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Joe Biden’s ‘Tragedy of Deflection’…Charges Looming… Biden is Owned by China! Joe claiming, “poor me”.  His fake narrative is seen now on an unprecedented level.  He went too far with different narratives on the death of his son Beau. Joe uses the Beau’s death as leverage to garner attention and sympathy.  He’s so stupid and incompetent!  What does China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and other nations, have on Joe and Hunter?  The American Justice System has not gone forward with indictments against the Bidens.  Why?  They weren’t shy about going after Trump!  We need to protect the citizens of Ukraine. BUT it’s confusing when Ukraine is seen paying-back the Bidens with the money WE gave Ukraine!  The Democrat Party will not be the same party in the years ahead.  It will collapse or transform into something we will not recognize.  Congressman James Comer from the House Oversight Committee wants the Biden Family brought before Congress for questioning. More will be revealed. Regardless, there’s now so much more evidence of wrongdoing than ever existed against Trump or the President Nixon during the Watergate Affair.  China has their own problems, trying to keep 1.2-billion citizens happy. The CCP has promised prosperity to their many citizens, with their own failing economy at hand and a dwindling supply of goods and services.  An uprising in China is possible.  You heard it here first.


Episode 109: Joe Biden’s ‘Tragedy of Deflection’…Charges Looming…He’s Owned by China!

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, August 11th, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

Joe Biden’s ‘Tragedy of Deflection’…Charges Looming… Biden is Owned by China!??

Gene Valentino: Welcome,

Michael Pol: Ted and Michael Paul. If

Gene Valentino: you have a comment, you can call us now at eight nine eight

Michael Pol: on any ceasefire device. Our email is news radio mornings at gmail do com.

Gene Valentino: What a

Michael Pol: hot morning. We’ve got

Gene Valentino: it. Seven, 16. 16. After seven. We got Michael, Paul and Jean Valentino.

Michael Pol: Yeah. And a and the, the studio crowd seems to like that gene. So good morning to you.

Gene Valentino: Well, let me get, lemme get back. I’m just shaking a few hands down in the audience. Oh, there’s Ted timid. He doesn’t look, he doesn’t look older than us.

He looks our age, Michael. Yeah.

Michael Pol: Well, you know, I’ll tell you something, Ted he’s doing pretty good since he had his heart surgery and stopped [00:01:00] drinking.

Gene Valentino: Hey, welcome back, Ted. You sound good. Well, I tell you what I recommended for both of y’all at one point in your life.

Michael Pol: That’s right. You’re welcome. Well, no, you can only, you can only party for so long, Ted, and then one day you gotta hang it up.

Gene Valentino: That’s right. You get to that point where they put you on the top shelf and say you’re pickled.


Michael Pol: Sorry. Yeah, it is always good to have Eugene one of our, one of our faithful P one listeners we call ’em, has pegged you a long time ago as the velvet hammer because you’re so nice when you when you hit people on the head. And you know, I, I love listening to you talk about the issues of the day, and our audience has grown fond of you here in the Pine Belt, and so we love having you on Friday.

Welcome in. What’s on Your Mind? Thank

Gene Valentino: you, Michael. Hello Ted and Ted. Glad to hear you’re back and in good shape. You know, [00:02:00] this is a real treat for me. Every Friday morning I get to chat with you and the pine belt about some of the issues I. I, I go off and the rest of the day shaking my head saying, what the heck did I say this morning to Michael and Ted?

Oh my God. I mean, so here, let me just, how we record

Michael Pol: it.

Gene Valentino: You go back and listen to say, what’d you say that for you, dingdong? I mean, I

Michael Pol: think he did say that.

Gene Valentino: Hey, I gotta tell you. Before we start, I gotta reflect, you know, there’s a ton, a ton of things, a ton of stories at the door that we’re listening to, but the one that drives me nuts, and I’ve talked about the three Ds, the distract, deflect, divert, well this, I call it now a tragedy of deflection by Mr.

Joe Biden, who has used three times now discussed the [00:03:00] death of his son, Bo. Right in different situations. It was a he pulls the tragedy card out again and again to talk about the poor me situation about him, his family, and the loss of his son. This guy’s

Michael Pol: fake on a different level. E.

