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‘ICE’ Director Tom Homan and Thomas J Douglas

on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gene Valentino

Quotes from Director Tom Homan, “It’s not about illegal immigration anymore…It’s about public health, safety and security…’TB’, Chicken Pox, Measles are dominating our concerns at the border…This Biden Administration has created the most severe border crisis within weeks after they came into office…This administration cannot say that they have done anything to secure the border…If Trump wants me back to handle this border mess, I’ll be back in a heartbeat!…HOW DO WE REMOVE 20-MILLION PEOPLE?…ONE AT A TIME…If you’re in this country illegally, you’re going home!…We must secure the border first…Stop the bleeding…then let’s talk about those with no criminal history that could become good citizens…There needs to be a FIX to making good folks becoming citizens…Under President Trump we had such a plan…Congress ignored us…Many on the ‘Left’ now see the 2-million ‘got-aways’ are a serious crisis…Disease is coming across the border every day!…This Biden Administration is treasonous!…10 times more likely to see terrorists crossing the northern border soon…There is a plan to destroy this nation if Trump does not get back in…Something is coming…With 2-million got-aways out there, something is coming !!!


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‘ICE’ Director Tom Homan and Thomas J Douglas on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gaene Valentino

Hi friends, and welcome to another edition of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truth Cast.

Recently I had the chance to be at the CPAC convention in Washington, DC the first quarter of 2024, and I had the privilege of meeting two gentlemen, both names Tom Douglas and Thomas Holman. We’re going to get the chance to meet both of them. One name I’m certain you recognize right off the top. Tom Homan from Homeland Security under the Trump administration and his associate have plenty to tell us.

about the state of affairs in this nation right now, and what it was, what it is now, and under a new Trump administration, where it’s going, right after this.

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Gene Valentino: Hi, friends. Welcome back to another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. With me today is Thomas Douglas, and And Thomas Homan from Homeland Security.

I’m going to start with Tom Douglas. Tom, please introduce [00:02:00] yourself and tell us your background. Tell folks how we met Tom Homan, and together we met all of you, each other in at CPAC first quarter 2024.

Tom J Douglas: Yeah, thanks a lot, Gene, for having us. Great to meet you at CPAC. Honored to be there. I’ve been in healthcare over 25 years in a variety of roles from sales, marketing, leadership, business development.

And I’ve been in digital health now for the last five years and currently the vice president of business development for the universal health group. So glad to be here today. I’m excited to tell our story.

Gene Valentino: Well, it was an interesting story. We had the privilege of I had the privilege of having you introduce me to our featured guest today.

Tom Homan, former assistant director of Homeland Security, ICE. And Thomas, welcome aboard and feel free to give us where you’re going. I see you’re inside the car.

Tom Holman: Yeah, I’m my schedule is uncontrollable. My schedule changes every day. So between working a lot of campaign issues for President Trump [00:03:00] and, and, and doing a lot of keynote speeches across the country, especially for Lincoln Day Dinner.

So I’m very busy right now. So I’m actually in the middle of New York. I’m going to Albany to give a speech tonight. And I’m glad to be on your podcast. I, I, you know, Tom, just for a little background on Tom Douglas. He stopped me a few years ago. And, And, and he has big concern about public health. His company is concerned about public health and vaccinations and so forth.

He reached out to me about the border and look, you know, people hear me say it all the time. The border, the border patrol is doing the best job they can under this administration. But we got to admit that, look, the numbers speak for themselves. We got an historic illegal immigration crisis on the border, but it’s just not about illegal immigration anymore.

People didn’t understand when. Eight million people have been across this border in this administration. Many of them are criminals, not all of them, but many of them are. Many of them are sick. Many of them come from a country sponsored terror. So I, I say it all the time and I’m pushing all year long.

It’s just not, just not about illegal immigration more. It’s [00:04:00] about public health. It’s about public public safety. It’s about national security. And so where I’m at time was it’s all about the public health issues. We got millions of people enter this country from third world nations that simply don’t.

Have prior vaccinations. And you know, in, in, in COVID, it’s just the latest disease that come across that border. I mean, my 34 years doing this job, I’ve seen many cases of TB, tuberculosis. I’ve seen the mumps and chicken pox and measles. So this border crisis has turned into a public safety crisis for the United States.

And that’s where me and Tom hooked up because he was looking for some consultants and consulting work, some guidance on, you How we can, you know, address the border issue and protect public health here in the United States.

