Israeli Military Strategist Elliot Chodoff ~ Battleground Facts & Possible Future Outcomes

Since the October 7, 2023 invasion and massacre of 1200 Israeli’s, Elliot Chodoff has been providing analysis for the military. With over 134 hostages still captive by Hamas in Gaza, a few of them are Americans. Elliot says there real number is near half. He claims they were murdered without dispute. These “brutal murders” took over 200 hostages originally, and the IDF rescued some. Others were killed. Elliot says these Hamas type organizations draw their ideological roots from Naziasm via an Islam brotherhood in Egypt. Their stated purpose is to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jewish people. “Pardon us,” he says, “But we don’t want to be wiped out!” Elliot points to the attack by ISIS that killed over 120 Russians at a theater in Moscow. ISIS was almost totally eradicated by Donald Trump but, the few that remained came to do harm is Russia.” This is why “we must totally defeat Hamas,” siting what happened in Moscow. Elliot reports Israel has killed over 15,000 Hamas or Islamic Jihad terrorists. Israel has ‘taken out’ 18 out of 24 Hamas battalions. The 6 left out of 24 are not their ‘crack’ battalions remain, but are much smaller in scale. He would not disclosed when the remaining will be destroyed. In one hospital in Gaza City, the IDF pulled 1000 terrorists, dead and alive, out of a Gaza City hospital. Elliot emphases that the delay in finishing-off the war is directly related to their humanitarian efforts in not taking innocent lives on either side. Warfare experts say Israel’s military has operated brilliantly at saving innocent lives as they surgically crush Hamas terrorists. According to the rules of the Geneva Convention, Israel has complied with the rules and has done an exceptional job at minimizing collateral damage. Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments to call an election to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Elliot is appalled that Schumer would get involved in Israel’s politics. Elliot says that for Schumer to suggest that the USA hold back funding to Israel when at war is something not done to a friend and ally. 400,000 Israeli Reservists were on call and active since October 7th attack. When Israeli reservists were pulled out of Gaza these soldiers did not want to go home until the “job was done”. He says Israel will wrap-up its attack on Hamas in 2 months. Hamas will no longer be a military factor. He claims the ‘Two State Solution” is a ‘Rube Goldberg’ and will not work. 80,000 Israeli’s with homes on the Northern border with Lebanon have homes being destroyed daily by Hezbollah anti-missiles and tanks.

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Israeli Military Strategist Elliot Chodoff ~ Battleground Facts & Possible Future Outcomes

Originally Recorded on March 23, 2024
Season 2, Episode 239

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Full Episode Transcript

Israeli Military Strategist Elliot Chodoff ~ Battleground Facts & Possible Future Outcomes

GRTC Recorded March 23, 2024

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Gene Valentino: Hi folks, Gene Valentino.

Welcome to this special edition. of Grassroots Truthcast, March 23rd, 2024. We’re with Israeli Defense Officer Elliot Chadov. Elliot comes to us live on this recording, I should say, from Israel. He can disclose where in Israel he is. Elliot is an Israeli Defense Forces Officer specializing in military intelligence and, uh, strategy for both the elected political side and the military side.

Welcome aboard, Elliot. Great to be back. Yeah, you want to add to that, uh, uh, bio I just gave you? I, I live in, in the north of Israel. Um, just one, one simple correction. I’m not an intelligence officer. Uh, I have subordinates who claim that I’m not even an intelligent officer, but we’ll leave it at that. I’m, I’m, I’m more on the operations tactics and doctrines side.[00:02:00]

But intelligence is what you advise other military folks in. Am I wrong about that? Analysis more than intelligence. More analysis. Okay. Well, very good. I appreciate the correction. And, um, folks, we’re very proud and appreciative that Elliot is able to join us. He has been with us. Going back to last August and September of 2023, right here in the Grassroots Truthcast Airplane Hangar in Pensacola, Florida.

He and I had an episode, which you’ll find on www. genevalentino. com. We had a subsequent interview soon after the, uh, Hamas incident. invasion and annihilation of 1, 200 Israelis, uh, in and around October 7th. And since then, um, the inventory shows if there’s, if that’s the right terminology, the tally shows over 1, 200 human beings were killed as a result of this [00:03:00] Hamas invasion.

and Assault on Israel. Uh, today as we speak, June 23rd, uh, we have at least 134 hostages somewhere in Israel, somewhere in the Gaza that, uh, are still unaccounted for and missing, some of whom are Americans. Uh, they’re either dual national citizens or they’re true Americans. Nonetheless, there’s 134 people sitting as hostages.

Uh, in the Gaza Strip right now. That’s often forgotten about in the military, uh, discussions we’re about to have with Elliot. Elliot, uh, I’d like to say I don’t know where to begin, but I do know where to begin. Um, what is the, when are we going to get these kids back, these hostages? Well, first of all, they’re not old kids and here, um, I think we, we should clarify that the official.

Elliot Chodoff: in the hundred and thirties, but [00:04:00] the likelihood that half of them are still alive is probably closer to the real number. In other words, so that if they are not alive, um, were they tortured and put to death or are they starvation or something? No, they were, they were murdered. And your assessment of that gives, um, uh, is, is probably correct because I won’t press as to where this information’s coming from.

Gene Valentino: But, uh, is it murder or is it, uh, starvation or sickness? It’s murder. It’s murder. The, um, Hamas are terrorists and they took over 200 hostages. We’ve rescued a few. Uh, they’re having, we’re, we’re defeating them soundly, methodically. in Gaza, and there’s a point at which, and I hate to say it this way, but for them, the hostages, too many hostages becomes a liability.[00:05:00]

So It becomes too much of a liability for them or for us and Israel? No, for them. For them. Because Because they have to take care of them. They have to maintain them. Uh, they, if we’re moving in an area that we’re about to take over, they don’t want them rescued. So they, they will sooner kill them. Uh, it’s hard to move with hostages.

Elliot Chodoff: They’re, you know, they’re slipping around through tunnels, uh, under, under Gaza. And quite frankly, they’re, they’re simply a bunch of brutal murderers. So, you know, you, you ask a perfect, perfectly good, moral, reasonable question, why kill them? But remember, these are the guys who entered Israel. And as you mentioned at the outset, murdered 1200 people, uh, without batting an eyelash, filming a good deal of it on their, on their GoPros and putting it online.

Gene Valentino: Proudly. That’s what drives me nuts. Before I shift the [00:06:00] tables and talk about the Chuck Schumer commentary and Israel’s attitude towards Bibi Netanyahu, your prime minister right now, before we go there, what is the, what on the Hamas side, on the Hezbollah side, is there no compassion or Or, uh, acknowledgement, maybe, of this massacre they caused to Israel.

