Bravo! ~ Supreme Court Insures Unbiased Constitutional Integrity

We see ourselves today living with the choices we make in life. With Biden, we voted him in (I think). We see many departing the Democrat Party. We see Republican voters on the rise. The questions posed by the Supreme Court Justices will save this nation by putting aside Colorado’s claim to remove Trump from the ballot. Even the liberal-appointed justices coalesced with all other, protecting this Democracy. Chief Justice asked, “What would stop any state from removing a presidential candidate from the national ballot?” The Justices asked hard questions that could not be addressed by the lawyers representing Colorado’s opinion. Joe Biden’s reckless commentary in the news is bad but second in importance. The Supreme Court stepped-up to protect the integrity of our Democratic process. The Democrat Party is on track to destroy themselves in 2024. The Democrats have pushed this ‘stooge puppet’ (Biden) to the foreground. But, these “Deep State Puppeteers” did not count on his cognitive decline getting so bad so fast prior to November 2024. Democrats are now attempting to further stifle your Freedom, Liberty, and free speech. It’s now in plain view, while 12 million illegals come through the southern border, many considered terrorists! I hope America sees these fraudsters for what they truly are! Meanwhile, last night Biden confused the name of the Egyptian President with the President of Mexico. He could not remember the name of Hamas. Special Counsel Robert Hur has exposed Biden’s cognitive decline. It provides an excuse to remove him under the 25th Amendment, not for illegally moving classified documents to his home. Sadly, Special Prosecutor Hur slips through a decision to NOT charge Biden for his criminal mismanagement of confidential government records.


WMXI Episode 133: Bravo! ~ Supreme Court Insures Unbiased Constitutional Integrity

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, February 9, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

WMXI 9 Feb 2024 | Bravo Supreme Court Insures Unbiased Constitutional Integrity

Mike Lindell: [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. Please keep supporting Gene Valentino’s Truth Podcast. We need our voice to get out there far and wide and help save our country.

Gene Valentino: Hey there. Happy Valentino’s Day. Well, Valentine’s Day, it’s coming up in a few days. Anyway, don’t forget MyPillow, and don’t forget that special. Someone where you can get something special from Promo code Gene V up to 80% off on discounts. Go take care of that special summit in your life.

Help us out, help Mike pillow. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ted Tibbett: Wow that’s a great intro to what we have in front of all our thousands of listeners this morning. 16 after 7, George Jones leads us into Gene Valentino.

Michael Pol: Yeah and good morning Gene is with us. Choices is the name of that song, George Jones. [00:01:00] And that’s funny because we have choices in our life. We have a lot of different, uh, you know, some people’s lives turn out better than others because of choices that they make.

And so, you know, we’re all free to make the choices we want. Now, the last time a presidential election came around, the American people chose Joe Biden. And boy was that a mistake and I think everybody realizes it now and we’re going to get into that in just a minute. Uh, good morning. Uh, hello. Yeah, okay.

Am I, have I

Gene Valentino: got you there? Yeah, I’m loud and clear. I hear you fine. Want to make

Michael Pol: sure. All right. So I want to get into What happened yesterday with the Supreme Court. Now, it’s not, it’s not, I’m not this guy that loves to listen or watch court proceedings. I mean, they can be the most boring and dull thing.

I mean, it’s all technical, everything, you know. I mean, I could never have been a lawyer because it’s just, I mean, it’s just, [00:02:00] it’s just a whole different world. But in any case, yesterday, I could not get enough. Of the Supreme Court hearing from the Court of Colorado, the Supreme Court of Colorado, that ruled that President Trump cannot be on the ballot in Colorado.

They scoured these people with questions that I’ve, I mean, things I would have never thought of. And what was interesting Is how many questions that seem to be negative questions to the to the state of Colorado that came from the liberal justices? What did you think?

Gene Valentino: Oh, good morning and thank you for leading with that question.

