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Mental Capacity ~ Will Biden Go Free? – Bad Behavior Again!

Joe Biden’s Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, claims he will not go after the President due to his mental capacity. Should prosecutors prosecute based on defendant’s mental capacity? Will Biden Go Free? Or, is this a scheme to free Biden from criminal prosecution. I guess Biden can remain in office as a handicapped President, but walk away from criminal wrongdoing. Is most media at fault for not bringing this out clearly? There has to be a Constitutional Amendment that holds the DA’s and prosecutors accountable. There must be penalties applied to them for selectively prosecuting or unjustly prosecuting citizens, or PRESIDENTS for political purposes! This two-tiered system of justice is hurting our nation. We must also be responsible with our use of the right of free speech.


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Mental Capacity ~ Will Biden Go Free? – Bad Behavior Again!

Gene Valentino on State of the Nation

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Bryan McClain: Joining us now to discuss is our friend and colleague Gene Valentino from the Grassroots Truthcast. Gene, welcome back. So so that Joe’s just a well meaning forgetful guy line is wearing a little bit thinner this week as we move on down the analysis rabbit hole, isn’t

Gene Valentino: it? Oh, golly. It pays to be incapacitated, doesn’t it?

I mean, you, you can pull these stunts off and, and get away with it. Hey, I got a good one before you, just before you begin. Did you know Nancy Pelosi has some secret powers? She This is breaking news. It turns out the San Francisco 49ers just received four mail in touchdowns at 4 a. m. this morning. They won the Super Bowl.

Did you know that?

Bryan McClain: So many televisions that didn’t, didn’t need to be destroyed by drunk [00:02:00] viewers, 49er fans, I guess. Well, there

Gene Valentino: you go. I mean, consistent with what you and Steve are saying, you’ve got all kinds of fraud occurring in and out of different elements of government. This is another one. So this, this 49ers won because Pelosi arranged for mail in touchdowns.

That’s gotta be the story of the day, I tell you. No, to your, to your point, there’s a complete Jill Biden is smart if she just lets her husband take a little bit more of a beating on his capacity. His mental acuity and capacity to run, his ability to be our president right now, because you know, you don’t get charged as evidenced by what the special prosecutor just did.

He doesn’t plan to charge Biden. Why? Because of his mental capacity. Well, if his mental capacity is so bad, he gets off on the criminal charges. [00:03:00] Whether or not Trump gets relieved of corresponding similar charges or not, who cares? Let’s just get Joe off the hook on criminal charges. Let’s separately decide how long he stays in office as our president with capability or no capability.

But to your point, Brian, you’ve got Lloyd Austin now back in the hospital, who’s running the defense department, some assistant defense secretary we don’t even know of or have seen, we don’t know what orders she’s giving, we don’t even know if they’ve talked to the president, Biden, about this issue, and the world sees two serious leaders in our government Incapacitated right now.

I submit we are at the worst point as in a crisis mode than we’ve ever realized before and we don’t even know it.

Steve Hook: Yeah. And, and, you know, it’s Gene, we were talking [00:04:00] about it before in the lead up to the first hour, we were talking about how you know, Biden has had the worst possible week and it’s funny to watch the way they’re spinning this.

I mean, you’ve got James Carville out there. You’ve got Paul Begala out there. They’re all saying, I mean, they’re sounding, sounding the alarm saying, look, this is bad. This is very, very bad. And then on the other side of it, you’ve got the the Biden officials, the the, the press the press corps that or his press secretary and everybody else saying, look, this was obviously a political hit job by Robert Herr.

Well, my question is, if it was a political hit job, let’s just say that is the case. It was a political hit job. Okay. Let’s play that out. A political hit job would have been, and that’s why we are going to prosecute. But they didn’t prosecute. He said, nope. He would come across as a sympathetic witness, and much like the laundry list of crimes that Hillary Clinton committed, that James Comey read out loud, read [00:05:00] aloud, and everybody thought, oh boy, she’s about to go down.

And then he says, but no reasonable prosecutor would press charges. Well, this time around, Robert Hurt covers his ass by saying, He’d come across as a kindly old guy that has a, you know, kind of a spotty memory. So we’re not gonna, so how can they, how can they on one side of the mouth say it’s a political hit job and the other defend the fact that he did not choose to prosecute?

