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No “Measured Response” By Israel – Ask General Patton & President Truman

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation

Folks, enjoy this spicy exchange with my TNT colleagues. I explain why Israel is not obligated to provide a “measured response”. Given the truthful facts of what has happened since October 7th, what say you? Terrorist aggression! Just ask General George Patton and President Harry S. Truman. Let Israel know they have a true ally. Let them fight their own battles as they see fit. Let’s get back to defending to defending our border!!! The Iranian Military would love a whole bunch of our Antifa Transgenders on their front line!!! Geno’s “Three – D’s”. Divert, Deflect, and Distract our attention away from the REAL national security crisis here in America. Biden’s stupid attempt to ‘play both sides of the fence’ has backfired. We must recognize the level of the threat against America which is hitting us from all sides.


Important Interview with Elliot Chodoff recommended:


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No “Measured Response” By Israel – Ask General Patton & President Truman | Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation 12 April 2024

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Gene Valentino: I love you guys. Unbelievable. 24 7. Listen to you every day. Have for years. Today’s News Talk Radio. TNT. Joining us now to talk about the day’s headlines is GOP political strategist and insider, host of the Grassroots Truthcast Podcast, the ever effervescent Gene Valentino. Gene, welcome back to State of the Nation.

Glad to be back. I’ve got an idea for those transgender, uh, Antifa types you were talking about. I’m listening. Let’s give them to Iran, Iran, Iran and put ’em in the Iranian military. Don’t want, here’s the most insane thing. There’s, there’s, there’s, there’s gaze for Gaza. It’s unbelievable. I’m willing to buy a few of ’em.

Timothy Shea: A one-way. Plane ticket. What do you think, gene? Well, you know, they keep coming back over the line. Let’s, let’s permanently resolve this, uh, ping pong tournament. Let’s, um, give them to [00:02:00] Iran and I don’t even think they’ll see the front line by the time Iran gets through with ’em.

Yeah, they’re gonna go bungee jumping off of the tallest building and, uh, in case they don’t realize it in Iran, when they take homosexuals to the top of the tallest building to bungee jump, yeah, there’s no bungee cord. Well, we’ve certainly seen a lot going on right now and, uh The transgender issue in the United States, not to disregard your opening, is really another one of Geno’s three D’s, isn’t it?

Gene Valentino: Divert, Deflect, and Distract. It’s another issue that is swarming in the culture of the United States. While the big deep state initiatives overseas continue to, uh, do stunts like that to demoralize us, distract us and, uh, and deflect our attention [00:03:00] away from the real national security crisis. Uh, a national security crisis that’s underway right now.

We’re watching, uh, we’re watching President, uh, Trump. And Mar a Lago just an hour ago discussed with Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, what he’s going to do literally when he gets elected, especially as it pertains to getting certain aspects of procedure and order in the United States Congress. Uh, Trump admits, uh, although he didn’t say with whom he spoke that he was, he spoke with a high ranking Israeli official just an hour, two hours ago on matters, uh, related to Israel’s defense, we must be very careful.

To let Israel fight its own battle. We can’t say in one breath like Biden did to stay out of it, acquiesce, and [00:04:00] succumb. Basically turn the attention away from 1, 300 people who were massacred on October 7th. Let’s forget about that. And now let’s get critical about Israel’s desire to seek retaliation for such an egregious harm, a genocide that was occurring, that we’re now supposed to forget about.

Let’s put our attention on the six o’clock news, fake news, when these false narratives are being issued by the Muslims coming out of Michigan and upper states that are trying to say there was a basis by which Israel should have been attacked. Let us be careful that if it happens to Israel, It’s the tip of the spear because we’re next in line and we should be on guard not to stifle Israel’s desire to seek a retaliatory strike, but [00:05:00] rather we should be at their side with full force helping them incinerate this devil that has in their own religious dictates the mandate from birth to teach all of them.