Elliot Chodoff: No, there’s no acknowledgement. We have to go back to its origins, I think, is the best way to do it. There’s a lot of talk about the cycle of violence, especially up in the northern border with Hezbollah, but also with Hamas. There’s no cycle of violence. These are organizations who draw their ideological roots from Nazism and via the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, [00:07:00] and their stated purpose is to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jewish people.

And they say it outright and pardon us, but we don’t want to be wiped out. So we’re fighting back. We’re defeating them. Uh, the importance of utterly defeating them was graphically shown today in Moscow last night. where ISIS launched this horrific terrorist attack at the concert hall outside of Moscow.

Uh, the, the last count that I saw was over 130 killed and this is ISIS that was defeated but not eradicated and now they’re coming back to, for payback in, in Russia. Well, I don’t think that we can afford to leave an organization like [00:08:00] Hamas able to come back with payback in two, three or five years. So, that’s what’s happening on the ground, and this isn’t about negotiating or about fine points.

Gene Valentino: We have so much to cover, and um, before I go back to ISIS, I want to focus on how many enemies of Israel have been killed right now, since this attack on Israel last October. So, we’re estimating about About 15, 000 terrorists have been killed. Would you call them all, uh, Hamas or Jihad Muslims in general?

No, first of all, Hamas is Sunni. Um, Hamas or Islamic Jihad, they’re working in in tandem together in Gaza. Um, the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is a [00:09:00] Hamas ministry, claims that something in the order of 32, 000 people have been killed. But they make no distinction between terrorists and non combatants, and their numbers are being shown more and more to be false.

Elliot Chodoff: As a matter of fact, a paper came out a couple of weeks ago by a professor of statistics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, showing that statistically Hamas’s numbers have to be falsified. Reason? Reason for that? For example, the, the. Total number of deaths is growing in a linear fashion.

In other words, it’s sort of a smooth line going up. Now, reality in warfare doesn’t work that way. You have hot days, you have cool days. And here, every single day, the, the increase is proportionate to the day [00:10:00] before. Uh, so that might happen in two days or over three days, but not over months. Is there a point, Elliot, where Israel steps up and says, We’ve had enough of this.

Gene Valentino: We’ve just got to do the total incineration and wipe out. What’s Gaza’s future? When will Hamas truly be cleaned out? We have taken out something on the order of 18 Hamas battalions. And here, I want to clarify. Hamas is a terrorist army, as is Hezbollah. It’s not a terrorist organization. We’re not back in the good old days of small groups, three terrorists, five terrorists, as we saw on October 7, 3, 000 terrorists invaded Israel.

Elliot Chodoff: So of their 24 battalions, we have eradicated 18 of [00:11:00] them. There were four more in the city of Rafiq, commonly referred to by the Arabic name Rafah, but Rafiakh is the Hebrew pronunciation. And two more battalions in the center of the strip in places called Nuseirat and El Burej. So there are six left out of 24.

These are not their crack battalions. We’ve already wiped them out. So we have, I would say, two more major operations left ahead of us that are on a much smaller scale than what we’ve done already in Gaza City and in Panunis. So, When will it happen? Those are military questions that I can’t go into. Uh, we’re, we’re doing cleaning up still.

Um, now we’re, we’re still in the tail end of an operation in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that we were, we went into once before. We now went into it again a [00:12:00] few days ago and we have pulled 1000 terrorists dead and alive out of that hospital. Think about that. That, that’s, that’s significant. If, if you could have it, you’re, I remember last October when we had our special report together, uh, I posed the question, is this going to be another Vietnam?

Gene Valentino: Are we in this, uh, two days, two weeks, two months? And you rather, with a firm conviction, you said more like two months, but not two years.

Elliot Chodoff: I’ll still say that. We’re about five months because October, the, the, the ground maneuver didn’t begin immediately. It began in November. And one of the reasons that it’s taking time is because we’re being careful. We’re not carpet bombing. There’s fighting going on. You know, it’s interesting, they say there are two million Gazans, two million Gazans.

[00:13:00] There are still two million Gazans. If, if we had wanted to go in, With what America calls shock and awe, there will be a lot fewer Gazans around today. So it’s kind of, you can’t have it both ways.

Gene Valentino: Well, that’s good to hear. We have a professor here in New York City. His name is, um, Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Center of Sustainable and Development at the Columbia University.

He says that Israel is an out of control government. True or not true?

Elliot Chodoff: Nonsense. Not even not true. You have another professor in New York named John Spencer, who is the head of Urban Warfare Studies at West Point. He’s a combat veteran. He’s a colonel in the National Guard. And I’m going to say that again, the head of Urban Warfare Studies at West Point.

And he says that the Israeli military is performing brilliantly given the [00:14:00] urban warfare situation that it’s in and is doing above and beyond to protect civilians. So I’m going to go with the professor of urban warfare studies over, you know, in a war over a professor of sustainability in a war.

Gene Valentino: Point made.

And he went on, this was an interview with um, uh, Judge uh, Andrew Napolitano, someone I revere. I just can’t believe Napolitano had this guy on and he was so far, he went on to say that Netanyahu was um, at this point in time, just based on the starvation issues alone, uh, and, uh, and the, uh, uh, massacre of, uh, uh, Gaza hospitals.

He claims that, um, uh, Netanyahu should be tried on war as a war criminal. I had to play it back and listen to it again. What’s the reality on that accusation?

Elliot Chodoff: So first of all, the reality [00:15:00] on that accusation is this, we have. Either ourselves or facilitated the shipment of over 200, 000 tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

If we’re trying to starve them, that’s a really weird way to do it. Second, as far as the hospital is concerned, and I’ll just come back to what I said before, Shifa Hospital that we’re operating in now, we’ve killed and captured a thousand terrorists in that hospital. Now, anybody who knows even a little bit about the Geneva Convention knows that the minute the other side turns a hospital into a military center, it ceases to have the protection of a hospital.

So, who’s responsible for the fighting in the hospital? The Israeli army that’s going in to take out the terrorists, or the terrorists who went in there in the first place, seeking shelter in the hospital?

Gene Valentino: Well, your counterpoints are perfect, which is why I pose them to you. [00:16:00] This, um, uh, Jeffrey, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs went even a step further to suggest the, uh, the Israeli Defense Forces are actually pushing, pushing the Gazans towards Rafa at the Egyptian border, uh, pushing them all into a concentration, uh, into the Rafa area for a pending massive annihilation.

Uh, your comment on that?

