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Transformative Times ~ Donald J. Trump ~ Putting Our Nation’s Survival First

Gene Valentino on WILKOW!

Alvin Bragg’s attempt to convict Donald Trump in a New York court is a crime unto itself. The bigger crime is that Biden has Alvin Bragg and Letitia James following Biden’s marching orders. After all, if Biden keeps Trump in court, he does not have to debate Trump. No basement needed this time.


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Transformative Times ~ Donald J. Trump ~ Putting Our Nation’s Survival First

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Andrew Wilkow: All right, welcome back. We’re rolling on, but now I’m going to roll back a little bit. So we played for you a clip of Representative Mark Green of Tennessee, one of the impeachment managers, laying out the case against Alejandro Mayorkas in the Senate. Here’s Speaker of the House Mike Johnson with Donald Trump in the lead up as to why they impeached him.

News Clip: The Speaker of the House, when we’re not in session, uh, the Speaker is required to go around, fly around the country and be with all of our candidates and incumbents all around. Uh, I’ve been to 23 states now in the last several weeks and everywhere we go, one of the first questions that Is this issue of election integrity?

The border is the number one issue in America. There’s never been a political issue, uh, that, that scored so high in the polls as a matter of concern. And it doesn’t matter where anyone lives, because as we say now, every state is a border state. Uh, they’re deeply concerned about that. And election integrity is tied to border, [00:02:00] the lack of border security.

President Biden has created a catastrophe. And it’s 64 specific executive actions that he took from the day he walked into the Oval Office and that his agencies took. to open the border wide, to invite everybody from around the world to come here, including hardened criminals and dangerous persons. And the result, we all know, the official number is 9 million encounters at the southern border alone, just since Joe Biden took office.

But the actual number is probably close to 16 million illegals who have come into the country because they desired it, they designed it, they engineered it to be that way. Now I understand that getting rid of Mayorkas isn’t going to change anything. If the Senate were to convict him, they’re not. Biden will just replace him with another open border radical.

Andrew Wilkow: Alright, my next guest is a political strategist and host of Grassroots Truthcast, Gene Valentino. Welcome back to the program. Hey, Andrew. Thanks for having me. Just so you know, I, I, I hate to [00:03:00] be so regional. I mean, Ground Zero is here, Wall Street’s across the street. We had protests. What the fuck is that, that state, that state Supreme Court?

Uh, I had it explained to me by Andrew C. McCarthy, who got the shout out from, from Trump, that what’s happening now is they’re trying to justify a misdemeanor conviction by creating the, creating this, um, legal theory that Alvin Bragg somehow has the power to enforce federal election law. He does not. The judge let that go forward is proof of lawfare.

Gene Valentino: Proof of lawfare, and I’ll take it a step further with you, uh, criminal intent. I think this is a perpetration of one of the most historic, massive frauds perpetrated on the American.[00:04:00]

How about Biden isn’t as dumb as he looks? How about he’s stirring the pot and creating. Noise to keep your attention on all these sub chapters, these sub issues. So that he really doesn’t have to do what the Elections Commission is trying to set up to do, and that’s what, 12 debates, 10 debates between now and Election Day, and because of early voting,

the debates that are to be scheduled prior to early elections? [00:05:00] I’ll bet you if Biden is working smartly, he’s got Alvin Bragg, Letitia James. You get the rest of the cast of characters together and just keep noise, just throw everything you got at Trump. Keep them busy. Keep the distractions out there. 24 hours, Andrew, uh, Barron Trump.

The father cannot go to his boy’s, uh, graduation. Is the most heinous, um, uh, cheap shot below the belt where politics has now, uh, impugned. I don’t understand why the man’s doing it. I mean, I don’t know how many Americans, you and I and the millions watching and listening, would allow themselves and their

impugned by this cast of characters that is doing everything at all costs [00:06:00] to protect their cabal And their governance, they’re pulling it away from we the people and me the people, not you the people. That’s how I see it. Well, if it’s not Biden coordinating, it’s certainly Obama, Neera Tanden and John Podesta, you know, the, the Center for American Progress crowd, but they know there’s no downside here, right?

Andrew Wilkow: A superior court may overturn.

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Transformative Times ~ Donald J. Trump ~ Putting Our Nation’s Survival First


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