Gene Valentino: Well, I’ll throw some questions out and throw the ball up in the air and I’ll welcome either of you to respond based on who you feel is most suited to answer it.

But I must tell you, I saw the governor, I believe it was [00:05:00] of Iowa, moments ago on the news announcing that because of Biden’s ineptitude and his inaction, maybe illegal unto itself, in not responding to the border crisis. That the state of Iowa, under the direction of the governor, is taking it upon themselves to turn these migrants back to the border.

And the Biden administration turns around and is suing the state of Iowa now to allege that that action is illegal. Any comment?

Tom Holman: Well, look, you know, Iowa’s doing the right thing, just like the state of Texas is doing the right thing. They have a right to protect their states and their citizens. If the federal government is going to advocate their responsibility to secure the border, then I think it’s up to the state.

I think they have a constitutional right to do what they can to protect their states. So this administration, regardless of what, you know, the. White House spokes lady wants to say every day the fact remains that this [00:06:00] administration created the most Severe crisis we’ve ever seen on the border. We had the past administration, Trump administration, had the most secure border in my lifetime.

I spent 34 years doing this job and it’s the most secure border based on the data, just not my opinion. Anybody will look at CBP. gov, look at the data. And this administration came in within, within, within weeks that we went from the most secure border in my lifetime to historic. Never seen before numbers.

And, and, and the reason Iowa and other states are stepping up because it’s federal government to this day, three and a half years into this, they haven’t done a single thing to slow the flow. You know, this administration can’t say one thing they’ve done. The flow, the flow. The only thing they’ve done is send more resources to the border to process quicker and release quicker because they really believe that there’s no overcrowding and there’s nothing to see here.

Then they can keep saying the border is secure. So I think the governor of Iowa is doing the right thing. I think the governor of of, of Texas is doing the right thing. Let’s [00:07:00] remember there’s 22 other states. that are backing Texas’s play on this. They believe they have the right to enforce the law if the federal government refuses to do so.

Gene Valentino: Tom, when you when President Trump gets reelected I’m going to be presumptuous and not ask you for an answer, but I’m going to be presumptuous and say somewhere in the mix, you’re in there. And I’d like to take it one step further that if in fact you are, what’s your action plan to remove these illegals?

Sean Hannity reports. Near 30 million. Under the Biden administration, three and a half years, maybe 12 million. How are you going to get these people out of here?

Tom Holman: Well, to answer your question, Trump wants me back. I’m back in the heartbeat. I already made that commitment. So we can, we can answer that question right away.

And look, you know, Boston posted it. They did a hit piece on me, I think it was four years ago, and the first sentence of that hit piece was, what they considered a hit piece was, the first sentence, Tom Holman deports people when he’s really good at it. [00:08:00] Well, I took that and it’s in a frame in my office, sitting on a wall, I wear that as my badge of honor.

So look, I do not deport people, so what we’re going to do is, we’ll do what we always do, it’ll be a professional operation, it’ll be it’ll be, of course, some public safety threats and national security threats, it’ll be first, they should be. Because you’re a threat to this country. But the difference between this administration and the Trump administration is no one’s off the table.

If you’re in the country illegally, it’s not okay. It’s not okay to enter this country illegally because it’s a crime to enter this country illegally. It’s not okay to ignore a federal court order. To deport you and just ignore it. I mean, if you and I ignore a federal court order, we’d be sitting in prison.

So it’s not okay to be in this country illegally. So there’s no one off the table. If you’re in the country illegally, you better be looking over your shoulder. Well, yeah, there’s a lot of people to remove. How do we do it? That’s going to depend on what Congress does. Is Congress going to give us the additional agents we need?

Are they going to give us additional detention beds we need? The transportation contracts we need. All this stuff comes into play. Because people need to [00:09:00] understand, you just don’t deport people the same day you arrest them. We have to detain them. We have to work with our host country to get travel documents.

They got to be able to accept them. There’s a whole process in place. We have to detain people for probably a couple of weeks before we actually put them on a plane and send them home. So there’s a lot to it, but someone asked her how to remove 20 million people. You remove them one at a time. So we’ll do the best we can.

We’ll, we’ll have a lot more resources dedicated to it, but we’ll do it professionally. It’s not what the left is preaching, not left saying, Oh, they’re going to build concentration camps. They’re going to sweep neighborhoods. No, we’re not. Every arrest ICE makes will be a planned arrest based on an operational plan.

So can we remove 20 million people in a year? No, that’s just a fact, but we’re going to remove as many as we can lawfully, humanely. Because that’s the right thing to do. The left says, you know, these, these people have right to claim asylum. They have a right to see a judge. Yes, they do. But due process doesn’t mean anything.