Elliot Chodoff: We wouldn’t have to do that. We have a sufficient firepower to kill them in droves if we wanted to. If we, if we wanted to kill them in any event, uh, we wouldn’t be shipping and, and, and facilitating hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies going in there. We wouldn’t be working with the Americans to build this pier to bring in naval aid from sea.

We wouldn’t permit the overflight of, uh, of aircraft that are dropping, uh, humanitarian aid from the air. Uh, it’s, [00:17:00] not only is it simply nonsense, it flies in the face of everything we’re actually doing. And the fact is, here again, coming back to the Geneva Convention, Geneva says, when possible, evacuate a civilian population from the combat zone.


Gene Valentino: that’s exactly, I wanted you to have your say on that because, uh, I am prepared to interview anyone else you suggest, but, uh, I, I now want to turn the table and. I think an apologies in order from America to Israel on March 14th this year, uh, Senator Chuck Schumer, a majority, uh, uh, leader, head of the Senate here in the United States was calling for a prime minister, uh, Bibi Netanyahu’s, uh, ouster.

Uh, he, he, he says, uh, We Other elements of our government are downplaying [00:18:00] what took place, uh, uh, just after October 7th. He’s trying to suggest that this method by which Netanyahu has responded was either outdated or out of line or not commensurate with the current opinions and feelings of Israelis today.

Yes or no?

Elliot Chodoff: Absolutely false. First of all, let me try to break this down into a few different subjects. I am appalled that an American senator would get involved in Israeli domestic politics as if we are not a free and open democracy. You don’t have to like Netanyahu. And that’s a whole different question.

But to call for the ouster of an elected prime minister of a [00:19:00] democracy? America, I think American leaders sometimes forget that there’s democracy outside of the United States.

Gene Valentino: Well, we’ve tried to prop up democracies in other nations, and I’m glad we did, and we put a lot of money behind our actions as well.

I think where we, uh, the mistake here is that we overstep at times And, um, uh, I call it an overstated sense of self worth. And, uh, I think he exemplified that. I will tell you this much. I don’t think it represents the majority of the opinion in the United States. Uh, we loved the relation of Prime Minister Netanyahu, especially with Donald Trump, and how much was accomplished during that era.

God willing, we see a return, uh, of those two being able to shake hands together as leaders again. Uh, but, uh, until then, we’re stuck with this, uh, this, um, uh, [00:20:00] initiative of, of, and what I fear is what I call a mass formation psychosis. This, this brainwashing that goes on through the media of trying to spin public opinion.

For or against a given issue. What reason would, uh, uh, the, they, they even accused, um, Lindsey Graham of being a, a warmonger and caught up in the, uh, uh, defense forces, economic, military complex operation and the, and, and, and, uh, and, um, Chuck Schumer’s trying to figure out a way of holding back on military aid for Israel that we should be providing.

What say you?

Elliot Chodoff: Okay, so first of all, let’s come back. Holding back military aid to Israel, uh, when Israel is at war, is not exactly the way you behave with a friend and ally, uh, to say the least. Not only would it [00:21:00] be bad for Israel, it would be bad for the United States and its relationship with its other allies.

Who can we very quickly be looking around and saying, you know what? We can’t rely on these people when the chips are down.

Gene Valentino: Well, I, I think, uh, many nations of the world are already doing that. And I fear we may be, um, uh, looking around seeing our only allies is Israel, maybe Great Britain, but I’m not looking much further for any help, uh, to help.

And no one’s helped us on our Southern border. It’s always been on us. No one, no other nations come forward to help us with our own internal crisis. Running in parallel to yours.

Elliot Chodoff: But I want to come back to the Schumer issue for a moment. Um, look, the issue of Netanyahu’s popularity in Israel is complex, like all domestic politics.

Uh, his poll numbers are way down, but not because of the war, not because of the handling of the war. In other words, there are other issues and it’s internal politics. [00:22:00] It’s, for our discussion, they’re not that important, I don’t believe. Um, I’ll, I’ll add, he was prime minister when the disaster happened on October 7th.

He hasn’t taken responsibility. That has hurt his polling as well. Uh, let, let’s leave that. I, I’ll tell you something else. It’s a very important rule for, for me, and this is true in the United States as well as in Israel and in other places. The only poll that really counts is the one on election day when people go to vote.

Okay? All the others are, are, are a little, you know, a little sketchy.

Gene Valentino: That’s true. That’s true.

Elliot Chodoff: Let’s, for our purposes, say that his poll numbers are not good, but not on the issue of the war. And here we need to understand something else. The Israeli government’s management of the war is not Netanyahu alone.

There is a cabinet called the War Cabinet. The prime minister of [00:23:00] Israel is not the commander in chief of the armed forces as the U. S. president is. In other words, the prime minister, unlike the American president, cannot give orders directly to the armed forces. The only person who can give orders to the armed forces is the defense minister, who has to up, excuse me, operate within the framework of what the cabinet says.

Now let’s look at that cabinet for a moment. Netanyahu is prime minister. Defense minister is Yov Galant, who was a deputy chief of staff of the IDF with a great deal of combat experience. The other two members are Benny Gantz, who’s not from Netanyahu’s party, and Eisenkot, whose first name escapes me at the moment, it’s not that important, both of whom were chiefs of staff of the IDF.

In other words, we have a war cabinet made up of three generals and Netanyahu. [00:24:00] And I will tell you, since I happen to know all three of them not closely, But personally, from my military experience, none of them are shrinking violence. In other words, if Netanyahu does something against what they determined, You would know about it in a second.

It would be out there. These are not people who would keep it in, keep it in and it not come out. In other words, that was a long way around to saying the way the war is being handled in Gaza, it is being determined by a cabinet and not Netanyahu, the individual.

Gene Valentino: Why are they coming after him? Uh, why is someone like a Schumer and, and others, uh, coming after him with such a, um, and this and this, and your former prime minister, uh, going back to 2006 to 2009, uh, a who El Ert what, what’s with him?

He, he, he can’t get rid of [00:25:00] Netanyahu fast, fast enough. In a recent, uh, interview

Elliot Chodoff: a Ehud, Ulmer went to prison after he was Prime Minister for corruption.

Gene Valentino: That

Elliot Chodoff: should be enough. Ehud Olmert was the Prime Minister during the disastrous war against Hezbollah in 2006. He’s got an axe to grind.

Gene Valentino: Well, Neil Cavuto had him on Fox News this afternoon, Sunday, uh, Saturday and, um, today.

And, um, it was a, it was an indictment of Netanyahu and it was something that, um, Mr. Cavuto, uh, should have expressed about his, um, about Omar’s sentiment against, um, Netanyahu, which never came out in the story.

