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The Noose is Tightening for Joe!

Good for Judge Maryellen Noreika and the two whistleblowers, Garry Shapley, and Joseph Ziegler. They saved this nation! They brought incontrovertible evidence forward detailing Hunter Biden’s illegal tax evasion. Presumably under the direction of Joe Biden, Prosecutor David Weiss was trying to protect Hunter, when clear evidence showed that he was guilty of such felonies. The Democrats don’t want to hear this but, not one in Congress should vote against an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden. The noose tightens, showing several direct links in bribery and extortion involving Hunter’s father, Joe Biden. Hunter Biden is the ‘patsy’ and ‘fall guy’ for Joe Biden’s most serious treasonous behavior with foreign actors on the world scene. The Biden Crime Family has been ‘skimming’ from the foreign aid allocations, which America provides to Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Romania, Venezuela, Russia and elsewhere. The Biden collective of wrongdoing is complicit with the Deep State. It’s revealing itself in many ways. David Weiss, Biden’s DOJ prosecutor under Alejandro Mayorkas, is an example of the many deep state actors that have manipulated circumstances and outcomes behind the backs of the American people and our elected officials. This must change! Biden, his crime family, and his administration overall, define the narrative based on what financially benefits the Biden’s. Word has it the Biden’s have over $50-million stashed away in banks around the world. Let’s see what more is revealed in the months ahead. Let’s see if Congress has the balls to charge and impeach Joe Biden, with evidence that is MUCH more in plain sight!


WMXI Episode 125: The Noose is Tightening for Joe!

  • Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, December 8, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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Full Episode Transcript

The Noose is Tightening for Joe!

Narrator: [00:00:00] So how does Gene Valentino start off his day?

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Gene, welcome in. It’s a, it’s your segment. We do this every Friday. Love to hear what you’ve got to say. I think you’ve got a couple of [00:01:00] things you want to talk about this morning, so I’m gonna let you get started.

I am totally convinced. That Madam Judge Mary Ellen Noreca, who prevented this whole Biden debacle, Hunter Biden debacle from being swept under the rug, in concert with the whistleblowers who came forward with evidence during David Weiss’s attempt to Eliminate charges against Hunter under the rules of, uh, the statute of limitations.

I’m convinced Judge Noriega and the two whistleblowers have saved this nation. They saved this nation because they brought evidence forward, which was indisputable and incontrovertible. It meant that evidence had to be brought forward and reviewed in more detail. Now the Democrats don’t want to hear this, [00:02:00] but there’s not one of them that should vote against an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden as the noose tightens around him.

Hunter Biden is the patsy. He’s the, he’s was attempted to be the fall guy. Can you imagine as a father using your son as a fall guy? And, and using him as the fall guy for what is now much more serious impeachable charges against Joe Biden because of the direct linkage between father and son on violations and treasonous behavior with foreign actors.

In the world scene that did nothing but embellish or amplify the financial standing of the Biden crime family during these various theaters and episodes worldwide. One week we’re talking about Israel. [00:03:00] The week before, months before, we’ve been talking since October, since, well, for the last two years about Ukraine.

We’re talking about the mismanagement of a budget process to fund those two theaters of wrongdoing, only now to have clear evidence under our nose that the Biden crime family has been skimming proceeds off of the allocation of dollars to Ukraine, not to mention side deals. That Hunter got caught not paying taxes on.

Don’t tell me another word about Donald Trump’s alleged wrongdoing. If you fail to look at what’s right under your nose for the last two years, I better cool off. Well, here’s the problem. There’s just not enough evidence. You see, I mean, if you speak with Not enough evidence, come on! Come on, man! Oh, I’m [00:04:00] sorry, I didn’t mean to make you even more upset, but if you listen very carefully to the national news media and the pundits that discuss these things, there’s not enough evidence to even think that Joe Biden would do something like that.

What are you talking about? Divert, deflect, and distract. The three D’s you and I talked about going back three years now. Yeah. They are deflecting your attention on sidebar issues. Even Santos is a sidebar issue when you see John Fetterman trying to suggest that he be removed from office. What a distraction.

This, these antics are nothing more than child’s play. Now here’s the deal. We are the Americans. Of this beautiful, sacred United States, where I’m looking at all of you and myself, I’m in the same boat, we’ve got to get rid [00:05:00] of the bad actors legally through the electoral process. If you fail to do that in the 2024 election, I hate to say it, you deserve what you get.

No, you don’t. You deserve to understand what you’ve done wrong. Yeah. You deserve to realize that this nation needs better players that you’re sending to Congress and the House of Representatives and Senate. We need to bring more of these folks on our radio shows and grill them a little harder on what their platform is.

And I am thoroughly upset with the fact that many of them have gotten a pass. We hold them accountable, Michael, but somehow When they get through the doors, those hallowed doors of Congress, it’s like Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. They, it’s like the beaten child or the beaten wife, and they just succumb to some, [00:06:00] uh, political violence of sorts that gets you to believe things aren’t, okay, you got into Congress, thanks for joining us.

Now here’s the way we’re going to act and behave. Do you, and I, and just one case comes to mind as I’m, as I’m talking, January 6th, more and more is coming out about the fact that this was a staged conspiracy by the deep state law enforcement officers through the Department of Justice in concert with Nancy Pelosi, who ignored Trump’s concerns three days earlier that there were going to be some, uh, bad actors on the, uh, uh, congressional steps.

