Border Frustration Reaching Stalls At Walmart

We must elect officials that can protect us from foreign attempts to transform our thinking. This is the real invasion upon America at this time. In the last decade in particular we see a political/social transformation of thinking where we have been pushed to consider behavior so foreign to good American morals, ethics, and principles. This nonsense is extending into schools, DEI with employers, and is a ‘deep state’ attempt to numb us up before the George Soros transformation takes hold of this nation! And now a 20 year old illegal from Guatemala is arrested in D’Iberville, Mississippi for looking under the Stalls At Walmart in the women’s bathroom! Add more states to the United States and use the bad actors within our FBI to run the Cartels out of the new states added to the nation. All of these illegals become American citizens and stay right where they are in their own countries. They become American taxpayers and stay right where they are. No need to cross a border to enjoy what we are now paying for! Those countries become new American states, just like Alaska and Hawaii became in the 1950’s. This silent takedown of America from within is underway. We MUST turn this around. The very people hurt by this policy are the ignorant Democrats and RINO Republicans who will vote for Joe Biden, who fail to see George Soros’s political/social tyrannical transformation that is underway right now!


WMXI Episode 138: Border Frustration Reaching Stalls At Walmart

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, April 5, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Border Frustration Reaching Stalls At Walmart

WMXI with Gene Valentino on 4 April 2024

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WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Good morning to everybody. How are you?

Michael Pol: I’m good.

I wanted to start out with a great local example of what’s going on with the invasion of our country. Our country’s being invaded, folks. And, and Ted, you may have seen this. It was on both, uh, it was, it was on, uh, WDAM website. It was on WLOX. This happened down Biloxi, actually D’Iberville. But many of you will know exactly where I’m talking about when I tell you what happened.

At the Walmart, In D’Iberville, which is right at the intersection of Interstate 10 and I 110, where you’re headed down into [00:03:00] Biloxi, a big shopping area, a lot of, a lot of things going on there. According to the D’Iberville police, there was a man arrested Wednesday for looking under stalls in the women’s restroom.

The chief of police there, Shannon Nobles, said that they arrested 20 year old Jesler J. O. Perez from Guatemala. Now, This guy is from Guatemala. He’s not from here. How did he get here? Well, guess what? He is, uh, because we live in Mississippi and because we believe in laws and we believe that illegal immigrants should be, uh, held accountable for things that they do here and they should be deported.

They put a detainer on him, an ICE detainer. on this guy. Now, we don’t know what his intentions were if he wouldn’t have gotten caught. We don’t know if this couldn’t have been another situation where a young [00:04:00] woman gets murdered right here in our, very near to our homes. This is something that I think is going to actually, I don’t think there’s any turning back from this now.

We have to elect somebody that will protect us From these crazy people coming from all over the world that have a whole different set of values than we do. Gene, what do you think about that?

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: You cannot enjoy the riches of America unless you follow the rules of America. And what has happened in the last decade in particular?

Is you see a social makeup occurring within our elected folks and in our constituents, where it’s a transformation of thinking, Michael, where people are beginning to [00:05:00] say, well, maybe we need to adjust our ways to their way. Uh, let me say it differently. If someone comes into my home with muddy boots and decides to put their feet up on my coffee table in my living room, they’re getting smacked and thrown out of the house.

When in Rome, you do as the Romans. Now, if that’s acceptable elsewhere, fine. It’s not acceptable here. Get the hell out.

Michael Pol: Yeah, you know, here we are with, with a person who is obviously deviant, looking under, you know, women’s stalls, in the women’s bathroom, to begin with. Of course, you know, we can’t really say much about that anymore, right?

Because maybe he identifies as a woman. And, you know, I mean, that’s the craziness. It’s the craziness that we’re having to deal with. People who are actually sane, who actually have common sense, who actually [00:06:00] want to do good and obey the laws and pay their taxes. We’re getting dumped on and it’s horrible and I’m sick and tired of it.

And this is just a local example of how this could happen to you. And like I said, the most important part about this, it’s hard to prove a negative, right? But the most important part about this is what would he have done had he not been caught? Would he follow one of those women out of the bathroom, to their car, maybe follow them home, maybe, Knock their brains out like the guy did up in Georgia.

We don’t know.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Well, it’s at least immoral, but it’s definitely illegal. And we think there’s something, uh, that we have to do to tolerate this nonsense. It extends into the schools, it extends into education, it extends into DEI practices about diversity, [00:07:00] equity, and inclusion applying to how corporate employers are hiring people and what we must tolerate with the guys sitting next to us at work.

This is an attempt on the Deep State funded by George Soros to take on a massive Transformation of the human psyche of American thinking to numb us up before the operation, and the operation will be the takeover of America if we don’t stand up. And do something about it. Now, I’ve talked about something recently, Michael, that before seemed rather crazy, and a lot of people kind of tolerated my opinion, but now it’s proving to be true.

We need to make The country of Mexico, the 51st state of the nation. We need to make [00:08:00] Haiti the first 52nd, Puerto Rico the 53rd, and I could continue. Why? Because I want to adopt that practice? No. These bad actors stay right where they are in their own countries, now a new state of a United States. And they then begin to adopt and follow the rules of the states.

They enjoy the benefits of the states, they enjoy everything they’re trying to climb over a border wall to enjoy here. They enjoy where they are in their own backyard. And here’s the thing everyone forgets. They’re paying American taxes. They’re contributors, they’re not takers, which you and I are funding right now.

That’s what’s driving me nuts. Now, do I like that behavior? Hell no. Do we have a cartel in Mexico to deal with? Absolutely yes. We’ll stick those perverse FBI [00:09:00] agents who are banging down doors here in the United States, On some sort of big, uh, uh, show, like it’s a scene out of a movie when they, uh, uh, infiltrate someone’s home at 5 a.

