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Donald Trump Today ~ You & Me Tomorrow! Only Donald Trump could take his “mug shot” and spin this righteous indignation to slam this constitutional overreach!  For the first time in American history President Trump uses his uncanny ability to take the indictment against him and make it a positive.  This illegal prosecution against Trump and others confirms just how badly they hate Trump.  The Dems are on record saying, “If you can’t beat him, take him off the ballot!”  They want Trump in jail during an election season.  Yet his opponent, Joe Biden, has done more treasonous damage to this nation than any other President. The Dems continue to DIVERT, DEFLECT, & DISTRACT your attention to Trump when there Biden and Democrat Party wrongdoing is unprecedented and overwhelming!  Look around at who’s laughing at Trump’s arrest.  We must put an action plan in place to take down and remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Joe Biden and everyone in between, who are taking this nation down.  Separately, Ron DeSantis is the only candidate in the recent debate to announce that we must arm ourselves and kill intruders crossing our borders with deadly fentanyl, claiming this is an act of war!  Look for our upcoming story on the connection between Chris Christie, Christopher Wray, and Jarod Kushner.  Keep your eye on Harrison Floyd, an African American who’s the head of “Black Voices for Trump”.  He was arraigned like Trump but remains in jail right now without bail. WHY is D.A. Fani Willis keeping Floyd behind bars!?  Charges against Floyd are minor compared to those against Trump!  Our governance is unique. We have the ability to ‘fix’ our government shortcomings unlike other nations of the world.  Let’s see if we can eliminate the “Left” extremists, before we are shot out of the air by American dictatorship, like Russian Communist Dictator Vladimir Putin just did.


Episode 111: Donald Trump Today ~ You & Me Tomorrow!

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, August 25th, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

Donald Trump Today ~ You & Me Tomorrow!

Michael Pol: Michael Poll. If you have comments, you can call us now at two six one oh eight nine eight or pound 9 8 1 on any ceasefire device. Our email is news radio

Hey, we

Gene Valentino: begin the program 7 16, 16 minutes after is the mom and dad and kids gather around the radio and listening intently. Is it the Lone Ranger and Todd, I think it’s Michael

Michael Pol: and Gene Valentine. And a good boy, gene Good boy to the, the studio crowd is excited and good

Gene Valentino: morning, or Batman and Robin.

Michael Pol: Yeah, that’s right.

You got your coffee in your hand. You’re ready to go. We’re, we’re happy to see you on Zoom here this morning. Did you see, by the way, did you see that the Zoom company, the actual company that [00:01:00] provides us with this unique technology where we can see each other and talk to each other? They. I have said now that if you live within 50 miles of the company that you have to report to work at least two days a week.

They’re, they’re not. They say Zoom is good, but it’s better if you are in person and you know something. I agree

Gene Valentino: with that. Social conditioning, Michael. That’s absolutely true. There’s nothing like the old workplace where you’re face-to-face. You know, people work off each other and there’s a dynamic when we’re face-to-face.

You know, even in manufacturing and assembly, I mean, you do need to be with other people. Yeah. In the bill of lading procedures, but But like we’re doing, which is a little more than 50 miles apart right now we do have the privilege of being able to not only chat with each other but see each other.

And these zoom broadcasts, we put ’em in the can and they appear on grassroots Truth Cast and gene, [00:02:00] where we have a whole segment for W M X I. Weekly, we grab these shows and post them, so if you missed them or heard part of it on your way to work, just go to W M X I and gene and you can replay the 15 minutes at 7:15 AM every Friday morning.


Michael Pol: Yeah. You know, you, you post those on your website usually by what, the afternoon on Fridays?

Gene Valentino: That’s right. Yeah. We the radio station provides a pretty high quality copy of this broadcast. And for those who are driving and don’t need to be looking at anything else but the road, you got a you’ve got a pretty good high quality audio signal coming off A W M X I that gets that’s, that’s there for the listening while you’re driving.

Michael Pol: Gotcha. Okay, so the big news today was what happened last night? The first time ever a president, former president of the United States had a mugshot, which just makes me nauseous because I [00:03:00] came outta the law enforcement community. I. And this guy, this, this sheriff in Fulton County just wanted, I think, to get his to get his name out there.