Elliot Chodoff: You know, I don’t have to tell you because it’s true in the United States as well. Personal animosity among politicians, uh, right?

So yeah, they don’t like, [00:26:00] they don’t like Netanyahu. Biden doesn’t like Netanyahu. Schumer doesn’t like Netanyahu. Obama didn’t like Netanyahu. And you know what? That’s their right. They don’t have to like him, but don’t lie about him.

Gene Valentino: What would you say the next step would be in a, if you had a perfect crystal ball, how does this, uh, war with Gaza end up?

Elliot Chodoff: We’re going to have to go into Rafiq sooner or later. Right now, it’s being held back by, uh, mopping up operations that we’re doing in the rest of the Strip. And here, uh, the whole war against Hamas is a multi phase war. And I’ll come back to what happened, uh, last night in Russia. They stopped short. In other words, they defeated ISIS on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq, but they didn’t eradicate the organization.

Gene Valentino: They, they, they weren’t eradicated because there was some level of appeasement, would [00:27:00] you say?

Elliot Chodoff: Yes, but that’s my point. Look, the devil is in the details. The final, the final operation is the nasty one. Okay? Because that’s when nasty from, from, from the point of view of it’s not efficient, it’s, it doesn’t, it’s not tanks rolling and it’s going after the small groups of three and five and ten guys.

Where you’re going to take disproportionate casualties because of that, and you ultimately have to get to the leadership and eliminate it. It’s slow, painstaking work, and it’s not, it’s not an overnight job. And the world likes to see the job done overnight. What can you do? That’s part of the criticism against Israel now.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, you have, you have absolutely described What I feared most about this war and that’s outside, uh, [00:28:00] Monday morning quarterback or side, um, sideline, um, opinions coming in when you’re not in the battle yourself and don’t understand the dynamics up front and personal, you get these commentaries that slip out, uh, in the media and, and regrettably become fact in the minds of a lot of ignorant, uh, uh, citizens, both.

In Israel as well as the United States, by the way.

Elliot Chodoff: You’re not so much in terms of the, the opinion because here, here you have to understand that there’s a very big difference between the Israeli population and the American population vis a vis warfare. Okay. An article came out recently in the Rand Corporation, um, pointing out that it’s inappropriate for America to be trying to use the Afghanistan paradigm on Israel and Gaza.

Uh, I’ll throw in one of the reasons for that is because America [00:29:00] lost in Afghanistan. But a more important reason is that Afghanistan is a half a world away. Gaza is walking distance from Tel Aviv. And that makes it immediate. It’s rocket distance from Tel Aviv, as we have seen. That makes it immediate.

But there’s another element here as well. A couple of days after the massacre, we mobilized between 350 and 400, 000 reservists. Now remember, we’re talking about a country of 10 million people. So 400, 000 reservists is a lot of citizens who suddenly found themselves in uniform. These are people, some were sent up north to face Hezbollah, and some of them are still up there waiting for that, that shoe to drop.

But a whole bunch of them went into Gaza. And that population, and I was, I was one of the people who’s mobilized. I [00:30:00] spent 29 days in the reserves in November, in the south, in the Gaza Division. We’re not so easy a population to tell media stories to. We were there. We were on the inside. So, what you have instead are reservists coming out and saying, the media is not telling the truth.

We’re not being influenced by the media. We’re pushing back against it because we know the truth. Now, take those 400, 000 reservists, and granted there are families that have more than one or two reservists in it, but you know what, let’s say 200, 000 families. whose family members went into the reserves.

That means you have an immediate impact. On millions of people.

Gene Valentino: Yeah.

Elliot Chodoff: Yeah. Something, the last time that happened in America was World War II.

Gene Valentino: Well, and it was in World War II when Hitler, [00:31:00] um, there was an appeasement of Hitler. He can’t be that bad. There were, he, he, not every single person thought that he was a terrorist and an annihilator.


Elliot Chodoff: thought he could negotiate with

Gene Valentino: him. What? Chamberlain

Elliot Chodoff: thought he could with him.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Look where Cha Chamberlain ended up. Um, and look, look, look what burden, um, um, Churchill had to suffer from as a result of Chamberlain’s inaction. Absolutely. Absolutely. So in that same context, when Donald Trump wins the next election, what is Mr.

Trump gonna be dealing with that was handed to him by the inaction? Or the malfeasance of a Joe Biden right now today, as we speak, is there this notion that you are expected now to initiate some level of appeasement and almost as if you have to forget about 1, 200 people who were massacred? Uh, I don’t [00:32:00] get it.

Why, why is this, um, notion even on the table, both in Israel and in the United States?

Elliot Chodoff: Look, it isn’t so much in Israel. Once again, I, I think the, there are individuals in Israel, there’s a, there’s a small group, um, that is for one reason or another calling for an immediate ceasefire. Here, I’ll tell you, some of them are doing it because they want a hostage deal at any price.

And while I vehemently disagree with them, uh, you know what? Families of hostages can, can say outright. My family member’s life and safety is more important to me than the entire rest of the world. Legitimate for them. That doesn’t mean I have to listen to them.

Gene Valentino: No, I, I submit to you that that is in fact the argument.

And, um, I, I, I really, uh, feel bad for Israel, uh, because I don’t think the [00:33:00] message is out there that they have surgically struck these hospitals and, um, uh, Not

Elliot Chodoff: even surgically struck the hospitals. We’ve gone into them to get the terrorists.

Gene Valentino: And that’s what I mean.

Elliot Chodoff: I don’t mean to suggest.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, it was a mission against terrorists in the hospital.

It wasn’t the hospital itself, even though that’s correct. Well, so what is, um, what’s your feeling then on appeasement? I mean, is there any room for it anywhere? What happens to a two state solution? Uh, if you, if you go through appeasement,

Elliot Chodoff: So first of all, I’m, I’m, I’m a Churchill fan. Churchill defined appeasement as feeding your friends to the crocodiles and hoping they eat you last.

Gene Valentino: I read that. That’s true. Yeah. He had a way, he had a way with words.

Elliot Chodoff: I like Churchill. Um, [00:34:00] appeasement doesn’t work because the crocodile’s appetite just keeps, you know, comes back. And in the end you end up with no front, no friends and hungry crocodiles.

Gene Valentino: So I’m going to assume, if there’s no appeasement, that Netanyahu, on a committee of four, which makes military decisions, not Netanyahu in a vacuum, means that there’s going to be some intention to surgically remove Hamas, which is That’s stated outright.