  1. We’ll use those actors to go down and deal with the cartel, and we’ll use those actors to go after the, uh, political wrongdoers. That are feeding all these bad people coming over the border in the first place.

Michael Pol: Well, it’s not going to happen, so forget about that.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Oh, we got to. I know what is happening. A takeover of this nation.

Yeah. And if we don’t get aggressive about a country, about an alternative response, Michael, we won’t even have a radio show like this to discuss it on anymore.

Michael Pol: Yeah, you’re, you’re probably right. But here’s the thing, What we need to do, or what I think needs to be done, before any of that happens, is that they need to declare the cartels in Mexico terrorist groups [00:10:00] and start bombing them.

Start blowing them up just like we do over in Sudan and Iraq and all of these other places. You want to talk about being able to stop it? You start taking out their leaders. You start letting them know. That this is war. Well, the only guy we

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: know,

Michael Pol: you get the, wait, you get the right president in there that’s got the kahunas to do something about it and we can stop this.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: That’s what I was going to say. And the only guy we know that can do that and has proven to have done it is Donald Trump.

Michael Pol: Yeah. And so we know that we’ve got to get something happening here because this is consuming our life.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: That’s the border

Michael Pol: situation. Is consuming our life. It is taking jobs away from Americans.

It is lowering the standard of living in this country. And it’s the people who are hurt. It shocks me sometimes that the people who are hurt [00:11:00] the worst, and I hate to come across so negative this morning, but it just ticks me off. The people that are hurt the worst by these policies. Are the very people that will go and vote for Joe Biden.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Well, it’s, you know, there’s a, I had, um, something I came across this morning, I’ll share with you. Do you remember, uh, someone going back to the 1700s? His name was Maximilian Robespierre. He preceded, uh, uh, Napoleon. He was a whack job himself, but he came up with some interesting philosophical comments. He was trying to promote a strong state of his own, similar to Marxism and Socialism, and he had a comment.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny lies in keeping them ignorant. Right. So if we stay ignorant [00:12:00] about the facts right underneath our nose, one of which you brought up this morning about this, uh, keeping Tom in the bathroom stalls, uh, if that’s the case. And we allow that to continue, then we, uh, get what we deserve.

How’s that for an answer? The, the beauty of our constitutional republic, the democracy itself, is that freedom and liberty starts at the grassroots level and it’s time for us to rise up, uh, and take back our nation. Uh, even the sheriffs in the local counties over here are saying, listen. If you’ve got some bad behavior in your front yard, shoot them and then call us.

That’s coming from sheriffs. So, uh, you know, I’m not, I’m not suggesting that directly. You’re going to defend yourself, obviously, as the second amendment allows.

Michael Pol: It’s clear. If you are in, if you are in fear [00:13:00] of your life, you have the right to use deadly force. So look, if somebody’s in your backyard trying to get in your house, that is, that puts fear in me.

I can just tell you that. They’re not coming in, I can tell you, if I can stop them.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Well, that peeping Tom looking under the bathroom stall could have put fear in someone too.

Michael Pol: But you see what I’m saying about that? This, this is a great local example, and this happens all over the country. This is happening everywhere in our country.

And, and so, I brought this up this morning because this is a great example of how it can happen right here. Right here, where we live. You can see an illegal doing things that we wouldn’t, that most people wouldn’t even think of doing. It’s just, I mean, we don’t know what his intentions were because he got caught.

If he wouldn’t have gotten caught, What would have happened then? Would we be reading about some poor young woman who [00:14:00] had been murdered by this 20 year old illegal immigrant from Guatemala? He should not be here to be able to do this. That’s the real

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: story is, and this is how the, the, the media’s got to deal with it and we have to be, uh, aware of it.

What if that woman who had that threat on her, imposed on her in the way it was, as you described, Uh, had a weapon to protect herself, would the story be that she was being carted off to jail for murder? Or would it be a self defense story that the news media picks up? It doesn’t matter. We have to take back our rights and our liberties and our freedoms, and if we fail to do that individually, then we cannot rely on elected officials who are more worried about getting re elected than we are about getting re elected.

And failed to have, uh, manage a balanced budget and have still not put together immigration laws in [00:15:00] place, protect those bad actors from coming over the line in the first place, Michael.

Michael Pol: Yeah, you’re exactly right. Our border was somewhat secure under Donald Trump. We still had issues. You’re always It was moving

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: in the right direction.

Michael Pol: Yeah. And if we could have gotten the support of the United States Congress for President Trump’s plans, it would be, it would be just like the border between Gaza and Egypt. Because if you look at that border, Egypt does not want people from Gaza to live in Egypt. And they have a border that shows you how to do it.

Meanwhile, Go ahead. We got about 15 seconds.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Real quick. Meanwhile, you got Biden giving advice on what Netanyahu can and cannot do as policy for the Israelis to defend themselves. And he cannot come forward with a clear [00:16:00] policy on how to defend our nation’s border, which he’s taken an oath of office to protect.

Him not doing so is impeachable.

Michael Pol: Well, of course, but hopefully he’ll just be unelected come November.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Can’t wait.

Michael Pol: Me too. All right. Thanks, Gene. Have a great weekend.

WMXI – Pine Belt Daybreak – Gene Valentino Interview – 2024-04-05 – Segment 1 of 1: Velvet Hammers is signing off.

Michael Pol: See you, buddy.

The Wellness Company: I remember the first meeting that I had with our chief medical team and I said to them, I said, Life comes down, you’re going to be judged by the choices that you make. And when the choice to start this company came up. It was a no brainer because we all need to fight for what we believe in and we need to strive for something.

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