If the final decision of the court isn’t carried out, if we don’t carry out. [00:10:00] What the hell are we doing? Then might as well just shut down the immigration court, take the border, draw off the border, because there is no consequence. There is no law. So we’re going to remove, we’re going to move as we can. I guarantee this, we’ll remove a record number and we won’t give up.

This is something we have to do. The country requires it. The law requires it. And unless there’s consequences, unless you feed those consequences, you’re never going to fix the border. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to fix the border. There are going to be consequences. If you’re in this country illegally, you’re going to go home.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, not the, I remember those crazy accusations about concentration camps. If the truth be known, it’s the Republican party and the Trump administration that showed care and compassion and civility and how to handle many of these illegal migrants. And you know that, but

Tom Holman: let me footstop what you just said, because it’s important what you just said.

People say the Trump administration was inhumane. They were cruel, including myself. I’m going to call out every name in the book. But if you look at the numbers, the real data, you know, doctors [00:11:00] brought borders to the study saying 31 percent of women that make that journey through the cartels get sexually assaulted.

31 percent of women admitted. To being sexually assaulted by the cartels. So if 31 percent admitted it, how many actually got sexually assaulted? So in the Trump administration, we had illegal immigration down 83 to 90%, depending on what timeframe you looked at. It was at a 45 year low. So my question is to those people that want to say.

How inhumane we were, but I’d ask them this question. When illegal immigration was down 90%, when 90 percent less people were coming, how many women didn’t get sex assaulted? How many children didn’t drown in the river? How many Americans didn’t die from fentanyl overdoses because the border was secure and we were seizing fentanyl?

How many no inspected terrorists did that make in the country? How many migrants didn’t die? Under Biden, we got 1, 700 illegal immigrants have died across the border, his historic record. We got 148, 000 Americans dying from fentanyl, an historic record. So if you look at the records of Trump and the Biden [00:12:00] administration, the Trump administration saved thousands of lives by the sheer, by the fact that they secured the border, the last people put themselves in harm’s way.

Less drugs got in this country. So President Trump saved thousands of lives in order. President Biden record. Now Americans are dying from drugs and a record number of migrants are dying, crossing the border. There is no comparison.

Gene Valentino: One of the issues that really caught my eye though, that and you mentioned it a minute ago, it’s not likely we’d deport 20 million people effectively in 12 months.

But the fact remains. They’re not all bad people. There might be some that were really pretty good and contributors to our society, could be contributors to our society, not takers. Was there ever a plan in place, a sort of plan B and plan C to take what you vetted were the good ones? And maybe put them into a program where maybe four years of service with our military, the [00:13:00] learning of our Constitution, the taking of the oath to protect and defend this nation, and four years of service kind of entitles you to a, you want a, you want a rapid jump start to becoming an American citizen.

How about four years of service protecting this nation? What, Well, under the Trump administration, and I believe this, I worked for six presidents starting with Ronald Reagan on this border issue, and I think we can all agree, at least the ones that believe in a secure border, is that you gotta secure the border first before you talk about any sort of amnesty or, or, or, or expanded immigration.

Tom Holman: You gotta, you gotta stop the bleed, right? So, so, you know, we gotta stop, you know, keep putting our fingers in the, in the dam. We gotta actually stop the leaks, and we don’t need more buckets, we need to stop the leak. So, let’s secure the border first, and we can talk about what we do, about those that, you know know criminal history and, and, and not a threat to our national security.

[00:14:00] I can tell, I can tell you this, look, A lot of the people across the border, I can’t blame anybody who wants to come to the greatest nation on earth. I can’t blame them. I mean, we are the greatest nation on earth. They want to come here for a better life and a job and so forth. I get that. But you can’t do that by claiming asylum at the border, knowing that you don’t, you know, asylum is about escaping fear and persecution from your home government because of your race, religion, or political affiliation.

To make our fraudulent claim to asylum, that does a couple of things. Number one, it’s illegal. And number two, for those people in the world that really do need our protection, there are people in this world that really do need the United States to help them escape persecution. They’re standing in the back row because all these other people have committed asylum fraud.

So let’s secure the border first. And we can talk about this. But under the Trump administration, we did have a great immigration plan where it was going to be based on merit. It was you know, because we need good people to come to this country, help us to, you know, to, you know. Continue to be the greatest nation I’m facing here.

