Constitutional Amendment for a Balanced Budget ~ NEEDED NOW! As a former County Commissioner, we secured a balanced budget BY LAW prior to the next fiscal year. We started the process in the summer, deliberated transparently with the public through the fall, and secured a budget by November for the next calendar fiscal year. We knew in advance the revenue, the debt, and the operating expenses. We could then lend and grant money to causes with a sense of parity. We tied cashflow to the demands for more infrastructure and incentives for economic growth. Our federal government MUST do the same. The antics of the Pelosi Democrats to hold up the budget vote to the very last minute each year, denied the minority Republicans from seeing in advance the projected revenue and expenses. Speaker McCarthy is now trying to shift overnight the decades of Democrat wrongdoing. The far-right folks like Matt Gaetz feel that McCarthy has not moved fast enough.  Everything in Congress has financially gridlocked in a quagmire of hyperbole, deceit, and distrust. Go to Check out Amendment #8 in “Gene’s 2nd Bill of Rights”. IT’S THE SOLUTION to this mess!


Episode 116: Constitutional Amendment for a Balanced Budget ~ NEEDED NOW!

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Constitutional Amendment for a Balanced Budget ~ NEEDED NOW

Welcome to Daybreak with Ted Tibbett and Michael Paul. If you have a comment, you can call us now at 261 0898 or pound 981 on any ceasefire device. Our email is

Ted Tibbett: A little bit of Erica by my side. That wouldn’t be  a bad life. 7 o’clock. Very pleasant. Good morning, everybody.

Ted Tibbett and proud to be joined by Gene Valentino. Michael’s on the road again like Willie Nelson, but, uh, we’re here this morning. Good morning, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Good morning, Ted. I hope Michael’s doing well.

Ted Tibbett: I think he is probably doing real well. He told me he’s leaving about 3 a. m. this morning. And so… He got up just a little earlier than I, and you know, I thought of something, Gene, this morning, because if you watch the liberal news at night, you get depressed.

I get up early in the morning [00:01:00] and I say, what’s it going to be like on this Friday? I leave the house at five o’clock and I look up at the sky and see the picture the good Lord painted for us this morning. One of the biggest moons I’ve ever seen with clear skies and prior to that, the stars everywhere.

The world’s not all bad, we’ve just gotta, we’ve been destroying it some while, we’ve just gotta grab a hold of it and righten this thing.

Gene Valentino: And if you look up towards that beautiful, what’s left of the moon that you can see on the horizon at that early hour, not far from it is Venus, that is not always seen, it’s quite a beautiful…

And spectacular view. Uh, we have so much tapestry in the sky as you described, that, uh, is worth us getting out of our phones and lifting our heads up and stop messaging and looking around at the beauty around us. There’s so much to be seen

Ted Tibbett: and let’s do, like Gene is doing and a [00:02:00] lot of us care about.

Let’s do something about this. I had an old friend of mine tell me one time, he says, let me tell you, Ted, I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right. So. Well, there you go. Taking a good look at that. Just kind of bring us up to date, Gene, and tell us what’s going on.

Gene Valentino: Well, I couldn’t resist.

Today for you and I, buddy, is National Coffee Day. So happy National Coffee Day. Make that latte or espresso coffee. at the local java shop of choice and um, Grab a pastry and sit down and say today. We’re going to celebrate a good cup of coffee We’ve got celebrations and honorings going on every day of the year for everything.

Today’s Coffee Day, so enjoy everyone. Hey, not too far from us to the west is Louisiana, and this Senator, John Kennedy, I cannot, I cannot resist [00:03:00] his quotes. He has When he’s finished with his political career, he either has to go into comedy or political opining, the way you and I try to do, uh, he’s made some great comments, I’ll repeat, I’ll share a few.

America is the greatest country in the world. In human history, and everyone knows it, when was the last time you heard of people trying to sneak into China? He’s got another one here. American was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots. You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out. I gotta come back to that.