He has stated it outright, and the concern is that because he’s stated that, there’s this righteous indignation that, um, that Netanyahu has turned into a Hitler of some sort. This is, I understand, um, that, where this is going. Let me change the subject just a brief second. Well, not a brief second, more [00:35:00] significantly.

Hamas, Hezbollah, all the jihad Muslims, the Muslims in general, have in their doctrines of religion the intention to kill. They even use a term called taqiyyah. Taqiyyah meaning, uh, it’s okay to lie. From a Muslim biblical point of view, from the Muslim doctrines, uh, if you’re lying to a non Muslim to kill the non Muslim, and what I see happening here in the states, there’s a, there’s the squad of some four or five, uh, uh, congresswomen that are just off the rails.

Uh, trying to support a Muslim, Hamas, Palestinian, why it was just a generation ago with, uh, uh, Obama on, uh, bringing those Somalians [00:36:00] into Minnesota or Wisconsin and, uh, illegally by the way. And, um, and, and now there’s about a hundred thousand of them more, uh, because they’ve grown in size up there. These are people who have been strategically, it seems to be a plan in place worldwide to, um, eliminate the race of Christians and Jews for Muslims worldwide.

If I said that to you just like that, how would you react?

Elliot Chodoff: I would disagree. I would, I would say you have to make a distinction. You’re, you’re drawing with too broad a stroke. There is a radical Islam that is a political religious movement. To say all Muslims is, as I said, overstating the case. Radical Islam is enough of a [00:37:00] problem.

We’re, we’re talking about a huge number of people who have politicized and radicalized, and I mentioned earlier, radical, radical Islam comes out of the, off the pens of a few early 20th, early mid 20th century, uh, ideologues. The, probably the most important of whom was of the Muslim Brotherhood, and they fused.

radical Muslim religion. And here, look, let’s be honest. All religions have the ability to go different ways. And we’ve seen it. We’ve seen it among Jews. We’ve seen it among Christians. We have to be honest about this. What typically happens on the Jewish and Christian side is the radicals remain on the outer edge of the extreme.

What’s happened here is that radical Islam, which has fused a radical view of Islam with Nazism, and I say that [00:38:00] again, it’s not a coincidence that we find, we’re finding copies of Mein Kampf in the homes of the Hamas leaders. They’re Nazis. That fusion is a toxic mix. It is followed by a lot of people. I don’t want to give numbers because it’s very hard to, you know, to parse this out in precise numbers.

But you know what? If there are over a billion Muslims in the world, if 10 percent of them are radical, that’s 100 million people.

Gene Valentino: But a hundred percent of the Muslim faith and its religious doctrines talk about the elimination of the, uh, the, the non Muslim. They want to, uh, uh, well educate me because this to me is a serious issue.

It’s, it’s the foundation of how they’re moving into Europe. How long do you think old year, the old European culture, the old European ways is, are now. [00:39:00] infiltrated by Muslims on every corner. Uh, who’s next? Israel and then the United States? How do you look at it?

Elliot Chodoff: Once again, we’re talking about a very large number of radicals, radical Islamists, jihadists, who are having a great effect, particularly on the younger generation, for all sorts of reasons.

High impact. And that high impact is being felt, particularly in Europe. Uh, and again, for a whole bunch of reasons that I, it, it’s not even a, a, a, a discussion. It’s not, it’s, it’s a course plus, um, and I’m not saying, I’m not poo pooing it at all. It’s a serious, serious threat, but I can tell you, uh, there are Muslims who look at it and are horrified by it.

So we have to be very, very careful here. Uh, not [00:40:00] everybody buys into it. Just as by the way, not all Shiites buy into Khomeiniism.

Gene Valentino: That is true, Elliot, but my concern is on the other side, not everyone’s buying into the other side either, meaning I agree with


Gene Valentino: Yeah, well, look at the Canadian government.

They’re, they’ve just, uh, announced and had a decision not to send any more arms to Israel.

Elliot Chodoff: Correct. What happens to the

Gene Valentino: relation, what happens to the relationship between Israel and Canada

Elliot Chodoff: if it doesn’t reverse itself? First of all, it’s unconscionable, but let’s be serious. This is Canada. It’s more symbolic than anything else.

They’re not gonna send us some night vision goggles and some police vehicles. Right. Uh, okay. It, it is symbolic, uh, the idea that, that you cut off a country that is fighting. An enemy that just launched the kind of attack that Hamas launched [00:41:00] and said outright that it’s going to do it again. In other words, this is not about revenge.

This is about preventing another one from happening again in the future. And which, which

Gene Valentino: to me is the basis for why Netanyahu and your defense committee should continue its attempt for the total.

Elliot Chodoff: and absolutely what they plan on doing.

Gene Valentino: Okay.

Elliot Chodoff: I will tell you with high levels of certainty that if they end this war with Hamas still in power in any sort of way, there will, this country will go on strike against them.

Gene Valentino: Wow, that’s pretty significant.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay.

Gene Valentino: That’s the headline.

Elliot Chodoff: There are reserve units that were pulled out of Gaza because we don’t need that much force in there anymore, for the reasons I mentioned earlier. But there are reserve units that were pulled out of Gaza. that were protesting. We are not going home until the job is done.[00:42:00]

Gene Valentino: Well, there was a United Nations that recently had a resolution to force you to try to get you to initiate a ceasefire. It failed because there were two objectors. One was the United States.

Elliot Chodoff: No, the most recent one was proposed by the United States, and it was rejected by Russia and China.

Gene Valentino: Russia and China.

That’s right. So, kind of makes the point, um, Why, uh, where does this go from here? I don’t understand what happens to, um, Israel if anyone interferes with your ability to finish the job.

Elliot Chodoff: I think that ultimately we have to tell those people, after Auschwitz, you’re not going to tell us how to defend ourselves.

Gene Valentino: Well, I can say it better. Uh, you don’t have to, you, you, mass annihilation occur is occurring and in many other areas of the world [00:43:00] right now, too. We just don’t know about it or it’s hidden from intelligence, but certainly the desic, the, the annihilation of the Jews in, in, um, in Germany at the time from World War II should be a world lesson.

And some of the deep state, uh, activists who are trying to hide this kind of truth from the world is why we have educators, uh, from the far left, not even talking about this in high school history classes, as if it never happened. Oh, it must’ve been made up. Yeah, man, Walking on the Moon was, uh, came out of a sci fi movie too.

That wasn’t real either, right? Yeah. Okay. So your point is very well made. I’m just trying to figure out, that’s what I was getting to earlier when I said the problem is specific to Israel. You have the right to defend yourself and to respond as you deem appropriate. You all, uh, whether U. S. has, United States has the true story or not, not to mention the rest of the world.