Gene Valentino: Exactly. You can’t make this up.

This guy has gone too far at using the personal crisis within his own family, a private matter to garner or leverage sympathy. Most recently at the anniversary of our fallen heroes having left of Afghanistan making military heroes, some of whom came back with fewer limbs than they went with.

Well, you have a problem, but my problems were I just lost my son. Well, if you’re president of the United States, how dare you not show the sympathy and [00:04:00] concern, and on the day of the funeral, be looking at your watch to see how soon we can get outta here. Look, he always

Michael Pol: makes it. He makes it about him, gene.

It’s about him. Yeah. And his loss, not the people that he’s going there to honor. That’s

Gene Valentino: exactly my concern. And now I look at the broader picture and I asked a more fundamental question. Is he, if he is so stupid and incompetent to do that and abuse his own family that way, what does Beijing China have on Joe Biden?

Absolutely everything about this Joe and Hunter scandal, which I’m about to talk about, which really lit me up recently has prevented the American system from going forward with an indictment against Hunter or Joe, or both. Why? And the question is they’re stacking the deck to keep your attention diverted, deflected, and distracted [00:05:00] away from the real issue.

And the real issue is he’s owned by these foreign adversaries, China, Russia, and Ukraine. I’m, I’m tempted to say, Michael, we’re, we should not get out of Ukraine and support the people because the people are victims to political antics. The people are not aware of, and we must protect u Ukraine like we protected Europe, nato, or no nato granted, but sitting against that backdrop, you’ve got proof that he was bribing and extorting.

With the Ukrainian prosecutor from being to be terminated, to be removed from office because he was after his son Hunter for wrongdoing in Ukraine. What are we really putting those millions and [00:06:00] billions of dollars into in Ukraine? If it’s true, we have so much going on right now with payback in full view, might it be that Ukraine’s paying back the Biden crime family as well with the money we’re giving them?


Michael Pol: know what this is starting to look like Gene, this is starting to look like one of those Nigerian prince scams. Yeah. Where the Nigerian prince says, Hey man, I got $30 million. I gotta get it out of the country. And you know, and they said it, they used to send ’em on fax. Now it’s on email. But we’ve all seen that story.

But this is what it’s starting to

Gene Valentino: look like. Well, I heard your comments before we started today. About Joe Manson, poten Joe Manchin Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia is possibly switching parties, whether it’s Republican or independent. He’s gonna have Joe Jim Justice, the governor going against him if he decides to run.

And I, I’m concerned, I’m concerned that the Biden, we, you and I talked about [00:07:00] this before, the Democrat party. We’ll disintegrate and melt into nothing, or it’ll be transformed into something so unrecognizable by our children and grandchildren.

Michael Pol: Yeah. You know, I, I’ll tell you something. We, we watched this, but now I’m gonna tell you something.

I think I’m starting to get a feeling, and I didn’t have this feeling just couple, two or three weeks ago. You and I have talked about this a number of different times. I’m starting to get the feeling that I really believe. That Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the Biden crime family are gonna end up paying the price for this.

I really, I really think it’s gonna happen, and here’s why. When you see what they’re doing to Donald Trump, the only thing that the Republicans can do to equalize this is to take. Biden to impeachment. Yeah. It’s the only thing. And and look, there’s more evidence [00:08:00] today, right now than they had against Richard Nixon when they started impeachment hearings against him.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Well, speaking of evidence, you hit the nail on the head again, Michael, this gentleman in Maryland, I think he’s a, was a police chief or sheriff, in Baltimore area, a Daryl Dusa. So he gets 10 months in prison and for not paying $67,000. I saw that in taxes not paid. Yeah. Okay. So he pleaded guilty three counts for failure to pay his individual taxes on that money compared to a gentleman by the name of Hunter Biden.

Who has $1.2 million in taxes not paid. He is on some sort of probation that he screwed up recently and was expected to plead not guilty to these two counts of [00:09:00] willful and failure to pay these taxes. Now, if that isn’t a two tier justice system, I don’t know what is. And you, you might as well call it racism because Darrell DeSouza in Baltimore is an African American and obviously he paid the price in a way that Hunter Biden is not.

