Democrat Overreach Again! ~ Giving American Jobs to ILLEGAL Immigrants

Investigative reporter John Solomon reveals that the new intelligence forthcoming will show that Hunter Biden, was working with Joe Biden to share nuclear plant security with the Chinese. If true Jim Jordan in the House Ethics Committee will likely plan for criminal referrals. If true, this will be the most treasonous criminal wrongdoing in American history. Constitutional Amendments need to be stronger to address criminal acts by elected officials and staff. 

WMXI Episode 137: Democrat Overreach Again! ~ Giving American Jobs to ILLEGAL Immigrants

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Democrat Overreach Again! ~ Giving American Jobs to ILLEGAL Immigrants

WMXI 15 March 2024

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WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: Good morning. TGIF 7 16, 16 minutes after seven o’clock. An honor to have with us, of course, Gene Valentino and Michael Paul.


Michael Pol: morning, gentlemen. Hey, good morning, Gene. Good

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: morning, Michael. Good morning, Ted. Hello, everybody. Doing great, buddy. How about you? Well, we just got back from, uh, California. We were at the CNP conference and, uh, I was coming down the elevator and I saw a sign and it said, in case of an earthquake Or, Terrorist Attack, The Ban on Prayer is Temporary Lifted.

Welcome to California. So

Michael Pol: C& P, tell us for those of us that don’t know about these acronyms, what that means.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: Oh, this is, uh A very conservative group of, uh, Republican [00:02:00] conservatives. This is the conve uh, the conf the con what’s wrong with me? The Council on for National Policy. Okay. The Council for National Policy.

They meet a few times per year. And they’re discussing national policy. I had the privilege of spending some private time with a very popular contributor on Fox News. He was on last night with Hannity, Mr. John Solomon.

Michael Pol: Yeah, look, I told you, I want to talk to that guy. That guy is amazing. John Solomon is probably one of the greatest.

Best investigative reporters in the business

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: today. Yes, indeed. In fact, um, it’s a good segue, which you just mentioned, Michael, because he’s talking about some serious stuff. I want to come back to you in a minute on this whack job, uh, Chucky Schumer here, Senator Schumer, but before I hit on that, Solomon was talking [00:03:00] about the recent investigation he did, Michael, on Hunter Biden.

As it relates to the Communist Party and they were, their aim to control the nuclear energy market here in the United States, the power companies, through the acquisition of US intelligence on nuclear energy data that runs our nuclear power plant and in the center of that activity was a guy by the name of Hunter Biden.

Coordinating that access with his daddy. Say it ain’t so. It’s not. This is serious. And, and, uh, this information, uh, Jim Jordan in the house, um, is investigation that’s going on right now may move off of, um, uh, civil charges. There may be criminal charges that they’re redirecting. [00:04:00] To Hunter Biden and ergo by default, his father.

This is the most egregious, if true, and I have no reason to believe John Solomon has made up anything to date. If true, I think we’re going to see the most historic criminal treasonous wrongdoing in the United States history.

Michael Pol: You know, the sad part is. Is that we really have to hope only that we get Republicans in charge in the Senate and in the House and the presidency to actually get a criminal trial going on.

Because I can tell you that Joe Biden is not going to let his son go to trial. He’s not going to let his justice department put him on trial. And not only that, but bat this. He will give him a full pardon before he leaves office and this will all be done with. Without a doubt. [00:05:00] Without a doubt. He will never, ever, ever, ever have to worry about going to trial because his father is going to pardon him along with probably some others, including his brother, and maybe himself.

And let me just tell you something, nothing is going to happen to these people so don’t get

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: your hopes up. I won’t get my hopes up in the normal sense, but the castigation of wrongdoing against both of them and the Biden crime family in general will go down in history as the biggest disgrace. Of any elected official in American history.

Right. Mark my words. Right. And I’ve met with some people who seem to be whispering that behind the scenes it’s a, uh, we have a problem in the United States, we have a concept called justice and due process. Right. And, uh, it’s been mired at every, it’s a, it’s been attempted to be taken down at every step along the way and every step [00:06:00] along the way it seems.

to be, um, uh, withstanding the test of these perpetrators of fraud. And I think there is a possibility that we will see justice way longer than we should expect, uh, but hopefully through constitutional amendments in the future, Michael, we’ll see a remedy to that point as well. Well, it’s a shame, uh, we, we have overstepped in so many areas and I do see from this CNP conference, a gathering.

I come home with optimism and see a lot of leaders in this nation stepping up to protect our constitutional republic and a democracy that is attempted to run within that constitutional republic.

Michael Pol: So, we, we’ve been talking to different congressmen, of course our congressman here in the fourth district where, where we’re located was re elected overwhelmingly in the Republican primary.

He had an opponent, but got like [00:07:00] 73 percent of the vote, who, who does that? That’s somebody that’s very popular, Congressman Mike Ezell, and he told us, uh, just, uh, I don’t know, a couple of days ago that the, Republicans are this, they believe that the Senate will in fact go back to Republican control because it’s just lining up and also they, they think, and they hope that there’ll be able to get more members in the house so that they’ll have a, uh, a better majority versus what’s going on now.

So if that happens and Donald Trump gets elected, then you’ve got, well, you’ve got a lot of things that can happen. If Republicans are in power for all three of the branches of government, well, I say all three, at least two of them. The courts, of course, are a different branch, but most of those guys that are there were appointed by Donald Trump.

