U.S. Ambassador to Denmark ~ Carla Sands ~ U.S. Politics, Nord Stream 2, The Border, & NATO

As Ambassador to Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Carla Sands’s commitment was 1) safety / security of American People, 2) increasing jobs in America and, 3) building bridges with Denmark. She got Denmark to commit more to NATO. She countered Russia/China interests in Europe. Her team worked with the White House to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, and stopped the installation of China’s 5G in Denmark. In the E.U. state capitals “there is a lot of arrogance”. 9 of the 30+ NATO allies increased their contributions to NATO because of Ambassador Sands. The rest would rather have the American taxpayers pay for it. She supports the notion of reciprocity. “If you’re not paying your club dues, you don’t stay in the club!” Unlike the U.S. kind expression of creating a European alliance of friends, there’s a concern now as to whether NATO needs to exist. She says it does. She claims that a President like Donald Trump did great at reminding NATO to ‘pay up’ and pay their share into NATO. Now as we view our alliances in Europe, we need to secure our American border first. Globalist organizations in Europe like the ‘Net Zero Farmer’, are nothing more than virtue signaling as Russia and China violate every principle we are trying to live by in U.S. and China. She emphasized that “Russia is not the treat to the U.S. China is. The CCP is the greatest threat to our well being and to our nation.” She confirms that Obama was about to get us into war with North Korea. In fact she said President Trump’s historic diplomacy saved us from war. “Trump is the first President in 70 years NOT to start a new war.” She was the only candidate with experience in world trade matters when running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. She was the only candidate with ‘America First Policy Institute’ experience. If she had Donald Trump’s support then, she claims she would have beaten Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Republican Primary and John Fetterman in the election. Interesting, in 2022 she believes the Republican Party failed Mehmet Oz. She hopes everyone gets out to vote early, but wishes ‘early voting’ was not an option. As a strong supporter of the American First Policy Institute (AFPI), she believes in the long term policy commitment to accelerate conservative protections and opportunities for all Americans, as they once were. Even though we all want ONE DAY voting, we must get out early to vote, until election rules change.

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U.S. Ambassador to Denmark ~ Carla Sands ~ U.S. Politics, Nord Stream 2, The Border, & NATO

Originally Recorded on February 14, 2024
Season 2, Episode 235

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U.S. Ambassador to Denmark ~ Carla Sands ~ U.S. Politics, Nord Stream 2, The Border, & NATO

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We have the privilege of having former ambassador Carla Sands with us, and a Donald Trump appointee who is now, has a [00:01:00] very interesting background. Hello, Ms. Sands, how are you? Hi, Gene, I’m great, thank you, and happy Valentine’s Day. A Valentino’s Day, okay. Okay, Valentino’s Day. Every day is Valentino’s Day, right?

You got it. Folks, I got a feeling we’re gonna have a great conversation right after this.

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Hi friends, and welcome back to our grassroots truthcast with our guest today, former ambassador Carla Sands from the great state of Pennsylvania.

What an interesting story you have, Carla. [00:02:00] Before I begin, would you want to give us the 30 second commercial on Carla Sands? Oh my gosh, I pinch myself every day, Gene. So I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. I became a third generation doctor of chiropractic, ended up being a major fundraiser for worthy causes and campaigns.

I also ran our family’s commercial real estate company, joined President Trump’s Economic Advisory Council in 2017. I was his appointed U. S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark. I ran for the Senate in Pennsylvania, and then I’ve now joined America First Policy Institute as the Vice Chair for the Center for Energy and Environment, and I’m their Chair for the Pennsylvania State Chapter of AFPI.

What a great capsulized summary of your history. One of the things I want to do that’s probably not logical, but I would like to look, delve into what you did as U. S. [00:03:00] ambassador in Denmark first, and then segue back to many of the local political issues we can talk about for another two hours but I would like to talk about foreign policy trade policy, business policy, and defense policy as it relates to what you were doing in Denmark.

