Take Notice: “This Is a Moment of Moral Clarity”

Don’t accuse Israel of being “barbaric” when they now MUST respond to barbarism!  In this 6th day of conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, with 25 Americans killed, Israel’s deaths mount geometrically.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, a Jew, stood next to Prime Minister Netanyahu, to announce America’s steadfast support for Israel, while Israel was under attack in the Gaza Strip. Blinken offered “America’s full strength and support”.  A strategic and immediate response will now be brought upon Hamas in a high-risk theater of urban warfare.  Hamas will be crushed.  Hamas, an agent for Iran, is what Isis was for the Islamic Jihad. Hamas is our 9-11.  Hamas must be annihilated, and this is America’s “Moment of Moral Clarity” united as one force.  Israel has masterfully minimized collateral damage to innocent citizens that Hamas in turn does not care about.  American citizens are at high-risk there.  Motivated for all the wrong reasons, moral clarity here will be a positive result from this Israeli crisis. Wokeism, the southern border, and the ‘Progressive Left’ uprising will be brought into check by Israel carefully-orchestrated response.  Negotiating with Hamas is treason.  Israel demonstrates no room for compromise when destroying evil.  Border protection HERE is necessary now.  Our leaders must have the same moral clarity now with our southern border! The Progressive Left here needs to understand there’s no compromise!  These Hamas criminals must now pay the ultimate price, and it’s coming in the days ahead.  “If you light a match in the gas tank, don’t bitch about the explosion!”


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Episode 118: Take Notice: “This Is a Moment of Moral Clarity”

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Full Episode Transcript

Take Notice This Is a Moment of Moral Clarity Gene Valentino Special WMXI interview TRANSCRIPT.

INTRO: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this very special three in one episode of the grassroots truth, Cass w MXI interview series and America beyond the noise. What you’re about to hear is from an insider within Israel. Uh, 35 year military veteran and political and military analysts specializing in military affairs. He knows what’s going on in Israel. And Jean sits down with him in an exclusive interview. Then Jean and Michael Paul continued the conversation two days later, where they take clips from this exciting interview and break it down in ways where we can not only understand what’s going on in Israel. But what we can do as Americans to help support Israel and [00:01:00] stop the pain. Then there’s a followup interview with gene and Michael poll that continues the conversation and helps us to truly not only understand what’s really going on in Israel. But what’s going to happen the days, weeks, months to come and how we can help. So at this time, enjoy this special three in one WMSI grassroots truth. Cast America beyond the noise episode with Jean Valentino, Michael Paul and Elliot chaat off.​

Michael Pol: this war that’s going on in Israel has captured everyone’s attention. It’s a tragic. And when you look at the savagery that these, uh, Hamas militants have, uh, against the Israeli people, it is unbelievable.

I told you yesterday, I’ll say it again today. I was raised that the [00:02:00] Israeli people, the Jewish people. Are the Chosen Ones by God, and I’m just going to tell you, they have been persecuted for a long, long time, and they finally got their own state, what was it, back in 1947, I think, something like that.

Right, after World War II. Yeah, and, and now we see that they are still trying to take it back from them. And so, that’s what, that’s what we’re looking at here, and it’s horrible, but at the same time, it makes us realize, and it shows. The fallacy of some of the policies of these, of this administration. And so what we want to do now, we’re going to bring in Gene Valentino.

And Gene, of course, is our regular Friday guest. Uh, Gene, welcome in, by the way. Good morning. Good morning.

Gene Valentino: I wish we could meet more often, but on better terms.

Michael Pol: Yeah. So you and I talked yesterday. You had a great, and you sent it to me and I took some excerpts from it, but you had a great interview. With, uh, [00:03:00] with a guy who is, uh, I guess, I guess you could say, well, describe him to me actually.

Gene Valentino: His name is Elliot Chodoff, C H O D O F F. He’s a military consultant, advisor. He’s an officer of the Israeli Defense Forces. Uh, my interview with him went one hour yesterday morning at 5 a. m., which was 1 p. m. Israeli time. We talked surprisingly for a full hour. I was very grateful for the, uh, generosity of time he gave me.

I was even more surprised with the depth of Israeli intelligence information he revealed in terms of the actual attacks going on in the villages and streets by Hamas outside of the Gaza Strip, and more specifically, what he described were the impacts in various areas around the nation. [00:04:00] Uh, there’s so much more to share with you, Michael.

