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Something Less Obvious & More Pervasive Is Happening!

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation

‘AI’ taking us into regions we have not have delved into before. Corrupt Juan Merchan is not allowing Trump to go to Barron’s graduation. Meanwhile Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels get to talk freely about this case against Trump, yet Trump is muzzled and cannot speak! Meanwhile, Congress asks Joe Biden to testify. Biden refuses. People are waking up. Trump’s ratings rise with his campaign checking account. Biden is assisted by his operatives to protect Biden, by causing Biden not to have to debate Trump, by keeping Trump tied up in court! This election tampering ‘scheme’ is in plain sight. Are people aware of this serious ‘gas lighting’ by the Dems? The prices on staple products has DOUBLED since 2020! Inflation is still up. Interest rates are not coming down. Taxes are on the rise, and the two-tiered system of justice is allowing illegals to vote! We simply need better people representing us. LEARN, STUDY, VOTE!


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Something Less Obvious & More Pervasive Is Happening!

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation 19 April 2024

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Timothy Shea: Rejoining State of the Nation is GOP political strategist and insider, our good friend, host of the Grassroots Truthcast podcast, the ever effervescent Gene [00:01:00] Valentino. Check out his website, GeneValentino.

com. Come. And his podcast, Grass Roots, at Spotify, Apple, all the greats, uh, podcast platforms. Welcome back, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Hey, thank you, Timothy. Hey guys, I, did I hear you say you can do some predictive, um, creating of the girlfriend you want through this AI, uh, stuff? Sure. You can. Well, you know. I’ll ram her right down to the jot and tittle.

Yeah. Well, I, okay. Well, if I dare try to do that, my wife will be sending me to a proctologist to get my head examined.

And I’ll probably end up staying

Timothy Shea: there overnight, too. Yeah,

Gene Valentino: I bet.

Timothy Shea: Either that, or you’ll both have to jointly visit a proctologist and a podiatrist.

Gene Valentino: Exactly. Oh, God. That was a good segment. I can [00:02:00] see the AI can take us into some regions we probably have never delved into before, and that probably is the distinguishing feature Situation for our generation of people.

A whole new world of technology and science imposing on us. A culture and a way of life we’re not predicting right now. Maybe that’s part of the stuff that sends us crazy sometimes when we talk politics.

Timothy Shea: Paradigm shift. What was the original, yeah, what was the original Star Trek intro? To boldly go where no man has gone before?

Yeah. Yeah. Well, so we’re, we’ve gone down a rabbit hole now in America. Our justice system is thoroughly corrupt. The prosecutors are corrupt. Many. DAs and even Attorney Generals basically appointed by George Soros with all of his money. And now we’ve got the corrupt Judge Juan Murchan in New York, who’s not going to allow Donald Trump go to his [00:03:00] son’s funeral.

High School Graduation. What kind of power trip is this moron on?

Gene Valentino: Boy, you, you, this was what I was hoping you’d be asking for today. This, this is a silly event. This is, uh, just one issue. First of all, it’s disgusting and it’s, uh, unfair to Donald Trump when he’s allowing, uh, uh, Uh, uh, Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels to talk freely, uh, on this case, uh, without any, uh, handcuffs on their mouth.

Uh, and they’re the ones that, uh, you got a porn star here, uh, who has a case, had a case lodged against Donald Trump and the court, uh, the judge ordered her to pay 420, 000 in Trump’s legal fees. And then you’ve got, uh, Michael Avenatti, uh, who was, uh, uh, now a convicted felon, uh, behind [00:04:00] bars providing commentary from his jail cell.

And, um, in parallel to that, talk about how crazy things are, you’ve got, uh, a, uh, House, uh, Congress that has asked, um, Joe Biden to come in and give some testimony. And Biden refuses. But the judge mandates that Trump be around four to six days a week for the court, in the courtroom, denying him not only the right to go visit, uh, go to his son’s graduation, but any of his campaign, uh, activity between now and November.

I’ll tell you what it does. I think that people are finally waking up. I think it does nothing but increases, uh, I think it just fattens his campaign war chest, and I hope it happens that way. If we step back and take a look at what’s happened, I just feel [00:05:00] something more Something less obvious but more pervasive is occurring.

I don’t believe Biden alone is smart enough to do it. I do believe he’s got his cabal around him that is doing it. Doing what? Causing a circus of activity and strategizing with Letitia James, this judge, uh, um, Alvin Bragg and the rest of them and tying Trump up in court for one reason, so that he doesn’t have to debate Biden.