Big concern I have today about the way EU, the European community in general, has allowed such a disregard for their, their immigration issue. We have our immigration issue for sure, but what’s going on over in Europe and what did you see as our emissary over in Denmark? Well, thanks for the question, Jean.

First of all, when I was the U. S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, I set three goals for our embassy. Number one was the safety and security of the American people. Number two was to increase jobs in America. So to increase trade. And number three was to build bridges [00:04:00] between our peoples and it is a kingdom.

So I had Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. as the three countries that I was working with in that kingdom, and we were wildly successful. Just for an example, we got Denmark to commit more to NATO. We were able to put a consulate in Greenland to increase our our, our diplomacy in that region.

China was all over the place. We worked to counter Russia and China. And we worked to build jobs, grow jobs here at home. And we did that by increasing our trade with Denmark by 45 percent according to MIT’s measurements. And two quick examples of what we did to counter Russia and China. My team and I worked with the White House.

To stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. And we, the only place it was never completed was my area of responsibility. We also worked to counter China. We were able to to defeat [00:05:00] Huawei, the the Chinese telecom company controlled by the CCP from installing the 5G throughout the Kingdom of Denmark.

But why would the United States be disregarded, it seems, by the European community if we were showing such good leadership? It makes no sense to me that with the protections that we have historically provided Europe, not to mention money I don’t understand why Europe was so quick to allow such reckless immigration, literally the taking over of their streets and cities, their, their the whole farm, farming production issue, moving in a more socialized direction.

I, can you jump in and comment on that? Gee, we could talk for hours about these issues. I mean, it’s really serious. There’s a lot of arrogance. In the EU, in Brussels and in their, their state capitals. I think that if you look at [00:06:00] at Europe’s, for instance, they made a pledge after, after Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014.

Obama was president and they made a pledge in Wales. That they would all get to 2 percent by 2024. Well, it’s 2024 and I think it’s about nine of the 30 plus NATO allies have actually delivered on their pledge to have cash capabilities and contributions, meaning buy the munitions, hire new, new you know, Mostly some women to defend their country, train them and have these capabilities so they can defend themselves and then come to the defense of their allies in NATO.

They’re not doing it. Most of them, they’d rather let America and American taxpayers, we don’t get their free college, their free health care, their free. They’re great, lavish pension. They’re 30 days of vacation in the summer. We don’t get that. They expect us to pay, but they’re rich. And [00:07:00] so it is absolutely unfair.

And I believe that reciprocity is a good thing. You treat others the way you want to be treated and that there should be qualifications to the NATO you know, the NATO pledge of we come to the aid of our allies. Listen, if you’re not paying your club dues, you don’t stay in the club. So I think there has to be absolutely a different conversation, but the trade is also not fair.

They don’t treat us fairly. Fairly. We, we created NATO back post World War II as an expression, another gratuitous and beneficial expression of the United States to help out our European allies. And when NATO was first formed, it then expanded a little bit more. Ukraine is now in the hopper being considered.

But I don’t feel. The appreciation on America, as I think you’ll admit, has had its own mistakes along the way, but it doesn’t result in or conclude in the fact that they should disregard us in such [00:08:00] a way. I mean, they’re even on our own homelands. They’re coming in illegally and then spitting on us with the expectation for money, cell phones, monthly checks, jobs, as if it’s a guarantee to them.

that your ancestors and mine had to wait in line at Ellis Island to become citizens for, and then more recently at, what, six, seven years just to, just to qualify to become a legal citizen. We don’t see any of that appreciation for America anymore. I’m concerned about what, does NATO have to exist, Since it’s not being appreciated the way it used to be.

Well, I think there’s value in NATO because there’s value in coalitions and alliances, but I think we have to strengthen it. And I think it’s going to take a different tone and a president like President Trump, he got them to give over 400 billion new dollars to to our NATO defense. So that’s a good.

