How to identify business opportunities is a key skill for entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

Regardless of how long you have been in business, it can be difficult to know when to consider a business opportunity. With so much going on and competing priorities, it’s easy to know when something is too good to be true. It’s important to have the right skills to be discerning. Here are the skills you need to know how to identify business opportunities effectively.

For businesses, there will always be that “next project” or “one more client” that you crave to take on. In the midst of focusing on your existing business, there is always a temptation to take on projects or clients that you suspect will not benefit your business. However, you need to keep the focus on your existing business rather than on the next “promising” project.

Business opportunities can come from all sorts of places. You might be looking for new customers or looking for new marketing channels. Whatever your goal, knowing how to look for business opportunities is an essential skill for any business. In this podcast episode we will look at how to be discerning with the skills needed to identify and seize business opportunities.

Some topics we discussed include:

  • How to identify business opportunities to invest in
  • What some companies don’t realize in their quest to grow fast
  • How to identify business opportunities via research and analysis
  • Examples of businesses that Gene has invested in and how he went about it
  • The trust signals Gene looks for in a potential business investment
  • Why Gene examines the context of the marketplace for a business investment
  • How to decide whether to invest for the long term or short term
  • and much much more …