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Bruce LeVell ~ Trump Advisor ~ Pending Opinion From SCOTUS on Presidential Power/Immunity

on Gene Valentino’s GrassRoots TruthCast

Bruce discusses his relationship with Donald Trump going back to 1990. In 2015 DT says to Bruce, “I’m in…” and so begins a whirlwind campaign journey for the Presidency. Bruce says 90% of Trump’s original coalition is still in tact. Bruce discusses his original article, “Recruiting Woke Warriors” and describes his knowledge of the original Fani Willis. He explains how and why the original grand jury was not looking into election tampering, in Georgia in particular. He refers to the ‘co-conspirators’ that were anxious to intimidate and pressure those that sought to investigate election fraud. He explains why Brad Raffensperger, former Georgia Secretary of State, did nothing to examine Trump’s election fraud claim.


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Bruce LeVell ~ Trump Advisor ~ Pending Opinion From SCOTUS on Presidential Power / Immunity | Grassroots TruthCast 8 April 2024

With breaking news and political commentary from a public servant, serial entrepreneur, community leader, philanthropist, and American patriot, and a darn nice guy, it’s time for the Grassroots TruthCast, and your host, Gene Valentino.

Gene Valentino: Hi friends, Gene Valentino, and welcome to another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast.

My guest to my right side is Mr. Bruce Lavelle. Bruce is a senior advisor for the Donald Trump during his 2016 and 2024 presidency. Uh, uh, term of time. And now, hopefully, we’ll pursue even more what he’s going to be doing when Donald Trump, uh, takes his office again in 2024. Bruce, thank you for joining me here today.

Yeah, thanks for having me. Okay, we’re going to break for a quick commercial. We’ll be back right after this with Bruce Lavelle.

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Well, we’re catching a fringe of it in Florida, and uh, we got an eclipse going, we got all kinds of uh, items going in the world scene and at the national level. I invited you on today because I wanted to talk about your background in uh, Georgia, uh, your exposure to some of the indictments under Donald Trump.

Folks, he was involved with the um, small business administer he was a business advocate for the FBA. And an advisor, and I want to get into [00:04:00] that. So Bruce, take it away. Let’s start first with your background. What are you doing in Georgia and what’s your role with Donald Trump?

Bruce LeVell: Yeah, thanks for having me.

Well, first off, just, I met him 34 years ago in Atlanta, believe it or not. It was, uh, it was at a club, uh, really upscale nightclub. Um, he was actually in town doing a fundraiser. Uh, with his, uh, friend to, uh, raise money for single women with AIDS, believe it or not. They called it back. They call it AIDS back then.

I know. Huh? So anyway, he was a celeb. And of course, way back then in 1990, of course, you know, 34 years later, here we are, uh, you know, still on the stump for him. Um, he did want to run earlier on when Obama had run, but then we said, nah, let’s wait. And so got a call in 2012, 13, 14, and then 15, he says, Hey, I’m in.

I said, let’s go, let’s do this. I’d like to get a business guy in office instead of the normal, uh, traditional folks, if you want to [00:05:00] use that term. And so it took off like a whirlwind, uh, real quick. Uh, we traveled a lot in the early, uh, 15, 15, I say, June, July, August, September, October, November, um, got to fly to a lot of different states and open a lot of rallies too for them.

Um, did a lot of press, did a lot of national TV, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, uh, BBC, you name it. I did them all. Um, and so we, here we are in this journey. Um, I, I have to be honest with you. I didn’t think we were going to be doing this again. I was, hopefully we would have got, got through like two terms, you know, and I would have been like retiring, you know, at this time, but you know, but we, we, we’ve got all the team back together.

We call them the 2015ers is what we call ourselves. Um, Uh, probably 98 percent of us, especially our coalition, is still back in the saddle and we’re riding on to victory here in November.

Gene Valentino: But a lot of your background came out of Atlanta, came out of Georgia, and um, as a [00:06:00] business leader with very successful companies, obviously Donald Trump picked up on that too.

What I have most interesting to me is your, your, your background on the details of the Attempted criminal prosecutions against Donald Trump that have been initiated in, in Georgia. Do you want to explain the, um, how the whole Alvin Bragg issue, Letitia James issue in New York morphed into an Atlanta agenda?


