PLEASE NOTE: The TNT RADIO LIVE interview segment with Gene starts at time marker 19:22. Enjoy!  


TNT RADIO LIVE Episode Overview

Steve and Gene discuss DeSantis and Florida politics as it relates to Donald Trump.  The false narratives against Donald Trump have come to light in his campaign and in his term of office.  All of this was discussed in the show, while at the same time Christopher Wray, FBI Director, reluctantly reveals to House Oversight Chairman Jim Comer evidence of two $5-million payments to Joe and Hunter Biden.   This episode dramatically reflects the reality of an American Justice System that has become corrupt and tyrannical.  This was evidenced after our interview today when Donald Trump announced that he was indicted in 7 counts related to document handling and obstruction of justice.  Our speculation that there will be an uprising is proving true.  The timing of this TNT RADIO LIVE interview with Steve and Gene is uncanny.   ENJOY!


Originally Aired Live on 8 June 2023

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