Are We Guinea Pigs for Big Pharma? Will Social Media Now Ban Us for Saying So?

Pfizer and other large ‘pharma’s’ are about to reengineer the genetic codes of the “Jab”.  “Big Pharma”, as an extension of “Big Tech”, MUST be brought into check. They must be punished or sanctioned if they are doing wrong.  Our government must hold all pharmaceutical companies liable for the adverse consequences of the vaccines they produce.  The government law that holds them harmless MUST be repealed. The Project Veritas interview by James O’Keefe with a Pfizer executive showed the less obvious intentions of Pfizer to take control and jump start the genetic makeup of who we are.  They are stressing our thinking of who we are and trying to force us to allow government, through the pharmaceuticals, to take control of our lives, human condition, and genetic makeup.  This is a redirecting and perversion of our physical wellness under the guise of a vaccine remedy. With total immunity by government, Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies are using us like guinea pigs. With legal immunity to pharmaceutical companies given from government, pharmaceutical companies are damaging human life!  They must be held accountable for making us Guinea Pigs for Big Pharma.  Other nations around the world will not have the ability to stop this re-engineering of the human race.  Congress must step up and police Big Tech and by extension Big Pharma.  They are making Billions of Dollars at the public’s expense.

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 84