Bruce LeVell: Well, it actually goes deeper in before that. Um, I actually write for the Washington Times also as an opinion and a couple other Caller and Newsmax, a few others, and one I particularly wrote about recruiting woke warriors, and you can google Bruce Lavelle, Washington Times, and check out that opinion article that I wrote, and basically it’s been a collaborative effort with a lot of special interests.

Over the last [00:07:00] several years, that will go and identify certain DAs, certain city council members, certain mayors, especially in very dense urban cities, and put money behind them and get them to run for various offices. Penny Willis was one, Letitia Peekaboo James was the other, New York, and of course, Alvin Bragg.

And even, uh, Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago, former mayor of, uh, Chicago, uh, the mayor of DC, the mayor of Oakland, the mayor of Los Angeles, the mayor, many mayors, uh, throughout the Michigan area, Saginaw, uh, Detroit, many of those. And so basically we ended up with Fonny Willis, who, uh, Who they, you know, I should say the special interest got behind her, um, because if you’re a DA, for example, and you raise 50, 000, 100 grand, you are golden.

But these DAs are raising millions and millions of dollars. And to Fannie Willis’s credit, 92 plus percent of her money came from outside of Fulton County. So that tells you the special interest that’s played [00:08:00] in this. So fast forwarding that, um, she was trying to, uh, pretty much get President Trump on the phone call, the famous phone call when President Trump called, uh, represent, uh, state rep, excuse me, um, Secretary of State Brad Ratzenberger said, Hey, there’s no way I lost.

Go back and look, go back and check, Brad. There’s no way, blah, blah, blah, blah. So they were able to twist it and find a grand jury that would coincide with them, which that in itself is very, uh, suspect in itself on how you get a grand jury to. Get an indictment on someone challenging and requesting, uh, ballots to be counted again.

No quid pro quo, no threats. You better do this or else, uh, but to twist it around and to get an indictment. And I thought about it. It’s like, wow, there’s not going to be able to do that. So this is all based on a phone call. President Trump and anyone that tried to go, uh, challenge the election that the woke media like the AJC and Atlanta likes to use overturn the election and [00:09:00] election, the fake electors, etc.

And so that’s just a bunch of lies, but it’s unfortunate they use that narrative to try to get, uh, an indictment. And of course we’re going to prevail out of it. The sad part of it is the other folks, the co, the co folk, the co conspirators, if you want to use that term. Um, that were indicted that are going through a lot of money and resources trying to defend this, and they know it’s wrong.

You know, that’s one thing about some of the DAs. They call it load your wagon. They’ll throw something against the wall and try and try to, uh, until you say uncle, until they twist your arm until you say uncle. So that’s pretty much their, their goal here. But, um, you know, it’s in the appeals right now. Uh, they have a great, uh, legal team that’s going to push this out.

Um, we know when, for example, the Supreme Court rules on this in April about presidential immunity and presidential power, this right here, in my opinion, will just take out Jack Smith and everything else [00:10:00] on giving the president true presidential powers and presidential immunity, which he deserves and every future president would deserve.

Respectfully. So that’s kind of like where we’re at

Gene Valentino: with

Bruce LeVell: that too.

Gene Valentino: Bruce, my question, which, what perplexes me and I think many of my friends, is there’s, what is it with Brad Rothenberger that, um, that he did not, did Donald Trump tell you why he didn’t Accommodate Donald Trump’s, uh, request to at least inquire well balanced, balanced way.

I mean, this was the start of the, uh, of the issue going back.

Bruce LeVell: Well, it goes with him and the governor and, you know, it’s one of those things he’s, he’s secretary of state and, you know, we were shut down and his dummy, his dumb butt, I’ll use that word, um, allowed Zuckerberg. Zuckerbucks to allow to go in a third party agreement with CTE and put ballot boxes [00:11:00] in DeKalb, Clayton, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

And you know, those, you know, those have been ruled unconstitutional. You saw that. And then he even said, I’m not going to participate in races anymore. He actually came out with his own comment, Mark Zuckerberg. But this was under Brad’s watch and also the masted mail in ballots. Now, you know, I grew up as a military kid, the absentee ballot was for the soldier or the incapacitated.

It was never random thrown in the mailbox or randomly. So he knew. That, um, it would be a complete egg on his face if they were allowed to go digging through him under his tenure or his leadership as secretary of state. And that’s my theory on him not wanting to, uh, go into it deep. And the other thing too, is that, you know, he gets called out and he’s part of the, uh, the, as you use the term established crowd, um, he’s not part of the America first crowd.

