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Let’s Remove Elected Wrongdoers ~ As Fast As Social Media Can!

Happy Veterans Day!  247 hostages held by Hamas on the day the U.S. Marines celebrate their 248th birthday. Friendly conversation about our patriotic Marines.  CNN & Fox News are aligned in the analysis of polling of Biden’s re-electability.  Supreme Court or an independent Magistrate system is needed to police bad behavior of our elected officials and staff, to immediately Remove Elected Wrongdoers. This must be done if this judicial 3rd branch of government does not immediately penalize their wrongdoing.  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanks America and U.S. Congress for the censorship of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). First Adam Schiff … Now Tlaib! The Dems are on a roll!


WMXI Episode 122: Let’s Remove Elected Wrongdoers ~ As Fast As Social Media Can!

  • Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, November 10, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Let’s Remove Elected Wrongdoers ~ As Fast As Social Media Can! | WMXI 10 Nov 23

Michael Pol: Good morning Gene.

Gene Valentino: Good morning to you. The most important thing to talk about in the next 15 minutes is the word baffle gab. Now, you ever come across a word and you say that cannot be in the dictionary. Come on, that’s crazy. The word is baffle gab. The incomprehensible or pretentious verbiage, especially bureaucratic jargon.

Michael Pol: Oh yeah, I’ve heard that before. I just didn’t know what it was called. Yes. Bafflegab. I’ll have to remember

Gene Valentino: that. It’s our, um… Talk. So, we’re listening to Biden this morning talk about how he’s winning in all the polls, and the only thing I could think of was baffle gap.

Michael Pol: Well, that’s exactly. I mean, look, there’s big problems coming for Joe Biden.

Number one, [00:01:00] did you see that Joe Manchin is not going to run for re election? That means that seat is probably going to go Republican, number one. So, there’s your Senate, right there. The Senate will, uh, if everything stays the same, the Senate will go to the hands of the Republican, that’s good. If we gain, you know, any seats at all in the House, that we’ve got the House and the Senate, okay, so what happens then?

Even if Joe Biden gets re elected, he can’t do anything. And I don’t think Joe Biden’s gonna get re

Gene Valentino: elected. Yeah, I just uh, don’t know who he’s listening to. Peter Doocy asks him about the polling. I must say this reporter Peter Doocy on Fox News has surprised me. He’s um, posed objective questions uh, from a network that obviously is more conservative, but he challenges the president and even the president has a, has a rapport with him of some sorts.

Especially because he might be losing in the polls when you see the New York Times and CNN stepping up to [00:02:00] question, um, uh, the legitimacy of, uh, Biden winning the next election. You see that kind of, uh, exchange going on. Well, it’s time for, uh, Biden to reach out and look for some other friends. Yeah,

Michael Pol: yeah, you’re exactly right.

Uh, you know, the other thing that’s going on, there’s, I don’t know if you saw this or not, but I wanted to bring this up this morning because it’s pretty… Interesting. When you look at This, uh, just, I mean, even if you look at it as a standalone issue, it’s something that people should be raised in hell about in Washington, D.

C., and apparently a couple are. Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee are investigating the DOJ, D O J, For allegedly spying on congressional staffers. Now, this is against the law. This is 100 percent against the law. You can’t spy on U. S. citizens, especially, well, not especially, but, I mean, you would think especially, [00:03:00] somebody in the House of Representatives or the United States

Gene Valentino: Senate.

Yeah, the 9 11 event years ago caused the, uh, uh, loosening of the FISA, the scope of the FISA warrants, and we saw, uh, a reach looking into, uh, domestically into, uh, potential wrongdoing, but it’s clear DOJ has taken this off the rails. It’s gone way too far, Michael. We, uh, have inappropriately funded Candidates for president and, uh, the entourage within their team, and, uh, you know, it’s gonna pay, there’s gonna be a consequence.

