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America Envied By the World! No one called it ‘toxic masculinity’ when we were saving the world!  Jim Acosta 4 years ago on CNN badgered Trump in a hostile way at every White House news briefing.  Today, you have Peter Doucy from Fox News badgered by Biden for asking questions about Hunter. The way the media has approached leaders in 4 years is an unmatched shift of bad journalistic behavior.  Fake news continues to avoid the harsh realities of the economy, the border, and the Biden Crime Family, and the ‘Deep State’.  According to Maui’s Emergency Director, ‘social conditioning’ and ‘equity’ discussions were needed before releasing water in Maui to fight the fire!  Mayor Adams gets $100-million in NYC for illegal migrants and Arizona gets only $25-million for the border!  What a contradiction!   CLOSE THE BORDER and the need to pay ‘sanctuary cities’ goes away!  52% of the nation want the border closed!  The ‘Deep State’ conspiracies … real or fake?  You MUST convince the elected officials to do something more radical to turn this nation around.  Otherwise, RISE UP and fix it yourself!  Even Trump makes sense in pulling out of Ukraine.  After all, how much of the taxpayers’ money is coming back to the Biden Crime Family after we funded $-Billions to Ukraine!?  Biden’s treason at your doorstep.  Regarding the economy, Biden lies on several levels to the American people.  Biden puts attorney David Weiss in to investigate Hunter after working out a ‘sweetheart’ deal for Hunter two months earlier that blows up in court after being questioned by the judge.  Impeach Biden! Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas! Impeach Merrick Garland!  No justice!  The Donald Trump era will go down in American History, as a pivotal historic point like the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the War of 1812.  The citizens MUST step up in the same way to protect this Democracy like never before.


Episode 110: America ~ Envied By the World! | Gene Valentino and Michael Pol

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, August 18th, 2023 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

America ~ Envied By the World! | Gene Valentino and Michael Pol

Welcome to Daybreak with Ted Tim and Michael Paul. If you have a comment, you can call us now at six one oh eight nine eight or pound 9 8 1 on any ceasefire device. Our email is news radio

It’s now 7, 16, 16 minutes after the hour of seven o’clock. Michael is joined by our good friend Gene Valentino. And good morning Gene, and a pleasant good morning to everybody.

Gene, I’ll tell you what, A week, you know, it just seems like last week, you know, it was like, what else could go on? And then you, you know, you have this week it’s like, what is, what is going on in this world? What, where are we headed in this country?

It’s just unbelievable the [00:01:00] things that we see every day. Yeah. Michael, thank you for having me. You know, we, we may have some technical problems because we are focusing on such complex. It seems simple, but it’s actually very complex issue. You got one sense where, you know nobody called it toxic, toxic masculinity when we were saving the world, you know?

And the, the, you know, there’s another line I picked up this week that I want to share with you. Mice die in mouse traps because they do not understand why the cheese is free. Just like socialism, just like socialism, you know, that’s the 10,000 foot level. Let me talk generally about something for a minute.

I feel so grateful that you let me run off for a minute with a few points. But here, here you have a guy just four years ago from C N N News. His name was Jim Acosta. [00:02:00] And he got in President Trump’s face. He was belligerent, he was rude. He was on national tv, hogging the microphone, while the other reporters in the press pool didn’t even get a chance to give their 2 cents and asked their questions because he was badgering and hos in a hostile tone going after Trump.

And here you have the only guy in the press pool today, Peter Ducey, son of Steve Ducey from Fox News. Peter Ducey himself is able, is is, I don’t know if the guy isn’t having dementia or what, but Biden asks him to step over a small barricade of sorts and make his way right up to the face of Biden.

And Biden then takes him on and admonishes him like a schoolboy. I have never seen such a contradiction in the, in, in, in the way the press themselves [00:03:00] have handled things. And then you’ve got this Maui emergency director resigning this morning. From health reasons, health reasons, he was talking about equity.

As an important reason why we’re not distributing water and allowing the water system over there to flow freely to help quash the fires that were bl emblazoned literally within hours to take out the near entirety of the island. It’s absolute recklessness of, of social conditioning that has now leaked over into the administrative strength we need.

Whether it’s a fire in Maui, whether it’s the sanctuary city of New York City or, or, or the border itself. And Michael, the border itself. You’ve got mayor Adams up there in New York who [00:04:00] demanded that New York City be one of the blue areas of this nation. Who to welcome to welcome all these poor citizens now demanding that that Washington give them money to help care for these people.

$100 million just given Should New York City, $25 million given to the Arizona border. If you close down the border first, New York City wouldn’t have the a hundred million dollar ask. Yeah. I’ve never seen such a contradiction in stupidity in my whole life. And then you have fingerprinted foreigners coming in.

It’s horrendous. These fingerprinted foreigners are criminals from their own nations. Hey what, what? You know, you’ve got all these Venezuelans coming to the United States to [00:05:00] enjoy capitalism. Why? I don’t see anybody running off to Venezuela. Well, you’re exactly right. I mean, I mean, that’s the one thing we can say, right?

At least people still believe as bad as it’s gotten here, people still believe this is the only place in the world that you can go and be free and, and still to a, a large measure. Of course, we are free here in the United States. However, you know, we’ve gotten to the point now where the government has its thumb on everything that you do, and they at, at.

And for example, I mean, we’re going after appliances we’re, you know, they want you to have appliances that just don’t work. Now, do you believe for one second that any of these people that are pushing this stuff will suffer from this? No, because they’re gonna have stuff that works. They’re gonna send all of those Appliances out to us.

