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Wake Up America! ~ Sleeper Cells Are All Around Us! | Gene Valentino with Steve Hook and Bryan McClain | TNT Radio Live

The fear now is the hostile threat and takeover of America from within! Whether Biden is aware of this or not, those around him know that Biden’s policies are NOT working! They are getting desperate to do anything to deny Trump the right to run for office in 2024. Regardless of what they know or don’t know, the fact remains that 302,000 ILLEGALS crossed into Texas in December, 2023 from Mexico. Weak leadership at Biden’s level has transcended down to local levels. For example, Harvard President, Claudine Gay, has just resigned because of her weak leadership. We MUST protect this nation BEFORE a new President is chosen. We cannot wait for a November 2024 election! I fear a ‘Black Swan’ event happening to awaken the American spirit. Regrettably, sometimes things must get worse before they get better. If we take action on Hamas, Hezbollah, Gaza, Lebanon, the Houthi’s from Iran or Iraq, might this trigger the sleeper cells that are dormant throughout the USA now? The neighbor next door may be the ‘sleeper’ terrorist yet to respond. They don’t need guns. They have Fentanyl in the tons, ready to put into the air, the candy, and the water supply. Sleeper attack cells in the U.S.A. cannot be characterized but. They are strategically placed into the fabric of our communities. They are poised to take their vengeance against us in 2024. Those walking the halls of the White House or Congress doing nothing about this, is TREASON!


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Wake Up America! ~ Sleeper Cells Are All Around Us! | Gene Valentino with Steve Hook and Bryan McClain | TNT Radio Live

Mike Lindell: Hello everyone. Please keep supporting Gene Valentino’s Truth Podcast. We need our voice to get out there far and wide and help save our country.

Issues that Dominate America. This is State of the Nation on today’s News Talk Radio, TNT. Alright, well welcome back to State of the Nation.

It’s a brand new year and we’re very happy to welcome a close friend of the program’s Gene Valentino. Gene, of course. Is a GOP political strategist and insider. He’s a host of the Grassroots Truthcast Podcast, and he comes to us from the Sunshine State, the Free State of Florida, Gene Valentino. Hello, sir.

How are you? It’s great to see you. Happy New Year, buddy. The Free State. The Free State, gentlemen. Yes. It’s good to have you back with us, Gene. Hopefully you had a big New Year’s Eve and you’re ready to roll. Are you feeling optimistic about the new year? [00:01:00] Boy, I’ll tell you what, I’m getting ready for Showtime here with you guys, Moments of Glow.

I see this Ms. Claudine Gay, President of Harvard, just resigning. I’m sure you picked up on it. I, I see a lot of Interesting developments kicking in that I think we can share. Can I share a poem? My producer Debra Nelson gave me four lines that I thought, she says, Hey, here’s something to think about.

Let me, I won’t take credit for it. Here’s her topic. Strong men make good times. Good times make weak men. Weak men make hard times. And hard times make strong men. So I think we’re, we’re, we’re almost coming full circle. If weak men have made hard times recently let it be that strong men bring back good times.

And that’s my wish for 2024. Well, I think it’s going to [00:02:00] occur. We can concur with that. Yeah, yeah. We’ve definitely hit the the apex of the pendulum swing there. God, I hope, Gene, I hope we hit the apex of that pendulum swing, because if it goes any more weak, weak sauce it’s just going to get harder, and now really is the time, you know, that’s a famous quote, I’m glad you brought it up, it’s one of my favorites, and I sure hope that we’re there.

Let’s start 2024 off in that way. Amen, Brian. I agree with you. Yeah, we, we need, I think if we sit back and just reflect for a bit, we see weak leadership. Oh, we can jab at Trump and, and Biden, but I’m more concerned about it transcending down to the local level. We need strong leadership at all levels of government.

And we’ve got to stop. Lowering the standards. This Claudine Gay issue in Harvard [00:03:00] is but one example of the lowering of standards that we’ve tolerated that have made us weaker. And frankly, you, you know, I’ve said this to both of you I’m concerned, gentlemen, that our weakness is is being telegraphed to China and to Putin and others.

And that they’re taking advantage of us in ways we cannot even comprehend. I think while we look at what they’re doing abroad, I think their strategy may be working this time if we do, we’ve got to do something before the election, gentlemen. We’ve got to, we cannot wait for 2024’s election. Not at 300, 000 people coming in in the month of December, and it may be worse than that because they stop counting.

