Who Get’s It 100% Their Way…100% of the Time? Senate confirms 63 to 36 a House Debt Ceiling Bill that takes us to 2025.  The fiasco of the budget process in Congress is the source of our financial problems.  Gene’s 2nd Bill of Rights addresses this issue. One of the proposed amendments focuses on a BALANCED BUDGET three months prior to the next fiscal period.  This 11th hour insanity goes away.  Congress rejects Biden’s student loan forgiveness.  Supreme Court reviews Biden’s forgiveness attempt in July.  2/3 majority in Congress required to overturn Biden’s expected veto.  Pointless projects are being funded in this budget BUT, Republicans are forced to compromise again.  With a Republican Senate and President, in addition to the Republican House, recovery to normal fiscal policies is immediate.  Under Speaker Pelosi, the budget was over 3,000 pages and legislators had to “vote the budget in so that they could then spend the time to read it.”  Instead, Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, delivered a 99-page budget with a 3-day review.  Good for McCarthy!


Episode 101: Who Get’s It 100% Their Way…100% of the Time?

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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