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Millennials See Empty Promises & False Narratives from ‘Dems’!

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation

While NPR finds its way along with all of the media, there seems to be a willingness to back away from the Biden Administration as quickly and as quietly as possible. Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman from Texas, embarrasses herself with reckless comments at a school setting. It was sheer stupidity! She should know better!. Why do Democrats put such stupid/hateful people in office!? The GenY and GenZ, the millennials, must realize they can no longer be manipulated and controlled. They realize that they MUST pay for their student loans, otherwise they will be left with a much bigger bill to save this nation. We see hope on the horizon. If Dearborn Michigan Muslims chant ‘Death to America,’ is that not a renunciation of your citizenship? Can we deport them!? The strategy afoot amongst Democrats and RINO’s, is to distract, deflect and divert everyone’s attention away from their desperate desire to get reelected at all cost.


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Millennials See Empty Promises & False Narratives from ‘Dems’!

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Narrator: This is today’s news talk, TNT. For our first guest tonight, I have to put on my best NPR voice and welcome Gene Valentino back to State of the Nation. Gene, welcome. And have you heard the news about NPR’s business editor, Uri Berliner, who has come out and admitted that NPR lost its way and went from aggressive reporting against Donald Trump to being Solely focused on taking down the administration.

Timothy Shea: Are you surprised? And is this anything that should surprise the average listener? I am surprised. The average listener is now hopefully getting another side of the story that we, the taxpayers, are paying for on a public radio channel called NPR. Uh, they, I guess they’re, they’re trying to find their way to, for fair and balanced reporting.

Gene Valentino: What do you think? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. I think not only [00:02:00] NPR, but all of the media, I’ve been noticing stories that are increasingly critical of the Biden administration. It’s almost like these people are Homer Simpson backing into the hedge. They just want to back away from this failed administration as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Timothy Shea: I call it raising the white flag. I think they have succumbed and are retreating and realize the error of their ways. Not too late, maybe, maybe too late, but it doesn’t matter. Donald Trump, whatever they’re doing to him, they’re beginning to see the transition through the court systems now recoiling. And, uh, maybe finding more fair and balanced, uh, prosecution against him as well, only to help his campaign fundraising, uh, only to, only to help more Democrats leave the Democrat party.

Gene Valentino: If they’re not going Republican, they’re going independent. I gotta play devil’s advocate here, boys. I [00:03:00] feel like, uh, there are PSYOPs afoot here. I don’t feel like NPR is gonna take any stand of their own. I feel like they’re working the same talking points. They’ve always been working, and I feel like this whole thing is because quite possibly The Deep State either knows they can’t stop a Trump win or they want and are facilitating a Trump win.

Bryan McClain: That’s, that’s my going take right now, barring anything changing. I’m with you, Brian. I think that, I don’t think they’ve seen the error of their ways, meaning that these policies that they’ve been advocating forever actually don’t work. I think you’re right. They’re just taking a political, uh, strategic retreat.

Gene Valentino: Well, I, I will add that, um, this strategic retreat sits against the backdrop of more fundamental Democrat nonsense. Can I share a story that’s popped up with you? You guys may have [00:04:00] reported it earlier in the day, but it’s come to my attention and I, I just got to share it with you, if you don’t mind.

Please do. Did you know that the moon will provide its own unique light? And energy. This is so that you will have energy from the moon at night. Did you know that the word full moon, uh, which really is, it has to do with the complete rounded circle of the moon. Which is mostly made up of gases. Did you know that the moon is primarily a gaseous state?

Did you know that the, uh, uh, that the, there’s a question now as to whether humans can live on the moon and are these gases such that they’ll be able to accommodate human beings on the moon? And did you know that the sun is a very powerful heat source that is almost. [00:05:00] Impossible to touch. Didn’t say it was impossible to touch.

Almost impossible to touch. Uh, gentlemen, these comments were made by Texas Congresswoman from the 18th Congressional District in Texas. She, uh, Sheila Jackson Lee. And what makes it even crazier is that she served on a subcommittee of space and aeronautics, going back to, I think to the Clinton administration.

Oh my words. She probably believes that, uh, that, uh, if it’s not a gaseous state, uh, it’s why the moon is made is Swiss cheese, you know, because it’s got holes in it too, you know, I am stunned by the stupidity. and ignorance of a United States Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, Shirley Jackson Lee, excuse me, to, to come out with this kind of [00:06:00] information at a school session talking to kids in a public forum is to me a disgrace of the agency she served on and the science.