I, we’re invaded. This is a national crisis. Would someone get off their butts and realize how serious this is? We’ve got to protect this [00:04:00] nation long before a president is chosen in November. Yeah. And I agree with you completely on that, Gene. And I think that, you know, the one thing that I think that we’ve all been kind of just kind of stumbling around in a daze for the last couple of years, ever since Biden got into office, there’s always, there’s been a lot of Apathy on the ground.

People just throwing their hands up and say, well, screw it. My vote doesn’t mean anything. It’s time to let go of that apathy and get, get heavily involved into the extent that, that, that each of us can. And I agree, it has to happen before the election. My fear is that what’s going down at the Southern border, which you bring up it’s going to take a crisis.

It’s going to take a big black swan event before people say, Hey, wait a minute. This happened for a reason. We know why it’s happening. We know who did it. Time to take action, but I pray God we avoid that black swan, but what do you think about that, Gene? Are we in for a world of hurt before it gets better?[00:05:00]

I’ve always believed in the notion failure to defend the rights of others may someday result in your rights and my rights not being defended. We’ve worked so hard at defending other nations and other rights and privileges of all sorts of groups and classes and religions from around the world, but time out, guys.

I want to see the rest of the world start supporting us. I want to see the nations say, Hey, if they’re going to stream over your border. Hey, EU. Hey Western Europe. You’re about to see an invasion of Muslims and other Shiites that have it in their religious doctrines to kill you. And you’re allowing them in thinking it’s okay.

Now, how many have crossed over the the Mexican border? It’s now hundreds of thousands. It’s over 200, 000. that they cannot account for, and at least 127, [00:06:00] 000 of them are on a terrorist watch list. Might it be that if we take action on Hamas, or Iran, or any of the Shi any of the Shiite Muslims over there Lebanon and Hezbollah.

If we take any action, bold and brazen, because of the 120 something attacks on American bases or people in Iraq recently, If we respond in, in, in, not in kind, but with force, geometric force like Donald Trump would have done, if we respond that way, my point is, what might happen to triggering the sleeper cells of these terrorist groups that sit next door to your home and mine right now, and we don’t even know about it?

What’s going to happen in our backyard, nevermind Israel, Lebanon, and Iraq? [00:07:00] Yeah. That’s a good point. In other words, what’s the green light? Yeah. And, and, and where, where does this stop? Because, you know, I was, I was asked on a live stream this weekend or for a prediction for, for this year. And I said this is sort of not a prediction.

I said, you’re going to see more than a hundred thousand people dead of fentanyl in America. And it’s like, are you kidding me? Like, we’re well beyond, like, I take your point, and but, we’re already, we already have a terrorist invasion here, except our media likes to call it a cartel, and our government likes to enable it, and it’s led to a hundred thousand dead people annually, and that will be the trend until this stops, so it’s like, even Without that extreme geopolitical factor that you’re highlighting here, we’re already losing orders of magnitude more people than we have in, you know, 9 11.

Any war. You know, name your attack or your war. It’s crazy. [00:08:00] I, there’s a, in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s a comment that they used, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. And I fear that for us in America now. I fear that it’s going to have to get worse before it gets better.

Because America should be smarter than this. They should be wiser than this, and they should be more responsive than they’ve been. To sit back and think that, oh, the government has certainly got it under control. I’ve got family relatives who get all upset with me because they think I’m making something of nothing.

We’ll see what happens. I pray that they’re right and I’m wrong, but when it, I fear, I fear that there’s going to be sleeper attacks in this nation in 2024 that we cannot predict or or characterize. We certainly can’t we’re certainly not searching for them when you’ve got the border being border patrol folks being pulled off the [00:09:00] line to even identify and measure what’s coming over the line and trying to identify terroristic behavior versus just an indigent that wants to come over and And truly enjoy the American way of life.

They’re laughing at us, gentlemen. They’re coming over the line. What other nation tolerates 300, 000 illegals per month coming over? Yeah, 20 something, 20 something Americans injured over in Iraq and we sit there and do nothing? Are we kidding? Are you kidding me? When do we, when do we, someone’s going to strap on a set of balls and do something because they’re certainly not, they’re certainly allowing for the takedown of America.

And this, this here is America and Israel, which we stand shoulder to shoulder with right now. It could have been Ukraine, but I’m scratching my head on Ukraine saying, Hey, where’s all that money? Yeah. How much of [00:10:00] it ended up back in Biden’s pocket or any other politician? Pardon me? Yeah. So probably a good chunk of it.

I think, I think that I think the, the, the Ukrainian war, I’ve done a complete 180 on that war I started out You know my mind was, well, what the hell, Putin invaded Ukraine. We need to defend them. And then all of a sudden it became pretty pretty quickly, it became abundantly clear that this was a war of cover up and this was a war of probably slush funds for the DNC, quite frankly.