That’s a good increase, but it doesn’t get [00:09:00] us where we need to go, where they actually do have credible defense. I’ll just go to Ukraine. I mean, that is not our war. They caused it by, you know, weak defense, by actually receiving their natural gas from Russia. I mean, that was the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

And I, I also think, you know, you brought up immigration. Well, Denmark is very hard on immigration. They don’t want any illegal immigrants and they try to send them right back to the country of origin as quickly as they can. But there are many countries that it looks like demographically will become majority Muslim countries and lose their Christian and their, you know, wonderful heritage.

I mean, if you look at the Muslim countries, most of them aren’t, do not have democracy. Or a republic as we know it. They do, they do not have the freedoms that we have and especially most of them, do not allow women to thrive in the way we do in the West. And so there’s, there are many reasons to preserve our virtuous backgrounds, our glorious [00:10:00] history that Western Christian civilization has created.

That’s, that’s made the whole world so much more wealthy and lifted so many billions out of poverty. I don’t understand how or why. We have allowed such a Muslim Islam culture to infiltrate Europe as you’ve just described. I think it’s the beginning of a a mass formation transition throughout all of Europe.

And your comment on that in terms of how we look at our alliances in Europe going forward, before we even worry about our border. Right. Well, I actually think that our border is the biggest issue. I think we have to secure our border. It was the most secure in my lifetime under President Trump. And we can see that Joe Biden is working with the hard left and the globalist organizations that our tax dollars are funding, whether it’s The UN or UNICEF, these [00:11:00] different organizations that are creating a pipeline of illegal immigrants coming into our land and they’re getting benefits, more benefits than our veterans, our American citizens.

It must be stopped. It’s the number one issue right now. I do believe that the globalist organizations you mentioned, the farmers, are attempting to implement a kind of, they call it net zero or a green agenda. It’s not green. It benefits China. It’s going to cause starvation in the civilized Western world.

India’s not doing this. Russia’s not doing this. China’s certainly not doing this. They’re building two new coal fire plants every week. While Europe and the U. S. are, you know, virtue signaling about energy, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it would be too crazy to make it up if you were writing a book or, or making a movie.

If you wrote the movie, it’d be, no one would believe you, but it’s true. I mean, here John Kerry’s out there trying to [00:12:00] score scold us on our energy policy sitting in the backdrop are one or two energy plans per month going up in China. To build their war machine. You know what really amazes me?

It’s going back to the Nixon administration and the Bush administration. We see a willingness to bring them into some sort of alliance. Let’s be friends with them. Only to realize they’ve taken our resources, our proprietary information, our money to advance themselves. Now, Ambassador, at our expense, what say you over in Denmark?

Did you see any intelligence that showed that that was going on even over there? Well, of course I did, and you can find it in open source. And I’ll just recommend to your viewers and listeners, there are two books I would recommend they read. One is Michael Pillsbury. Michael Pillsbury wrote The Hundred Year Marathon, and another book you can read, it’s an ancient Chinese book, but it’s translated into English, it’s Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, [00:13:00] to understand a little bit about the enemy that we face.

Russia is not an existential threat to the United States and to our freedoms. China is, the Chinese Communist Party is the greatest threat to our well being and to our nation. And so I think we need to understand what the enemy looks like and how they think. But if you talk to Obama, he’d tell you North Korea is.

Well, Obama was, you know, I can say it now because the president’s talked about it openly. He was about to get us into war with North Korea and the generals were all in on this, but President Trump’s historic diplomacy, the first US president to go and meet with the head of the North Korean government, he, Mike Pompeo worked on this, Robert O’Brien, the NSA worked on this.

And there was no war with North Korea. In fact, President Trump is the first US president in 70 years not to start a [00:14:00] new war. He ended wars. He, he defeated ISIS. He created the Abraham Accords, the historic beginning of peace with Israel and majority Muslim countries. So there’s, there’s a lot to be said for President Trump’s leadership.

