Elon Musk Deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom! ~ Social Media Exec’s Facing Criminal Charges! Paul Whelan still in prison???

Evidence for criminal charges is now seen in plain view!  There’s much more censorship and concealment of free speech by social media that goes far beyond Twitter and Hunter’s laptop.  Officers of the social media corporations, not just Twitter, have conspired with government to perpetuate an extreme Democrat Liberal agenda. CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST FORMER TWITTER EXECUTIVES ARE NOW A MUST!  Do you really think that Donald Trump is now as much a villain as he’s been portrayed to be?  You may not like what he has said or the way he’s said it, but his words and concerns have now proven true!  Was Trump used by social media as the intended distraction from the most UNPRECEDENTED CRIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY … A STRUCTURAL SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLIC POLICY RESPONSE by US Congress is now needed. Shadow banning of Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino is the tip of the iceberg?  In 2020 Dr. Jay Bhattacharya warned us that the COVID vaccine could be harmful.  He was immediately banned by Twitter.  Hypocrisy – Helping Britney Griner get out of Russia and leaving retired Marine Paul Whelan and others go unnoticed! … Another wrong by Joe Biden.  Another Democrat leaves the Democrat party.  Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema just left the Democrat Party.  She’s now an Independent.  How many more Democrats will walk?

There are only two sides to this question. Every man must be for the United States or against it. There can be no neutrals in this war; only patriots and traitors.

– Stephen Douglas

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 77