Michael Pol: So let’s do this. I wanted to play some excerpts from, I mean, it was an hour long. There’s no way we can obviously do that, but I pulled some things out of there. This segment that you had with him is about six minutes, 20 seconds, something like that. So let’s get into this and then we’ll discuss more as we, uh, as we come back.

So here we go. Uh, Elliott. How do you say his name? Childof? Chadof. Chadof. Elias Chadof. I’m, I’m bad with these foreign names. I’m sorry, sir, if you are listening, but, but in any case, uh, here’s part of the interview,

Elliot Chodoff: the perceived weakness. of the United States on the part of Iran, in part because of the administration in part because of all sorts of things have gone on for decades in America.

It’s not just this didn’t just start yesterday. But if you add to that the conflict that’s going on in Congress, I think it’s all part of the strategic backdrop. In addition, I think [00:05:00] that they made a An enormous strategic error, and it’s one that I can understand, and I can even explain it. In thinking that the mass demonstrations in Israel against Netanyahu and the government and the judicial reform would play out the way demonstrations would play out in Iran if an invader launched an attack during that period.

If there were an attack on Iran during a massive demonstration period like we’ve seen over the past few months in Israel, Those demonstrators would probably join the attackers to try to overthrow the government. What happened here is that the minute the attack started, the demonstrations ended.

Everybody, you know, there was a whole movement, we’re not going to serve in the reserves because it’s part of the protest. That disintegrated. It evaporated instantaneously. Everybody showed up for reserve duty. The demonstrators, demonstration leaders themselves… Made a public statement that everybody should show up for reserve duty, and all of a [00:06:00] sudden this attack took an extremely divided Israel and unified it in enlightening speed, which I think they didn’t anticipate.

I’m sure they didn’t anticipate, and now they’re surprised that he enough unified Israel. Now to your question about going after Kamas and going after Iran first, first things first. If we let Hamas off the hook in any way, shape or form, the leadership of this country is bankrupt.

Gene Valentino: Can I say, can I say specifically, is this going to be America’s Vietnam?

Are you going to be, are you going to get in there and decisively put actions in place in the next two hours, two days, two weeks? Or are we talking 10 years like Vietnam? No. So

Elliot Chodoff: first of all, we don’t have that kind of time. Remember, this is A reserve military, I mentioned 300, 000 have been called up.

Remember, this is a country with a population of about 10 million people, men, women, children, elderly, everybody. 300, 000 men, primarily, some women, but [00:07:00] primarily men, being called up from civilian life and put into the military. means that the economy of this country is coming to a screeching halt. Okay, in other words, a stopwatch has been started and we can’t sit around for weeks figuring out what we want to do with ourselves and what we want to be when we grow up.

This has got to be an operation, as I mentioned before, my belief is that it’s going in the within the next 24 hours and I think that’s that’s a long estimate. I’d be very surprised if It’ll be that long. And it’s an operation that has to be over in days, not weeks. Now, when I say days, I’m not saying two or three or five.

It might take a week. It might take 10 days, but it’s, it’s a timeframe that will be measured in counting days, not in counting

Gene Valentino: weeks. It’s October 9th, 2023. So you’re talking about some time here before the end of October. Yes.

Elliot Chodoff: I think if we’re still messing around in Gaza, [00:08:00] By the middle of November, this operation will be a failure.

Gene Valentino: Do you, do you anticipate heavy forces coming in of Israel, Israeli forces, or are you anticipating the help of the United States with I’d call heavy forces? No.

Elliot Chodoff: First of all, we have more than enough force. Israel’s policy has always been, and I’m a staunch advocate of this, we will do our own fighting.

What we want from our friends, and primarily our main friend in the world, which is the United States, we’re way beyond allies, I think, is cover our backs, provide us with the wherewithal, and with all due respect, get out of our

Gene Valentino: way. I’m very concerned that the extraction of hostages that are in place now has, obviously, the speed at which you move must be tied to the speed at which the extraction of hostages occurs if you’re going in there to obliterate them.

That would [00:09:00] be in a perfect

Elliot Chodoff: world. I am afraid that that’s not going to be, and I say afraid because I think it’s the only way to do it. The hostages have to be protected as best possible, but within the context of a military operation. In other words, if the military goes in there primarily to rescue hostages, it will fail.