And I hope your viewers will actually. Actively work to help elect President Trump for this November. And I thank you for acknowledging that. You know what I, let me pick on you just a bit. Pick on me, go ahead. Tongue in cheek. You were the only candidate for United States Senate that had such a background of experience on world trade matters diplomacy.

You had a grip on the pipeline issue over there. You, you had a background with your economic background in business sense here in the States, and you could even take care of my subluxation if I needed you to. Well, not anymore, but thank you. But but the truth is [00:15:00] You had that experience and you were the only one with American First Policy Institute that stepped up to, to convey experiences that the other candidates couldn’t compete against in the in your run for U.

  1. Senate in Pennsylvania. Respectfully, what happened? Well, I don’t think that President Trump always gets the best advice. And if I, if I had had his endorsement, I would have beat John Fetterman, like a drum. I see that. And with no with no aspersions against Mr. Oz, I thought you were the better candidate when I was following you.

I made a point of, I made a point of watching you in the Newsmax debate going back about what, two years now. And, and you stood out. You were powerful. You were strong, and you were on point. And my problem is, is what is it about the way we elect people or how is it that we, the people are not being more [00:16:00] responsible about the way we pick our our leaders?

What scares me is no matter what you think of, of Dr. Oz. He was beaten by a Federman, which I can’t, which I can’t understand. Has our system of party politics usurped the individual’s right to make good judgments? Well, I do think that we have the numbers. The people are actually stronger than we realize.

We’re just not flexing and we’re not mobilizing. But I, you know, Meminaz is a good man. He’s not, he, he’s a good family man. He, he’s, you know, created a business, but I think that the party failed him. And I’ll tell you why I think this. In 2022, the Senate race in Pennsylvania on election day, John Fetterman had banked about a million ballots or votes.

Memondaz had about 250, 000. It’s a 4 to [00:17:00] 1 ratio. In my state, there’s 50 days of early voting. And if you take 50 days where you can get people registered to vote, go and collect their ballot, help them either take it into the county board election office, or put a stamp on it and put it in the mail. There, that is a lot of time to mobilize, and Republicans go out in a one 12 hour day, they don’t know what the weather’s going to be like, they don’t know if the ballots are going to work, the machines are going to work, and they think they can beat 50 days.

Show me anything where 50 to 1 works. It just doesn’t. And so we just lost two specials last night in New York and in Pennsylvania. The Democrats Had in, in New York, nine days in Pennsylvania, 50 days of early voting. You cannot beat that. You don’t know there’s a, there’s a snow storm to last night in New York, people couldn’t get out.

So you have to look at the rules as they are, not [00:18:00] as you wish they would be. Yes, we want one day voting with ID and count it that day and announce the winner like France. Like Argentina does. We don’t have that. We have laws in place, and we better use every single lever available to us, or we are not going to win in November.

Oh boy, you hit the nail on the head, Madam Ambassador, and I couldn’t, I couldn’t have said it better on my website genevalentino. com. I have tongue in cheek, Gene’s second bill of rights, an additional eleven amendments to the United States Constitution, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the first bill of rights, and the point is, is that in that second bill of rights, one day voting, A procedure and criteria to becoming an American citizen, a criminal wrong, the imposition of crimes and penalties against elected officials and their appointees for, for not for, for [00:19:00] causing harm to this nation, this constitution, and not abiding by.

The, the mandates imposed on them when they took the oath of office. That is not there now. Each one of them skates and gets out. Look what’s, look at how Joe Biden’s walking out from under the the sights of of prosecution because of his alleged mental incapacity. But back on point and we’ll have to talk about that some other time, because I think there’s a whole plethora of great information you and I can bounce back and forth with on I’m interested in hearing more about the next election and where do you see yourself fitting in with the Trump administration?

