Is the unemployment level really at a pre-COVID level? How does illegal immigration affect unemployment?

Is unemployment really at a pre-COVID level? The real answer, no. Then why do people keep saying it? Well, like Vice President Mike Pence said to Kamala Harris during their debate,

“Ms Harris. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own truth.” 

In this episode our friend and political commentator Gene Valentino helps us understand the impact of unemployment on the economy, how illegal immigration affects the economy, and how liberal, left-wing liars and marxists affect the economy and threaten the future of America.


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A Special Message from Gene Valentino

Doing “the right thing” is not always easy. It’s not always thought to be wise, most profitable, or popular. Doing the right thing has more to do with “COURAGE”; forged from the principles and beliefs given to you by your parents. There’s an ole’ saying I’ve adopted, “The Politician will tell you what you want to hear. The Leader will tell you what you need to know.” And, telling you what you need to know may not be popular”. So, my Accomplishments here do not show you things I’ve walked away from. As a result, I left A LOT of money on the table. However, God is good! He rewarded me with more wealth than I can speak of with a conscience that is pure and clear. I sleep well at night. I wish for you the same!”