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Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation

The citizens are paying for the outrageous “lawfare” from the likes of Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Jack Smith, Juan Merchan, Fani Willis, There is going to be a complete “meltdown” of the Democrat Party … WATCH! The Democrats’ “fix” is in. They can no longer hide their corruption of our government! Zero percent chance Trump is convicted in the nation. But, there’s a 40% chance he could be in New York City. Will the American people tolerate more of this UN-just justice? How much more will America take??!! This begs the issue that we MUST FIX the bad behavior in our system that goes unaddressed. One of Gene’s Amendments in his 2nd Bill of Rights begs the need for a “Supreme Magistrate System”. It addresses IMMEDIATELY the wrong doing and bad behavior through sanctions and penalties! We can’t wait for the next election.


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Brian McLean: All right, Gene Valentino joins us now, the host of the Grassroots Truthcast and the founder of GeneValentino. com. Gene, what do you think, man?

We’re in a, we’re in a new phase here now.

Gene Valentino: We have crossed the line. We, you and I have talked about the line being crossed some time ago. I think this, even for those who weren’t too hot on Trump, you cannot sit here, watch that and tell me that justice is properly, properly being applied to Donald Trump.

Is every individual innocent until proven guilty? Yes. Well, then if the evidence. Substantiated and against the crime, then we can go forward with a case in this case, where’s the crime and where’s the evidence? And I can’t [00:02:00] understand how Alvin Bragg. And the DA on this case think they’re going to get away, they’re not going to get away with some consequence against them.

If not by their own peers in the Bar Association, then by the public in the years they’re going to spend in private society after they’ve been fired. And yet that’s only if. They aren’t found for a crime themselves that puts them in jail. Boy, I’ll tell you what, guys, just before the break, I heard you were talking about something related to vaccinations and you talked to Brian about the gene jab.

Oh, my words. This is a jab from Geno, right? This is Geno’s jab. There, there is going to be a complete meltdown of the Democrat party that allowed Mr. Biden. To have a revolving [00:03:00] door in his White House with these DAs and prosecutors, these state attorneys who were perpetuating a strategy that went back months.

Before Donald Trump spent these last 20 some odd days in a courtroom. This is an absolute shame on so many levels, not to mention the cost to the citizens who are paying for this ridiculous, bogus lawfare, as you described against a man. That you know, there’s certain things in the pro I’m not a lawyer, but there’s certain obvious things that need to, to exist.

Like, what clearly is the charge against him? Still not defined. What clearly is the evidence against him? Can’t find it. Oh, you got some evidence from a bogus felon who’s a liar, who served time in jail, lost his bar license in his attempt to move [00:04:00] up the ladder under the strengths of Donald Trump. Miss this, Mr.

Michael Cohen now finds himself disgraced in the same way. Gentlemen, the Democrat party. And the things they have espoused is, is about to see its own meltdown. Whether Trump debates, whether there’s the necessary debates prior to an election, whether anything else comes out, we are going to see the meltdown of Trump’s own elections.

of the Democrat Party, and rightfully so, gentlemen, this is an outrage. This has done nothing but improve Donald Trump’s campaign war chest and secure the number of voters. I think we’re in for a tsunami landslide like we have never seen in American history.

Timothy Shea: From your lips to God’s ears, I am still concerned, Gene, because they remain unconcerned.

I think the fix is in. I think [00:05:00] that they’ve got all the pieces in place to rig this election just like they rigged 2020, 2022, 2018, for that matter. In America, there’s a 0 percent chance that Donald Trump gets convicted. Zero. But given that this is New York, there’s a 40 percent chance. But it doesn’t matter.

Even if he is, it’s going to be overturned on appeal. And here’s why. Judge Murchon allowed testimony that was not only irrelevant, but salacious and defamatory, and he did not allow expert testimony. The only testimony that mattered was the testimony of the expert on federal election law. And Judge Murchon so restricted the scope of that potential testimony that the defense decided it wasn’t even worth putting him on, and they rested.