And that sometimes, many times takes [00:15:00] talent from all over the world. But we also didn’t forget about families. Families can still immigrate with their families and petition for the family members. That was all part of Trump’s plan. It was a solid plan of immigration. But again, the Congress just ignored it.

So I agree with you. There needs to be some sort of fix, but that fix can only occur after we secure the border. Secure the border first. Stop the leaks. Then we can talk about what we’re going to do with all the water.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Also joining us again is Tom Douglas. Tom, when you, you first got into the picture with Tom Homan, because of your background in the health side of things as it pertains to the viruses and the contagions coming over the line with the These illegal immigrants you wanna address that issue?

How, how much of it is I here in Pensacola, Florida? I know Tom Holman’s somewhere in northbound in New York, and you’re somewhere near Virginia. The fact of the matter is down here in Pensacola. We’ve seen an [00:16:00] increase in all sorts of crazy viruses. I’m not talking COVID. Other things as well that have come to fruition that haven’t been around in decades.

And any comment on what the illegals are bringing in?

Tom J Douglas: Yeah, I mean, back in 2021, 2022, even into 2023. You know, we were vaccinating these migrants at the border for COVID and for flu. And really we were just scratching the surface as to what we could do to protect public health. There’s so much more that we should be doing.

Now, fast forward about a year later. Now we’re seeing all of these eradicated diseases that you only see in like third world countries. So we’re talking tuberculosis, measles, mumps, You know, New York had the first case of polio in December 2022 since 1979. And Stanford University said all of these diseases have come directly from the [00:17:00] southern border.

So a quick vaccination at the southern border while CBP is doing their apprehension is the most effective health care tool that we have available today. I mean, honestly, for every dollar that is spent On a vaccination, we’re saving public health a minimum of 11 in health related expenditures. So it’s the most quick and effective health care tool that we have, and we absolutely need to have that in place while our border is 100 percent open.

Gene Valentino: We’re talking with Thomas Douglas, whose medical background is how the connection occurred between Thomas, Thomas Douglas and Tom Homan, who’s both, who are both I’m privileged to have with me today on Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. One of the specific questions I had of you, Tom Homan, was always a concern of mine.

I never understood [00:18:00] as I watched you on the national news Stand up to such abrasive ridicule and attack from the, I’m going to call it the fake news, but you know, isn’t it funny? Many of them in the fake news, the networks and the broadcast outlets, don’t you get a sense the door is kind of swung back the other way?

Tom Holman: Yeah, I think, you know, I think this crisis is historic. Look, I knew this administration moved to the left, right? I didn’t think they’d lose their minds and fall off the table, but again, we went from a secure border in my lifetime to historic illegal immigration. So, it’s starting to affect, look, every town, city, and state is now a border town, city, and state.

Illegal aliens are being shipped. And flown to all the major cities across the country. And not only that, the fentanyl, the drugs coming across the border, that’s making it every town, city, state of the nation. So now it’s affecting them personally. It’s affecting their hometowns. So like the governor, [00:19:00] Abbott and governor DeSantis, when they were flying the migrants to different cities, to sanctuary cities and Democrat led cities, that was, that was a great move because what they did.

They put this story on the front page of the newspaper. Now you got a Democrat governor speaking up. You got a Democrat mayor speaking up. Now, You feel the pain. You feel the pain Arizona has been feeling and Texas has been feeling. So yeah, illegal immigration, I said many times, illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

And, and when time said, you know, throughout my career, I can’t tell you how many times I was tested for TB when I was a Border Patrol agent, a special agent. We encounter those people on the border. Of course, then you got to get your scratch test and make sure you didn’t get it. But I think the left’s clearly understanding the national security issue, because how many people, terrorists, have been arrested trying to sneak in this country.

But more importantly than that, I think everybody’s understanding we’re, we’re at over 2 million known guideways. 2 million people have crossed this border, weren’t arrested, weren’t vetted. And how do we know 2 million? Because we’re calling [00:20:00] on video or drone traffic or essential traffic. So there’s images of them.

But Barbacoa. Couldn’t arrest them because they too overwhelmed with this huge humanitarian crisis. So we got over 2 million people now. Border patrol arrested three 50 on the southwest border in three years, 3 58. You know how many Trump administration had in four years? 11. 11, four years? They got 3 58.

They had 18 last month. They had more than a month than we had in four years on the Trump. So I think that, I think everybody’s now beginning to say, look. This is a problem. This has gone too far. This is a national security crisis. It’s a public safety crisis. It’s a public health crisis. And you know, let me just share this one story with you about what danger the disease kind of crosses border.