Gene Valentino: I believe you are absolutely correct. My only concern is what role did we, if we’re your friend, which is more than an ally, did we screw up, Elliot? Did the Biden administration get too close to Iran? Did, were we soft peddling our negotiations with them, which gave license to them to move with more confidence and speed and deliberation against Israel?

Elliot Chodoff: Yes, I believe so. Any, any Even the slightest moral assistance you give [00:10:00] to a murderous fascist style regime will always have disproportionate impact in on their behavior because they’ll take even the slightest hint of weakness or support or cozy cozying up as saying okay they’re giving us free reign to do it anything we want and I would say that con, that certainly contributes to it, but I, but I think what we need to be clear on something, they are the epitome, the, the, the textbook example of evil in the world today, and the best we can do is mitigated and ultimately eradicated.

You cannot negotiate with evil on that

Michael Pol: scale. That’s exactly right. You cannot, and that, what a great segment that was, uh, uh, Gene, you know, he predicted, first of all, that they would be within 24 hours, [00:11:00] they would be in Gaza taking care of this problem. He talked about the fact that we don’t need you to come fight for us.

What we need is you to get out of our way and help us with supplies with Munitions with things of that nature. So I think that, you know, Israel is one of those countries that you really don’t have to worry about them. They’re not scared to fight. They’re not scared of the fight. And they’re going to go in there and take care of business.

They’re already doing it. You know, I’m monitoring, uh, the news, a couple of different news channels here in my studio. I mean, they’re there right now. They are wide open now. Ted mentioned something earlier that he heard that every building that they bombed, that they were going to kill a hostage or something like that.

And he mentioned that too. He said, this is a military exercise. If, if they can get the hostages, they will. But if they go for the hostages, it looks like that would make this, uh, military operation a failure. So unfortunately for those folks that were made [00:12:00] hostages, a lot of them probably won’t make it out.

I mean, that’s the way it looks at least for now. Welcome to war. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s terrible. And, uh, and, but yet. We can sort of pin this on bad decisions, not just by the Biden administration, by the way, this has been going on a long time in the United States and we’ve got, and I mentioned this earlier, we’ve got, the enemy is within.

We have people here in the United States right now that are not friends of our country that are protesting on the streets right now in New York City. We, we have the enemy with us.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, Michael, this is, um, uh, while you’re talking, first, thank you for this special report you’ve put together for today. We usually meet on Fridays.

I’m honored to be with you under, uh, harsh conditions. Right now, as we speak, complementing your point, there are 31 Harvard [00:13:00] organizations up in Massachusetts that are pro Palestinian, blaming Israel. For the injuries now caused to the 1, 500 and 1, 500 deaths to Hamas terrorists. Which lit the match in this gas tank in the first place.

This is a deep state act. Uh, I asked him about the deep state. He, uh, agreed that there might be something more pervasive going on, but was as a military analyst, a very focused on the, uh, issues of the day in Israel. He is a, uh, an American, he has dual citizenship. He’s American and Israeli. He knows New York City very well.

He’s been raised in Chicago. He went back to Israel and became part of the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces, which for some over there is code for cover for [00:14:00] The intelligence services. That’s as far as I’ll go with what I want to talk about there. All I can tell you is I had a very credible source that gave me great information.

He raised his eyebrows when I brought up, uh, after the interview, he raised his eyebrows when we brought up questions related to the State Department. And maybe spies within the state department, only to see on the news this morning, Michael, uh, a state department individual under the Biden administration, going back to Obama, who was transmitting data.

This isn’t just about Hamas, they’re a ragtag organization down in the Gaza Strip. This is about a deeper state conspiracy that has ties to Iran within our own government, and the White House has got blue lights on the front [00:15:00] showing support for Israel while the turnip is in the backyard having a barbecue.

I mean, I don’t know what to make of this, but we really must go after the, uh, internal workings of our own nation and extricate those who have compromised our national security for us to truly be, uh, effective leaders in this nation, not just good allies to Israel.

Michael Pol: You know, this country is upside down.

