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The Fall of the Democrat Party is Pending

We are seeing two tiers of political candidate selection in plain view. A desperately needed constitutional amendment to get balance and parity in the election process. Hunter parades into the House Ethics Committee not long ago, when just prior it’s discovered that the January 6 files were destroyed under Democrat control. Supreme Court rules against Texas on the Constantine wire. Texas wants the wire to remain. Biden wants to take it down to allow the continued illegal influx. The states can protect the border if the Feds don’t. Why did the Supreme Court think that taking down Constantine wire was in the best interests of the United States?




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The Fall of the Democrat Party is Pending | TNT State of the Nation | 23 Jan 2024

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Gene Valentino: The

Steve Hook: conversation continues. I don’t believe it and I think that’s a terrible position that I am in, that I don’t trust my government. This is today’s News Talk Radio,

Bryan McClain: TNT.

Now just in case you’re just tuning in, uh, when we opened this hour, my wonderful co host here Steve Hook brought up this headline, the House January 6th Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files just days before Republicans gained the majority. And I just have to ask our next guest’s opinion about this.

He’s a GOP Political Strategist and Insider and the host of the Grassroots Truthcast Podcast, Gene Valentino, joining us once again here at State of the Nation. Gene, how egregious is this? I mean, as I said, we already talked about this, but I really want to get your take on this. I mean, this, this is sort of one of the big wins of 2022, one of the only small wins we got in the midterm elections.

Was the House. [00:02:00] Yet, as soon as that happens, uh, House, House committee members go in and delete and then encrypt deleted files that could have exculpatory evidence or evidence that should be transparent to Americans with regards to J6. What do you, how egregious is this in your mind? Well,

Gene Valentino: if America doesn’t see it now, they never will.

It’s not, it is a two party system, but it is also two tiers of justice. And if you don’t see it, uh, I have no, I mean, we get what we deserve. Now, uh, just. A few weeks ago, we were watching Hunter Biden, um, snub, uh, the House Ethics Committee on the subpoenas they were seeking to have him come in and talk legitimately in a forum to gather information in the due process process.

And he snubs them. [00:03:00] It’s not even a matter of whether the House of Ethics Committee or any of the committees are doing things behind closed doors or encrypted. They just, they just don’t even respect the due process system. So, how do I, what do I think about it? Oh, my words, Brian. It’s, um, it, there’s got to be a constitutional amendment that gets beyond the parties to take down this bad behavior.

I jokingly, tongue in cheek, said last time we spoke, We need to write a book someday called, um, The Art of Bad Behavior. We need to sit down together and write that book and just lay it out. Two columns. Here’s what the Democrats did, here’s what the Republicans did. In the same committee! And Jamie Raskin acts like there’s a huge, egregious, um, dislocation of democracy from the [00:04:00] due process system because they are mistreating a poor little hunter, and that they turn their backs on what they did, uh, in, um, In the committee just a few months earlier, this is, this is beyond the pale.

Uh, I, I don’t know where to start. Brian, and while that’s going on, you got the Supreme Court saying it’s okay for the federal government to remove the Texas razor wire, wire. Yeah. You’ve got to. I mean, where do you want to start? You’ve got, um, states beginning to come together to try to form alliances because the federal government isn’t protecting the border, and we’ve got bad behavior by the very elected offic Here’s the bottom line.

Just vote straight, Republican. I don’t care if the guy’s good or bad. It’s clear that this, this, this cabal on the Democrat side’s not working. Yeah, just give him a shot and let the [00:05:00] system fix itself. Even look what we’re doing as Republicans. We stood up whether we liked it or not and ousted Kevin McCarthy.

Do you see anybody doing that to oust Nancy Pelosi when she was Speaker? Hell no! They jumped in line like a bunch of robotic, uh, uh, Stockholm Syndrome

Steve Hook: beaten children. Well, Gene, it’s good to see you again, man. Um, uh, yeah, I’m sorry. You guys get me going. I don’t know what it is with you. I know. Hey, listen, we love it.

I just want to say you were just talking about the Supreme Court decision. This ruling just came down, I mean, just an hour ago. Yeah, it was, it was, it was a 5 4 decision. It should shock absolutely nobody that it was Chief Justice Roberts that sided with the minority on this, um, because he wants to invite it, be invited to all the cocktail parties inside the Belkway.

So he always seems to, yeah, you never tell what he’s going to do, but now we know. [00:06:00] I suspect that at, at the end of the day, while this ruling went against Texas, it may actually backfire. It could turn into a boomerang situation because I can, you see the images of, uh, the, uh, border patrol cutting those wires, uh, and cutting those lines rather.

And, and that’s gonna play horribly, uh, to, uh, to, for Biden it’s, it’s not gonna play well. So, while it’s a win, uh, it may be kind of a, you know, a, a a, a backhanded win at best. What do you think about, about that? Because it seems to me that I, I, I, everybody is, we saw it in Ohio, in Iowa, rather, how important the border is even to Iowans.