He never liked president Trump, even when president, You know, back from 2016, you know, he is never stomped for him. He is never lifted a finger or anything. [00:12:00] So that in itself didn’t help. You know, obviously for us. But, you know, I’m, I’m very optimistic that, you know, I always say the truth is gonna prevail.

It’s not our time, it’s God’s time. That’s one thing I’ve learned as I got older. You know, my wife, uh, testified to that, but, um, you know, we’re, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get through this, you know. There’s no way any Supreme Court or any high court is going to condemn someone for challenging and asking questions about an election.

Now granted, but for

Gene Valentino: it to have gone as far as it has and the ripple effect. With these other jurisdictions piling on, talk to me about, if I use the term with you, the deep state, what has your inside exposure been to that, which has harmed Donald Trump and his family for that matter?

Bruce LeVell: Yeah, well, it’s actually, I use the term pay to play.

Now, pay to play, when people hear that term, they’re like, oh, it’s like, it’s a talker. It’s actually on both sides of the aisle. It’s been [00:13:00] trenched for decades on the Republican side, as well as the Democrat side. Um, most of, most of Congress, not all, most of the Senate is controlled by high power special interest lobbyists, as well as companies.

And so this has been like, as you say, when you go to K Street, you have one firm that has a hundred lawyers in there. And it doesn’t matter who’s in power. The firm is going to get the business, no matter what, you know, because it’s, it, it, uh, it plays to the Democrats and Republicans, but the unfortunate part of that, there were a lot of elected officials that birthed their seats through pay to play.

And so when you use the term swamp, we didn’t know, we knew there was a swamp. We just didn’t know it was this deep. Is, is what we, we ran into. And so the swamp runs and, and everything from local, city, county, state, federal government. And this is something that the America first movement’s pushing, is trying to push and, and, and entice good, hardworking men and women [00:14:00] to come serve without special interest.

Do your two terms. Recruit another person that has the same philosophies of principles and encourage them to run in those seats and not let it be holding to special interest and big lobbying firms.

Gene Valentino: Amen. You said something that really, uh, rings a bell. You know, uh, on my website, GeneValentino. com, what Bruce has just, uh, said, folks, ties into my, Gene’s second Bill of Rights.

And, uh, I’ve got 11 amendments I propose, sort of tongue in cheek, but they’re serious. And one of them is what you just mentioned, uh, term limits. Yeah. Term limits for, um, for, uh, not only the president, but for the senators and for the, the house of representatives. And as you know, Bruce, not likely going to happen to have an elected official in Congress vote in an amendment to the constitution to put term limits on themselves.

Oh, I know. As Mitch McConnell said [00:15:00] recently, we have term limits now. When they decide to get rid of me, they’ll get rid of me. That’s my term. That’s, that was, um, but, but if I said to you, the Democrat party, and I heard you make a comment, uh, recently about the, you were around for the moon landing. Well, so was I going way back in elementary.

I did. Yeah. Same here. And the Genesis. of over those decades is this it’s not the same democracy it’s not the same republic it’s not the same republican or democrat party but i do predict correct me if you think i’m wrong i do predict a complete failure or a complete Ending. To the Democrat Party as we know it today, on or before Donald Trump’s re election.

What say you? Yes or no?

Bruce LeVell: Well yeah, and let’s say that about the GOP and what I said earlier, the ones who enriched [00:16:00] themselves and ones who’s birthed their seats on pay to play. And there’s a lot of, you mentioned one earlier in this, uh, just a few minutes ago in the Senate. Um, I know several of those guys.

I know some of their big lobbying firms that tell them where they’re going to vote. Um, you know, so I think at the end of the day, I always like to call this the great reformation is what we’re going through. The control alt delete. Um, it’s never comfortable in big change anyway. You know, especially me coming from a civil rights town in Atlanta, my parents, Uh, dad and uncle, you know, that marched with Dr.

King. So, you know, this is part of what we’re going through. It’s, it’s, it’s bumpy, it’s uncomfortable, but it has to be done. And hopefully, uh, the American people will wake up and pay attention to the local elections. Yes, the local, the city, county, states, the probate judges, the Superior Court judges, all the things that affect them day to day and pay very close attention and get behind the person that wants to go serve that’s not tied to a huge special interest group [00:17:00] cheering him in the background.