When I was ice director, we had a case of TB that we arrested and we had a. Course we had a cohort, him and we had a cohort in the entire facility. We put in the negative pressure room to deal with him, and it was a four. It was a, it was a strain of TB that wasn’t easily treatable, something we haven’t [00:21:00] seen before, and we kept them in in isolation for months working with the CDC and Texas Department of Public Health trying to come clump some sort of cocktail to treat this person.

Let’s, let’s, let’s think for a minute. What if you would have got into the local school system or got into one of our inner cities? I mean, this, this happens every day. Disease comes across that border every day. Diseases that we eradicated as a nation. So people better be really, you know, paying attention.

There’s a reason why you see a record increase in mumps and, and, and measles and TB and, and, and again, I, I keep. Push this. I don’t care what your opinion is on illegal migration, but when a crisis this big has caused and they got over 8 million people have been released in this country, 2 million gotaways were hitting 10 million people.

If you don’t think a single one of them came from a country sponsoring terror, then you’re an idiot. If you don’t think some of these people are carrying disease, then you’re not paying attention. This is the biggest issue [00:22:00] facing this country. I’ve said it many times before. What’s happening on the southern border is the biggest national security vulnerability I’ve seen in this country since 9 11.

Gene Valentino: I guess the former Trump administration acting director of U. S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement should know. Tom Homan, I can’t help but think there’s a bigger, deeper picture here. We, we talk about fake news, it’s become a cliché, and so has the term deep state. My concern, Tom, From your point of view, your focus has been the border, and I submit it’s not just the southern border.

I’m sure you are quite on top of the illegal entries coming in through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and other, even New York and elsewhere on our northern border. But more to my point, Do. What the heck is going on with a deep state narrative? Your entire issue [00:23:00] you’ve been dealing with and complaining about and lost control of when Donald Trump was unfortunately taken off his job.

My point is, Don’t you see this as part of a deeper conspiracy, a, I call it a, a deep state activity, but it’s not the, only the bad behavior from within our nation through bad actors in Congress and the administration and now the Justice Department, but don’t you see something bigger that you can report to us now?

On what China, Russia, Venezuela, Argentina, name me six more. What this has not just happened overnight, the, and now for the Biden administration to be ignoring it to the extent to which he is. tells me there’s some sort of conspiracy and we need laws in place to pull these back bad actors off the job faster.

Oh, we’re going to get them [00:24:00] out on the next election. Hell, we may not have a country in the next election. What, isn’t there a remedy you can propose under the Trump administration forthcoming that might allow us to get rid of this bad behavior faster, sooner, legally?

Tom Holman: Well, look, I think what’s happening with this administration, I think it’s treasonous.

I think what they’ve done is when they cause this, and look, this isn’t, people need to understand what’s happening on the borders. You’re right. The northern border, you know, twice as many people on the terrorist watch list have been arrested on the northern border than the southern border, but no one talks about that.

And I remember after 9 11, I think the GAO did a study saying it’s 10 times more likely that your next terrorist would cross the northern border. Not southern border. Ten times more likely. So, so the people arrested from a sponsor, a country sponsored terrorist, far more likely on the northern border. As a matter of fact, they’ve arrested almost twice as many on the northern border than the southern border.

So, [00:25:00] I just want to bring that up real quick. Look, people ask me all the time, why, why would they? Open the border like they did. I mean, why would they, you know, this isn’t mismanagement. This isn’t incompetence. This is by design. Joe Biden ran on open borders. Hey, I gotta give him credit. He kept his promise.

I’ve never seen a more open border in my lifetime. But here’s the issue. Why would they do it? There’s a couple reasons I think they’ll do it. Number one, of course, they think these millions of people are going to be future democratic voters, and importing what they believe to be, you know, future democratic.

But it doesn’t even have to get there, because what Biden also did when he signed over 93 executive orders abolishing everything we created in the Trump administration to give us the most secure border ever, he also overturned the Trump census rule, which means all these millions of people being released in sanctuary cities will be counted in the next And what’s that going to do?

That’s going to result in more seats in the House for the Dems. They sold the safety and security of this nation out for future political power. And that’s, so again, they don’t have to vote. [00:26:00] They just got to be counting the next census. And when they re proportionate the seats in the House, Democrats wins hands down, they control the House forever.

