Biden Administration is Helter-Skelter with WWIII Looming!

The American People are thirsty and anxious to become great again!  President Biden’s speech last night was a disgrace.  He was not focused on war pending in Israel. He chose to link the war in Ukraine, neutralizing the different and immediate concerns in Israel.  Weakness was  seen  when he  abruptly  pulled  out  of  Afghanistan.  Today, Arab leaders choose not to meet with Biden over the pending Israeli war in the Gaza Strip.  His reversals on several mid-eastern policies have negatively impacted his credibility and confidence in last night’s speech. His linking of  two  world  conflicts,  Ukraine  and  Israel,  is an ‘apples  &  oranges’ comparison.  TODAY, 32 DEAD AMERICANS in Israel!  Where is our American retaliation!?  Israel never  paid  JB and  his  ‘crime  family’ the  way  Ukraine  did.  Both will now praise Biden because  they  need/want  money  from  US!  His disjointed speech never addressed  the Americans  killed in  Israel and  the  American  hostages  that  remain.  Separately, two American reporters have been arrested  by  Putin,  but  no known hostages in Israel.  No  strength, no  focus,  no  direction,  no  budget,  no  southern  border,  and  NO  SPEAKER!  America FIRST!


Episode 119: Biden Administration is Helter-Skelter with WWIII Looming!

  • Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, October 20, 2023
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Full Episode Transcript

Biden Administration is Helter-Skelter with WWIII Looming!

Ted Tibbett: I can say with a lot of excitement, good morning to Gene Valentino. Good morning, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Good morning, Ted. How’s it doing?

Ted Tibbett: Well, you know what, Gene? Last night, I got home from a fish fry and I got to the house and I watched something while you were watching something else, but we both were watching horror shows.

I was watching the Saints and you were watching the president. I don’t know which one of us got the worst of the two

Gene Valentino: deals. Yeah, I, I didn’t know how bad yours was, but I had the hell scared out of me. He was talking, the president was talking to the nation. And while that was going on in his speech, 450 jets were taking out hotspots that were going after our American base over in Iraq.

It’s the [00:01:00] continuing saga of the acceleration of a potential war, which I, I shudder to have to say, if we don’t do something drastic right away World War III is at our doorsteps, and I’m so fearful that we need leadership, not only in the administration, but in the House of Representatives. This is the worst point I’ve seen.

President Biden talked about it last night as an inflection point in history. It is an inflection point in history. But not because of the assault on Israel. It’s an inflection point in history because of the assault they’ve caused on the administration and the assault they’ve caused on the United States Congress.

Well, you know,

Ted Tibbett: all my life, when evil flared up around the world somewhere, I [00:02:00] knew that we were the strongest nation on this earth. And that we could handle anything and do anything and you felt good about it. But to be honest with you, I know about the leadership at the top. But that drifts down as well.

You’re no better than the people around you, and it even affects our military. I’ve got a very good friend that’s a very high ranking retired military person, and he told me one time I was talking about generals, and he says, You gotta understand something, Ted. He said 50 percent of all generals are politicians.

50 percent are warriors. But said when the politicians are in charge, said we’re in trouble. And yeah, I’m afraid we’ve got too much of that now.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Well, in keeping with what you just said the president’s speech last night was just not focused. It was not articulated. A weakness was seen when we abruptly pulled out of Afghanistan.

[00:03:00] The negativity affected. The credibility of his speech last night. I couldn’t feel comfortable with his speech last night, knowing his lack of credibility on what preceded him and his actions prior to his speech last night. What really was sickening was that he was linking two world conflicts together.

First Ukraine, which has a history of its own, and then Israel. And he was trying to bring them together as… Two major conflicts. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Meanwhile, there’s only one thing I know, Ted. We have 32 dead Americans in Israel right now, and Israel never paid Joe Biden and the Biden crime family.

The way Ukraine did both will praise Biden right now because they need and want our United States money. [00:04:00] And all of his disjointed speech last night never addressed these Americans. In Israel that were killed and how many American hostages that still remain and two American reporters arrested by Putin, but there are no hostages we know of over there.

American hostages held by Russia. I see no strength. I see no focus. I see no direction, no budget, no, no emphasis to protect the Southern border. And now no speaker. We need an America First strategy to handle all these other issues. And now what Biden’s trying to do, which is what I really don’t understand, he brings forward to the public a 60 billion dollar arming for Ukraine.

14 billion dollars for military and security assistance to Israel. [00:05:00] He wants another 10 billion dollars for humanitarian… Assistance for both. He wants another $14 billion. Oh, here it is. US border security, $14 billion to get his monster Bill passed. He slips in $14 billion now for US Security Border security.

Well wait a minute. It was just a few years ago under Trump. The Democrat Congress went nuts because Trump needed about three to 4 billion to wrap up the entire Southern border for border security on the South. And here we are looking at Biden last night in his speech asking for 14 billion for the Southern Border Security.

And then he slipped in an extra 7 billion for security to Taiwan. Meanwhile, we don’t have a House [00:06:00] Speaker, and therefore, there’s no review of this budget. Which puts me at puts us all at risk, because under the authorization in, under the United States Congress, which they passed the law on, it authorizes the President, under the War Powers Act, to step up and be more unilateral on his own, asserting the use of American dollars for these purposes.