Like, well, we’re gonna do away with gas stoves, number one. Number two, they’re gonna do away with wa the dishwashers. They’re gonna let you have ’em, but they’re gonna be cheche on water and [00:06:00] they’re not gonna clean the dishes as well, so you’re gonna end up having to hand wash ’em anyway. It’s just absolutely right.

Unbelievable. Good. Good point. Hey, it just dawned on me, we had some technical problems this morning. We don’t have technical problems the rest of the day. Might it be the damn deep state knows you and I are talking about the deep state. Maybe they’re putting a monkey wrench in the damn system. I, I use zoom the rest of the day and during the week.

How come I have a problem with this connection with you every Friday morning at seven 15? Well, you know, it’s funny. It’s funny that you mentioned that. Yeah. I used to never be a conspiracy theorist. I used to never think I, I used to think lot. These people, they got nothing to do. They need to get a job.

They’re worried about stuff that’s not happening. But I, I’ll tell you, after, after the last few years, I. I’m starting to wonder, you know, is there something out there going on? Are there these conspiracies to do things to the [00:07:00] American public? You know, for example, our radio show. I mean, we have trouble getting hooked up.

I mean, who knows? I, I’m, I’m to the point now where I don’t, I don’t question it. I think it could possibly happen. Yeah, yeah. There, there were, there. Everyone thought we were, these conspiracy theories were bogus before. There’s something deeper going on here, you know? Meanwhile 52% of the, this nation, this nation, all Americans, 52% want the damn border wall finished, finished the border wall for God.

Sake. Yeah. And if you don’t want, and, and we, instead of you and I whining about it, I reach out to everybody in earshot of us right now. Get hold of your congressman unite, mobilize and uprise illegally to con to move the mountain. You must convince your elected officials to do something more radical to get this nation turned around.

Start with the border. [00:08:00] Let’s study whether we should be doing anything for Ukraine. Even Trump is beginning to make sense to me about not pulling outta Ukraine altogether. Why? Because we’re, we’re, we’re not civilized humanitarians in concern about the citizens of Ukraine. No, we are. But how much money has been given to the Biden crime family from the very dollars we’ve given Ukraine to defend itself.

And there, I mean, you have it there. You have it there. You hit on the point that I think a lot of people are starting to realize. When you look at what has happened with Ukraine, with Hunter Biden, with the money being pumped in barisma, all of these things, now you are start, you’re starting to to to realize and people are starting to wake up to the fact that we may be sending our tax paying money over there for them to send back to our politicians.

I’m just saying, I believe that is possible. I. The cancer from within is more important [00:09:00] than the neighbor’s cancer over the pond on the other continent of the earth. Everything that happens at the border then spreads throughout the United States. Fix the damn border first, please. Who’s ever capable of listening to this and moving on it?

Fix the border first. I don’t care if you like Trump or not. He was right. He, yeah, he was was right. Meanwhile, he’s right. Meanwhile, Michael, the economy, biden’s endless lies my words. He brags just yesterday on the six o’clock news that wages and salaries are on the rise a lie. The he, he says that we’ve had a record amount of oil and gas being produced here in the nation.

An absolute lie. He says, we’ve reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion. Another lie, it’s increased. We are now, today, this morning, I just heard the [00:10:00] morning news, a 22 year high on mortgage rates. Now the 30 year mortgage is at seven and a half percent. It was under 3% four years ago, and inflation is around 10%.

He says it’s around 3%. 3% is what it’s grown on top of the 9% that it’s been up since he took office. It’s really an inflation rate of about 12%. Now I do. I sit here and whine and get angrier and angrier? Or do we make sure that every Amer look in the mirror? Folks, it’s up to all of us to get to the polls in November, since there’s no constitutional amendment in place yet to pull these idiots out of office sooner that have caused these problems.

Starting with Biden, starting with Alejandro Mayor, border Czar, or, or Nimrod. And, and, and an attorney Jarret [00:11:00] General Merrick Garland, who thinks that David Weis is acceptable as the attorney to represent to, to indict and investigate Hunter Biden. It was only two months ago. David Weiss was the, was the attorney for hunter Biden working out that sweetheart deal.

Of two minor misdemeanors of the deal of a lifetime, and everyone thinks this is justice. If we lose our, the sys, the third leg of our stool, the, the system of justice we have in this democracy, we lose this democracy. We must step out. We and Michael, just to conclude, Donald Trump will go down in American history.

As the pivotal point, just like the American Revolution, just like the war of [00:12:00] 1812, just like the Civil War, this is a pivotal point where politics and lobbyists. That pay congressmen and senators to to fund their campaigns. This will be a pivotal point where your vote really will be more important than their lobbying monies they give to these candidates to run for office.

It’s either the citizen stepping up to protect this democracy, this constitutional republic, or we will see socialism and Marxism in this nation. Un untethered, taking off like a fire in the hay field like never before. Wow. That’s that’s powerful. You’re, and, and I think you’re exactly right. We, we have to stop these things from happening.

We have to get ahold of this. This is something that has gotten outta control. We’ve got a president who, [00:13:00] and by the way, when you look at his polling numbers, I mean, people aren’t buying this stuff. You know, we got 20 seconds left. But, you know, I think. We should have a good weekend and really think about what we’re gonna do to try to save our country, because this is pretty important.

This is Amer. This is the world’s best secret. It’s the longest standing government in the world, folks. It’s called the Constitutional Pro. Republic. That’s music. Thank you for having me. Let’s think about how to protect America. Okay, we’ll see you again next week and well hopefully we’ll get some of this equipment fixed.

See ya. Once again, another great program with Gene Valentino, Michael Paul, seven 30. We’ll take a Fox News break and we’ve got a lot more for you. Stay with us.