We, we, everything that was right is now wrong. And, you know, it’s not just the, the, the issues with the Israelis and, and the Jewish community. It’s, it’s not just that it’s everything in this country. And that tells you that there’s a plan in this country right now by enemies of this country that are inside this country that have even been elected in this country that are trying to do something to lessen the [00:16:00] effects.

of the American way and the American system throughout the world. They don’t want it. They don’t want to have anything to do with us. They want us to leave them alone. They want to do their terror stuff over there. They’re savages. These people are savages.

Gene Valentino: Well, I’ve got some, uh, research I’m doing and I plan to announce it on your show on Friday morning at

Michael Pol: 7.

15. By the way, Friday, we can’t do it. We got something else going on. So we’ll have to do it Thursday.

Gene Valentino: Well, we’ll do it Thursday then. I’m doing some research right now, which is even more late breaking, and I don’t have my act together on it yet to give you the full story, other than to tell you that the same…

Well, I don’t have all the information in front of me, but I’m, I’m getting confirmation, but to this individual who was compromising our national security and, uh, those pallets of cash then ended up on the tarmac in Iran. [00:17:00] Uh, we’re now approaching 50 to 60 billion unloaded by the Obama and Biden administrations into the hands of Iran.

It’s not about six billion dollars on a hostage swap recently, it’s about the 50 to 60 billion they’re sitting on of American dollars, which is what’s funding this issue in Hamas, which is what I fear, uh, armed Lebanon to the north with hundreds of thousands of higher tech missiles. That are aimed just 40 miles to the south at my friend, we had the interview with, Elliot Chodoff, 40 miles away.

Can you, Matt, think of what 40 miles is?

Michael Pol: Quickly, I have one more segment. You were doing some questioning, and I want people to hear this as well. So let’s go with segment number two from your show on your grassroots truthcast yesterday.

Gene Valentino: [00:18:00] With Elliot Chodoff, he’s a, um… Political and military consultant and analyst for the Israeli Defense Forces.

He’s here on his own with us today, talking candidly about the issues of, uh, how Israel has been responding to this, uh, surprise attack from Hamas originating today in the, in the, uh, Gaza Strip. Elliot, what do you see, in recapping, what do you see the future here? What, what’s the, what’s your military plan of attack in the next two weeks to, to the extent to which you can reveal?

And where do you, where do you see this going? Well,

Elliot Chodoff: let me start by saying that on the ancient and oft repeated principle that no plan survives contact with the enemy. Everything that I’m saying now is with that caveat. Within the next less than a day, I would say, I think that we are going to have a full scale [00:19:00] ground invasion of Gaza.

The purpose is to destroy Hamas as an organization, eliminate its military capability, and that will require a huge amount of force. A huge amount of violence. I don’t believe that we’re going to show the particular care that we’ve shown in the past. They, they, they’ve crossed all the lines in the last few days and we’re, we just, the lines just aren’t there anymore.

Michael Pol: So, he says, basically what did I hear there? He says we’re about to go bust their ass right now. And there’s not gonna be any, uh, any, uh… In other words, we’re going after it. We’re not, we’re not going to stop. We’re going to do it until it’s over.

Gene Valentino: Let me say that I walked away from that interview with the following statement, meaning a lot more to me.

He knows when to use a feather and he knows when [00:20:00] to use a hammer. He’s using a feather on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but it’s only days, if not weeks away. You may see something unprecedented against the real enemy and the perpetrator of all of this, Iran. It’ll be beyond comprehension and I fear the worst.

Michael Pol: Yeah. The guy is, uh, very tactful. He, uh, he is obviously very well educated and understands what exactly is going on over there. And I think that was probably really, I mean, that’s, this has been some of the best information that I have heard, even with all the national news media. You know, here’s Gene Valentino down in Pensacola, Florida, pulling this off.

I think it was a great thing that you did there and I hope a lot of folks, let’s tell people quickly how they can watch the full interview.

Gene Valentino: Yes, thank you, Michael. Before you break, www. jeanvalentino. com. Click on [00:21:00] Grassroots Truthcast. We have an interview there that runs one hour with Elliot Chadoff, military analyst, specialist, and officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

He gives intelligence and insight that I have not seen on the national news. And I think the truth is, uh, there is going to be some bigger issues coming in the next two weeks. We’ll hope to be reporting back

Michael Pol: to you. All right, Gene. Thank you so much. We are done with our time today, but, uh, that was very interesting and I appreciate you doing that.