Well you know, I’m honored to help our cause. Because this is a big movement and I’m honored to work with America First Policy Institute. Brooke Rawlins, our founder, said she’s building a battleship for a hundred years. We’re just taking over space. We’re going to be the, the anchor tenant at the Willard.[00:20:00]

The Willard just across from the White House. And so this is a long term commitment that we have America First policies no matter who’s in office. So right now we work with the Senate and the House. We’re beginning these state chapters throughout the country because we know our state government can affect us.

Their laws can affect us even more than federal laws. And so we are working to make life great for every American to have better, better wages, lower taxes. So that they don’t groom our kids. I was just talking to the young conservatives at Harvard two nights ago, and encouraging them in their quest to turn that very important institution around.

And from small things, great things come. And shock creates opportunity. And the shock of removing their president creates a great opportunity, I think, for new things, renewed things like freedom of speech. And the freedom of, of, of teaching the truth and not indoctrination. So I just got the, [00:21:00] the Eagle Forum Award in Pittsburgh a few nights ago as well, talking to conservatives in Western Pennsylvania.

And we need every Republican or every conservative as well to make sure that their friends and family are registered to vote. And AmericaFirstWorks. com, this is AFPI’s AmericaFirstWorks. com has, has tools. They can sign up for our Telegram channel. They can get trainings from people like former Congressman Lee Zeldin and Grant Stichfield to teach them how to get their friends and family registered and voting because we know trusted relationships are the number one way to get people to activate it or to do something.

We’re talking with Carla Sands, former ambassador to the area of Denmark, Greenland, and the Fennel Islands. The issues Ms. Sands is bringing up now are started in our conversation today with her role as ambassador, and we [00:22:00] transitioned to many of the concerns we all have. I think it’s fair to say that we both agree.

That while we’re interested in being gratuitous and generous and caring for the war in the world scene to allies and friends and neighbors and building up these relationships over abroad to protect America’s interest at home, we find ourselves being eaten from within. I have less concern about the Ukrainian border right now Carla, than I do about the Mexican border, and now apparently the northern border of the United States.

What say you? No, I agree that securing the border is the most important thing in most voters minds, and it’s the number one responsibility of every elected official, the safety and security of the American people. But I’ll just say two more things for your listeners. If they’re an attorney or they know a young conservative attorney, I hope that they’ll reach out to America First Works because we are hot.

We are working to [00:23:00] hire and deploy. Conservative voters on election day. We were really caught short in 2020. We didn’t have enough firepower, and we will have their back. The left spends hundreds of millions of dollars every election cycle in order to influence the outcome of elections in their favor and i’ll also say They can go to Heritage Foundation’s project 2025 and sign up with their resume in.

If they’d like to serve in the next you conservative or republican administration will have 4, 000 open opportunities to deploy into the federal government as political appointees and that will help to implement the president’s agenda this time. And criminal, and prosecution for criminal wrongdoing in the intervention of these elections has got to be much more seriously taken and enforced.

We have to sue them. You have to sue when they are, when they behave [00:24:00] unconstitutionally. We’re not suing enough. We need to be absolutely on it and sue them every single time. It’s the only thing that’s going to work.

Well, first, I just hope that they will vote and your listeners will vote early. I know that Republicans hate to hear that message. We like that election day. But Governor Glenn Youngkin won his governor’s race by getting Republicans out to vote early. Sixty percent of the Virginia Republicans voted early and he won.

If you want to change the course of our country and you do not want to have happen what happened in 2022 and 2023 where we do not win. And even last night in those specials in Pennsylvania and New York, vote early and let’s get this thing done. Let’s win and turn our country around and make it great again.

Carla Sands, former ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, where her economy rose and jobs [00:25:00] increased over 43 percent in that nation. And here and at home because of her efforts and her alliances with Denmark and Greenland. I want to thank you, Madam Ambassador, for being with us today and thank all of you for joining us on another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. Thanks, Gene.

Narrator: Thanks for joining us for Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. Be sure to like and subscribe and God bless America.