I don’t know why. I don’t know what, but there was no reason for any of this nonsense. First of all, there, there, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support. And if you read. All you have to do is read folks, just pick up the indictment that that this fanny da, whatever her name is, I forget her last name, whatever, whatever it was, you just read it and you can, without any, without any lawyer present, you can actually figure out that this.

Bss the whole thing. And, and so it makes me nauseous how they have treated this guy. But lemme tell you something, he takes everything in stride. Can you imagine having this happening to you, gene, on a, on a regular basis? Like you’ve got, you know, hundreds about 90 something charges that could get you 700 years in [00:04:00] prison.

And what does this guy do? He takes the mugshot. And makes a, a fundraiser, email sends it out to everybody. You can get a, you can get the mugshot picture on a t-shirt for 47 bucks. I mean, that’s pretty awesome. This

Gene Valentino: presidential mugshot. He has an uncanny ability to putting the spin on it and making it almost humorous and lighthearted, and then turning the attention towards the righteous indignation of the whole thing.

This Fannie Willis, you mentioned and, and turning it into a fundraiser as well, and I hope he does. He he should, because this is the first time in history that an American president has been indicted. Now it’d be one thing if he was indicted by a federal pro prosecutorial system. He was indicted by a Fulton County DA prosecutor, which to me, according to some of [00:05:00] the legal beagles I’ve been talking to, is a breach of the constitutional over it’s a breach of constitutional overreach, a local county official.

How many other county officials are there in the nation? That think they can overstep and indict a president and, and the real concern I have, Michael, Is that this does nothing but solidify and prove what we’ve been talking about on these past episodes, that there has been an overreach on the, I used to bite my tongue and not go so aggressive on the issue of Democrat versus Republican, and there’s sinners in both camps, and I get that, but on the Democrat side, they have mobilized to such an extent.

They, they say, oh, regarding Trump, if you can’t beat him, take him off the ballot. Right? That’s how much they hate him. They hate him so much. Michael,

Michael Pol: one of the things I, I, I want you to [00:06:00] think about this for a second. So they are indicting Trump and trying to put him in jail for things, number one, that he didn’t do.

And if you read the indictments, they make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But beyond that, They want him to go to jail. They wanna use their power and the color of law to put a former president in jail, who’s, by the way, running against the current guy in office. But yet this guy that’s in office actually has done things that are way worse than any.

If you look at Watergate, look at Watergate for a second. I mean, this was unbelievable. What he has done and what we have seen so far. We don’t, we don’t have all the evidence in yet either. They, they are going to, I think, start an impeachment inquiry coming up in the in the congressional when they, when they return in September after their summer break.

I think you’re gonna see that happen. And the interesting thing about it is, [00:07:00] is that, and I say this all the time, and you may have noticed this yourself, but I figured this out a few years ago. Whatever Democrats are accusing Republicans of doing, they’re doing it themselves. Divert,

Gene Valentino: deflect, distract it.

You brought it up and I’m glad you brought it up, Michael, because the Democrats are so blatant right now. They don’t even care. Here’s the, here’s what to look for. Look around at who’s laughing about Trump’s arrest? Watch carefully. That’s the true enemy that’s trying to take down this constitutional republic today.

It’s trumped, but tomorrow it’s you and me. That’s right. And everyone else in the neighborhood. And you know, and how many times have we said, how many times have we said failure to defend the rights of other people may result in your rights? My rights not being defended. How many times have we said rise up and, and [00:08:00] do what’s necessary?

We can whine every Friday morning when we certainly do bring up some stuff to get irritated about, but we must put an action plan in place to take this guy down and anyone. Who is interfering with our de constitution republic. Quick switch, the debates the other night who came out and was bold on that point.

Ron DeSantis. Now he, he didn’t score all the points I wish he did in the debate, but he sure made it clear. Lock and load shoot the enemy that crosses into our border carrying fentanyl because it’s an act of war. They’re coming at us and they’re killing innocent Americans, and it’s time to arm up and take them out.