To teach all of their followers to kill Christians and Jews. If we don’t recognize the level of this threat now, it’ll be too late. There’s already too many in the United States now, which Speaker Johnson was also addressing, as it pertains to what a citizen is. A citizen that can vote, that has come into this beautiful nation.

Illegally, we have lost our intestinal fortitude, gentlemen. We have lost the spirit and the integrity that should have transcended to us from our parents. So, like, what is an actual measured, uh, [00:06:00] or appropriate response then? I mean, we’re seeing numbers 000 people have been killed. Do you remember Do they just keep going?

Bryan McClain: Do they, do they bomb RAFA until it’s gone? Well, Brian, that, those numbers have proven to be, uh, those numbers Are they? Have proven to be bogus, and Are they? And, and the number of citizens that have been killed? Typically in a conflict, it’s a nine to one ratio. Here, it’s less than one to one, there’s no genocide going on of citizens by the IDF.

Timothy Shea: A lot of people are being killed by the IDF. I am dead serious. I am dead serious. Where do you guys find your, where do you guys find your news on this? Do you only watch Fox to get this, these talking points? I haven’t watched, I have not watched Fox in I can’t remember how long. I mean, do you look at the independent journalists that go down there and take footage?

Gene Valentino: Yeah. No, I went further, I went further, and I’d recommend he come on our show sometime. Elliot Chadoff, Israeli Defense [00:07:00] Forces Inside Strategist. Who, uh, was in the know and gave me two personal interviews inside, uh, of Israel up in the Galilee area, just 40 miles from Lebanon with thousands of, uh, Russian missiles pointing straight at them.

That, that, um, that, uh, interview occurred just a month ago. There’s a complete, if you don’t believe that 1, 300 Jews We’re massacred on October 7th, uh, Hesh, and you don’t believe, and you don’t believe we landed on the moon either. I don’t believe we landed on the moon, actually. Brian, the data I saw, the data I saw, Brian, comes from the Gaza Health Ministry, Hamas itself.

Timothy Shea: They’re, they’re admitting that fatalities, You know, we have colleagues involved in a lot of the reportage that’s going on there, and they’re seeing completely different things. Well, you know, I’m taking these numbers from Hamas themselves, so that’s not Fox News. Well, you know, that’s, [00:08:00] that’s the typical talking point, but if you start looking at multiple sources, you’ll find that they’re verified, and I’ve got multiple telegram channels that I can load up.

Bryan McClain: Any time and go and see just a veritable smorgasbord of heartbreaking horror, you know, people are clearly on combatants being executed. So you’re saying that Hamas is underestimating the numbers of people being killed? Hamas itself is doing that? I’m saying there is a genocide happening over there in Gaza right now, and there are tens of thousands of dead Gazans.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. There’s fewer dead Gazans, if that’s true, Hesh. There’s fewer dead Gajans than there were Japanese in Hiroshima when we did not use a measured response, when, uh, uh, the president at the time, uh, initiated the A bomb in [00:09:00] Japan and ended the war decisively. We do not use measured responses in war.

There’s no such thing as a measured response. It only perpetuates annihilation. Well, I mean, they’re, they’re sending JDAMs over there. I just saw a big pallet of 2, 000 pound JDAMs going over there. A JDAM, you know, the IDF is telling us that they’re doing precision strikes. A JDAM is not a precision strike munition.

Bryan McClain: It will level everything around it. It was only one generation ago, it was General Patton who didn’t use a measured response. It was, uh, FDR himself. Uh, right after Pearl Harbor. That did not use a measured response. Now, do I think we should be in, uh, directing Israel on what the response should be? No. But we are their ally.

Gene Valentino: And if Israel Well, FDR allowed that to happen. FDR knew ahead of time that that was gonna happen. Well, guys, we’re gonna have [00:10:00] to leave it there, cause we’re up on a hard break. But, Gene, can’t thank you enough. Look forward to your next visit here on State of the Nation on today’s news talk, TNT.

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No “Measured Response” By Israel – Ask General Patton & President Truman

Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on April 12, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 523
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