Uh, [00:44:00] you, um, Have a right to have righteous indignation against the likes of a Senator Chuck Schumer, who I think is on his way out, uh, who, who speaks about trying to remove Bibi Netanyahu. If that was the case and Netanyahu was so bad, uh, why didn’t he suggest the removal of the three other, uh, members of your defense, uh, committee?

Elliot Chodoff: Yes. And in addition to that, let me, let me, your question is a rhetorical one, obviously, because it’s about Netanyahu for them. It’s not about the reality. Let me add another point to this because I think this is also important. The Israeli system as a parliamentary system is far more flexible in terms of leadership removal than the American system.

The only way you can remove a president is by impeachment.

In other words, by convicting him of a crime in a parliamentary system,

Gene Valentino: well, [00:45:00] he’s impeached, but there need not even be, you don’t even need a crime. You just can impeach him. They did it to Trump. What crime did he commit yet? He still got impeached twice.

Elliot Chodoff: No, what I’m saying is leaving for a moment, the veracity of the charge.

Okay. The mechanism is that the president must be convicted. by the Senate of a criminal charge.

Gene Valentino: Okay.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay. Leave for a moment, whether, whether it’s political and whether it’s correct. The mechanism says that a president could be removed for high crimes and misdemeanors. Forget for a moment, whatever that means.

It’s a criminal accusation. Okay. In a parliamentary system, a, the parliament can dissolve the government over policy issues.

Gene Valentino: Okay.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay. In other words, it doesn’t have to claim that the prime minister committed a crime. It simply says [00:46:00] we have no more confidence in you as, as the government and the government falls.

Gene Valentino: I wish they, I wish they applied that logic to Chuck Schumer getting removed.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay, you understand the point? I do understand, yeah.

If the Israeli parliament, which is the direct representation of the people, decides that it wants to get rid of the prime minister, it simply removes him. That is a mechanism that you don’t have in the United States.

Gene Valentino: I understand the distinction on the procedure. I just have no faith in the, in the process that’s caused the problem in the first place.

I don’t mind rights being defended. I always go back to a favorite adage. I use with friends and family and on some of these podcasts, failure to defend the rights of other people may someday result in your rights not being defended. I don’t, I don’t understand [00:47:00] why, and you know, here’s what’s very interesting that’s happened recently.

You started this conversation almost an hour ago about ISIS attack in Moscow. You know how that happened. There was a, um, there was, uh, some information that came out. that showed that there was a pending ISIS attack on, uh, uh, Jewish synagogues in the, in the, in the Moscow area. And within 24 hours, you had American intelligence, coincidence, reciprocating, saying, Hey, Putin, Hey, Moscow, Hey, Russia.

Watch out, our intelligence shows that you may have a terrorist attack on a public building in the Moscow region in the next 48 hours. Son of a gun, what was on the news yesterday? A complete civic center or major,

Elliot Chodoff: um, being,

Gene Valentino: being, um, uh, how many [00:48:00] people over 120 people killed thereabouts in, uh, by a rapid fire gunfire by allegedly, ISIS, um, terrorists, um, infiltrating that.

How quick they were to try to blame that on Ukrainians attacking. So, uh, just thought I’d share that with you. It seems to be, uh, going on around the nation where even Russia is now saying, well, I better go back to, The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I may, I may have some new alliances pretty soon that I may have to reconsider.

On that point, um, what do you think about, um, uh, what do you think about maybe the hostages being picked up by, uh, Egypt or, uh, or, or, uh, or, or Saudi Arabia? Why, why no, why doesn’t anybody talk about maybe those two countries holding as neutral ground, [00:49:00] the hostages? While Gaza Of course not. I’m making another rhetorical question.

But isn’t it no small coincidence they would have a lot to gain economically, uh, if not from Israel, certainly from the United States on this?

Elliot Chodoff: Of course, but Gene, here you have to understand something that It became very apparent after October 7th, and I’m going to put this in the starkest possible terms.

The world doesn’t care what happens to the Jews. We saw it with the response to the rapes and other sexual abuse that took place on the 7th. Women’s movements to this day, not a peep out of them. The hostages, including, as you said earlier, American hostages, dual nationals, or Americans who are visiting in Israel, and other nationals.

Nobody cares because they’re Jewish. The Red Cross is not [00:50:00] visiting them. Nobody says a word. But England, Britain says that if we don’t allow the Red Cross to visit the Hamas terrorists that we’ve captured, they will consider cutting off arms supplies to Israel. I can go on, but the point here, and, you know, apropos the, the, the rapes and the, and the sexual crimes, there’s a movement going on today in the Jewish community called Me Too Unless You’re a Jew.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I saw that. Yeah.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay. Yeah. Every rocket they fire, is a war crime. Nobody says anything. They have fired rockets at our hospitals. Nobody cares about Israeli hospitals.

Gene Valentino: I’m, I come away from, I come away from this interview, Elliot, a little, um, taken aback. I’m stunned with the level of calm you have over what I would consider [00:51:00] such a, uh, abhorrent David Pasqualone, Remarkable People Podcast, Listen.

Oh my words, you know, yeah, there’s a rocket, I’m 40 miles away from Lebanon and Hezbollah could fire a rocket on me any time and sure enough, I’m just sitting here and yep, this beautiful home I have could be nailed with a rocket easy because those two hundred, those two hundred and fifty rockets.

Russian made, by the way, are sitting on the, uh, uh, Lebanon border. Hamas has got them pointed towards you. Oh, excuse me. I had my digits off too. I meant to say that 250, 000 Russian rockets, uh, uh, uh, pointed down on Israel, 250, [00:52:00] 000 rockets on Israel. If that ever happened here in the United States, war would have already broken out.

Elliot Chodoff: That’s right. So first of all, a student of Jewish history. You know, tonight is the holiday of Purim. They tried to wipe us out then too. The world stood by and did nothing. The king hands his signet ring over to Haman and says, go ahead, do it. Let’s have a drink. This is nothing new. And anybody who, who studied Jewish history is not shocked by any of it.

Uh, am I outraged? Of course I’m outraged. I’m outraged that, that countries like the United States with their high moral standing turn around and don’t, can’t see the difference. between a murderous, rapacious terrorist organization and a Western liberal democracy fighting for its survival. But frankly, Gene, I have to tell you this.

This is your problem more [00:53:00] than it’s mine.

Gene Valentino: Okay, now why do you say that? I think I know the answer, but give me the answer.

Elliot Chodoff: Because if America loses its moral compass totally, it’s going down.