And here’s what this case boils down to. After all the dipsy doodles and chains and this happened and then this happened and then this happened, and that was a violation of [00:06:00] election law, which of course none of those things are true, even assuming arguendo that everything the prosecution said is correct, There’s still no crime.

And here’s why the payment was made within a timeframe before the 26th election, when the reporting requirement wasn’t until 30 days after the election. So there’s no way there would have been a public disclosure of the payment. Even if it had gone through the federal election system, which it shouldn’t have, even according to the Federal Election Commission.

So this entire case has just been a massive circle jerk. And I’m concerned, Gene, that they’re not just going to melt down, but that they’re going to play their trump card and that they are going to try to JFK DJT. I’ve been worried about this for more than a year.

Gene Valentino: They could try. And I don’t think it’ll matter because Timothy, I think, as we’ve said a few times, look, the bigger picture where your, your [00:07:00] chronology on the issues and all of the facts related to the these Trump cases is absolutely correct.

But I take a step back and I look and say, Will the American people tolerate this? I fear a national serious reaction, an unprecedented reaction by the American public prior to the election that will, will evidence itself if this thing results in a guilty verdict for for Donald Trump. I actually think on point that the jury unlike ever before, to add to your chronology has to wait now to.

Tuesday to convene and here they are unsequestered and as they’re going home to family and friends this weekend and they’re going to be around the barbecue and the phone’s going to ring and who’s talking to who and hey listen on that case I hope you [00:08:00] move your decision so forth and so forth you’re going to have a jury with two lawyers on it by the way Do you think, as much as they may have contempt for Donald Trump, do you think the two lawyers are going to sit back and not take notice to the lack of due process on so many levels?

But here’s my greater concern. We have to fix The ills of our constitutional republic through constitutional amendments that are now in need. We’ve talked about it in the past. I remind you and the folks again about Gene’s second bill of rights. We have the first bill of rights, the first 10 amendments of the Gene’s second bill of rights is on my website, www.

genevalentino. com. Folks, please check it out. I know Timothy and Brian have, but one of those bill, one of those amendments, [00:09:00] those 11 amendments, additional amendments to the constitution. And I preface this by saying, I want less government, not more government. But we need a, a, a supreme magistrate system that is elected, are people elected by you and me, the citizens.

No appointments from elected officials or or any other officials. These are elect, these are elected by you and me, Supreme Magistrates. And I pray that we not have more government. We need less government. But the Supreme Magistrate doesn’t wait to November like we have to in an election. to fix the problem.

The Supreme Magistrate recognizes the wrongdoing today and moves immediately to throw the case out to incarcerate people like a Fannie Willis, like Letitia [00:10:00] James, like the rest of them, the Jack Smith. These people orchestrated a criminal wrong against a duly elected president that had the constitutional right to run, the same wrongdoing that they did to Donald Trump they’re doing to Robert F.

Kennedy Jr., Timothy. So their strategy to push, as you suggested, to push RFK in to fill the void. is a, it still doesn’t fix the problem in our constitution, our constitutional republic. The problem of this kind of bad behavior can resurface in the future. I want a special magistrate to impose sanctions on an elected official at the highest level, state level, and local level.

His agents. His assigns, his staff [00:11:00] on that, that reports directly to him and anyone in the, in the, in the agencies of

Brian McLean: government. Yeah. The whole chain. We need to see the whole chain. We need to see what government agencies were involved. We need to see the emails here. This, there needs to be a deep, deep audit on this whole clown show because it’s making a mockery.


Gene Valentino: quick, in this case right here, right now. Okay, special magistrate could have come in and taken out Mershawn for for contributing to Trump to Biden.

Brian McLean: There you go. A perfect example right there. Very simple, very sensical. You can find everything Gene over at GeneValentino. com, and of course, where all good podcasts are streamed, the Grassroots Truthcast.

Thank you so much, Gene. We’ll look forward to your next visit here at State of the Nation on today’s News Talk TNT.

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Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on May 21, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 530
  • Image courtesy of: TNT News Radio Live!
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