And she did nothing to initiate security for that event, making it, making Donald Trump look worse. Now that’s a sidebar. The real issue today is that that evidences itself as a pattern, a pattern of the deep state over time. And today under [00:07:00] our nose. You got the pattern of bad behavior with a David Weiss, the prosecutor, who in one sense says that the firearms charges against Hunter, uh, will come under one set of rules, but the tax evasion issues out on the West Coast just filed yesterday through Los Angeles District Courts will fall under another set of rules.

This is absolutely an inconsistency of the justice department as well. When Donald Trump returns. And we need a, we need a solidified GOP, I admit that, but when he returns, he needs a kick ass enema on the entire rank and file of the United States. The bureaucracy behind, uh, the leaders, this government.

Need to be removed. It’s not just about the elected person anymore because those deep state actors who’ve been in on the [00:08:00] job, Michael, some 20, 30, 40 years are the ones who took Donald Trump down. And Anthony Fauci is at the top of this list. Yeah. So take a deep breath, maybe some blood pressure medicine.

You’ll be okay. But, but one of the things I’d like to point out, and I mentioned this earlier in our show today, when we were discussing, where’s that story? Uh, Uh, menthol cigarettes. I don’t know what I did with it, but the, the Biden administration, and this is typical, right? And the black community now is starting to understand, at least in some sense, of how they are treated by their superiors, the Democrats that are in charge, because they’re superior to, to them.

They, they know better than them. And so what, what were they going to do? They were going to Tell black people, basically, which is who smokes menthol cigarettes. I mean, that’s, I didn’t know this, but I’ve learned this over the last few. I mean, I’ve known people that smoked menthol [00:09:00] cigarettes, but apparently it’s much greater in the black community than it is anywhere else.

So what did the Biden administration do? They said, we know better than you. You can’t enjoy your menthol cigarette anymore. What we’re going to do is make it to where that they can’t manufacture them. You can’t get them, blah, blah, blah. Well. There was an uproar in the black community about this and the Biden administration, which is losing people and groups pretty quickly.

They put the quash on that very fast when they found out, Hey, there’s a lot of people out here that are not going to put up with this, but they want to micromanage your life. They want to tell you because they are your betters. They’re your superiors, they know better than you, and they can do everything better from Washington D.

  1. than you can around your house here in, uh, you know, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. A bunch of dumb, a bunch of dumb hayseed hicks is what they think we are. It’s just another example, Michael, of the lies from the Biden [00:10:00] administration. It’s not even, uh, anchored in facts. It’s, it’s, it’s a narrative they’re pushing.

And it’s probably in one case, in that sense, to help the tobacco industry, cause they’re probably getting paid off by them too. You know, Greg Jarrett and, um, uh, Alan Dershowitz were on TV last night and they said that these overseas partners were so complicit with the Biden brand. And what you’re talking about with this, uh, uh.

Nicotine narrative is just a compliment to how Biden rocks and rolls. He has this overreaching, uh, agenda that, uh, what we’re going to support, what we’re going to administer over, how we regulate things will be a function of how we, the Biden crime family, are paid. It’s just a bigger narrative that is deeper stated and deeper [00:11:00] rooted.

And the last seven minutes when I was ranting, it was about that narrative. There’s no one issue that you can, we can harp on each and every issue. But if you look at the overall narrative, the Biden crime family. Operates under the ability, the narrative of I’ve got to get something in it for me. Two big points Trump better address if he gets back in.

Get rid of the influence of the, of, uh, uh, PACs, the political action committees and their overreach of the elected officials and how they fund to get these folks elected. Not gonna happen. Yeah. Well, that’s the source of the problem. Yep. Not gonna happen. Forget that. Move on to the next one. That’s not gonna happen.

Well, then we have a question about who’s running our government. Is it we the people? Or is it some elected, is it some selected financial group of, uh, operatives that you gotta play some game with? Because the deep state narrative is [00:12:00] controlling democracy, not you and me. No, no question about it. I asked Donald Trump.

I mean, he had, he was the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, and he was absolutely, uh, there was a stricture put on him that nothing that he did, even the things that he said to do, they went off and didn’t do it, you know, I mean, it, it just, there were so many people in this, in this federal government has gotten so big, so large, so out of control, so believing that they are the ones that should be making the decisions, not the elected officials.

The second bill of rights I have on my website, Michael, GeneValentino. com talks, has 11 proposed amendments and one of them addresses the financial overreach of financial institutions and private interest groups steering the narrative, overriding the public’s narrative. Hey, can I change the subject just a wee bit?

We got a minute. Go ahead. Technology. I’m [00:13:00] glad to see, uh, Facebook’s parent company, Meta. Has rolled out, uh, an encrypted messaging default system on their platform that provided a major boost to security and privacy. Now here’s Metta coming out with the bad intentions through Facebook of supporting, uh, uh, an individual candidate with the help of the Biden administration, that’s the wrongdoing, but here’s where Metta fixes themselves.

They then put in an encryption into the metacode that scrambles everyone’s ability to reach in and see what you and I are talking about, or seeing. The encryption level and privacy level is being fixed in the network platforms, and if it’s legislated and put in place as a law, just like the decoupling of the AT& T monopolies of, uh, 20 years ago, Then we might have an opportunity to bring free speech back [00:14:00] without, um, uh, these, uh, social platforms, uh, censoring us.

Yeah. Gene, thank you so much for joining us. Happy Hanukkah! Yeah, Happy Hanukkah! We’ll see you next Friday. Look forward to it, everybody. 7. 30, good morning. Gene Valentino, Fox News is next.

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