That’s exactly what has happened here. I woke up yesterday morning sipping my coffee and thinking about the Supreme Court, the third leg of our governance. The administrative, which is a debacle right now. The legislative branch, which sits in its own coma in the, uh, deep [00:03:00] state of the circle, the swamp. And, uh, the last remaining leg on the triangle of the chair is the, um, is the judiciary, the judicial branch of our government.

And we watched Obama appointed, Biden appointed Supreme Court justices put aside petty politics. and coalesce with the other justices to look at facts objectively as it relates to the incidences that occurred in Colorado which have been a complete review of the 14th amendment and they stood up and asked some pretty obvious questions, didn’t they?

They stood up and asked about the merits. Of, uh, what was going on, uh, in, um, [00:04:00] in, in Colorado’s thinking about their, their justification of why Donald Trump should be removed from the Colorado ballot. The 14th Amendment was designed, going back to 1860s and 1870s, to restrict officers and elected people in Congress, but the justices clearly stated, and it was Justice Sotomayor That came out and said, well, now wait a minute.

I don’t clearly see that this pertains to the president. Justice Kagan and Justice, um, Kamaji Jackson said the same thing. These are Democrat, liberal appointed justice, justices. And as a consequence, we now see all of the justices coming together and properly looking [00:05:00] at the Constitution with no blinders on, with, with, with just pure objectivity.

And this is the best thing that’s happened for our democracy, I believe, after the Supreme Court’s broadcast of their hearing yesterday. The sustaining and the protection and the third leg of this system protecting the other two legs, democracy in general. And the state of this nation. Yeah, I

Michael Pol: agree 100%.

The Supreme Court might actually be the only part of government, the, you know, you got the judicial branch, which is what they’re in the executive branch, the president and the legislative branch, but they may be the only ones that are actually. Doing what they’re supposed to do, uh, with, uh, with regard to, uh, fidelity to the constitution [00:06:00] of the United States.

And so when you heard those questions yesterday and the Colorado attorney, I kind of almost felt sorry for him. You know, you get your big day in court and. You know, I mean, he get his, he got national attention from this. I mean, it won’t hurt him. He’s, you know, as many lawyers, he’s trying to make the case for his client and he didn’t do a good job.

He couldn’t answer those questions very well. And do you think that the reason why? Was not because he’s not a good lawyer, but because there was no answer.

Gene Valentino: Well, that’s it. Exactly. Uh, you know, Michael, by nine, by 1142 Eastern time yesterday morning, we watched Reuters come out with a statement that co, that coincided with what the justices were saying, uh, with emphasis that, uh, you know, this 14th amendment Uh, is to protect the [00:07:00] national structure of our election process.

Okay, the states can manage the election process, but there is consistency and uniformity that’s expected nationwide. How can you have some states removing the candidate from the ballot and then other states keeping him on? This is the beginning of the end of a democracy. If the states think they have the arrogance, the liberal arrogance, uh, the Ivy League arrogance, to impose such a one sided vitriol and hate against Donald Trump, because watch out folks, if that got off the ground and that happened, The door would swing back the other way, and we’d have a complete takedown of our democracy when the Republicans do what’s, uh, natural, and that’s to retaliate.

Michael Pol: And that is exactly what one of the justices pointed out, I believe it was Kavanaugh, that [00:08:00] said That look, what would stop another state who has a different idea about what Joe Biden has done and claims that he’s not eligible and so then you have only two or three states that didn’t get involved that decide a presidential election?

That’s not the way A democracy, especially the United States Republic, is supposed to work. So the justices, I think, ask those real simple questions that were never taken up by these, uh, politicos. I mean, the judges in this case are obviously political

Gene Valentino: operatives. Yeah, that’s what they are. So watch out, Michael.

In the next two to four weeks, we’re going to watch the Supreme Court come up with a rushed decision. If it’s not a unanimous 9 0, it’s probably 8 1, but now I think it’s going to be unanimous, and I think, uh, the Supreme Court, um, [00:09:00] Justice John Roberts, uh, will be, um, writing the opinion that he gets his other eight justices, uh, to sign into, uh, uh, jointly.

