Crack Pipes, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Canadian Truck Drivers, Ukrainian Unrest, & Anti-American Congressmen Commiting Treason.

Biden makes crack pipes available to homeless, BUT, Hydroxychloroquine/Ivermectin still not available to the masses!!!  Canadian trucker protestors are awakening the politicians with police state motives. Biden sends Kamala to Europe–Why not Hunter!?  China is about to be in your bed, in your pocket and in your mind! Remove anti-American Congressmen!

Canadian protestors demand no facemask mandates and want medical privacy.   The inconsistency of care;  Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine still difficult to get from your doctor.   Calling out doctors who do not or cannot prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine BUT the government is handing out crack cocaine pipes!  56% of people in USA do not approve of Biden and his performance.  “Sleepy Joe” cannot complete a sentence. His policies are hard to follow and reflect the same inconsistencies. Biden-imposed tax =  Inflation @ 7.5% – Avg pay increases up only 5%. The difference is a Biden-imposed tax.  Biden lets Kamala go to Europe to engage with NATO on Russia-Ukrainian issues. Yet America’s border remains wide open with no supervision.  Democrats scrambling on Covid 19 policies.  Shukri Abdirahman R-MN, ARMY VET running against US Congresswoman Rep Ilian Omar.   Abdirahman spent 3 years in a concentration camp in Somalia. Abdirahman says anti-American hater Omar does NOT represent Africans, women, Muslims that respect America. Abdirahman wants to run against Omar to ‘right the wrong’.

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 7am CST
Season 1, Episode 39

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A Special Message from Gene Valentino

Doing “the right thing” is not always easy. It’s not always thought to be wise, most profitable, or popular. Doing the right thing has more to do with “COURAGE”; forged from the principles and beliefs given to you by your parents. There’s an ole’ saying I’ve adopted, “The Politician will tell you what you want to hear. The Leader will tell you what you need to know.” And, telling you what you need to know may not be popular”. So, my Accomplishments here do not show you things I’ve walked away from. As a result, I left A LOT of money on the table. However, God is good! He rewarded me with more wealth than I can speak of with a conscience that is pure and clear. I sleep well at night. I wish for you the same!”

Gene Valentino

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