She’s an attorney. She should know better. To be even talking in those kinds of words to any crowd publicly as a United States Congresswoman. Um, I guess maybe the moon is made of Swiss cheese. Well, her head certainly is. I think she might have a little mad cow going on there. We call her Sheila Racist General, Racist General.

Timothy Shea: You know, Sheila Jackson Lee. I don’t know why. We have to tear down statues of, uh, Andrew Jackson and, uh, Robert E. Lee, but apparently she’s allowed to keep her, her middle and last name. It’s not racist when she uses it, I guess. Her, she has a long and storied history of stupidity, but so does the Democrat party, right?

Let’s not forget our pal from Georgia. [00:07:00] Who wanted to be sure that the Marine Corps airstrip on Guam wasn’t going to tip the island over. Came out later and said it was a joke, but when you saw the video live, uh, Representative Johnson wasn’t joking. These people have been installed. They haven’t risen to their position based on their intellect or their experience.

They’re just meat puppets that do what they’re told to do, say what they’re told to say, and are given money so that they can consistently remain in office. It’s an absolute disgrace. That’s the key. That’s the key, Timothy. I think the Dems just keep pushing stupid people into office to stay there as, uh, as puppets for the puppeteers, which we’ve talked about in the past, the deep state narrative.

Gene Valentino: And I think this is more of the same. It’s shameful that the Democrat Party has so many people up front and center [00:08:00] pushing these False narratives to think that they, that, uh, that the American citizens would buy into it. My fear is that the younger generation, the Gen Y and the Gen Z crowd will buy into it, just as they’re trying to buy their votes with Biden pushing another narrative on forgiving even more student debt in the hopes that he gets their votes.

I hope The American people help the Gen Z and Gen Y, the Millennials up to age 40, educate them, and I hope they see the light of day. And I hope these young folks realize, in all seriousness, that the forgiveness of a debt that they signed off on and agreed to pay for, regardless of the interest rate, should not be forgiven.

Unless you want to figure out how to pay for your parents social security and welfare as they roll into the [00:09:00] senior years of their lives, we need to protect those around us, and we need to take the responsibility into our own hands. and ensure that we, uh, uh, be, lead a good example for our children and our grandchildren.

If we’re going to incur a debt, we damn well better pay for it. Gene, you’re absolutely correct. You know, Democrats, whose voters think that they’re so much smarter than everybody else, have a habit of installing stupid people. I’m thinking of the mushroom Moppet behind the lectern in the White House, Corinne Jean Pierre.

Timothy Shea: And Adam Schiff, who can’t tell a lie or can’t tell the truth if he had a gun to his head. Of course, he’s the, he’d be the perfect running mate for Joe Biden this time, right? And, you know, liar, a liar, the two of them. Uh, AOC, who was literally Auditioned. She was selected out of over 40, 000 people at a cattle call.

Her brother signed her up. She was a bartender. Her brother signed her up to go into this [00:10:00] interview process, the cattle call. Over 40, 000 people they screened to find someone who was photogenic and malleable and now the Bronx is stuck with AOC. Although, we’ve got a great candidate running against her. A little bit foul mouthed, but YouTube.

Uh, sensation, uh, running there in southeastern Bronx, and it’ll be interesting to see, uh, how that race turns out this fall, but you’re absolutely correct. The Democrats keep putting up these sock puppet candidates that just, uh, you know, they, they push the false narrative. And the good news is that a lot of people are waking up, okay?

Young black men are now calling Donald Trump Uncle Trump. Young black women are calling him Daddy Trump. He’s polling higher among blacks and Hispanics than any Republican in the last hundred years. I see hope on the horizon, Gene. I do too. You know, it was just yesterday we saw on the news in Dearborn, Michigan, these [00:11:00] Muslims chanting Death to America just the other day.

Gene Valentino: Hey, I pose a question to you. Is this not de facto renunciation of an American citizenship? And if that’s so, And you’re going to chant, Death to America. Can we not deport them? If you’re giving up your citizenship and expressing such inflammatory, treasonous commentary, such as Death to America, can’t we deport them?

Why shouldn’t we deport them? And why is this happening in Dearborn, Michigan? The home of, uh, the big home for many Muslims up there, right in the backyard of Detroit, where there’s a strong blue collar, uh, labor union that’s thinking about getting behind, uh, Biden. Have they lost their minds? Why not get [00:12:00] behind a new generation?

Why don’t we spend our time focusing on those under 40 who have been misled recently in the school system that have had no history taught to them to understand these Conflicts of thought that have been perpetrated on the younger generation through this George Soros conspiracy that’s permeated not only the educational system, but the judicial, the judicial and prosecutorial portion of our government as well.

