Dam Just Burst! ~ Hunter Biden Immunity Scheme Exposed! The dam is about to break wide open! Hunter’s plea deal wasn’t supposed to protect Hunter…It was supposed to protect Joe!!!  This ‘sweetheart deal’ fell apart when Judge Noriega ‘smelled a rat’.  The deal between DOJ and Hunter was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The DOJ intended to mislead the Judge and bury the immunity language offered to Hunter in a pre-trial diversion agreement.  Judge Noriega had to probe into the scope of the diversionary agreement.  After Hunter’s original charges, the case was confused further when the Amicus Brief by the House Oversight Committee was filed presenting further information from bank records, Devon Archer, and Whistleblowers’ testimony.  Hunter, his legal team, and the White House are pissed off!  The Judge was supposed to ‘rubber stamp’ the plea agreement.  Now, their ‘scheme’ is in plain sight and is not going their way.  Hunter was to plead guilty to minor misdemeanors (unprecedented).  Instead, with the Judge’s questions, revelations of an illegal diversionary agreement were exposed. Hunter now pleaded not guilty.  The Biden team is now scrambling for a solution before the next court case around October 27, 2023


Episode 107: Dam Just Burst! ~ Hunter Biden Immunity Scheme Exposed!

  • Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, July 28th, 2023 at 7:15am CST
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