Our National Security is Compromised ~ By Biden OR a 21-Year-Old!? Biden Crime Family diverts/deflects/distracts your attention away from their own wrongdoing, AGAIN! Is this 21-year-old a whistleblower/hero, or is he a criminal having committed treason, breaching our national security?  Is this breach greater than FBI’s James Comey covering for Hillary, the Biden Crime Family foreign business dealings, the Supreme Court leak, or D.A. Bragg’s leak of Trump’s indictment?  All schemes to steer your attention away from their own crimes.  Meanwhile, China is arming Russia, while we focus on amateurs leaking.  Who gave this kid such access and authority to such national security intelligence information?  With 17 intelligence agencies, our enemies know everything!  Congress did not yet declare war on Russia.  Why does Biden have soldiers in Ukraine?  Bush Administration years ago engaged China to trade with America.     Today, China conspires to takedown America with our dollars!  Instead, we should be fortifying our own supply chain network and not pay our enemies to use our dollars against us!  Why can’t our European allies now support America during our time of need? Are we so stupid not to see this!?  We are committing suicide.  There was no aggression under President Trump with world leaders.  Just strength.  This American experiment will expire if we don’t defend it and repair it.  Abraham Lincoln stepped-up over 150 years ago to avoid a disaster.  We must now do the same!

Our National Security is Compromised ~ By Biden OR a 21-Year-Old!?

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, April 7, 2023 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 95

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