Gene Valentino: Thank you, Michael.

good morning Gene. Good morning gentlemen. Alright, so I guess we should start out maybe by just recapping, uh, what we have learned this week about what’s going on in Israel.

You’ve got some very good connections over there. Tell us, uh, tell us what you know and what’s happening. Thank you for having me, Ted and Mi Michael. Uh, last Tuesday you had me on as a recap to [00:22:00] a one hour special report we did on Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truth Cast. Uh, this was a one hour segment with an Israeli Defense Forces officer, Elliot Chodoff.

He was reporting to us live from behind the lines, only 40 miles from the Lebanon border, with 250, 000 plus Russian made missiles focused from the north south onto Israel. While the main event was underway, In the, uh, Gaza Strip. And moments ago, this sixth day, we’re enter we’re now in the sixth day of conflict here in Israel, with 25 Americans killed by Hamas.

We find ourselves in the situation with many more Americans, some with dual citizenship, uh, being at risk. And moments ago, just as [00:23:00] you were coming on the air, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was side by side with Bibi Netanyahu bringing forward to the nation of Israel and the world the notice that this nation of Israel will be supported unequivocally and without partisanship by America with America’s full strength and force of its resources to allow Israel to proceed with a very dramatic attack against Hamas in particular.

Now, Iran is behind all this, and that’s a fight for another day. Today, the fight is against Hamas, and they will be, uh, brought to ashes, as Elliot Chadoff said, in a matter of days, maybe a few weeks. But not months [00:24:00] and years like Vietnam. This will be a strategic and an immediate response to the atrocities imposed not only on Israel, but on the world.

The fact is, there were, uh, there were many from around the world, uh, many, uh, uh, Nations from around the world with citizens, uh, uh, uh, brought to, brought to death by this crazy group, the Hamas. The Hamas is ISIS and ISIS was crushed and so will Hamas. And right now, Michael, I re, remind myself of what we said just a few days ago.

It was a quote from the Bible, Foreigners who live in your land. Will gain more and more power while you gradually use, lose yours. [00:25:00] They will have money to lend you, but you will have none to lend them. In the end, they will be your rulers. So this is the sixth day, Michael. And, uh, Secretary of State Blinken said moments ago these people must be annihilated.

This must be a moment of moral clarity. Moral clarity is the key word. We can have our bickering events politically, one political party versus the other, but stop it! Today, we must unite as one force and take on the evil. This nation is experiencing in Israel. I’ve said enough. Wow. You know, uh, it is, it is true though.

Uh, if, if you continue to let [00:26:00] foreigners, I didn’t realize that was in the Bible. I’ve, I’ve never heard that before, but that’s interesting. Deuteronomy. Well, we are allowing the same thing to happen here in this country. We are allowing foreigners to come into this country and we don’t know who they are.

We don’t know what. You know, what drugs they’re carrying, we don’t know what diseases they’re carrying. And to a certain extent, you know, our country has been changed forever because of the policies of not only this administration, but many administrations actually, we’ve allowed this border situation to get out of control, not just under Biden.

It’s just come to what I would consider to be a peak time under Biden, but, but you can go all the way back. To Republican presidents, Democrat presidents, everybody has said, hey, let’s do something about this border, but nobody seems to [00:27:00] want to do anything about it. And then when you have a president, by the way, who decides he’s going to do something about it, did you see the uproar, the screaming, the hollering, the, everybody was losing their mind.

about the border being actually closed up. And that tells you a lot about our elected officials in this country. There will be a reckoning on the recklessness of our own border. It will be a matter of a few months away, uh, regrettably too late, but it, it’ll be months away at the next election. I wish we could move more quickly and I think that’ll be a, a governing change we make in our governing structure, our constitution in the future.

Today, Israel’s problem is now our problem. We have got to get to Iran. and neutralize them completely. I heard while you were talking moments ago before we went [00:28:00] live, two young 20 year old volunteers, reservists, of the 500, 000 Israelis in the Reservists Corps, uh, preparing now for the ground invasion.