Gene Valentino: Can you be patient? That moral compass is off center now. I give you that. I concede. But until November 2024, uh, we have allowed such a perv and here’s what I’ve also can tell you from the American side of this picture.

I have seen a groundswell of the silent majority who has always come away in this constitutional republic sitting against a backdrop of a democracy, or we try to make it a democracy. These silent majority people have really said enough is enough also. And I think there’s, and here’s what needs to change within our governance, which I’ve, I preach about all the time here in the States.

That we need a constitutional amendment. We address [00:54:00] rights issues in amendments to our original founding document, the Constitution, and there are 27 such amendments in place now. We need a few more amendments that address term limits to get some of these 40 year veterans in politics gone after a term or two or three.

We need, uh, we need a balanced budget. Which no one knows. They can’t even spell it, let alone understand it. Balance budgets so we’re not rocketing money into different nations of the world on a slingshot effect from the whims of one president. Whose cognition we question. I look at how much money’s involved in helping Israel.

Let me, let me rant for a minute. I look at how, I look at how much money, uh, Israel asks for or needs and compare it to at least 120 billion we’ve given to Ukraine. [00:55:00] And only seven or eight billion dollars was needed to finish off that wall end to end, which Trump was in the middle of. And unilaterally, in the middle of the night, days after he’s sworn into office, Joe Biden turns around.

And, and unilaterally kills all of Donald Trump’s initiatives, domestic and abroad, to me is an absolute disgrace. It, it, it’s, it’s probably, uh, done more harm than anything else, Elliot. And I pray that he has the ability, that he has the ability, Trump, to set the record straight and bring this silent majority to the table, to take the initiative to getting good leaders in place, getting rid of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashid Tlaib, and three others in the squad, Nancy Pelosi, [00:56:00] Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer.

Uh, I’m missing a few, Eric Schwalwell and Adam Schiff, and I could go on, uh, and oh by the way, Chuck Schumer, on the Republican side, need to take a powder, that’s American for, go take a rest, go, uh, go, go, uh, enjoy your retirement and drink your, uh, tequila drink somewhere. And let a new generation of leaders step up what the deep state is counting on, which is what I fear for Israel in, in the same way I fear it for America, is in the deep state.

They’re counting on that next generation. We call the Gen Zs. Gen Zs, they’re so stupid. I can’t speak to what’s going on in Israel, but in the United States that Gen Z crowd is pervasive. And they haven’t learned American history [00:57:00] and they couldn’t tell, tell you what the Bill of Rights. You’re an Israeli, dual citizen, admittedly.

But as an Israeli, I bet you know what the Bill of Rights is. I bet you know what the Declaration of Independence is. And you’re Israeli. Can I say that to a Gen Z er right now? So when Trump gets back in, we need to get rid of this whole department of education and let the states take control of a more, uh, advanced, uh, Criteria of education at the local level that’s not politically based and funded from the United States taxpayer through a budget we don’t even know about.

That’s my 2 cents. Thank you for listening to it. And in that process, I hope we renew the relationship, which. If I was an Israeli, I’d be pissed off right now in America for allowing a Chuck Schumer to even have had the audacity to step forward to make such commentary against Bibi Netanyahu. How’s that for apples?[00:58:00]

Elliot Chodoff: Oh, I’m with you on that one.

Gene Valentino: Okay, in our final minutes, I, I, I apologize in a sense for ranting, but I’m glad I did. You’re, you’re an ally and you’re a friend. And I think Israel will never lose its true friend and ally, the United States of America. Like in every relationship, whether it’s a marriage or, or a government, uh, political involvement, there’s stresses and tugs and pulls on certain days.

And I think we’re having some, um, consternation on that point right now. Uh, I ask you, if you could capsulize today’s conversation. Let me rapid fire you. Five questions in 60 seconds. When does, hi, is, when does Israel wrap up the, uh, attack on Hamas?

Elliot Chodoff: Two months from now?

Gene Valentino: Two months from now? Hamas. Hamas is no longer a factor, just like, uh, the United States stood with isis.

Elliot Chodoff: [00:59:00] Pardon me. It’s no longer, it’s no longer a military factor. At that point. We’ll be able to reduce our forces there to the level of dealing with the remnants that’ll still be there. But it will have no more operating battalions.

Gene Valentino: Well, we eradicated ISIS in the same light. And look, they just resurfaced in Moscow.


Elliot Chodoff: Because they weren’t finished everywhere, but go ahead.

Gene Valentino: Okay. Question number two. What happens to, um, this two state solution in general? Is it gone by the wayside or is there, is there any way for a, a, a, a ceasefire to reach some settlement?

Elliot Chodoff: The two state solution is a. An interesting idea that requires many, many steps along the way before it can be gotten to.

At the moment, it looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption, and my philosophy is that the more a policy looks like a Rube Goldberg, the less likely it’s going to [01:00:00] be able to work. So even, and by the way, even the administration says it that way. The Palestinian Authority needs to be revamped. New leadership needs to come in.

There’s a lot of stuff that America has absolutely no control over. Israel has no control over. If we’re waiting for those things to happen, we’re waiting. We’ll see. Right now, it’s not a realistic alternative.

Gene Valentino: Uh, Hamas, Hezbollah. In Lebanon. What happens in Lebanon, uh, and 250, 000 missiles from Russia at your next, at your door?

Elliot Chodoff: There are between 80, 000 and 100, 000 Israelis displaced from the border with Lebanon who are internal refugees in Israel. Nobody talks about them. Their homes are being destroyed by Hezbollah as we speak, with anti tank missiles and rockets. In Lebanon. In Israel.[01:01:00]

I’ll say again, 80, 000 to 100, 000 Israelis.

Gene Valentino: Israelis, forgive me, I misunderstood. Say that again. Israelis have been

Elliot Chodoff: taken from their homes along the northern border with Lebanon to get them physically out of range of Hezbollah. They are internal refugees in Israel and their homes are being destroyed on a daily basis by Hezbollah anti tank missiles and rockets.

We must remove Hezbollah not only from the immediate border area, but from south and central Lebanon. They’re not going to go willingly. We’re going to have to go in after them.

Gene Valentino: Elliot, where is that in the six o’clock news? I have not heard about this assault from Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Yes. Where is this in the news?

No one’s reporting it.

Elliot Chodoff: I hear the booms every night and

Gene Valentino: day. I won’t disclose your location, but let’s just say you’re north, [01:02:00] you’re, you’re very far.

Elliot Chodoff: I’m in the north.

Gene Valentino: Okay. Well, Jordan, on one side of you, uh, how friendly have they been in helping you with the Lebanon’s attack on you?