This is what they’re doing. But you’re exactly right. This isn’t just the inside inside the Beltway, D. C., there are, there are plans, you know, worldwide. Look, China, over 30, 000 males, military age males, from China have entered this country illegally. That we know of. Again, we know how many, two million were from China.

China doesn’t let people just walk out of the country, especially 30, 000 military age males. They’re into this. Venza Whale, they’re sending the worst. Crime rate in Venza Whale has dropped significantly. Why do you think that is? Because they’re sending all the bad guys here. They’re, they’re emptying the prison.

When Trump says that the rallies people attack was not true. It is true! Look at the data. It is true. So you’re right. There’s, there’s a plan in place here. So I think to really destroy this country and re reinvent what this country is. And it scares the hell out of me. I grew up in the greatest nation on earth.

I grew up in [00:27:00] America that I loved. And I tell people all the time, I still love this country, but this isn’t America I grew up in. You looked around. I don’t recognize this America under this administration. That’s why it’s important. And you said it, that President Trump Doesn’t come back in November. I don’t think we can fix this.

It’s already going to be a decade worth of work to fix the damage done, but we don’t get him back in November and we don’t win the election November and they get another four years. I don’t think it can be fixed. So this is why you always say this is the most important election ever. This one actually is, this is about this safety and security of this nation and frankly, it’s the survival of this nation if we even survive.

So everything you said was right. It’s not just a deep state in Washington, D. C. within the Beltway. There is a plan and we got to stop the planning and foot tracks. And what I think the Trump administration should do when they get back in power is hold people accountable, make the justice department do what they’re supposed to be doing, hold people accountable that intentionally tried to destroy this nation from the inside out.[00:28:00]

Gene Valentino: Tom Homan, acting director, assistant director of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, introduced to me through Tom Douglas, who’s also Also on screen with us, Tom’s owner and CEO of Universal One. Thomas, a real quick plug for Universal One and what you’re, what you’re doing and how that segued into an introduction to Tom Homan.

Tom J Douglas: Yeah, I mean, we’re good at solving digital health challenges with transformative solutions. So we were, you know, luckily able to make a difference at the Southern border. If we can make a difference at all Southern, 2000 miles of Southern border, you know, vaccinating, tracking migrants, we can do a lot more to say the least.

Tom Holman: Let me, let me just jump on what Tom said. Here’s the takeaway from this, from this podcast or this, this, this moments we had together. for listening. People are listening to the podcast. Call your Senator, call your Congressman. Demand that we secure the border. But look, if this administration can [00:29:00] continue to release thousands of days in this country, then at least your, your, your representative, your Congressman or your Senator should demand.

If we, if we demand Americans get vaccinated to enter this country, we demand if you come here legally on an immigrant visa, or you are, you actually immigrate lawfully, there’s a series of vaccinations you’re required to get before you step foot in this in this land, in this country. So bottom line is if they’re going to continue releasing millions of people in this country, at least, At a minimum, protect our public health here in the United States by making these people get the same vaccinations a legal immigrant would have to get when they enter this country.

That’s the least they can do. If they want to destroy the border, you know, keep doing it. You know, we got to keep fighting that. However, if they’re going to continue to release them, doesn’t it make sense to protect the safety and the health of the United States citizens, this country, and the children in our school systems?

Over 400, 000 children have crossed this border illegally [00:30:00] under this administration, most of them with no vaccinations, and they’re in our public school system with our children. I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on, this should be a nonpartisan argument. in a nonpartisan agreement that the safety and the public health of this country should be priority number one.

So at least give these people the required vaccination before we release them into the society, especially before we release them out of public schools. For God’s sake, that’s just common sense. So for people watching this show, listening to this show, demand some action from your representative. Remember, they’re accountable to you, not the other way around.

They work for you. Demand that they protect public health and at least do this. As Tom says, It’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a penny on a dollar to, to, to, to vaccinate people from some of these terrible diseases, then deal with them after they’re sick and after they make people in this country sick, then we got to deal with all the aftermath and expense [00:31:00] of all of that, do the right thing, call your congressman, call your center and demand, That they protected public safety in this country.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. And my, my congressman here in the panhandle of Florida is Congressman Matt Gates, who just two days ago sent a letter to Jim Jordan house judiciary. And he reports that former head of James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group sent his whistleblower. And gave information to President Trump between his trials showing that Gina Haspel, current CIA director and former CIA director, Mike Pompeo may have been withholding information from Donald Trump, not only during his term of office, But that the CIA director may have in fact been complicit in the surveillance under Pfizer rules, extended Pfizer rules that snooped into the lifestyle of Donald Trump personally.

