Look For Direction in an Unstable World

Gene & Michael reflect on the 3-D’s (divert, deflect, & distract). Biden Administration loosely supports Israel while placating Iran, China and Russia at the same time.  Iran will not stop exporting terror to other countries and it is clear this debacle of errors and distractions takes our attention off of our southern border.  America is suffering while crises loom elsewhere.  Senator Tom Cotton blasted Alexjandro Mayorkas, head of border security, for having a staff person in the supporting the Jihad Palestinians, disregarding recent atrocities against Israel.  Candidate DeSantis on MSNBC said that if Trump is found guilty of anything, he should drop out of the Presidential race.  WRONG!  Trump’s issue today is you and me tomorrow.  Separate Ukraine funding from Israel funding.  Israel has been responsible in their approach.  Move the innocent folks out before Israel’s major assault. With this Biden Administration, we seem to be a ship without a rudder. Do you agree? Together we can Look For Direction in an Unstable World and make America Great Again!


WMXI Episode 121: Look For Direction in an Unstable World

  • Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, November 3, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

Look For Direction in an Unstable World | WMXI 3 Nov 2023

Michael Pol: Good morning, gentlemen. So you’ve been traveling, doing a little stuff last week. You actually joined us by phone last week.

You had I think some, one of your investments, one of the things you do is hotels.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, we had a great grand opening over in Conway, South Carolina, the Fairfield Marriott just opened. And we do this from time to time. I have a special project coming up that I wanted to surprise you and Ted and the audience with.

I will, I have the privilege Riga, California. LAtvia, which is right on the Russian border. I will be there between the 13th and 18th of November. And I want WXMI, WFOR to enjoy [00:01:00] the longest telephone call live. So, 7. 15am Biloxi Hattiesburg time, we’ll be about 3. 15 in the afternoon in Latvia.

That’ll be cool. So, I’ll be giving you a call if I can. It’s strictly vacation, so we’re just going there and it’s just nice to talk and see the different parts of the world. And this is one of those areas which was formerly part of Russia in the early, early days and seceded when USSR became Russia. And it’s truly a, a constitutional democrat republic and the folks there really pride themselves on their close relationship with the United States.

So this’ll be a fun event, I look forward to doing it with you. If I can, if I can put it together.

Michael Pol: Yeah, that’ll be great. Interesting place. You know, I’ve [00:02:00] never been in any of those former Soviet states, I guess, but actually I’ve been to Russia, which is, you know, it’s interesting about Russia and I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but I found Russia to be one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen.

I mean, it was just gorgeous. I went to a Black Sea town called Novorovitsysk. And and stayed there for for about a week one time. And let me just tell you, I was really, you know, it’s just, it goes to show you, I mean, it’s a beautiful country. The people look like us when they’re walking down the street.

You, you think, you know, that this could be any city in America. But their political system is so different and it makes such a huge difference in the way that country acts. It’s just amazing. Oh

Gene Valentino: boy, that’s true, Michael. In fact, they’re in the process now of helping Iran and Lebanon arm up for a potential counterattack against Israel.

We’ll see what happens, but Boy, we have ourselves a mess on so many fronts in Israel we can talk about, but I’m still [00:03:00] stuck on our southern border, and I’m still stuck on the fact that a terror suspect was just released. This person came over the border, he was part of the 167 terrorists that have crossed that we know of.

The question is how many do we not know of? I’m concerned about terrorist cells now fermenting in the woods of the United States of America while our attention is focused on Israel and Ukraine. All these divert, deflect, and distractions that are taking our eyeball off our southerner border and then you listen to some of these ding dongs coming over the line thinking Joe Biden walks on water for letting him in in the first place with all the freebies.

So I’m, I’m kind of done with it. I want him out. So, our

Michael Pol: border is, [00:04:00] is the biggest problem that’s facing this country today. It’s not the war in, in Iran, or excuse me, in Israel, although that could be a very serious issue at some point for the United States. The problem I worry about every day is how many of those Iranian terrorists have made it across our border.

How many Hamas rebels have made it across our border, and are getting together to plan something in one of our cities, very similar to what happened at 9 11? They’re gonna do it again! They saw the effectiveness of what happened, and they will never stop. doing what they do, which is, which is export terror to other parts of the world.

That, that will continue to happen, and we’ve got a president and an administration that has totally, not only allowed it, but encouraged it.

Gene Valentino: You remember my quote from [00:05:00] Deuteronomy a few weeks ago? Foreigners who live in your land will gain more and more power, while you gradually lose yours. They will have money to lend you, but you will have none to lend them.

In the end, they will be your rulers. We have got to nail these folks and get them the heck out of the country. There, it’s just a complete debacle of, of errors and missteps under this Biden administration that I’m not sure we can wait till November 2024 for another election. You know, we always say, oh, let’s just vote them out.

We’ll just wait till the next election and vote them out. No, we don’t have time to wait till the next election to vote them out. We want them out now because they have failed us so materially. It’s, it’s not right what’s happening and America is suffering.

Michael Pol: Yeah, no question about it. It’s, it’s [00:06:00] the biggest tragedy and the, the the, the largest falsehood about the whole thing is, is how the Alexandria Mayorkas, who’s the, the what, what, whatever the border are, whatever.