Ergo, the problem Trump’s having with all these charges against him. Can we not see what’s coming down? We need to rely on this younger generation to wake up and see the light, hopefully before it’s too late. Do you guys think there’s like, um, like I’m thinking about Dearborn, Michigan, and I’m thinking back to before October 7, and that we were, we were fellow travelers at that point, uh, politically with a lot of the Muslim [00:13:00] population in Michigan and, and all throughout the United States because they were coming out and saying, hey, Hey, I don’t like this DEI stuff.

Bryan McClain: We’re not here for CRT. You know, the same could be said, could be said about, um, gay people. Because right now there’s currently a whole backlash of conservatives. They’re mad at Trump for, you know, comments about gay people or whatever. But we’ve got, you know, gays against groomers. We’ve got some, you know, really based gay people out there.

We’ve got based Muslim people out there that want, you know, the same America that we do. So. Do you think it’s a little bit dangerous that, that so many conservatives are now, you know, kind of back to, you know, like a, I don’t know, like a 2012 era, like talking point about Dearborn, Michigan, and, and like, I feel like they’re painting broadly throughout the Muslim crowd and throughout the gay crowd.

But then, you know, a few months ago, not that long ago, we were agreeing with them on a lot of conservative points. [00:14:00] I think this, the key, Hesh, is that the strategy afoot, even amongst the embedded Democrats, Uh, and some of the rhinos, is to divert, deflect, and distract your attention away from key issues.

Gene Valentino: Key issues we talk about that are constitutional based, rights based. We’ve talked about, uh, voting, uh, term limits, citizenship. What does that mean? We’ve talked about that is, is complementary, uh, to what you’ve just said, Brian. It’s a, it’s an issue where. If I distract your attention away from all with and give you and put so much noise into your brain with these issues like the ones you’ve just expressed, uh, LGBT, men, uh, uh, competing in women’s sports, and all of the issues you just [00:15:00] mentioned, are nothing more than a further distraction away from Just vote me in, I’m a Democrat, and I’ll solve that problem for you.

Oh, by the way, I just forgave your college loan. Oh, heck, I think I’m gonna vote for that guy. Distracts them from some of the key issues. But they’re empty words, Gene, I agree, but like, for example, you know, we get a lot of empty words from them, and I think that the empty words are sort of, the litany of empty words have kind of, you know, Lost their sheen at this point.

Bryan McClain: People are starting to say, no, I don’t think you are gonna, uh, forgive my debt. You know what I mean? So it is kind of falling apart a little bit, their, their bobbly distraction technique. Yeah, and the courts have ruled against Biden when he attempted to do so, right? So I hope the, the, the millennials pick up on that.

Gene Valentino: And say, hey, this Biden’s offering empty promises that have no direction. I still have no economic opportunity when I get out of college. I don’t know what my job’s going to be. My words, there may be, [00:16:00] there might be automation in Wendy’s, Hardee’s and McDonald’s. That prevents me from getting a job there regardless of what the pay grade is, the rate per hour is.

So you’re finding student, young people coming out of a profession wondering where they’re really going to have their opportunity. America was wonderful when it provided opportunity and stayed out of these myopic, micro issues. America is great when it provides incentives and opportunities. America is great when it gives a defense to Israel, not try to micromanage their policy on Hamas and Hezbollah.

It’s micro in one sense in our internal operations of government and economy and finance and future and vision. It gets into trouble when it tries to mandate through a deep state narrative [00:17:00] how you should live your life. And that’s what the millennials have to wake up and see before it’s too late. And to your first point, I think they are.

I think the tight, the, the, the pendulum is swinging back the other way. And we are seeing a younger generation saying, hold on, Biden. Hold on, Congress. You’ve gone a step too far. And the world is watching. You’re absolutely correct, Gene. And if not the millennials, at least Gen Z is starting to wake up.

Timothy Shea: Always a delight to have you on State of the Nation. I wish we had three hours with you because there’s so much to discuss. We look forward to your next segment right here. Why don’t you tell people how they can find you? Thank you. Thank you, Timothy. We have a website, folks, and all of these wonderful TNT segments are posted there as well.

Gene Valentino: www. genevalentino. com. Go to the Grassroots Truthcast podcasts and [00:18:00] segments, and you can subscribe. Please subscribe. And, um, and we’ll push these TNT episodes to you weekly as well. Fantastic. Gene, can’t wait to have you on again. You’re listening to State of the Nation on today’s news talk, TNT

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Millennials See Empty Promises & False Narratives from ‘Dems’!

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on April 9, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 522
  • Image courtesy of: N/A
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