And that his former [00:32:00] CIA director, Mike Pompeo, now secretary of state was in fact the person who recommended Gina Haspel to President Trump. for an appointment position. Do you have any insight on that, Tom Homan?

Tom Holman: No, I don’t. I know these people you’re talking about, but I really have no insight on that.

I’m a, I’m a border guy and, and that’s what I pretty much stick to. And in my opinion, as I said earlier, I think the border issue is the biggest national security vulnerability in this country. Because it involves Russia, it involves China. We got people crossing the board from 181 different countries.

Many countries sponsor terror. This is my biggest concern right

Gene Valentino: now. So, so if I, if I said to you, Hey, we’re, we’re, say again, some

Tom Holman: something’s coming. I’m telling you, something is coming. There’s no way with 2 million unknown God aways. And we’ve already arrested 181 different countries and made these country shots, spots of terror.

If [00:33:00] you don’t think a single one of that two men didn’t come here to do something terrible in this country, then, then you’re just ignoring the chances to fake. I think, I think something’s coming. Every expert, even the director of the FBI, who I have zero respect in, even he said during the last couple of testimonies, they’re seeing more red flags right now.

about the security of this nation and the threats against this nation they’ve ever seen. So if something’s coming, God help us.

Gene Valentino: Tom Homan, how does the nation protect itself? I remember, I remember going back to Khrushchev. And the Kennedy conversations. Chuckling comments by Khrushchev saying something to the effect, Don’t worry, we’re going to eat you guys from within.

Might this be that scenario?

Tom Holman: I think this country is imploding from within. I actually do. I think you’re being destroyed from the inside. And that’s why, again, we need a strong president. Hold China accountable for the creating the, creating the, the, the [00:34:00] precursors of the fentanyl is killing the, the, the China with the precursors of fentanyl and the criminal cartels in Mexico who push that poison across the border.

They’ve killed more Americans than every terrorist organization in the, in the world combined. So, you know, we need a strong president. These criminal cartels in Mexico is pushing fentanyl. They’re terrorist organizations. He would designate a terrorist organization and he will wipe them off the face of the earth, just like he did to Caliphate.

And look, and we need a strong president to hold China accountable, hold Russia accountable, and hold people in this past administration who sold this country off for future political power. We need a strong president. Our hope, you say, what can we do? How can we make America, how can Americans surpass us?

How can we survive? How can we, how can we win this? There’s one way. To get President Trump back in the White House in November. We need to get him back. He’s a strong president. He doesn’t, he doesn’t take garbage from anybody. And I’ve been in the Oval Office many times where he called leaders of other countries that demanded action and he got it.

He didn’t [00:35:00] ask, he demanded it. We need a president, a strong president with a backbone who this world will fear. Because when President Trump was the president, we had the most lethal Military in the world. And we need that same guy back. We need that attitude back. This country needs to be respected and feared like it was before.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I’d like to piggyback on what you just said. There’s a principle referred to as principles before personalities. I, I, at this point, I don’t care if you like Donald Trump or not. Put them back in, not because you like them, but because you believe you can get something done. You know, Tom, I used to be a county commissioner for two terms here in the Panhandle, and when I went for re election, I’d say, hey listen, I hope you appreciate I got some things done for you, but even if you’re mad at me about this or this, would you please vote for me anyway?

I got stuff done for you, and I’d be glad to do it again for you. Principles before personalities, I think, is the biggest lesson for the voter to think [00:36:00] about before they go into the booth. Two minutes remaining, Toms. I’ll go back to you, Tom Douglas a few minutes, a minute or two of a closing comments or thoughts and who, who you represent and where people can go to to get more on you.

And then we’re going to go back to Acting Director of ICE, Tom Homan, for a final comment. Go ahead.

Tom J Douglas: Yeah, no, thanks. You can find me on LinkedIn, Tom J. Douglas at LinkedIn. And to dovetail off what Director Holman said, you know, we’re really seeing a preview now for how these migrants crossing over. It’s not just the biggest public health crisis since COVID.

It’s now a breach of national security. Because we’re now, now we’re seeing tuberculosis cases up 16 percent year over year and we’re seeing the bombardment on our public health system. Just look what’s happened along the border. Yuma Regional Medical Center, they have provided over 26 million dollars in uncompensated migrant care and it’s put the hospital at the brink of collapse.

