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“It’s About You & Me Baby ~ Not Oligarchs At the Top Controlling Us!”

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation

‘Big Pharma’ desperation is in plane sight. The concerns about government and pharmaceutical wrongdoings, relating to the early release of the vax’s, are capturing our attention. A fundamental truth is that we have been “Distracted, Diverted, and Deflected” (Geno’s 3-D’s) from the key overreach of government. The cloak has been pulled back to show the dysfunction in our Judicial System, the Administration, and Congress. 250 years ago our founding fathers were concerned that the this threat of overreach was a risk to our nation. That’s why we have an intention ‘tension’ over control between federal government and state government. Let’s hope all 50 states defend our sovereignty and protect the governance of this nation. It’s About You & Me Baby ~ Not Oligarchs At the Top Controlling Us!


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“It’s About You & Me Baby ~ Not Oligarchs At the Top Controlling Us!”

State of the Nation | 20 March 2024

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Bryan McClain: Hey, we’ve got our friend, the host of the Grassroots Truthcast, Gene Valentino, joining us. Gene, welcome to State of the Nation. How are you today, my friend?

Gene Valentino: Hey, hi, Brian. Hey, Timothy, I wish they asked me for my ID.

It’s a topsy

Timothy Shea: turvy world though, Gene. It’ll happen. It’ll happen.

Bryan McClain: Now Gene, I’m going to run through some headlines here with you. We’ve got, we’ve got a number of crazy things going on. I want to get your take on this one. Pope Francis denounces anti vaxxers and calls COVID jab refusal an, quote, almost suicidal act of denial, end quote.

What do you think [00:03:00] about that?

Gene Valentino: Well, there’s one good reason to continue with the division between church and state, although how proud I am our founding documents are based on God and religion. But the fact is I don’t think the Pope understands the science, so he ought to just chill a little bit on that issue.

I think we, I think there’s enough evidence out there that has sobered up a lot of people, as recent as today, when I see people passing. In, at 50 years of age people demanding that the right thing to do was to take the vax. Those clinical trials didn’t occur with this vaccine. And I think evidence is showing, is rearing its ugly head and showing that there’s way too many people that have, are passing because of the lack of efficacy in the trials, the clinical trials of this vaccination.

Absolutely, a friend

Timothy Shea: of mine who’s an athlete all his life. Never had any heart issues, [00:04:00] no family history of heart issues, and three weeks after he took the Gene jab because he was taking care of his elderly father and was told that it was necessary, he’s got a lifetime arrhythmia now. One of our attorneys just had a massive heart attack last weekend in Arizona when he was on vacation.

And Gene, I suffer with the disability of having had an excellent undergraduate and graduate school education in molecular biology, so I replied I tweeted out yesterday Timbo denounces Pope Francis, calls pushing COVID jab an almost suicidal act of denial. Oh boy. Oh boy.

Bryan McClain: Well, here’s, here’s one, here’s, here’s a comment I want to read you guys from a reader.

On this article he should meet the families of the dead and crippled vax takers that suffered complications from the cull experiment. I wonder how many shares the Vatican owns in big pharma stock and how big a donation that church received to put this statement out. Just proves [00:05:00] society is finally waking up.

This week on

Gene Valentino: Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast, I’ll be happy to share some of the episode with you and make it a point of discussion. I absolutely think that while there were There were wrongdoings in the way this vaccination and subsequent vaccinations were released. I, I think that it is another one of those Genos 3Ds, the divert, deflect, and distract issues that are occupying our news.

We have so many issues before us, That are capturing our attention because I really believe we have been distracted from a fundamental truth about the governance of this nation and the protection of our [00:06:00] constitutional republic. And if you guys don’t mind, I’d like to read you a statement I wanted to throw at you.

Today for you to chew on, for all of those listening and watching to chew on, I really would appreciate your, your comment on something, if time allows. Absolutely. Okay. Then I’ll just read it to you. I wrote it, so just let me read it straight off the, the screen here. The tug of war between the Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Appeals, which we’ve seen this week, is a proxy struggle for nothing less than than the soul of our republic.

Our courts and our judicial system are rotten from top to bottom and we’ve been oblivious to how, how bad it really is. All this lawfare against Donald Trump has pulled the curtain back on the deterioration of the system of checks and [00:07:00] balances, which includes the COVID era we went, just came out of.

And and that our, our founding fathers, our fathers set in place. Something to protect us from government. To reiterate, our republic is designed to seek power with we the people, not government agencies and officials. Look at the lack of oversight on the COVID issue you just brought up a minute ago.

Our founding fathers foresaw this. 250 years ago, by the grace of God, it still remains the oldest living governance in the world. But 250 years ago, our founding fathers thought about this and were worried that government would turn against us the first chance it got. They split up power between federal and state authorities to prevent exactly what we’re seeing today with election shenanigans and Justice [00:08:00] Department lawfare against political enemies.

And now they’re importing, invading forces to pit them against us in a last, last ditch effort. To cling to this power. I’m referring to Biden shuttling 300 and something people, illegals, into the states. And Texas is pushing back against that invasion. And all that stands between full totalitarian control and the power of we the people.

Are these court decisions that are pending before us right now? We are at the brink of losing our free republic. And I hope the Supreme Court holds firm. I hope Texas holds firm. And I hope the other states, specifically right now Arizona and California, although all 50 should join in with Texas and defend our national sovereignty.

Which now must be done state by state because of the dysfunction at the federal level. I [00:09:00] thought I’d throw that out to you to light the match in the gas tank.

Bryan McClain: Gene, you just lit the fuse for freedom right there. You got about 30 seconds to take us out, my friend. Final thoughts? The final

Gene Valentino: thoughts are that the, while the court works through a process of saying, hey, wait a minute.

Maybe Texas is correct. We can’t abandon their right to protect themselves and the Constitution. May send a message to all of us about the real, the real issue, and that we must act, make sure we’re putting in elected officials. That are accountable, transparent, with term limits, with a budget that, that is planned for each year, so that we can hold everybody accountable.

If it’s gonna be we the people, it’s you and me baby, not a bunch of oligarchs at the toc. Top taking us over.

Bryan McClain: That’s right. All right. GeneValentino. com is where you keep up with Gene and of course check out the Grassroots [00:10:00] Truthcast. Thank you, Gene. We’ll see you next time right here on State of the Nation at Today’s News Talk TNT.

Gene Valentino: Interviews, news, and views. You’re listening to State of the Nation with Timothy Shea and Brian McLean on Today’s News Talk TNT.

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“It’s About You & Me Baby ~ Not Oligarchs At the Top Controlling Us!”

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on March 20, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 518
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