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Americana is Far and Wide … A Power in the Spirit of the American People

There is a feeling from the GrassRoots of patriotic Americans in this nation, the Spirit of the American People.  The feeling is that they will NOT let this nation go to hostile foreign adversaries.  I wonder how many have read the Constitution.   The President of the United States knows the Constitution. He goes too far, by bringing up gun control in the Lewiston Maine shooting.  The right of self-defense is absolute.   Michael’s dad used to say “Smith & Wesson made all men equal.” Let’s get back to some constitutional amendments such as; term limits for legislators, defining what a citizen is, a mandate to protect the borders, a balanced budget, and the one-day election process. We must make that change to protect this nation.   Let’s help Israel and Ukraine as well… AFTER we secure our border!  Over 200 known terrorists got-aways in America now !!!


Episode 120: Americana is Far and Wide … A Power in the Spirit of the American People

  • Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, October 27, 2023
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