Those two reservists in their 20s, live on national TV, were at that music festival on the border at the Gaza Strip just a few days ago, talking about how they got hold of a vehicle and got up to 70, 80 miles an hour in an open field to escape from the machine gun fire from the Hamas That was, uh, desecrating all of those innocent people in an open concert.

on the Gaza Strip border is now to think what you just said. There is no room for [00:29:00] sympathy. Anybody in the United States thinking that it’s time for passive standing down and trying to figure out how to negotiate some neutral mid ground is here is heresy. It’s it’s absolute, uh, succumbing to a world enemy.

That we talked about in past enter and past episodes as the deep states. This is outrageous and we have to do something about it to neutralize them. To think that 31 Harvard student groups were out protesting just yesterday over this Inhumane treatment Israel is showing in their counter attack tells us that when we get our, uh, hands, uh, clean of the blood in Israel, we need to focus on this reckless, left, progressive [00:30:00] behavior that has tried to overcome the Democrat party and nearly take us down as a nation.

You know, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s amazing and I haven’t felt the, I guess people feel differently now than they did just last week this time, because when you see the savagery of people who have no care for humans, period, if you’re Jewish, somehow you are a devil. I just don’t understand how you can treat another human the way that, now it’s, you know, it’s one thing to be in war.

It’s one thing to be shooting at guys that can shoot back, but to shoot innocent people, that is something that we have always understood to be murder. And it’s murder by any standard. Yeah. And if you murder people, [00:31:00] you, you have to pay the price. If we can catch you, we’re going to make you pay the price.

So those people that left that music festival, now they’re in uniform with a gun. And it’s going to be a different ball game for the folks that they run across, uh, Hamas or whoever that’s shooting at them next time, because they’re going to be able to shoot back. Well, today’s issue is President Netanyahu and his intelligence forces, I know firsthand through my contacts, have done their job at putting everybody on notice in the Gaza Strip.

Get the hell out. If you’re not out, you’re in trouble. Uh, this is about to happen, not a matter of days anymore, it’s moments by moments. They’ve cleared the field, watch the news in the next 48 hours. There will be a leveling of those people in the Gaza Strip. That’ll transform the hi. The pages in the history book.

We got about three minutes left in, in our segment, and I wanted to, [00:32:00] to go back over if we could, and change subjects. Uh, back to the speaker of the house, you know, at a very critical time in our history in the country’s history, we have. A house of representatives that cannot operate and function properly because they don’t have a leader.

Uh, there is a suggestion that Steve Scalise will be the leader. He got most of the votes. However, there’s still some holdouts. And one of them may actually be the congressman from your area who is still causing problems in Washington. Uh, you know, I call him a show horse, actually. You know, there’s a time for that kind of stuff, and there’s a time when you should keep your mouth shut.

and support your party. That’s correct. I wonder just what you think about that today as compared to last week this time. Well, it was cute and attractive just a week ago, but here are the consequences of throwing a grenade into the pond. We have a [00:33:00] less than perfectly running congress right now that can’t even get a house speaker chosen.

And we have, uh, federal, we have international issues and policy that are in hands of a turnip and a cackle. In Washington, DC. And we are relying on the, uh, Anthony Blinken’s Secretary of State to stand next to Netanyahu because Biden is incapable of doing so. To your point about Congressman Matt Gaetz, while his intentions may have been pure within his own mind, there are consequences for throwing a grenade into the pond and we’re left.

With less than perfect governance. Now I’m happy with either Scalise or Jordan if Kevin McCarthy won’t come back and take it and if the votes are not there. But I’m more concerned about that organism, that congressional rule. [00:34:00] that allowed just one person, Nancy Pelosi, didn’t have that rule. She wanted to protect her little kingdom.

She made it that you had to have a, what was it, six people to a dozen people voted in to get, to get her to get thrown out. So no one would come together in that group, uh, to, uh, uh, throw her out. So she was protected. And as a consequence, they could play this game in Congress. Of not running a budget through until the 11th hour, forcing the Republicans to vote in crap that wasn’t really in the nation’s best interest and threw us further in debt.

That rule’s got to change in Congress, and new congressmen and women coming in need to make that rule change. So you can have fair and equitable government governing in Congress to present the president a budget months in advance of the deadline for the next fiscal [00:35:00] year, so that it has been vetted completely with clarity of thought.

I know we’re out of time, but kudos to Representative Derek Van Order from Republican from Wisconsin for putting politics inside and getting behind Biden to unify this nation behind Israel. Gotcha. Good morning. Thank you. And we’ll see you next week. Best to you.

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