Elliot Chodoff: Jordan is, has no, no, not a player in this.

It’s Syria and Lebanon, and they are highly, heavily influenced by Iran, who’s really the bad guy here. But that, that’s a whole story in and of itself, not for this conversation. Okay.

Gene Valentino: From a diplomatic point of view, what, from a political point of view, what influence have you had with decision making with politicians that are controlling this agenda?

Elliot Chodoff: My personal influence is not on the political level, it’s on the military level, um, and I’ve had some. The system at war is not easily influenced. Here frankly, uh, overall the army is doing a very good job.

Gene Valentino: How much of the funding of the military budget relies on the United States? [01:03:00]

Elliot Chodoff: Less the funding and more the equipment.

In other words, the money in and of itself is less the issue. I don’t want to say not an issue, but less the issue. Uh, more important is in part due to poor policy on our part. The artillery shells that we’re firing today were not, we didn’t have in October. We’ve gotten them from the United States. We’re not producing them fast enough.

Gene Valentino: You’re not producing them fast enough. Okay. Do you foresee it? Do you foresee any improvement in the relationship between Israel and Russia?

Elliot Chodoff: No, no. Putin is his own problematic character.

Gene Valentino: Yes, he is. Look at that. I mean, problematic characters like that just get re elected.

Elliot Chodoff: Yeah, 86 percent of the vote. It helps if you kill

Gene Valentino: off all the opposition.

Well, yeah, not only that, but you’re scared to vote against them for fear you may not make it home.

Elliot Chodoff: That’s right.

Gene Valentino: [01:04:00] Okay, on that score, what, what’s the relationship with China from Israel’s point of view? Very poor. Um, What’s China doing to hurt Israel? Supporting Hamas. Okay. I wanted to hear that. Uh, and Hezbollah?

Elliot Chodoff: China less Hezbollah, unless it’s coming through Iran, which is possible. Let’s keep in mind there’s a big difference between Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas is a proxy of Iran, supported by others, Qatar, for example. Hezbollah is part of the Iranian The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, it’s part of the operation.

In other words, they are built in. I call it a wholly owned subsidiary.

Gene Valentino: Of Lebanon.

Elliot Chodoff: Of Iran.

Gene Valentino: Of Iran.

Elliot Chodoff: Okay. Which is different from Hamas, which is a proxy. They get support, but they’re not really part of [01:05:00] the Iranian system.

Gene Valentino: So if you want Biden to realize there’s already a two state solution, look, tell him to look to Iran and Lebanon, right?

There’s your two state solution and, uh, and, uh, funny, but really not. I get it. Uh,

Elliot Chodoff: you know what we say, those of us who recognize what’s going on in American politics. Say that Biden already has a two state solution. Michigan and Nevada.

Gene Valentino: That’s true. And, and on that issue alone, he could be impeached if the truth be known for making so many of the illegals become residents there.

That’s, that’s another issue for another day as well. And, uh, I have one final question. When do I come to Israel to see you in person and to do a live report?

Elliot Chodoff: You have an open invitation. Buy stake’s on me.

Gene Valentino: The wine’s on me. Done. Okay, Elliot, any final [01:06:00] words for those watching here today?

Elliot Chodoff: Only, you mentioned the silent majority before, stop being silent.

Gene Valentino: The silent majority has been a problem in the United States because we’ve relied on our elected officials to represent us. thinking they were doing our bidding for us, only to find out that in many cases they are not. And so what you’re seeing just in the school systems alone, is families stepping up, uh, that as a, as a small, uh, isolated issue, uh, representing a much bigger issue nationwide.

Uh, they’re stepping up to become active, uh, participants again. I just hope they get, go ahead.

Elliot Chodoff: I was referring to the Israel issue. What we’re getting here is that The public is opposed to Israel, where the ongoing demonstrations that are not just anti Israel, they’re, they’re pro Hamas, [01:07:00] they’re anti Semitic on the level of gas the Jews.

Uh, that’s what’s making the press here. And we’re not seeing the pushback from what I imagine is a decent number of Americans who are not pushing back against.

Gene Valentino: Okay. One question then, how much of the press in Israel is pro Hamas?

Elliot Chodoff: How much of the Israeli press is pro Hamas? Zero.

Gene Valentino: Well, I see some press in, uh, in and around, uh, Israel that seems to be pro Hamas, Hezbollah, uh, claiming that, uh, Israel’s overreach.

You do have any, uh, independent journalists in Israel speaking the other side of the issue?

Elliot Chodoff: Let’s say this. There, there, there is one newspaper called Haaretz, which is very, very far to the left that is read more by foreigners than by Israelis.

Gene Valentino: Interesting. Okay. Any, any final, final words for Americans and worldwide?

Elliot Chodoff: Um, get, get on the [01:08:00] right track and, and otherwise, you know, the terrorists that came to us a few months ago, you’re next. As the Russians learn,

Gene Valentino: as Donald Trump has mentioned and others, they’re after me today, but tomorrow they’re gonna be after you, which ties into my comment, failure to defend the rights of these other people may someday result in your rights not defended.

On that note, Elliot, I wanna thank you personally, my friend, uh, for being with me again for another episode. This has been, um. Truly enlightening for me and, uh, I hope the folks watching and listening take the time to realize just how important this micro issue in the world is. Yes, 10 million people in Israel, the same number that have illegally come into the United States.

And, uh, it should begin to awaken the silent majority now and cause us to be alarmed at just how, [01:09:00] how serious the protection, uh, as Ronald Reagan and others have said, uh, our democracy is only one generation away from failure. And, uh, that applies to anyone espousing a democratic constitutional republic throughout the world.

Uh, Elliot, thank you for joining me today.

Elliot Chodoff: My pleasure.

Gene Valentino: And ladies and gentlemen, thank you for enjoying, uh, joining us on another episode of the Grassroots Truthcast. We’ve been with, uh, Elliot Chadoff, an Israeli Defense Force Specialist who has, um, who has, uh, provided, uh, consult and advice, both on the military side and the political side, not as much, uh, but discuss, but an active himself as a, uh, with the Israeli Defense Forces as a reservist.

in Gaza so has seen a lot of action up up close and personal and speaks from experience as to what’s been happening since last October 7th, [01:10:00] 2023. Let’s hope he’s right and in two more months we’ll see an end to this war. Thank you for joining us for another episode on Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast.

This special episode will be on GeneValentino. com. Please subscribe and please share this episode with family and friends. This is the true story. The inside story of what’s happening in Israel. Thank you for joining us.

Narrator: Thanks for joining us for Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. Be sure to like and subscribe, and God bless America.

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