Gene Valentino: Bad behavior. And when the next administration gets in there I suspect there’ll be a complete enema on this bad behavior that really has showing its ugly colors and is is selective prosecution it’s unfair and disparate prosecution. It’s it’s unjust by any standard. And I don’t know where prosecutors get off deciding whether they’re going to prosecute or not prosecute based on medical or mental capacity.

You prosecute and then let the defense bring up the [00:06:00] capacity of their of the defendant, if that’s the case. But to not prosecute because of the mental capacity is unjust on face. So, your point was made. Hillary Clinton, she allegedly had no affliction or handicap with her mental capacity, but no one would rightfully prosecute her for that, well, with that bleach bit story and scrubbing the server and stuff.

Yeah. Yeah. 000 emails or whatever it was that were sitting out there now going unaddressed. Oh, let’s just let the time go by. Let’s let the commentators in the news media get it out of their system and complain about it for six months to a year. And it’ll just sort of melt away and evaporate away is unjust.

It’s an abuse of the media itself. And I think something’s got to [00:07:00] radically change on that.

Bryan McClain: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So, you know, given the, the quote that Biden gave his ghostwriter in 2017 I’m going to riff off of what Tyler Durden wrote over at Zero Hedge, Hedge wrote, he said, and yet Biden apparently did nothing.

He never came forward to any federal authorities for nearly the next five years. So given that knowledge, Why did the attorneys belatedly disclose Biden’s possession of the files on November 2nd of 2022? Was it civic virtue, altruism, respect for the law? I don’t think so because if we really look back, the Jack Smith was appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate Trump.

for the Trump files in August of 2022. So, I mean, they’re not even trying to hide the fact that this is like a massive CYA campaign that Biden likely knew he didn’t need to worry about the entire

Gene Valentino: time. There has to be a [00:08:00] constitutional amendment because of the acceleration, the velocity, the speed of technology, social media, and the way you and I deliver messages to the public as well.

There’s got to be an amendment to the Constitution that holds the prosecutorial elements of our governance accountable, individually. Do you think this, these different prosecutors, her in particular, would pull the stunt if there were consequences for them doing it? I don’t think so. I think, I think from the Supreme Court all the way down, the Judiciary And all of the branches and divisions of justice at the federal and state levels down to the county clerk levels and the local, the local villages have to have a system in place that penalizes them.

If they are [00:09:00] selectively prosecuting or unjustly prosecuting. And in the other regard, you and me do not hide behind, do not the, the political officials cannot have a right to go after media as well. If the hostile commentary from people like you and me, impugns their integrity and hurts them.

We have room, we have room to improve on our side as well. We must be held accountable for the merits of what we say about people that hurt their lives. You don’t get away rifling through the underwear drawer of of in Mar a Lago to to look for evidence that was never there. And then to tell me that Biden can say to all of us as an outright lie in the media that all of the documents in his [00:10:00] home were under lock and key, when we know better, we saw better in dilapidated cardboard boxes that were rifled through and also Which Biden allegedly was using to write his story with his ghostwriter for when he retires, another revenue source for him, is a complete two tiered system of behavior that must be addressed in a constitutional amendment that does not exist now.

If you’re going to tell me, oh, but Gene, the right to free speech is absolute? It’s absolute what? To give you the nuclear codes? Is it absolute to hurt your family and your friends just because you’re a public figure? These rights that we all have some responsibility. No right is absolute. We must be responsible for our free speech and we [00:11:00] must be responsible for the way we govern.

Steve Hook: Well said, Gene, and I agree with you. And I think that if you are going to get some kind of amendment of that sort we’re going to have to increase our numbers in the, in both the House and the Senate in order to have a chance at passing it. Because right now, I don’t know what’s worse. The corrupt, the, the, the corrupt as hell DOJ that is, that, that is running a two tiered system of justice here.

Or the media who is gonna constantly run that two-tiered system of justice for all the American viewers to see it. It’s really a sad state of affairs. Gene, we gotta let you roll. I do wanna mention the, the, the website gene, gene And don’t forget grassroots Truth Cast with Gene Valentino.

You can find it on Spotify, apple, all of your streaming platforms, gene. God bless, sir. It’s always a pleasure to see you. You have a wonderful day. Thanks for joining us.

Gene Valentino: You too, gentlemen. Take care, everybody.

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Mental Capacity ~ Will Biden Go Free? – Bad Behavior Again!


  • Originally Recorded on February 12, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 512
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