That’s an issue for me. America is so great that people who hate it refuse to leave it. They, you remember in the last campaigns, they were so sick of Trump winning the election. They were going to leave the country. Everyone said, well, go and they stay. Every movie [00:04:00] star in Hollywood was leaving. Yeah. Yeah.

Go ahead. Go get out of here. I believe Republicans are not perfect. But the other side is crazy. I don’t like to brag about Expensive places I’ve been to but this morning I went to the gas station. Oh my god So he’s a he’s a he’s a satirist He’s really quite good with his sense of humor And it’s what you need to help put some of these critical issues into perspective We’re only a few days away from our budget, uh, uh, from the budget, uh, confirmation, and I’m so, uh, stunned with the transition and stunts being pulled, Ted, that have caused our problem.

You know, in the year 2000… We had a budget deficit of five trillion dollars. [00:05:00] Follow the dates. In 2004, we had a budget deficit of ten trillion dollars. In 2020, we had a budget deficit of twenty trillion dollars. And 2023, we’re coming next, coming up next week on a budget deficit. of 32 trillion dollars.

Now how, in God’s name, did this crisis come to such a, uh, uh, uh, an obsessive, uh, uh, an egregious level? That really will, will take down this nation if we don’t do about it. And it’s called the budget process. The Democrats for years have played this continuing resolution game that pushed delays in the budget right up to the deadline.

And as a result, you [00:06:00] couldn’t go through 4, 000 pages of. of a budget in 24 to 72 hours, and as a result, you were voting in things you didn’t even know about. Do you remember Nancy Pelosi’s comment? Well, you’ve got to vote the budget in and then read it. So, That, that is the issue, Ted. We’ve got a, a situation where we have allowed this budget process.

Now, this is where Michael challenged me, uh, uh, last week on, uh, my congressman here in the 1st Congressional District of Florida, uh, uh, Congressman Matt Gaetz. Matt Gaetz was challenging, uh, Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. And he was saying to McCarthy, okay, do you remember during the, um, uh, Speaker of the House, uh, uh, procedures, uh, [00:07:00] seen on In Plain View for the Nation to watch live on TV, Speaker of the House McCarthy was finally confirmed after Taking Precautions.

I think it was 14 rounds of voting, uh, uh, but it was because he agreed to tell Matt Gates, look, we’ll make sure that the budget process is done in advance so you don’t run into these crazy deficits right up to the 11th hour. And Matt Gates went along on that basis, and there is a basis of concern right now that Speaker McCarthy.

Let the nation down by these delays. Now let me say that before I get too critical of McCarthy, uh, Nancy Pelosi, for years prior, did it as a matter of, uh, standard operating procedure. And the Democrats kept all the Republicans in the dark, and had, the Republicans had no say at all [00:08:00] on what was going on with the budget process because of the majority of Democrats in the House.

As a result, the deficits loomed over those years I, I, I mentioned in the beginning. And now, we’re stuck with a transition, which I give McCarthy credit for, and I hope Matt Gates is patient with, but we need to transition the budget process. Now, on a personal note, on my website, GeneValentino. com, you’ll find Gene’s 11 Amendments of Accountability.

An amendment number eight, uh, is the United States federal budget. I propose an amendment to the Constitution that requires a confirmed budget 90 days prior to the annual fiscal year. And as a result, if you don’t budget, uh, um, establish a confirmed budget in [00:09:00] an orderly way. If you pay 90 days prior to the fiscal year, the next fiscal year, you are penalized.

Now I’ve suggested that all compensation to United States Congressmen be withheld until the budget is confirmed, without back pay. And as a result… You’re going to have a motivation on the part of these congressmen to get the job done. Many of the other amendments in my second bill of rights drive to the real issue in this nation.

And that’s term limits, uh, the balanced budget. But more importantly, a constitutional amendment that creates a level of accountability. The border, the rules about getting to the border. A concept called Supreme Magistrates. I know my friends don’t want me to talk about it because it’s too far [00:10:00] reaching.