We just, I regret our system is a way, painfully too slow. Yes. To see justice, uh, come around the door, swings back too slowly to see you. Yeah, we hope we live to see it. We hope we live to see it. And if, if I was to run for office, that’s what I’d be fixing. The system that makes it too painful to see [00:04:00] justice occur.

Yeah, it’s,

Michael Pol: it’s, you know, well, I don’t know how you do that. You know, they, they set it up that way. on purpose so that things move slowly. And, and if things move slowly, you know, you have a lot more understanding of it. And I’ll tell you this impeachment proceedings or another, uh, that’s something else that we need to talk about, but that’s something that’s moving kind of slow.

And the reason why is because they want everybody to be able to understand each and every issue that they keep bringing up about Joe Biden and how he’s a criminal.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Um, house Oversight. Uh, Jim, Jim, Jim Comey came out and, uh, comer. Excuse me. Comey’s the wrong guys. . Yeah. Comey. Yeah. He’s the guy. He said there’s, um, there’s way too much we’ve collected.

We’re gonna dot the I’s and crossed the T’s and be deliberate in our approach. Uh, it’d be nice to see it happen sooner [00:05:00] than later, but we’re gonna make sure justice is served slow and carefully. Not like Pelosi, where she was jamming impeachments through every week on Trump without rhyme or reason. Uh, a lot of folks are seeing just how inconsistent the justice from the Democrats was.

of the republicans and republicans are now being cautious not to be seen taking a vendetta instead they’re being deliberate in their uh approach to justice i commend them for that but to your first point it’s taking way too long we got to move faster yeah

Michael Pol: it’s interesting i just got a text From a friend and this is, you know, this is so true.

It does move slow, unless your name is Trump. You know, isn’t that, doesn’t that make sense? I mean, I mean, we’re, we see everything is Trump these days. Everything is Trump. They want to do [00:06:00] everything they can to put this guy in jail. And honestly, you know, as we were discussing earlier in Ted and I, I mean, if Trump was there today, we wouldn’t have maybe some of these problems, but not all of these problems, for sure.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, there’s been a complete injustice and I hope that’s what I meant, what I said earlier about if I was to run for office, that’s the cleanup that needs on aisle seven. You need to make sure that justice, uh, and the execution of justice is blind and, uh, impartial from one side of the fence or the other.

Hey, 247 hostages held by Hamas today, on the day tomorrow. The 248th anniversary birthday of the United States Marines. Yeah. I heard you mention that earlier, but, uh, two numbers side by side with totally different significance.

Michael Pol: You know, when I was in the army, I remember standing around one time and there was a group of Marines [00:07:00] that were, uh, doing, they were taking part in an exercise that we were doing.

And one of my buddies in the army said, uh, you know, you see that helicopter going over right there? And I was like, yeah, see that? He goes, you know what Marines call a helicopter? And I said, no, what? He goes, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, going up.

Gene Valentino: That sounds like another baffle gab.

Michael Pol: I love Marines. Let me tell you something. I’ll tell you I have, and this is the whole, so we’re totally changing the subject now, but I had a next door neighbor who was a marine recruiter, who I am still friends with to this day. This guy is a hundred percent marine, and I love this guy more than anything in the world.

He is so fantastic, and when you have a friend that’s a marine, you can always count. on that guy when you need him, I promise you. That’s all I’ll say about him, but he lives, he lives in Texas now, but, uh, via California, they sent him back to, [00:08:00] uh, Camp Pendleton and he ended up retiring out there and couldn’t stay in California.

He said, I hate this place. This is not America anymore. And,

Gene Valentino: uh, and let me, let, let’s, let’s, uh, He’s demoralized and so are many. Let’s you and I and the rest of us get out there and reinvigorate this nation’s spirit of patriotism and the positive elements that have made this nation survive. It’s not about me.

It’s about we. And anytime those politicians start talking, just ask yourself a question. Are they talking about me or we? And that’ll tell you whether you want to vote for them or not. My, my, another thing we got to fix, when the guy is not doing the job, when the evidence is pervasive and the preponderance of information shows wrongdoing, That he’s been lining his own pocket at the expense of you and me.