And this is not just a one [00:37:00] off deal. Look at Denver Health System. They have treated over 8, 000 migrants. In a year, it’s led to over 20, 000 medical cases. And at the end of the day they, they had a net loss of 35 million in 2022. So it has almost put them on the brink of loss as well. So we do not want this to expand.

The quickest and most effective health care tool that we have, like Director Holman said, is a quick shot in the arm. It’s a quick vaccination at the southern border at the time of apprehension. We’ve done it before with just COVID and flu. We can do it again for all the nine childhood required vaccinations.

You know, I have two little kids. 10 and 12 year old in the public school system. I have to show proof of vaccination. Otherwise, they’re not allowed in the public school system with my tax dollars. So why should these migrants be held to a different standard? It doesn’t make sense. We can all make a difference.

Let’s do more together.

Gene Valentino: That’s Tom Douglas, Tom Douglas with Universal. one. Check out his [00:38:00] website and continue the conversation with Tom Douglas at Universal. one. And now over to Director Homan, Tom Homan, Under the Trump Administration, Acting Director, Thomas Homan, a few final words.

Tom Holman: Well, first of all, what Tom just said is important.

Trauma centers and hospitals across the country are losing millions of dollars taking care of patients. I’m supposed to be here, but how are they going to make that money up? It’s common sense, folks. They’re going to make money up by increasing health care for us. Those of us that pay insurance, those of us that have insurance, the cost is going to skyrocket for us because these hospitals won’t make it up.

They won’t make it up by charging people who can pay a higher rate to pay for the losses. Common sense. Second of all, I’ll say this. We’re at a crisis in this country. I’ve never seen in my lifetime. We better pay attention. We better get to the voting booth in November and vote for a strong president. I happen to think it’s President Trump.

But, you know, and for, for those [00:39:00] people saying, well, I just don’t like President Trump. He does mean tweets. Look, President Trump has, you know, he’s had his issues. Not everything he says and does I support a hundred percent, but. You know, I’m going to take the mean tweets to protect the national security of this country.

And, and if someone’s looking for someone to be perfect, you’re looking for the perfect man to be president, then you better wait for the second coming of Jesus. Cause if I’m two years old, I never met a perfect man in my life, including me. So look. You got a choice to make. We got a country to save and there’s one guy willing to do it.

This guy can walk away the moral and be the billionaire he is and not take the hate and the pressure and the lawsuits and the criminal cases. He didn’t need any of this. He’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s the only one doing it for the right reasons. He lost, he lost, he’s the only second president in the history of this country who left office poorer than when he went in.

The man is doing it for the right reasons. The man has proven, proven what he can do for this [00:40:00] country. He records speak for himself. I’m a Trump guy, not ashamed of it. Trump comes back. I come back. I think Trump needs to be back in the white house to not only deal with this border issue and our public health issue, to deal with the national security issue that’s putting this country at great risk, so, you know, God bless the folks, please pay attention and please stay, please be active, you gotta be.

Everybody should be getting to the voting booths in November. Everybody.

Gene Valentino: Folks, did you hear that? You gotta be active. We’re a nation based on the, the, the grassroots of the neighborhoods and the villages. It’s where I got the name for my podcast, Grassroots TruthCast. It’s that we, the people, have the most important say for guys like Tom Holman here and Tom Douglas to step up and serve this nation.

And Tom Holman, I couldn’t agree more with you. I think that he has, he has to get back in to save this nation. I fear that the we’re a benevolent nation. We’ve always been for centuries. And I don’t mind continuing to be benevolent with other [00:41:00] nations of the world, but damn it, let’s get our border fixed first and get it fixed properly and, and, and qualify who a true American is.

I submit, gentlemen, that we may need some constitutional amendments to fast track a response by government to fix its own bad behavior and not just wait till the next election. Some of this should have been remedied sooner not later. And that’s a discussion for a different day, I guess. Tom Douglas from Universal.

one. Please folks, check him out. And our featured guest this week is acting director Thomas Holman from the Trump administration under ICE. And we are honored to have found him at a rush stop on his way northbound to northern, northern New York to be, where are you going, Tom?

Tom Holman: I’m going to Albany.

We’re getting it’s New York State GOP symposium today and, [00:42:00] and, and I’ll be speaking tonight at dinner.

Gene Valentino: Well, it’s time for us to let you go. I thank my two gentlemen for being with us today. And I thank you for joining us today on another special report episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. See you soon.

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‘ICE’ Director Tom Homan and Thomas J Douglas on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gene Valentino

‣ Originally Recorded on May 6, 2024
GrassRoots TruthCast: Season 2, Episode 245
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