It doesn’t really create a fourth leg of our government, but a Supreme Magistrate would penalize the bad behavior of government itself. Both the elected officials and the appointed officials and the staff related thereto. They have to operate ethically and, uh, and, and avoid conflicts of interests and wrongdoing.

And the Supreme Magistrates that are, that could be established in nations, like they are in other governments in the world, would penalize the very elected people. Not by a Department of Justice or an F B I appointed by a political president, so you don’t get, uh, uh, uh, claims being brought against your political opponents in an election year that, uh, destroy the objectivity.

of the average [00:11:00] citizen being able to see the merits of a person that’s running for office. Boy, have I gone on. Uh, did I come up for air and ask you to comment?

Ted Tibbett: I agree with you too. I think about my own

Gene Valentino: home. We, we have a

Ted Tibbett: budget that we have to live with, and by the way, we have to, cause we’re cut off. You know, when you spend all the money on the credit card, they don’t give you any more.

They come looking for it. And I can’t understand, you know, there’s a printing machine in the mind of so many people up there, just print more money, print more money, you don’t have to pay it back, you don’t owe it.

Gene Valentino: It’s, it’s a… Yeah, how many people, how many people listening to us right now, Ted, are… Might have a problem with their credit card.

Might be near their limit. Ah, it’s at a limit of 5, 000. Well, oh, don’t worry about it, Charlie. I’ll let you increase that limit to 10, 000. And then you don’t have to pay it back. Well, he has to pay the debt back, [00:12:00] but he’s got more interest that he can just continue paying the interest, not be responsible.

We have pushed off the responsibility on government. And they have, and it’s the big elephant in the room, and they’re scared that when Donald Trump returns they’re, he’s gonna, he’s gonna employ justice like never before, and they should be worried.

Ted Tibbett: Gene, we only got a couple of minutes here, but let me have a little fun.

Let’s take, uh, this weekend and in the future. If the two parties were meeting in convention this weekend, who would be the Republican nominee and who would be the Democrat?

Gene Valentino: Nothing changed over the debates so far, Ted. My feeling is Donald Trump gets the nomination, whether you like it

Ted Tibbett: or not. Now, if it was this weekend on the Democratic side, is it Joe Biden?

Gene Valentino: No, I think, uh, I think the nefarious bad behavior of the Democrats behind the screen, behind the scene, the puppeteers. Pulling the strings. I think it ends up [00:13:00] being Gavin Newsom, uh, uh, at this moment in time, but there’s others, you

Ted Tibbett: don’t think that Biden will ever be the nominee then of the

Gene Valentino: democratic party.

No, I think Robert F. Kennedy has a better chance. The man, uh, you may not agree with his liberal position, but I remember the days of John F. Kennedy. And, uh, those, um, those Democrats were the Dixie, more of the Dixie Democrats, liberal insanity wasn’t as far to the left in the Democratic Party then as it is today.

Ted Tibbett: Good thought. Good thought. It’s going to be an interesting, uh, year or more as we follow this, and we’re glad we got you to kind of guide us through these shark infested

Gene Valentino: waters. Uh, keep your eyes wide open, a lot’s going to happen in this impeachment hearing. Uh, in the next, uh, in the next two weeks, there’s more hearings to come and the Democrats don’t like the water torture they’re now experiencing and there’s nothing they can do about it.

You got an

Ted Tibbett: [00:14:00] airplane in your future this weekend?

Gene Valentino: How’d you know? I just felt it. The weather. Yeah. We’ll be, we’ll be cruising the Gulf coast of the United States, heading over towards your direction and, uh, uh, uh, in Biloxi and then up towards Hattiesburg. So this Pine Belt is a beautiful area. And, uh, this America in general is a beautiful country with a lot of wonderful, a lot of people say, why don’t you go to Europe and go on.

No, there’s been too many invasions. I’m going to stay here in America and enjoy it. I’m going to

Ted Tibbett: appreciate what you’re saying. It brings back the phrase I use all the time in my veteran work. God bless him.

Gene Valentino: God bless America. Gene,

Ted Tibbett: you have a good one, buddy. See you

Gene Valentino: next week. Take care, buddy.