And now all of a sudden the Supreme court gives the wind to Biden. And now what? He’s going to go remove all this, these, these, uh, this rate, this concertina wire. I can’t imagine that doing a

Gene Valentino: wire. Yeah. Steve, what do you think about the poor employee with the Border Patrol or [00:07:00] whoever the, the, the national employee was that had to get up there, took an oath of office to defend this nation.

And here he is saying, he says, what am I going to do? My boss just told me to take this wire down and I don’t think we should. This is. This is one small measure to protect our border and, um, it goes against my better judgment. What do you think that poor soul’s thinking right now? I tell you what, here’s what’s clear.

When there’s a dispute over the protection of the border and the federal government isn’t doing its job, it is clear in the Constitution that the states have the right to do it. But I just don’t understand why the Supreme Court thinks taking down the wire Is somehow in the greater good of protecting this nation.

Would someone answer that question? I, I don’t understand that. Here’s what I understand. Elections have consequences. And I am at, before I’m saying, [00:08:00] go vote, use your good judgment, pick the best guy, vote straight Republican for crying out loud, because I can’t see anything the Democrats are doing that is making sense, period.

Up and down the line, all over the place. It’s just

Steve Hook: ridiculous. Yeah, well, listen, we’re going to take a headline here, but I can only echo that sentiment. Whenever, whenever, whenever I hear somebody say, Oh geez, I don’t care. They’re all the same. I’m not going to, no, they’re not all the same. They may have some peculiarities where they kind of, they agree on certain things, but by God, they are not all the same.

Our guest is Gene, uh, Gene Valentino. He’ll join us on the other side. Gene, hang in there. We’re going to take a quick break for headlines on today’s news talk, TNT. Here’s a little news

Bryan McClain: flash! TNT

Steve Hook: Radio News. For TNT, this is James O’Neill. The Russian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the shelling of Donetsk, a Russian city, by Ukrainian forces on Sunday, which resulted in at least 25 civilian deaths and 20 injuries.

Residents of Queensland are preparing for the possibility of a [00:09:00] Category 3 cyclone, anticipated to hit the coast soon after the area recently

?: experienced severe weather conditions. University of Michigan computer

Steve Hook: science and engineering professor J. Alex Haldeman demonstrated the ability to breach the security of a Dominion voting

?: machine.

Steve Hook: The common housefly, caught in the clutches of the spider’s web. Every move it makes, just makes matters worse.

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Gene Valentino: Feast on the

Steve Hook: captivating stories, videos, and helpful information on our website. Dinner’s ready! Oh

Gene Valentino: man. Escape

Steve Hook: is futile. Just one more video. Get stuck in

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Steve Hook: TNTradio. live Okay, you’re back with State of the Nation, and we’re back with Gene Valentino, our guest.

Well, Gene, yesterday, some kind of some shockwaves here, really, with, uh, DeSantis bagging out all of a sudden. I mean, we kind of knew it [00:10:00] was coming. It was, the writing has been on the wall for a while now, but Ron DeSantis decides to get out before the New Hampshire primaries, which of course is scheduled tomorrow, uh, is, uh, I’ll ask you what I, what I asked our last guest is tonight the last night of the Nikki Haley campaign, or does, does she continue?

Uh, the

Gene Valentino: answer is yes. I think the polls are going to wrap up between 65 to 35 in favor of Trump. Well, what I’m really surprised with, which makes me very happy. Is the humility and decency Donald Trump showed in the conversation he had with. Ron DeSantis. And then listening to Ron talk about acquiescing and acknowledging he had no clear path for a win, for a win, impresses the heck out of me because Ron DeSantis is my governor and I know how, how [00:11:00] well he did in Florida.

And between you and me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to lose him in Florida. He’s doing too good a job. So, so having said that, Uh, I’m happy that he, uh, that he, uh, uh, took the high road and I’m happier that Donald Trump did as well and even made some nice, um, comments about, uh, Mrs. DeSantis as well, First Lady.

Uh, I will say this, that, uh, I don’t like New Hampshire’s, uh, primary system. We’ve got to be careful with the word independent. The independent word is really a party. The word that we have to use is undeclared, and in the New Hampshire law, the undeclared People in the Secretary of State’s or the Supervisor of Elections [00:12:00] offices, uh, that person is undeclared.

He’s technically not independent. If he’s an independent, he’s part of an independent party. So 40% New Hampshire is on the roster as independent. It’s not a party per se, it’s just a category. And the law allows them to, to, to, uh, vote in, uh, this election, which I think Is unfair and kind of is that cross purposes with the way we look are at our democratic process.