And he might get the opportunity to [00:08:00] appoint some more, even, in the next four years. But it looks like, to me, as things are going right now, and you know, you can’t ever get your hopes up, because let me tell you something, the Democrats are going to They’re going to cheat. They’re going to do everything they can to keep Donald Trump from getting in office, no matter what it takes.

They love the process and they work the process and Republicans, you know, we just love candidates, right? We, we don’t really love the process. Uh, me, I’m not like a detail guy. That’s not something that. Interest me, the process, but we better get busy and we better start paying attention to the process because that’s how they got Joe Biden elected president.

The process.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: The process, even the process extending Michael to the election process. Uh, you know, John Solomon, we were talking about a minute ago, had [00:09:00] 67 percent on an AP poll. Of Democrats say now that most people know that Joe Biden has done something criminal and is aware there may be a criminal referral pending.

Now, while Donald Trump puts his daughter in law in place to try to unify and collect more Republicans in a cohesive way, in a more proactive Republican party. We’ve had our faults too, and the Republicans could have been more proactive in their campaign and monitoring of the election process. That aside for a minute, we see now, word coming, that how many of these Democrats are going to quietly go into that voting booth?

And vote for Donald Trump. Hey, I’ve had enough. Uh, no one can hear me or see me. [00:10:00] I’m voting. I, a Democrat, have had enough with this embarrassment on the Democrat side. I’m voting for Donald Trump. Or, one third of them might vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Who was also That! That

Michael Pol: is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, because I think that is going to be the killer of Joe Biden.

That particular, and look, he’s talking about running, he’s talking about running Aaron Rodgers as his vice president, a very popular American quarterback who people respect and like. And look, he’s a smart guy too, don’t kid yourself. So

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: yeah, but that’s, yeah, that, but that analysis is excellent, but my people are telling me.

And these are people who know better than me that that will more likely pull from a Democrat voting for Biden, not take away from a vote for Trump. And in that light, it’s the [00:11:00] Ross Perot theory of a decade or two ago, where it’s diluting the other side to allow the Republican to win. So even if, even if, um, Trump doesn’t win by majority vote, he wins by plurality.

In that sense. Exactly.

Michael Pol: Because what, what you have to understand is the way the presidential race works. It’s not who gets the most votes. It’s who gets the most electoral votes, which is something that he could have. Honestly, if, if it works out, like, I think it, I hope I’m praying. I got my fingers crossed.

If it works out, like I think it is, Donald Trump is going to not only get a plurality, but he’s going to get a landslide in the electoral college. What do you think?

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: Well, I think it’s elect, it’s a landslide in electoral college because a third of the Democrats will vote for Kennedy, a third will stay with Biden, and a third will stay home.

Because they’re so angry. The [00:12:00] Republicans got, must coalesce at this time to win. That’s my prediction. It’s not whether Trump wins or loses. It’s how Trump wins, which is really going to be the key. All right. Can we,

Michael Pol: well, I was just going to say, could we switch subjects for a minute? We got about three minutes left and something got my attention last night when I was watching, uh, Jesse Waters on Fox News.

And of course, Sean Hannity, we’ve been quoting stuff from the Sean Hannity show last night from, uh, John Solomon. Did you see, by chance, what Tyson Foods are doing to American workers here in the United States and going after workers who are illiterate? Illegal. They’re asylum seekers here in the United States.

They have gone 100 percent for them and are trying to, well, not trying, [00:13:00] they have let go 1, 200 people that are American workers here in the United States and going after the, uh, the asylum seekers. To make them their workers. Illegal immigrants. Immigrants. They’re immigrants, but okay. They’re

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: illegal

Michael Pol: immigrants.

Right. This is something that is unbearable to me. And I think a lot of Americans look at this and they say, Tyson food. Look, I mean, who hadn’t eaten Tyson chicken, right? I mean, they make a lot of chicken, millions of pounds of chicken a day, and they’re making those implants with American workers, but now they’re, they’re closing plants That have American workers and they’re opening plants that are gonna have immigrant workers.

This makes me sick in my stomach. I wanna know what you think about it. We got a minute and 15.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: Well, there’s no difference between that and the racism that’s pervaded, [00:14:00] uh, the Democrat party since its inception. It’s there are racist behavior going back a century. Uh, and their support of slavery is the precursor to what you just described.

Hire the immigrant, legal, or otherwise. And, and use him at scab wages and hurt the American citizen in the process. This is a perpetration of a tiered state system that is intended to create elitist, M Marxist socialistic, upper tier people. It creates the have and the have nots. Right. And the Republicans have turned into the people of the working class, the grassroots.

And we didn’t get time to talk about it, but if I may just stick it in here. This Chuck Schumer stunt trying to suggest that Netanyahu get replaced in Israel is a major overstep by [00:15:00] Chuck Schumer and it’s consistent with the Democrat party’s overreach. It’s not unlike the story you just mentioned on Tyson Foods.

Michael Pol: Chuck U. Schumer. That’s him. Chuck. Chuck you. And, and, and we’re not going to forget that because that guy, he doesn’t like Netanyahu because he, he’s a conservative. Okay. Let’s forget about that. Thank you, Gene. Have a great

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-03-15 – Segment 1 of 1: weekend. Enjoy the week guys. 7. 30.

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