IMPEACH BIDEN NOW! ~ We Must Live In Truth! When leaders put their own ambitions ahead of the citizens, they are no longer worthy of their elected position!  These leaders MUST be impeached, and maybe criminally charged.  Joe’s poll numbers are so low because Americans finally see his taking of taxpayer money for personal gain.  We must now move for Biden’s impeachment because it’s now proven he’s directly involved in influence peddling and money laundering, along with 9 members of the Biden Family. Clinton and Trump were impeached for much less! Biden Crime Family received over $10 million from Romanian entities, not just from Russia, Ukraine and China.  We cannot ignore this ‘truth’.  We ignored truth for too long when the Jews were persecuted by Hitler in WWII.  Recently, CNN had a ‘meltdown’.  They could not undo their interviewer’s attempted “lynching” of Trump.  The “Fourth Estate” is the press.  The press is to report the truth of the day.  As a journalist, personal commentary and opinion must not be mixed-in with a truthful story.  My ‘opinion and commentary’ herein, is my reaction to the truthful story.

IMPEACH BIDEN NOW! ~ We Must Live In Truth!

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, May 12, 2023 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 98

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