What Lies Behind the Curtain That We Have Not Seen…YET?

80% of Americans believe the priorities of inflation, the economy, gas, and crime come before abortion. The Dems and Biden think the priority of this nation is Abortion. ONLY 5% of the nation says that abortion is a priority!  Let that be your guide. The world realizes that Iran is poisoning the rest of the world. Iran is the fuse in the tank for nuclear war. The UK and the EU find Iranians are working as the supply source for the drone attacks on Ukraine. Barack Obama is steering a corpse called Joe Biden. Too much Biden money flooding the economy…TRIGGERING INFLATION. The CDC is now trying to protect ‘Big Pharma’ from liability lawsuits for the suspicious COVID vaccine that has not been totally proven. How dare they suggest the same vaccine is now to be used on children!  China is killing us from within. 100’s of thousands of people are dying fentanyl…A destruction of our nation from within our borders, from the bad behavior of our government leaders. It’s criminal that the CDC is allowing Americans to be exposed to an unproven vaccine.  A pattern is developing that shows a relationship between males with low testosterone who took the ‘jab’.  The COVID shots cannot be forced on children!  More American lives have been lost within our American borders than those lost in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Vietnam combined!  The new wave of Republicans must move to a more aggressive counter-attack force.  Mitch McConnell MUST go!  Romney too! … And the Republicans better step-up and make a difference this time!


Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 71