But Gene, you bring up a point about this southern border that I think that you’re right. I think it might have to get worse before it gets better. I think they are laughing at us overseas. And the thing that makes it all the more troubling is that it seems quite intentional. It seems quite intentional.

Here we have the Houthis, out of Yemen, firing missiles as fast as they can manufacture them or have them delivered from, from Iran. And we basically just, oh, well, you’re allowed to shoot them down, but you can’t go after the [00:11:00] source of where they’re coming from. That’s one of their rules of engagement. You can shoot down the missile, but you can’t shoot the people that are firing the missile.

I mean, it’s insanity. It’s insanity. And the question is, Steve, it’s intentional, but by whom? It’s intentional by them, certainly, but might it be intentional by this administration, Joe Biden and the rest of the Klan? You cannot tell me. That they, even if Joe Biden has lost his mind, the staff around him must see 300 plus thousand people coming in this month.

To think that you’re going to walk the halls of the White House or Congress and take that as normal, is to me treason. You’re allowing the takeover of America to occur, the takedown of America to occur. Socialistic Communistic regimes are at our doorstep and we [00:12:00] must, it’s, you can’t live, you can’t take up arms and start shooting anybody if you don’t see the, the enemy.

Brian brought it up perfectly. Why worry about guns when you got fentanyl being ingested by who knows how many, or how many, how about a terrorist strategy to take down a whole city of, of, of Americans. By the dissemination of this illegal drug, which they claim they’ve only captured a fraction of it.

Would someone wake up and get on board and save this nation? Yeah, and it’s a poisoning, Gene, because so many people that are dying from it are not drug users. We’ve got babies crawling over the dust of it in, in daycare centers. We’ve got cops keeling over dead after putting their hand in someone’s pocket while they’re frisking him.

I mean, we’ve got kids and people of all different ages ordering. Ambien, and what they think are, you know, no big deal pharmaceuticals from [00:13:00] illicit Instagram accounts and Snapchat accounts and then end up dying when they’re just trying to get some sleep or do some homework. I mean, this is chemical warfare that we’re under here, and, you know, with regards to terrorist attacks at this point, I would argue that a government that has set up this environment that is allowing for this, you know, over multiple administrations, save maybe aspects of Donald Trump’s administration, how will we even be able to trust them if a Black Swan event does happen, that it’s not, that they’re not in on it, that they’re not part of it, that it’s not a false flag.

I mean, it’s gonna be, I, I dread this. I don’t want this in 2024. Nobody should want this, and everybody should be aware that a government that would leave us vulnerable like this, and let 100, 000 of us die in chemical warfare from what they call a cartel, which should absolutely be called a terrorist organization, you really gotta wonder how we’re [00:14:00] gonna as a nation, Gene, analyze whatever terrible event could or maybe will happen.

I nominate Brian to Mayorkas position after we get him impeached. From your lips, Brian, to God’s ears, I think, I think there’s nothing more to say. You just said it. It’s an easy job. You just close the thing, right? Yeah, I think now America, no matter what side of the political fence you’re on, close the goddarn border, would you please close the border?

Hello? Can anybody hear us? I think they can’t. I think they can hear, Gene, and that’s, and that, that kind of, that, there’s the rub, isn’t it? You said you’re not sure that Biden’s in control. Well, I, I would, I would say this, I would postulate And I would probably bet my last dollar on it. This man is so compromised.

He is, there’s so much dirt on [00:15:00] the Biden entire international family of grift that he dare not. Do anything that’s gonna that’s gonna upset the money train that is coming from China, that is coming from the cartels he dare not, or else who knows, maybe somebody in Beijing may release a very embarrassing dossier.

And then I think that Martha’s Vineyard the, the, the, the Obama clan and Martha’s Vineyard, I think is probably running things from there. This of course is right, you know, speculation, but. Certainly no secret that Obama never had any love for this nation, so to watch it being intentionally destroyed on old Joe’s watch because he’s corrupt as hell, it’s, it’s, God, it just boggles the mind, it just boggles the mind.

Yeah, we’ve got the rest of the year, Steve, to DeSantis and Nikki Haley and Trump and back and forth amongst the three of us, but today’s issue, the border? The, [00:16:00] the border, but the economy. Oh, by the way, the economy. A Democrat had to say it. It’s the economy, stupid. It’s the economy, stupid. You need an economy to turn this around.

And the economy that I hate to interrupt you right there, but we’ll leave it with the economy, stupid, because that’s going to be a big one too coming into this year. Check out the grassroots truthcast with Gene Valentino. This is State of the Nation on TNT Radio.