Uh, you know, if, if you want to be in a primary, be in the primary of a Republican, be in the primary of a Democrat, a libertarian. Or anything else for that matter, but don’t, but to, to morph the law, to allow that independent, that I did it, [00:13:00] that, uh, that, um, undeclared person to participate in a party affiliation primary.

I think disturbs the vote. Now, if Nikki Haley thinks she’s going to get ground because of that, therein lies the problem for Nikki Haley, which has been feeding a lot of the pundits and the stories you’re seeing in the press. Oh, she’s got the Democrats jumping. But no, if you, if you were a Democrat, you had to be not a Democrat last October 6th, and you had to register in New Hampshire as an independent.

Otherwise, you can’t be a Democrat and vote for Nikki Haley in this election. However, in Florida, to confuse matters, they have what’s called a local open primary system, and in that primary system, uh, if there’s no Democrat running, On the Democrat side, then those Democrats can vote in the Republican [00:14:00] primary, and that race becomes the final race.

So, this is consistent with what I’ve talked to Brian and you about, Steve, about a constitutional amendment. To streamline the voting process, not only in terms of number of days you’re voting, and where we’re voting, and how we’re voting, but also who’s voting. And um, and that person has to be registered to a party.

The two Party. System. Works. And we have to give credence to that. It’s worked for a long time. I get very nervous when I see these Davos type intellectuals think they’re going to, uh, stir the pot with some new creativity, uh, like they’ve been doing that has failed worldwide.

Bryan McClain: Yeah, utter failure worldwide.

People are really starting to get it. You know, I’m interested in what [00:15:00] you’re saying here. We’ve got about a minute left, so I’ll try to be brief and hopefully you can too, but, um, this idea of, uh, just taking the R all the way down the ballot. I feel like, you know, we talk a lot about, well, you know, Republicans need to use the same tactics as Democrats.

Yeah, And a lot of times that’s the most simple one. That one right there that you laid out is the most simple one. Otherwise you get into mudslinging, uh, weaponizing government, character assassination, all these sort of things that really turn off a lot of Americans. Not, not just GOP Americans. I’m talking center right, center left, libertarian.

Independent and DGAF voters. Those, those people in my estimation, you know, sandwich eating Americans, as I like to call it, nevermind if there’s beyond burger meat in there or not, we’ll save that. Probably not though in this crowd. Um, but if, if that whole group of people were to realize, wait a minute, [00:16:00] when they say we hate Trump, they’re actually saying we hate the, the foundation of America and we hate what People that vote their values will do, will, will do.

So how important is it to mark that R all the way down with that in consideration?

Gene Valentino: Not at all. Uh, that’s why we have a ballot. Um, I, I think everybody has to be judged individually at a certain point. I think that too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the, spoil the soup or spoil the broth. In this case, uh, Democracy is a stress.

A tug, a push and a tug. It’s, uh, it’s a push and a pull. It’s, it requires deliberation and, uh, not, uh, and, uh, working through the issues. So who gets it completely their way in a democratic Rep Constitutional Republic like ours. No one does. [00:17:00] It’s the art of compromise. And that’s what happens when we boil it down to two people in two major primaries.

Now, by the way, The Democrats don’t think that way, do they? They blew off New Hampshire completely and said, screw it, we’re not even going to participate in New Hampshire. That may be a blessing for Joe Biden because we know how bad he would have done. But, but, you know, the problem is, is that that two party system has a primary process to it.

Not to be confused with the caucuses. We had the Iowa caucus, and by the way, before the South Carolina caucus coming up, we had Trump shooting out to Nevada caucuses. Let’s see how Nevada’s caucus, uh, preempts or sets the stage for the South Carolina primary soon after.

Steve Hook: Yeah, Gene Valentino is always my friend.

We appreciate your, uh, your wisdom and your sage, uh, your sage words, man. Uh, you can check out Gene on his, on his podcast, or in this case, his truthcast, uh, Grassroots [00:18:00] Truthcast with Gene Valentino. You can find that on all the great streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple, etc. Uh, Gene, I would just, there he goes, Captain America.

I would just say, I would just, I would just say, Gene, that, uh, there are some that are saying that Nikki should hang in there because she represents the other wing of the, uh, of the Republican deal. I just think that’s bad advice. I think that whoever, I think that DeSantis is setting himself up much better for 2028 by saying, I’m going to support our nominee and it’s obviously going to be Donald Trump.

And hopefully out of

Gene Valentino: four, that’s right. Steve, three out of four. DeSantis people have gone to Trump. What does that tell you?

Steve Hook: Exactly. Well, Gene, thank you, uh, as always, my friend. We look forward to chatting with you again and, uh, you have a wonderful day. Thanks for joining us on State of the Nation, my friend.

Always a pleasure. Thanks, guys. Okay, there he goes, Gene Valentino, you are watching and listening to State of the Nation, and we’ll be right [00:19:00] back on today’s News Talk, TNT.


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