It really sets the state. I’m glad you led with this question this morning, Michael, because Joe Biden’s reckless commentary last night on the news. As crazy as it was, as inflammatory as it was, is really second in line to the major concern I’ve had for this nation. The takedown of this nation, if our Supreme Court had not stepped up yesterday through their actions, and their words, to protect the integrity of our democracy.

At the federal level, I’m thoroughly convinced that this was the important thing for them to do and to focus on. Remember, we have talked in the past about the Democrat, that we would be seeing in [00:10:00] 2024, the takedown of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has been pushing this stooge puppet Called Joe Biden up into the foreground so the puppeteers behind him, the deep state behind him, can manipulate him through 2024.

What they didn’t expect is his cognitive decline getting so serious. So soon prior to November 2024. Oh, let’s just push him in there and we’ll control him for four years beyond. No way, Jose. This has gone over the top. And this is another example. I hope America sees the true fraud. The true fraud is the perversion of the Democrat party taking down the legitimacy of your comments and my comments.

Freedom and liberty and free speech being stifled As they try to control [00:11:00] the narrative and shift the governance to a socialistic, communistic Society, in the decade ahead, all a distraction, while the border slips in with 12 million people, some hundreds of thousands of them undocumented, terrorists, and while we continue to pay through your taxes and mine, they’re, just think of this, we’re taking those armed tax dollars to get them to have the privilege of going to college.

And people in college can’t even find a way of funding their own way through college on their own. But Biden’s willing to forgive a debt that takes us over 34 trillion. That we’re going to be confounded to figure out how to pay for it. Yeah.

Michael Pol: I mean, look, I agree with you a hundred percent, but back to the subject of what happened last night, [00:12:00] which we, which we’d led off with, uh, you know, Joe Biden went on air last night and that’s unusual for him to be on in primetime because.

He’s usually in bed by then. They, they wanted him to come out and they wanted him to show that his memory is great, right? I, I, I, he even had a little, actually I thought it was funny, a little interaction with Peter Doocy where he said, hey, my memory’s so bad, I forgot that I didn’t want to call on you, basically.

It was funny, but at the same time, he, he, he’s angry. He’s mad because he’s caught. And he also couldn’t, couldn’t tell you the name of the country that the president of Egypt represents. He said, Mexico, let’s open the doors. I got Mexico to open the gates. Well, he, you know, That was maybe a Freudian slip because he definitely has the [00:13:00] gates open for Mexico.

So he knows that in his mind somewhere, but he couldn’t even

Gene Valentino: get that right. Special counsel. Yeah, go ahead.

Michael Pol: Angry. He was, he was mad. And that’s a sign of somebody who, who actually is not all cognitively there. He doesn’t understand gravity. of

Gene Valentino: what he had to do last night. Medical experts will tell you that’s a sign of cognitive decline, but what really bothers me is the special counsel Robert Herr.

His report was so devastating against Biden that it has now backfired. They have shown in full plain view that by exposing his cognitive decline in an official report, That he has illegally, he has violated the law by suppressing the issues of classified documents in his garage and [00:14:00] elsewhere. It’s grounds for him to be removed.

And so now, they don’t want to hurt an elderly man who’s cognitively declining, so let’s just push him out. No, the 25th Amendment may come forward, and we may see some movement moving faster than slower. To remove him from office prior to November, 2024. I was expecting, uh, Biden to become the lame duck for, uh, Trump in 2024, but the evidence now shows he’s so adversely impacted with cognitive decline that the Democrats are scrambling to figure out what they’re going to have to do to save their party and to find an alternative.

For that office prior to November.

Michael Pol: Exactly. And so we will wait and see, but I’m not so sure at this point, Joe Biden will be the nominee come August. But anyway, thanks for joining. [00:15:00] Appreciate

Gene Valentino: you. Best of you buddy. Have a good week.

I’m David Pasqualone.