There’s [00:09:00] got to be a mechanism in place to take him out immediately, Michael. We can’t wait, oh, for the next election, I’ll vote him out. Nonsense. Times, things are moving too fast these days. Look at social media alone, how they can indict and try and convict someone in social media just by the way they control the broadcast.

Uh, of those putting out opinions or videos, uh, it affects your ability to even, um, free speech and speak openly. You know, it’s funny, but I think

Michael Pol: at some point in the, in the future, when they look back on this time period as, you know, history, there will be a lot of discussion about how The, uh, the, the social media groups sort of controlled the conversations of the day.

And then came Elon Musk, God bless Elon Musk, he’s an honest broker and a lot of times he doesn’t actually think like you [00:10:00] and I. He’s not, but he reminds me of the old classic liberal who you could actually have a conversation with. And you might actually. Believe that what he’s saying might actually work and you might want to work with him to try to make some changes that would be good for the country, but you can’t do that anymore.

And of course, the polarization of this country is unbelievable. And CNN on one side, Fox on the other. I mean, I watch Fox because I like that, but You know, CNN, Fox, you got the divide and, you know, it’s completely polarized in this country. I don’t know, you know, I don’t know if it wasn’t better back in the days of Walter Cronkite, who was a liberal in his own right, but he would at least give an

Gene Valentino: honest story.

My father knew, uh, Walter Cronkite, Eric Severide. Uh, Hartley and Brinkley and, uh, uh, they, my dad would be rolling [00:11:00] over in his grave if he saw today the lack of responsibility in the journalists, uh, that, uh, report inflammatory commentary in their objective reporting. To impact your opinion on the issue and steer your brain away from the facts of the issue.

That’s what’s scary about today, and that’s when the Supreme Court has to step up and really put some action plans in place if the Congress won’t putting, um, declaratory judgments in place to set the standard. that says this speech is wrong, this censorship is wrong, and there must be penalties in place for any outlet that denies such free speech.

Michael Pol: Yeah, and I just hope that we get to that point where we actually can get a decision. But you know, honestly, the Supreme Court anymore. It doesn’t really matter. You know, the Supreme Court said that, that, uh, that President Biden couldn’t relieve, uh, any [00:12:00] debt from the student loans. And, and what the hell did he do?

He did it anyway. Yeah. What the hell’s going on here? So the Supreme Court doesn’t have an army and a law enforcement agency to go out and arrest him and tell him he can’t do that. All they have is their opinion, which is that, you know, they’re a part of that third branch of government. And as soon as people start ignoring them, Well, that’s the end of our

Gene Valentino: country.

Well, I mentioned in my second bill of rights, here’s my plug again, the second bill of rights has in it, you’ll find it on the website guys, it’s a uh, comment about the supreme magistrates. Now I’m not looking for more government, I want less government, but there’s gotta be an independent arm somewhere, uh, devoid of politics and party affiliation that comes in in really penalizes that person who is taking this nation into indirection, including justices that avoid the truth or [00:13:00] steer justice on a political bent.

If they’re doing that, there must be consequences for people behaving in a non objective way.

Michael Pol: Well, you know, 30 seconds left in this segment. I don’t know if we solved any problems. We certainly identified some.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, you brought up the Marines. What a, what a testimony. The good thing is, is 248 years, the United States Marines.

And here’s Netanyahu, Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel, thanking the United States of America today for having the chutzpah to step up. Uh, censure, uh, Rashida Tlaib in Congress. It’s as crazy as we are, we still get it right. Yeah.

Michael Pol: And even Democrats voted for that because

Gene Valentino: she’s crazy, right? And we got to get rid of those, bring us back to normal.

Hey Gene, thank you

Michael Pol: for joining us, the Velvet Hammer down in Pensacola. [00:14:00] Good morning to you and have a great weekend. You too, buddy. It’s seven 30 Fox News.