I mean, he says every time he sits down with politicians in Washington for, for an interview or for a, a testimony, he says the border is secure. I mean, okay, it’s secure because he said so,

Gene Valentino: right? I saw that yesterday on the news and I’m stunned the, what is it, the Missouri Senator what is it, Tom, Tom Keene, Josh Hawley, Josh Hawley nailed him and first time I saw such a calm, demeanored individual get so inflammatory.

He blasted Mayorkas because he continued to say it was, a protected border. And on the other hand, he nailed Mayorkas because he was saying that what was it? The issue with oh [00:07:00] boy, it just dropped out of my head. The I, I, I can’t help you. He was, oh oh, that one of his staff people was supporting the Palestinian jihad and thought the Israelis the, the protest was against Israel and that the, this staff person with the United States government was supporting, was supporting the Palestinian Israel jihad on, in government.

I just can’t get over the

Michael Pol: employee that they were talking about. Yeah,

Gene Valentino: that’s what I’m talking about.

Michael Pol: And so that, that person, he asked specifically, has that person been fired? He said he can’t talk about personnel issues. And so then he further asked him, is that not something that you can fire people for?

I mean, why is that person still working for the United States government? And of course he has no answer for that. But, you know, we’ve got, basically what’s happened is, is we’ve got people that run our government, [00:08:00] people that are inside of our government, people that are in our cities, in our… A local politics that are sympathetic to Hamas and to the Palestinians and the terrorists and yet the good people that live in Israel who just want to live in peace.

Are the ones that are at fault. It is just amazing to me how this has been turned on its head. Everything is upside

Gene Valentino: down. You, you said turned on its head. I heard you earlier this morning talking about the abuse that Trump, Donald Trump and the Trump family has taken through unjust prosecution, selective prosecution, and two days earlier, I’m listening to a candidate, Ron DeSantis, my governor.

Appearing on Joe Scarborough’s MSNBC morning show and saying that if Donald Trump is found guilty in any way of politically[00:09:00] of the politically motivated kangaroo court cases against him. He should drop out of the presidential race. That’s totally unbecoming of DeSantis to say that. You know, DeSantis also said that Trump’s campaign appears to be about Trump owned issues.

But Trump’s issues that are hurting Trump is him today and you and me tomorrow. That’s Trump’s issue. And boy, I’ll tell you what. You just think of the scenario we’re dealing with in the world scene today. I’ll take Donald Trump’s tweets any day of the week. I’ll also take a dollar 89 cents a gallon.


Michael Pol: that is a fact. Gasoline, you know, the very first thing that Joe Biden did when he came to office was to make it harder for us to get oil out of the ground here in the United States. And that has created a situation where, you know, now we’re no [00:10:00] longer, I guess you know, being able to supply the demand that’s out there.

And that creates prices go up when, when the demand is high and the supply is low. I mean, that’s just the law of supply and demand. It’s pretty simple actually in economics.

Gene Valentino: You know, we got a major potential world war talking about over there in Israel and we’re focusing on these issues here, not because we’re dis we’re, we’re disrespectful of Israel’s plight, But, Michael, you and I have overlooked some of the things in our own backyard.

Why? Because America is compassionate. NATO or no NATO, UN or no UN, you and I and the rest of the folks listening and the nation at large has been a society of compassionate individuals who’ve always worried about human rights regardless of the governance and the authority or jurisdiction. And we should continue to be that way.

But would [00:11:00] someone in the world step up and show us some care and concern about our southern border, as we’re concerned about their borders overseas? Come on.

Michael Pol: Yeah, it’s terrible. And you know, the other thing I was thinking of when you were talking is these people, these, these college students, just to show you how dumb we are when we are in college, because you and I were both dumb too at one time.

We figured it all out eventually, but, but you got LGB. TQ people wearing a Palestinian or excuse me, flying a Palestinian flag and an LGBTQ two flag. And, and you know, you have to wonder just how dumb can you be because if they were in Palestine or any Arab country and did that, they would be subject to the death penalty.

Yeah. I mean it off a building. These,

Gene Valentino: they throw them off a building, and that’s a good thing because these ding dongs wouldn’t have to pay the rest of their student loan they’re going to walk away from.

Michael Pol: [00:12:00] Yeah, we would, we would have to eat that one, but they are, they’re just dumb. I mean, these people just don’t have a clue of what’s going on, and you just have to wonder, or, you know, I’ll tell you, it’s just, you just got to be hopeful that eventually these people will figure out how dumb they are.

Well, I

Gene Valentino: don’t know. Real quick, switching gears back to Israel The Biden crime family is trying to link the request for funding for Ukraine to the 14. 5 billion that Israel needs right now. It’s more of the deceit and deception of money coming back to the Biden crime family. In that tranche, they want to put some sort of a combined bill.

It’s a, it’s a morphed omnibus bill of sorts, but I strongly support the notion of two separate bills, one for Israel and our level of giving and the facts that justify that level of giving, separate and apart from what we choose to do for Ukraine. [00:13:00] It’s, it’s coming down. We’ve got what did I hear this morning?

About 1. 5 million phone calls went out to the folks in the Gaza to gear up. 1. 2 million leaflets today are being dropped from the air saying clear the, clear the area in Gaza, escape, do what you have to do to get out. Israel has been deliberate and responsible in its approach to get Hamas without killing Palestinians or hostages.

But it’s Israel’s war, let them go.

Michael Pol: Thank you for joining us, pal. We appreciate it. Have a great weekend. You too, guy.