Michael Pol: Donald Trump has said in the past, they’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you. Exactly. So you’re the one that they’re coming after, not me. They’re [00:09:00] using me as the conduit to get to you and. The other question I have, where is the AG of Georgia, the Attorney General of Georgia’s a Republican.

Where is he to today? What is his opinion on this and what can he do to thwart this prosecution? Yeah, that it’s absolutely.

Gene Valentino: Unheard of you. You just made the perfect, perfect segue into the key as to what makes our democracy so different. Unlike all the go other governances of the world, ours has the ability to remedy its shortcomings.

And what’s gonna happen is because we have a system so ingrained to being attentive to what the people we, the people are thinking, there will be a correction. It will swing back the other way. That pendulum we talked about. And here’s one sitting in the, in the sidelines that it hasn’t caught the news yet.

What’s the [00:10:00] connection on the political side with DeSantis to Christopher Ray DeSantis, excuse me, I meant to say Christopher. Chris Christie to Christopher Ray, the F B I director and Chris Christie to Jared Kushner’s father. And how that impacted Chris Christie’s disposition against Trump. I’ll come back to that after some more research in the near future.

And something else that just popped up before airtime this morning. There’s only one person sitting in a Georgia jail right now. His name is Harrison Floyd, who ha was the di is the director of Black Voices for Trump during the 2020 campaign. Keep your eye on Harrison Floyd. He did not post Bond, and the Dems aren’t talking about how they’ve incarcerated an African American on the [00:11:00] against Trump.

And this will become a bigger story in the near future.

Michael Pol: Well, we’ll, we’ll certainly not not let this one go. We’ll talk about it as we find out more information. That’s interesting. What, what was he supposedly to have done?

Gene Valentino: He was one of the protestors. That spoke out against the merits of the election, which everyone peacefully protested about.

He was the one that said there was no insurrection and that raised the ire of and it had more to do as well with the voting process in Georgia and the counting of those votes. And that Fannie Willis, the DA, is the one who’s got him behind bars right now. Very interesting

Michael Pol: because, you know, they are using the color and authority of the law of this country to go after political opponents.

And, and we’ve mentioned this and many people are talking about this, but folks, this is, this is what they do in Banana [00:12:00] Republics. This is what just happened in Russia. With the guy who was opposing Putin, who made the march, you know, the, the, the Bogner group, it looks

Gene Valentino: like. Yeah. That was you have Genni you have Genni.


Michael Pol: yeah. Something like that. But th but he is no longer, and the reason why he’s no longer is because, Putin ordered his plane shot down and it’s odd that they even got some video of it. I mean, it’s like, you know, I mean, how does that happen? Right? You, your plane gets shot down and for some reason there’s like somebody by there with a video camera that happens to catch it.

Gene Valentino: And do you think, Michael, do you think that this might be at our doorstep? Oh, they’re coming after Trump today. It’s you and me tomorrow. And then the autocratic dictatorial governance rises up and starts shooting people and planes out of the air. Like what’s going on in Communist [00:13:00] Russia? Our it, it’s, it’s here tomorrow if we don’t address the problem today.

I pray that America has the strength and the fortitude to get beyond the party politics and to right this ship. And return us to a constitutional republic before it’s too late.

Michael Pol: It’s so true. And you have to remember, we got less than a minute left. But you have to remember that Barack Obama was and is a Marxist.

That’s, that’s his, that’s the way he thinks. And if. Okay. So we think that Obama and his ilk, they’re all in charge right now because Joe Biden cannot make decisions. In fact, he just likes flying around on that airplane. And and going to places like Lake Tahoe and enjoying himself on the beach and on the lake, but, There are, there are forces out there that are Marxist socialist type forces that are pushing this country that direction.[00:14:00]

If they get one more term, one more term is all they need, and they’re gonna be in charge of this country and we’re never gonna be able to get out of this, we gotta stop this now. That’s, that’s great. That’s what, that’s, that’s all we got from time. But thank you Jean, as you normally do on Friday for joining us.

Always a

Gene Valentino: pleasure, gentlemen.