Republicans Fighting Over Policy & Principle ~ DEMS Have Neither! | TNT RADIO LIVE

The move to oust McCarthy occurred during our TNT interview. Some say McCarthy was delivering for the people. Others say he did not. Republicans have been fighting over policy and principle.   The Matt Gaetz / McCarthy Speaker of the House issues annoy the citizens as they try to filter the truth from the fiction.  The Democrats in lockstep avoid the postponement of the vote and move like robots to a vote on the floor.  The challenge was that there is a strong feeling that we should not be funding Ukraine until we address the border.  That’s what Gaetz was pushing for that many like.  He’s stirring the pot to get things to happen BEFORE the 11th hour budget deadline.  On the other hand, McCarthy is held hostage in his first few days on the job to radically change the budget calendar for more deliberation over all budget line items. Pelosi had an egregious system in place that ignored Republican input. During the live episode with TNT Radio Bryan notifies us that Congress ousted McCarthy.  New rules for Congress discussed to mandate an Amendment to the Constitution to establish a balanced budget with personal financial penalties imposed on Congressmen for delays resulting in “Omnibus Bills” and “Continuing Resolutions.”


Source: Originally Aired Live on 3 October 2023

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