And then I think it gets back to us. You know, I always said, you know, earlier, Um, between AOC and Tlaib and all the other folks that we have in there, at some point, the constituents are going to have to stop being dumb and wake up and pay attention to what’s going on. And that goes everywhere from our city council to, uh, a state house and state Senate.

And I think the people have got to get more engaged. They got to pay more attention to what’s going on and not just like, oh, well, that’s what it is. Cause you know, the special interests always want, they always depend on, on on on a boat or not being engaged so they can have control and that’s the only way that’s the only antidote out of this is we all got to get Get involved.

Gene Valentino: You mentioned the lobbyists and the people behind the elected official. I think that’s the biggest misnomer, uh, unfortunate peril we face in this constitutional republic. You know, you’re running for office. I ran for office twice as a, uh, as a county commissioner here in the county, uh, two, two consecutive terms.

And what I [00:18:00] learned was I had the ability to reach out directly to the people. It was the grassroots. That’s where I came up with the name of the show and they voted me in. Because they saw that I was performing and then they voted me in again because they saw I was performing. But you know, in the state and national levels, You come, you leave your, you, you win Congress at your local district, you go through that door in Congress, and, um, it’s like you’ve been controlled, uh, by the puppeteer, the deep state money, you know, never mind that, Bruce, we’re gonna steer your vote.

Thursday at three o’clock on this, this, and this. Never mind that right now. And I think this is the concern that the individuals you just explained are beginning to experience first hand. Putting the vote into the hands, voting for someone to do our bidding for us is not working out the way we thought.

It’s because they’re being controlled by [00:19:00] that big state. What are the roadblocks for Trump 20, in November.

Bruce LeVell: Well, I think the roadblocks obviously is, is, as you see, what’s playing in front of you is, is the lie, cheat and deceit has been the roadblocks, but they’re not permanent blocks. And that’s what I tell people.

I still believe that. There’s a reason for this and I just, I’m very optimistic that we’re going to prevail through this. But the great thing about this is what I’m learning is that, you know, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve resurrected a new America first candidate. You know, we’ve, we’re getting them slowly in office.

We’ve got a lot more in office and local school boards, et cetera, around the country. Then people are talking about, you see in Congress, we got Byron Donald’s good friend of mine. He’s America first. You got Wesley Hunt out of Texas. Uh, Burgess Owens, you know. You’ve got Matt Gaetz, love him or whatever you want to say.

You know, he’s part of that America First, uh, you know, so there are a lot of young and, and when I say young, young, meaning young to [00:20:00] Congress, not so much as age, but the ones that are inspired to come want to serve the America First agenda. So you saw that with JD Vance up in Ohio and America First Senator.

Um, you’re seeing these folks get on these ballots that are really, I could list many of them around the country that are, you know, uh, smaller county seats and school board seats and judge seats too. And that, so that’s, that’s the great thing what’s happening out of this. I know media and everyone don’t want to talk about that, especially the mainstream media, but that’s, that’s my hope that I’m seeing.

And I’m seeing good people, you know, wanting to jump in and put their name on the ballot. And they said, what are my qualifications? I said, just be ethical. That’s all, just do the right thing. That’s the only qualifications you need. There’s no speaking well, talking well. There’s no, no, no, we don’t need that.

You know, we just want,

Gene Valentino: just be ethical. What a concept. Just be ethical. You know, one of the things I find most interesting, and I think you alluded to it in one of your interviews, is the, uh, why do [00:21:00] the Democrats continually push out the narrative that he’s a racist? I, I don’t, I haven’t seen a racist bone in his body.


Bruce LeVell: Yeah, that was the, you know, it’s kind of like, uh, all the mainstream media. They, I call it, they have a huddle. And they huddle up and say, okay, what’s it going to be? Uh, misogynistic, uh, what’s it going to be? And they, they, they come up with something and they stick to it by golly. It’s the same thing with the birther movement that, uh, Hillary came up with.