We need a, we need a Congress in place right now, and moments ago, before we went on the air. I had the privilege of hearing Jim Jordan speak. You can tell these guys are really tired. He wants to put, he wants to put them in a room right now and through the weekend and hammer it out just like they choose the Pope, you know?

And and don’t leave. Slip them ham sandwiches under the door and let them work it out and work it. Work through it until they come to a conclusion on a speaker of [00:07:00] the house, but they have put their own Animus and disdain for each other and a narcissistic personal Agenda first at the expense of you and me the American people Jim Jordan stepped up this morning Ted and gave the most honorable speech I’ve ever heard It was a unifier in my opinion 60 years ago.

He said We went from flying 100 feet, the Wright Brothers, a ragtag little balsa wood type aircraft that was built in their garage, to landing on the moon. Within 60 years, we went from flying an aircraft 60 feet, 100 feet, to putting a man on the moon. The American people are thirsty and they’re begging for change to become [00:08:00] great again, which is something we’ve all…

Known we are able to do, and I feel that America now must step up and fight this good fight, finish the work, and keep the faith in the principles, the beliefs, the principles and practices that made this nation so great. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and we Americans must step out, step up and step out, to help our nation get to a better place through the, and help our state rep U.

  1. congressman feel empowered, real, help them, remind them of what’s important in getting back to work and getting the speaker chosen. To protect this nation. Wow. Wow. That’s a lot this morning.

Ted Tibbett: Well, you know what, you [00:09:00] want to feel good about something and then everything looks bad, whatever direction you go, Israel, Ukraine, our border things just don’t really look good.

And you look to your leadership. I have said this so many times, but I remember when we had the hostages in Iran years ago. I even started a program at the station I was with when I was working at the time, and we gave away thousands of yellow ribbons in the community, and people tied them around the tree after the Tony Orlando song.

Tie a yellow ribbon on a yellow tree till we got them home. And those people didn’t come home until… Ronald Reagan was taking the oath of office as the next president. And it’s all of a sudden they say, we can’t play no more. You know, this guy is serious and we’ve got to get serious. And, and, you know, just hop, skipping and jumping around to the house of representatives, you know, you and I support Donald Trump, the Republican party, but what are they doing to the party over there in this [00:10:00] infighting?

Hurting themselves, and the country. I know a few Democrats actually licking their chops at this and loving


Gene Valentino: Oh yeah Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Klan, they’re on the sideline laughing historically. They have, They’ve hurt this nation by setting, setting up some of this issue in the first place.

The rules in the House of Representatives, which McCarthy was trying to change. He changed many of them, he just wasn’t far enough along to get Matt Gaetz happy before Matt Gaetz threw the grenade in the pond about two weeks ago. What’s happening now is we really, we really need… To realize that the Republican Party has licensed, they’ve given, they’ve given license for individual, individuals to speak up and speak out, and that’s what we’re, our democracy’s all about, right?

But, oh no, not the Democrats. You have to be in lockstep and follow the brand loyal. Dictator [00:11:00] at the top of the party if you expect to get any crumbs and that’s the distinction between Republicans and Democrats. I said it before I say it again. I predict the complete demise and or failure of the Democrat Party as we know it today by the 2020 for election Where we had where we’re going to have a complete house cleaning at the legislative level and at the presidential administrative level.

Well, it

Ted Tibbett: can’t come too soon for me. I just hope that the Republicans in this closed door meeting can resolve their differences. And they’re frustrated about it. We had our congressman Mikey Zell on Wednesday and he was frustrated as he can be. The Mississippi delegation. It’s trying to be part of the solution, not the problem.

And and Getz, he’s actually your congressman, isn’t he?

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I’m I’m disappointed with what has happened here. He, his attempt to try to move quickly to [00:12:00] make things happen has backfired. And I’m so proud of your congressman, Mike Eazell. We’re showing the leadership necessary to try to keep the more more guys like Mike need to step up and coalesce to Get behind Jordan and to get this get this resolved, you know Every politician how perfect the politician right?

I mean, we’ve all got our good points in our bad points But Mike is one of those that knows how to bring the parties and together and coalesce and look for what’s called the meeting of the minds and the commonality between us and I commend your congressman for that. I, I look forward to meeting him someday and having more words with him.

I, I’m embarrassed to speak to what’s happened in my, with my congressman right now, because it’s caused major upheaval within the ranks of the Republican Party, and I pray we have the will to bring it all back together [00:13:00] today in round number three under under Mike Jim Jordan.

Ted Tibbett: Well, we’ve talked ourself out of time right here.

It’s been fun talking to you. I’m glad that you’re up and going and you’re on top of this. My saint’s lost and looked horrible. President mc, so we could have flipped channels and saw the same thing, I guess last night. .

Gene Valentino: Well, I, I think what I’ll do is watch your channels next time and next time you watch my channels


Ted Tibbett: as we get out of here, I, I kind of feel like that old guy said Elvis has left the building and I don’t feel too good either. So

Gene Valentino: I’ll bring up the whole Iran Iraq history and how we got to where we are sometime in a future episodes together. It’s a story starting back in 1953. And how we are, ended up where we are.

Ted Tibbett: I’ll look forward to it. Maybe we ought to go to the Hotel California with the Eagles. Hey, Gene, you have a great weekend. Enjoy this pretty weather.

Gene Valentino: Best to you, Ted. Take care, everybody. See you then.