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UN-Equal Justice Under Lawfare!

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation.

Trump trial and Wildwood, New Jersey…BOTH SUCCESSES FOR TRUMP in the same week!. On the trial…It’s the END OF A NON-TRIAL TRIAL! If that’s all the prosecution has, I wonder how fast Trump will file paperwork for recovery of his attorney fees. The prosecution DID NOT link Trump to any crime. We are about to see the unraveling of all other criminal charges in the broader sense. A pattern has developed that’s is more significant. Mr. Biden has managed to SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION AGAIN, with alleged new tariffs against China for automobiles and other goods. However, it was only three + years ago when Biden CANCELLED TRUMP’S TARIFFIS against China, that were in place and working! Biden has used “Geno’s 3-D’s” again. Biden diverts, deflects, and distracts your attention off of Trump’s success in this bogus court case by attempting an 11th hour ‘Hail Mary’ by imposing the very same tariffs on China that were working under Trump! James Carville, a seasoned Democrat operative, says “Biden is stuck in a ditch.” How many illegal aliens have have been given Democrat voter registration forms when they illegally crossed the border, along with a debit card, cell phone and other provisions? Would that motivate them to register to vote and vote for Biden?


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UN-Equal Justice Under Lawfare! Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation 14 May 2024

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Timothy Shea: We had an amazing week in Wildwood, New Jersey. It was absolutely wild in Wildwood, and here to discuss is our very good friend and expert commentator with his prescient analysis, Gene Valentino.

Gene, welcome back to State of the Nation.

Gene Valentino: Analysis. Thank you for having [00:01:00] me. You went from odious machines to Twin Peaks. Now I want to sprinkle a little salt on one of those two and bite right in, but I got to tell you guys threw me the curve ball in our relationship that I, you want me to go into the Trump trial and talk about Cohen and all this stuff going on.

You left me on Twin Peaks and I’m here in a lather in Studio B here in Pensacola, Florida. Okay, you want to talk about Cohen? I think it’s an end of what was a non trial trial. I think Cohen, if that’s all they’ve got, that prosecution, then, um, uh, I, I think, um, it’s just a matter of how quickly Trump can file paperwork for a refund on his legal claims and legal fees, I [00:02:00] should say, that he’s incurred up to now, sitting through this debacle of nonsense.

I was being objective and holding out to hope that, well, to, hope that the prosecution had more credibility than they have in bringing forward formidable evidence that would have linked Trump to something material in the election process, but there was nothing there. We’re talking about a 2016 campaign.

There’s nothing there, folks. I think we are about to see the unraveling on several criminal charges in the broader sense. Fannie Willis, we can come back to some other time. Officials down at the Georgia elections officials admit that, uh, Uh, the elections in 2020 were a fraud based on evidence. Not worth getting into now.

Back on, but, but it’s consistent [00:03:00] with what you started with and that’s a pattern developing here that’s broader that I think lends itself to, um, to some observation. Here’s an observation for you. So Mr. Biden, I resist calling him President Biden, while all this is going on with Cohen and claims as to what degree Trump might be culpable in a New York court, Mr.

Biden turns around and in the quiet of the day, uh, brings on stiff new tariffs against China. On Chinese cars, uh, uh, to, uh, as a way of maybe getting him to show he’s concerned about the bad economic numbers. Oh, wait a minute. It was, it was Biden who, after he took [00:04:00] office about three and a half years ago, said he was getting rid of all those tariffs.

That Trump had already had in place on China that were working. Might it be the 3Ds again, guys? Divert, deflect, and distract. I don’t want you thinking my henchmen in New York are doing a bad job against Trump. So I’m going to divert your attention again with another Uh, uh, Hail Mary at the 11th hour, and that’s the, uh, uh, imposition of tariffs on China.

