, FL: Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Podcast, he tells the truth, he tries to get information out there to make sure people make good informed decisions.

MacBook Air Microphone-1: Thank you, Senator Scott. And ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching today’s grassroots truth cast episode with your host and friend Jean Valentino.

Gene Valentino: thank you for having me here today. I had a friend who gave me this book on wit and wisdom of Winston Churchill. I’ll preface what I’m saying by Winston Churchill’s comment, I suppress with difficulty an impulse to become sentatious.

He, he is That’s Winston Churchill saying that as much oratory as I have in my belly, I’m going to try not to say too much, which is a contradiction in terms, but he does [00:01:00] let me, he does give me license to proceed with some thoughts that I thought I’d share with you. First about the election, Michael. I I’d like to see Nikki and Ron back out of the races.

The race is now in New Hampshire and in South Carolina. Politically speaking this morning, if Trump can win a caucus in Iowa, if he’s up 15 to 22 points in New Hampshire, if he’s up 50 points over Nikki in her own state of South Carolina where she was governor, then my concern today is that we not spend our resources.

I should say the candidates not spend their resources on on continuing contentiousness [00:02:00] and move more aggressively now. Towards rallying the troops of all sides of the Republican party behind Donald Trump to unequivocally send a message to this nation that the bad behavior on the Democrat party side, which has evidenced itself, this isn’t hyperbole on my part.

The bad behavior on their side that has caused so much problem be sent a message that our constitutional democracy, our Democrat Republic will survive and outlast the angry behavior they’ve been harboring over the thought that Donald Trump may come back into office. It’s not right. It’s wrong.

It’s inconsistent with the principles of our democracy. And frankly, we’ve alluded to it in the past. The deep state folks are begging to find a reason. [00:03:00] At the high level, 91, let’s see, yeah, 91 charges against Donald Trump right now in the court system and every time he gets dragged into court, every time another issue erupts, his campaigned account goes up in value and so do his ratings.

Now, he’s 17 percent over Nikki Haley, and I think it would be higher in New Hampshire now, but it’s not. You know why? Governor Sununu over there has not moved fast enough at fixing the primary process in New Hampshire, to ensure that independents who chose to be independent They didn’t choose to be Democrat, they didn’t choose to be Republican, that the, that the independents are entitled to participate in the primary process in the state of New Hampshire.

Wrong. You picked a position, you [00:04:00] picked an independent state you chose to, to be in, status I should say, you no longer are entitled to vote in a Republican or Democrat primary. But you can in New Hampshire. But because the Democrats bypassed this primary process and caucus process in most states around the nation, we don’t even see legitimate Democrats being able to step up to compete against the family of Republicans trying to legitimately make their way to the top.

But the point I’m making is That Donald Trump’s 17 percent lead over Nikki Haley, I submit to you will be between 22 and 25 percent had this imperfection exist, not existed in, in, in New Hampshire. Now switching gears over to, to South Carolina. Hey Nikki Haley, if you can hear me, if New Hampshire doesn’t send you the [00:05:00] message that they want Donald Trump, then when it happens in your own backyard, will you turn to Ron DeSantis and agree both of you in an orderly and professional way to back out and let Donald Trump run with it?

Otherwise, you’re providing fuel for the Democrat Party to continue to instigate and to promote nefarious behavior, which has been why he’s been in these court cases, Trump that is, in these court cases up to now. An attempt to derail him has failed. Does anybody see that that is the, the the agenda of the Democrat party?

We have to move beyond this reckless conspiratorial try to control the masses and their opinion. And let, and that doesn’t matter. Your opinion out there doesn’t matter, Michael. We, the [00:06:00] Democrats, in the hierarchy of this nation, know better than you. We elitists, who are trying to run your, your, tell you to take gas stoves out of your kitchen, control your use of energy, adjust the thermostat in your house during this cold weather, we’re now gonna tell you who to vote for on the Democrat side.

We’re sticking with Biden. They have egg on their face and they can’t, they don’t know how to say I’m sorry. You

Michael Pol: know, it’s so funny because you talk about the, you know, the, the gas stoves they’re trying to take away the, the, you know, the air conditioner, they want your air conditioner to not cool as good as you know, as we need here in the South.

But the funniest thing out of all of this that’s happened is the last few days with this extreme cold weather that we see. Throughout the country, all of these electric vehicles just piled up in parking lots. They don’t work [00:07:00] in cold weather.

Gene Valentino: Well, I mean, it’s hilarious. You were quick to say that, remind folks that Gene has a Tesla too.

