TNT RADIO LIVE Gene with Steve Hook Tackling Hunter & Joe Biden Debacles

PLEASE NOTE: The TNT RADIO LIVE interview segment with Gene starts at time marker 17:25. Enjoy!

An effort right now shows Democrats that continue to BLOCK what has become so obvious, multiple Joe Biden Debacles.  During the Watergate Affair, even the Republicans came out supporting Nixon’s impeachment.  Today, the Dems refuse to put party politics aside.  Principles of this nation come before political hyperbole.  Clause Schwab, George Soros and the ‘Great Reset’ exacerbate a globalism of America.  Socialism/Marxism vs Meritocracy discussed.  The Schwab’s, the Gates’s, the Zuckerberg’s, and all of the other ‘elites’ are forcing the mass of commoners to submit.  While we want less government, government has a role and purpose protect the citizens, allowing them equal access to wealth and opportunity. In 2005 young Americans between 18-34 years of age were polled with pride in America was at 85%. In 2020, the same poll was at 26% prideful of this nation.  Solutions needed.  Constitutional amendment suggested call the “Supreme Magistrate” to go after the bad behavior of all elected officials and bureaucrat staff.  Sanctions for or against a wrong-doer must be immediate.  We can’t wait for the next election.  More about the American Border as explained by an Israeli military analyst.


Originally Aired Live on 25 July 2023

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