Remember, these people around Biden are trying to protect him. They’re trying to prevent the National Elections Commission and the 12 debates they’d like to see between now and election day. Get scheduled and do actually some of these debates earlier than later because of all this early election stuff still in [00:06:00] certain areas of the country.

Well, if we tie Trump up in court, he can’t debate Biden, whether he wants to debate Biden or Biden wants to debate him or not, Biden very cleverly took himself out of the hot seat by getting the court prosecutors and the justice department to go after Trump in an illegal, uh, election tampering scheme that.

If, if that’s what happens, then they’ve succeeded on that. But I think guys, they fail ultimately, because the American people, the grassroots of our nation, that is not, is, is about we, not about them. And all of the we the people folks we’ve been talking about are gonna step up and step out and get into that voting booth and do what they’ve got to do.

I regret we have to wait to November. Maybe that’s a change we can talk [00:07:00] about in the future, but today we’re waiting till November unless something radical changes.

Bryan McClain: Yeah, it’s interesting, because a lot of people are talking about this being, uh, election, a form of election interference, and I think that, you know, you’re kind of hinting at that here, or saying, you know, you’re, you’re in that camp on the, in this, uh, you know, situation, but, uh, they, they just can’t.

Put Biden on a debate stage. Like, I mean, no matter what, that’s not going to fly. I mean, he, the guy can’t even go to a, you know, a stage dinner or get on his, you know, one of his, uh, Air Force One jets or Marine One without just falling down or a gaff or anything. So, I mean, do you think this is a good strategy for them?

Cause you know, I keep going back to the. You know, uh, the Obi Wan Kenobi factor when it comes to every time they, you know, say they’re going to lop his head off. It’s almost like, you know, Jason Burmiss, one of our colleagues here, he does the show after us yesterday. He said he thinks they’re going to actually put him in jail.[00:08:00]

And I’m kind of trying to see that far down the line too, to see like ultimately what the goal is. Cause I’ve been feeling like ultimately the goal may be to put him back in. Allow him to win, not rig the election in ways that they did last time, and then have a terrible geopolitical situation for him to deal with or a financial one.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Putting the inconsistencies of how our allies look at us overseas and the lack of trust and confidence they’re now in having in us. Think about what they, what it does. If, um, Biden got in, in, uh, locally, I just pulled a piece of paper up. This is called the Biden Economics. Okay. There’s two columns in it.

And I’ll just read it in case you can’t see it. Every January 2020 to January 2024, orange juice, coffee, wheat, white bread, eggs, chicken, ground beef, rice, iceberg lettuce, potatoes, milk, butter, bananas, Cheerios, and cream of mushroom soup. I’m looking at all of the [00:09:00] increases in prices. On these items, 43%, 60%, 100%, 50%, 33.

They’re all over 45% on average. Almost double in some cases. Is that what we want for another four years? Well,

Timothy Shea: a lot of people, you know, if you believe them, these people are either stupid or they’re liars because they just think that Joe is the best president ever. And isn’t it great that we’re, we’re so well respected on the national, on the international stage again.

And the gaslighting is unbelievable, but getting back to Judge Marchand, we’ve only got about a minute left. Did you see what he did today? He allowed a juror who has been posting a lot of anti Trump videos stay on the jury. It’s unbelievable. They’re not even making a pretense, Gene, of having a fair and impartial jury.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I can only imagine how bad the others were that they discarded. But the, um, [00:10:00] the truth of the matter is, is they only picked six today. They have Uh, more than double to go. And, uh, it’s turned out to be, uh, a, a two-tiered system of justice that is right under your nose. Biden will not address the house, uh, ethics commission committee and other agencies of the Congress that have called him in to testify yet.

This judge wants him in the courtyard, in the courtyard, in the courtroom, four to six days a week. Uh, what an, what a, um, inconsistent two tiered system of justice. I just don’t understand why

Timothy Shea: Yeah, Peter Navarro is in prison for doing exactly what Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are doing. You’re a hundred percent correct.

And the, who’s the biggest loser in this whole graduation counter Tom, unfortunately. It’s Barron, an 18 year old kid that would love to have his father at his high school graduation. Gene, one thing that’s not two tier is [00:11:00] your appearances here on State of the Nation. You always bring your A game. We can’t wait to see you again.

Gene Valentino: See you again soon. Thanks, gentlemen.

Timothy Shea: You’re watching State of the Nation on today’s News Talk, TNT.

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Something Less Obvious & More Pervasive Is Happening!Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on April 19, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 525
  • Image courtesy of: TNT Radio
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