Yes, I bought my wife a Tesla and we use it for 90 percent of our jaunts under 200 miles around the house here. That’s fine. But I, Promise you my gas combustion car is what she’s taking to Atlanta today. Yeah, it is. It

Michael Pol: is just something that does not work. It does not work. It does work for certain things.

For example, what you use it for around Pensacola, going to get groceries, you know, doing, doing your doctor’s appointments, whatever you got to do around town. And they work great for that. And as long as you’re there where you can charge it at your home and keep it inside your garage, like you do. And of course the cold weather is not that bad in Pensacola.

You know, we don’t really see a lot of real cold weather in the South. We’re seeing a few days of it now, but this is. You know, it’ll be over with soon, and we [00:08:00] won’t see it again until next year, and maybe not even next year. It may be two years from now before we see another really cold winter. But the bottom line is, people that live in Minnesota, and people that live in Wisconsin, and even New York, and places like that, they can’t Use electric vehicles under certain circumstances.

And we’ve seen that over the last few days. So they’re not a hundred percent, but let me tell you what is a hundred percent that diesel F 350 truck sitting out in my parking lot right now. Oh, yeah. Every time.

Gene Valentino: That’ll get you there. Absolutely. You know what? You know what this is? This is more about their desire to control the narrative.

So I have a story I’d like to read you if I if you can indulge me for a minute. Yeah, sure. This is something I picked up and was asked to share, and this complements what you just said. So, the title of my little story here is entitled, Don’t Argue With A [00:09:00] Donkey. The donkey said to the tiger, the grass is blue.

The tiger replied, No, the grass is green. Their discussion heated up so they submitted it to an arbitration before the lion, the king of the jungle. And even before reaching the clearing where the lion was, the lion king was sitting on his throne, the donkey shouted out loud, Your Majesty, the grass is blue, right?

And the lion responded, Yes, you’re correct, the grass is blue. The donkey continues, and the tiger contradicts and annoys me. Please punish him, he says. And the lion punishes the tiger for up to five years of silence. The donkey cheerfully went on his way, repeating, See, the grass is blue, the grass is blue.

And the tiger accepts [00:10:00] his punishment, but asks the lion a question. Your majesty, why have you punished me? Everyone knows the grass is green. And the lion says, yes, you’re correct. But you’re being punished because a brave and intelligent creature like you wasted your time arguing with a donkey. And, on top of that, bothered me with a silly question that doesn’t deserve attention.

The worst way to waste your precious time is to argue with a fool and fanatic who is least bothered about the truth and the reality, but believes only in his own beliefs and unrealistic illusions. Don’t involve yourself with pointless arguments and let that narrative Transcend to the way we view the Democrat Party hyperbole that doesn’t [00:11:00] have the decency to bring Robert F.

Kennedy, an anti Fauci individual, to bring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to the forefront as an alternative on the Democrat Party side as an, as a candidate for the United States Presidency.

Michael Pol: Yeah, you know, it’s so true because when you argue and you can, I’ll tell you what you can do. You could look at just look at social media.

When you argue with these fools on social media, you don’t get anything but more foolishness. They’re not going to come around. They’re not going to, they believe what they believe. That’s it. They are not going to come around to what you know is the undeniable truth. Men are men and women are women. For example, that’s a great that’s a great point there because men.

You’re born [00:12:00] either a man or a woman, but they will tell you that you are born all of these different, I mean, well, I don’t have to even describe it, right? Because we all know what, what they say, but it’s absolutely unbelievable that we have to sit here and talk about that. And. Why would you argue with somebody that believes that?

Gene Valentino: They’re an idiot. Supreme Supreme Court justice couldn’t answer the question, the difference between a man and a woman. If you ask this peasant, this lay person, me one’s got an X and Y chromosome and the other one’s got two Xs. And there you go. That’s, that’s what makes it. All

Michael Pol: right. That’s it.

We’re out of time. Thank you for joining us as you do every Friday. Hope you have

Gene Valentino: a great weekend. Talk to me next week about the 1. 8 billion of cash we’ve all forgotten about that funded the hoodies with Iran and Iraq.

Michael Pol: That’s right. We’ll do it. See

Gene Valentino: you then. Best to you next week.

Hey friends, gene Valentino. We just wrapped up [00:13:00] another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truth Casts. This is what you see above the the waist, but below the waist is Mike Glendale’s. My slippers up to 80% off. Hint, hint, but use the promo code please. Gene V, enjoy the holidays. Enjoy the springtime.

Enjoy the year ahead of us in 2024. And stay cozy in a cozy slipper from MySlipper.