So James Comer, head of House oversight committee, is now to subpoena the Biden family, not just Joe or Hunter. And I suspect more will be revealed. Yeah,

Michael Pol: I think you’re right. And, you know, talking about the money that he owes the government for, for back taxes that he didn’t pay. You know, what a crazy thing, how this guy takes money from foreign countries.

He’s not registered as a, as a foreign lobbyist, whatever you wanna call it, that there’s a, there’s a law specifically that connects that. Yeah. Money and you bring it into the country and you don’t pay your taxes. There’s a threshold of [00:10:00] $100,000 heard. An I R S agent talking about this the other day on some program, and they say if you owe more than a hundred thousand, that’s when they come after you.

They come after you with everything. If it’s below a hundred thousand, they leave that up to the local You know the who, whoever the local attorney is that’s handling the case, the federal attorney for the government. But when it gets to be a hundred k, the I themselves, they start coming after you.


Gene Valentino: it amazing? You know, they, they’ve got this two tier standard of justice and now we see it in plain view and even the Democrat party. I’m, when you say getting impeached, it’s not just about Joe Biden, it’s about you know his D O J and the F B I folks. Hey, you know, there’s been more going on than I don’t even know what to talk about.

First, the G O P January 6th committee. The committee destroyed all the records.

Michael Pol: Yes. Benny Thompson, Mississippi was heading [00:11:00] that

Gene Valentino: Barry Louder, Republican from Georgia. Congressman, quick

Michael Pol: story. Quick story. This is no kidding, Jim. Benny Thompson was the guy when he was a mayor in a small town in north Mississippi in what we call the delta of Mississippi.

He wanted listen to this, to take that part of Mississippi and make it its own. Country. He wanted to leave the United States be their own country. This is the guy that was trying to put Donald

Gene Valentino: Trump in jail. Yeah. Even at the local level, in communities around the nation, you find certain suburbs or. Hamlets wanting to break off and become their own township or city within the county government.

Why? Because they’re not happy with the county or state government. My pro problem is more government is what you’re asking for, which does not solve the problem. We need less government. Therefore, if you don’t like what’s going on in your government, Fix it through [00:12:00] impeachment, fix it for through ordinances of law or state statute that get things reformed quicker.

And one of the things I want reformed quicker is in a more immediate way to get rid of these crooks that have been in appropriately elected by us. That’s our fault. We got him in office now, and I don’t wanna wait two to four years to get out. We gotta have an immediate triggering event through what I was referring to as a special magistrate system.

To get them out immediately. ’cause the damage being done now is real bad. You know, we’re looking at China, which is a turn, which is really having problems of their own. They better worry about an insurrection of their own within their own country. Their supply chain network and supply from, of goods and services from around the world have dropped about 25%.

They have made a huge commitment to 1.2 billion people in China that they, that [00:13:00] the communist China Chinese Communist Party fears the worst that may turn on them. As a result, China’s not gonna be able to move as quickly as they want. That’s why they’re pushing this ti Taiwanese initiative to take their attention off the problem of delivery and delivering productivity and wealth to the citizens over there.

They’ve got their bag of problems as well.

Michael Pol: Yeah, and, and all we can do is, is hope that their bag of problems bust open and gets bigger. That’s

Gene Valentino: all we can hope real quick be if I have time before we close last Saturday night. I’m listening to politicians talk about the use of deadly force needed at our southern border.

I agree. I’m ready. The bold and brazen folks in the south south of our border have increased our migraine count again to over [00:14:00] 1000. Per day, 98 different countries invading us right now from Iran, Syria Russia, China and here we are.

Michael Pol: Yeah, so, so you’re exactly right. That’s the music we gotta go.

But let me just tell you something. They had people coming across the border the other day with military rifles. You pop a few of those and let me tell you something, that’ll

Gene Valentino: stop. That’s the only reason I want Donald Trump back. Michael, let’s knock this issue down. I’ll tell you next. You have a good weekend.

Michael Pol: Best to.