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A Resurrection of Power and Spirit in the People of this Nation…IS HERE!

CNN’s Brian Stelter…GONE!  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow…GONE!  YEAH!  Senator, Mitch McConnell, not showing leadership in the Senate.  Witnessing in real time his wimpy leadership.  When will Mitch step-up and put policies in place?!? Hey Mitch…Draw a line in the sand with the Democrats!!??  Mitch predicts ‘doom and gloom’.  He should start with a strong policy at the ‘Border’ that we can all support.  Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on the other hand is proposing strong Class B felony legislation, restricting doctors and hospitals from performing gender transformation surgeries on teenagers and younger.  THIS MUST STOP!  Reckless policies in Congress support the demise of our nation!  This is a ‘death by a thousand cuts’.  Monkey Pox virus triggers a major shake-up at the CDC.  93% of Monkey Pox cases were diagnosed from the gay community.  CDC was more scared not to offend the gay community.  Time to ‘take out’ George Soros… The moral fabric of this country is at risk! The Good news? A Resurrection of Power and Spirit in the People of this Nation…IS HERE!

Originally Aired: WMXI Radio on Friday, August 19, 2022 at 7:15am CST
Season 1, Episode 63

A Special Message from Gene Valentino

Verijet Gene and Maureen Valentino with their two dogs and Verijet
Gene & Maureen Valentino

Doing “the right thing” is not always easy. It’s not always thought to be wise, most profitable, or popular. Doing the right thing has more to do with “COURAGE”; forged from the principles and beliefs given to you by your parents. There’s an ole’ saying I’ve adopted, “The Politician will tell you what you want to hear. The Leader will tell you what you need to know.” And, telling you what you need to know may not be popular”. So, my Accomplishments here do not show you things I’ve walked away from. As a result, I left A LOT of money on the table. However, God is good! He rewarded me with more wealth than I can speak of with a conscience that is pure and clear. I sleep well at night. I wish for you the same!”

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