Uh, as James Carville, an old Democrat, would say, Biden is stuck in a ditch with the voters under 30 years of age. And so the only thing I think that remains That’s really worthy of this issue today [00:05:00] is how far did the Democrats go under the Biden administration in getting, uh, Democrat Party registration forms in place for these illegal aliens?

To fill out and secure some level of voting, um, uh, uh, consistency or voting, uh, existence to be able to vote legitimately in the respective village or town they’ve ended up in. The nine to 12 million illegal aliens have how many capable voters? That will be the Hail Mary from Joe Biden. While we’re talking about Michael Cohen in a courtroom today, uh, in parallel, we’ve got how many voter registration application forms that were given to the illegals coming over the line, along with some cash, a debit card, a cell phone.

Well, [00:06:00] exactly,

Bryan McClain: Gene. Uh, we’re, exactly. And let’s, let’s just, uh, before we run out of time, let’s, let’s compare and contrast this situation. To what it looks like when Trump actually makes an appearance. Uh, let’s, let’s take a moment here and just look at the crowd. Roll that clip of the crowd real quick, real quick.

Is he showing support for Trump while all this insanity is going on in the background? Uh, what do you make of the crowd? They’re pretty big crowd, right?

Gene Valentino: That’s uh, they, the reports were a hundred thousand. They didn’t count the blocks and blocks of people who remained in line with, um, portable cameras, uh, portable, uh, TVs or iPhones or [00:07:00] iPads that they watched from out in the blocks.

That never got into the, the general area. It’s a historic first. I don’t think, and this was in blue country, right? This was in New Jersey. And New Jersey was on the fence. You had a congressman there who left the Democrat party and became Republican. You have, um, what, what percentage of those people out there will be voters?

And will there be the silent majority? That tsunami we talked about, Hesh, That will overrun a 9 million illegal voters that may be voting Democrat for Biden. Will the, will the crowd in that video overtake any, um, uh, aggressive actions on the part of this administration to bring voters desperately into the voting booth because they don’t have the [00:08:00] support.

of the American people. Desperation at the 11th hour.

Timothy Shea: Yeah, one can only hope that they will, Gene. In fact, the definitive meme came out today. Somebody took a screenshot of that immense crowd and clipped it to the outlines of the United States and had kind of a A space edge view from Florida all the way out to to Washington State kind of at an angle of the country and they overlaid that crowd on it and said Trump had a rally this weekend and that’s pretty much it.

Every single state, even deep blue states like New Jersey, like New York, like Massachusetts, his support is unbelievable and unlike 2020, people are no longer embarrassed to say that they’re supporting him. Give you the

Gene Valentino: last

Timothy Shea: word. I noticed

Gene Valentino: that. Yeah, I noticed that. Even CNN, one of the other media outlets, has sobered up a little, and I [00:09:00] think they’ve announced recently through some of their reporting that you cannot, you can no longer overlook the obvious.

The obvious is what? Timothy, you and, uh, Brian have just, uh, uh, reported and that’s the size of just one crowd at one event. There’s three primaries going on today. We’ll find out what that looks like. They’re supposed to be, uh, gimme’s for Donald Trump. Uh, I think they’re going to be disappointments for Joe Biden, but we’ll see.

And I think we have the door swinging back the other way. I think the, the, the American people, that silent majority we talk about, uh, is bigger, bolder, and, uh, stronger than we give credit for. And, uh, yes, um, The courtroom is, uh, has very, in God we trust. And, uh, justice is supposed to be blind. And I think that’s the fundamental principle [00:10:00] of our third leg of our government, our judiciary, that we cannot abandon.

We absolutely

Timothy Shea: can’t abandon it. We’re going to have to leave it there. And for one, here’s hoping that that door swings right back into the teeth of these people who hate America and are trying to destroy us. Gene, thanks again for another great hit on today’s news talk, TNT.

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UN-Equal Justice Under Lawfare!

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation 14 May 2024


  • Originally Recorded on May 14, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 528
  • Image courtesy of: TNT News Radio Live!
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