That wasn’t Trump. That was Hillary. Hillary started the birther movement on, on Obama. They twisted around and said, Oh, Trump did, it’s racist. So, you know, um, listen, when you control Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which Jack Dorsey used to own, and thank God for, uh, Elon taking it, and you, and MSNBC, uh, CBS, ABC, you know, CNN, you know, when you, when you have that much control coverage and all the major publications from Houston [00:22:00] Chronicles, uh, to AJC, Atlanta Journal of Constitution, Tampa Bay Times, you know, Chicago, New York Times, Washington Post, you’ve pretty much controlled 90 percent of the noise.

You can create your own narrative. And that’s one of the harder things that we had to deal with at 15 and 16. And we’re still dealing with it. But the great thing about, uh, the new technology, like, you know, this, these podcasts, this podcast, you know, the ways you can get around, um, uh, just being reliant on these, these particular conglomerates is people starting to wake up and that’s why you’re seeing a surge.

Of 20 plus percent, uh, black Americans leaning towards Trump. That’s why you saw 41 percent voted for Trump in 2020, the Latino crowd, and many more, uh, different cultures that historically hadn’t voted Republican, we’re starting to see, not to mention the evidence of the checkbook, which is really the telltale, but just the actual other sources of podcasts and news sources and places to get information.

And then, and then.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, [00:23:00] so you’re seeing um, a pivot uh, with the African American Democrats that are,

Bruce LeVell: yeah,

Gene Valentino: that are, I like, I like,

Bruce LeVell: I like to say Black Americans because most Black Americans don’t like the word African American. Okay. I’m going to see, news class, I’ll give you that one, I know. Okay, I’ll take it anywhere I can get it.

They’ll tell you, I don’t know anybody from Africa, okay, if it was, it was eight, nine generations ago or seven generations,

Gene Valentino: so. No, you do see the Black Americans pivoting though. Oh, yeah, absolutely. It’s not an isolated thing. I is, is it that they’ve been fed a bad narrative, uh, from, from I think a lot of it,

Bruce LeVell: a lot of it has to do with, like I said earlier, there, there’s other more means of news source that are being available that are, and then you’re having some, Celebs that come out and, and say something and they fact check is like, wait a minute.

So and so says that he has like millions of followers. So, you know, it helps to have other alternative places of news source. So I [00:24:00] think that has a lot to do with it. But more, most of all, it has a lot to do with gas inflation and everything else that motivates people to wanna do something different.

Gene Valentino: Bruce, we’re almost out of time. And on the limited time we have, folks, we’re talking to Bruce Lovell, Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump in the 2016, 2020, and now 2024, used to be a former SBA advocate. For the White House. And, um, Bruce, we’d like to have you back where we can follow up on some other things.

Your insight on the, on the, um, criminal charges against Donald Trump. I think what the Democrats have finally realized is that he can, I mean, his, his funding is going up and Democrats are leaving the party and becoming independent, if not Republican. And, uh, uh, guys like you are on the sidelines supporting him through thick and thin.

Let’s close on one thought. What’s your role with Donald Trump going forward? [00:25:00]

Bruce LeVell: Um, I’m going to remain his friend before and after and during, no matter what. So, uh, whatever, I’m still, still a friend, still call, still. You know, I, I don’t change. I’m, I’m probably, I’m, I’m one of the guys that likes to preach on loyalty, you know, like my beautiful wife for 32 years that is, is telling me to hurry up.

That’s so I can stay married, you know, 40 years, 40 years for me as well. Yep, loyalty all the way. Yep. I agree.

Gene Valentino: Well, we’ll cut it off here since you gotta go, but I would like to invite you back. We’ll keep the door open. Um, all right. I, I really believe there’s more narrative to talk about. We can do it as, uh, in any format you want.

And I do think. That, um, uh, the key to the success of Donald Trump is that what he’s doing, reaching out to the average citizen and trying to educate them on the truth of the Democrat party and what all these mechanisms they’ve tried [00:26:00] to, uh, conspire in taking him down seem to have failed. I’m glad you stayed at his side.

Amen. Well, thanks for having me, brother. God bless. Thank you, uh, Bruce LaVal, former, uh, current advisor to, uh, President Trump, um, and we’ll be seeing more of him in future episodes coming forward. You’ve, uh, enjoyed another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. Thanks again.

 Thanks for joining us for Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. Be sure to like and subscribe, and God bless America.

Bruce LeVell ~ Trump Advisor ~ Pending Opinion From SCOTUS on Presidential Power/Immunity


  • Originally Recorded on April 8, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 2, Episode 243
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